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C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions)
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                                Mannie Fresh


B.G. - 6 Figure  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Juvenile, Turk)
B.G. - Ah Ha...
B.G. - All On U
B.G. - Bat A Bitch
  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby)
B.G. - Big Tymers
B.G. - Bling Bling
  (feat. Baby, Turk, Lil' Wayne, Mannie Fresh, Juvenile)
B.G. - Bounce With Me
B.G. - Bout My Paper
B.G. - Cash Money is an Army
B.G. - Cash Money Roll
B.G. - Change the World
  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, Baby)
B.G. - Clean Up Man
B.G. - Dog Ass
  (feat. Juvenile)
B.G. - Doing Bad
B.G. - Don't Hate Me (Intro)
  (feat. Baby)
B.G. - Down For My Stacks
B.G. - From Tha 13th to Tha 17th
B.G. - Fuck Big Boy
B.G. - Gun Slinger
B.G. - Get In Line
  (feat. Juvenile)
B.G. - Get On My Feet
B.G. - Get Your Shine On  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby)
B.G. - Hard Times
B.G. - Hennessy & XTC  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby)
B.G. - He Used 2 Be A Man
B.G. - Hood Took Me Under
B.G. - Hot Boys 226
  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Juvenile, Bullet, Tec-9)
B.G. - I Know  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
B.G. - I'm Tryin'  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Juvenile)
B.G. - Intro (Chopper City In The Ghetto)
B.G. - Jungle
B.G. - Knock Out
  (feat. Turk, Juvenile)
B.G. - Livin' Legend
B.G. - Made Man  (feat. Baby)
B.G. - Move Around  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
B.G. - Niggas Don't Understand  (feat. Big Tymers)
B.G. - Niggaz In Trouble  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Juvenile)
B.G. - Niggas N Trouble  (feat. Mac)
B.G. - Order 20 Keys
B.G. - Plan Went Sour
B.G. - Play'n It Raw  (feat. Turk, Juvenile, Lil' Wayne)
B.G. - Play'n & Laugh'n
B.G. - Press One
B.G. - Problems
B.G. - Raw Rollin

B.G. - Real Niggaz
B.G. - Represent
B.G. - Retaliation  (feat. Juvenile, Bun B, Ms. Tee)
B.G. - Ride or Die  (feat. Juvenile, Lil' Wayne)
B.G. - Run With My Chopper
B.G. - So Much Death
B.G. - Start N Tha Game
B.G. - Stay "N" Line Hoe  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby)
B.G. - This Nigga Die
B.G. - Thrill B.G.
B.G. - Thug'n
B.G. - Thugged Out
B.G. - Too My People
B.G. - Trigga Play
B.G. - True Story
B.G. - "U" All "N"
B.G. - U Know How We Do
  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
B.G. - Uptown My Home
B.G. - Uptown Shit
B.G. - What's That Smell  (feat. Turk)
B.G. - What You Want Do
B.G. - Wheel Chairs  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby, Ms. Tee)
B.G. - With Tha B.G.  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby)

Baby - Baller Blockin'  (feat. E-40, Hot Boys)
Baby - Fly Away  (feat. TQ)
Baby - Fly In Any Weather  (feat. Jazze Pha)
Baby - Get Your Shine On  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Baby - Hug Da Block
Baby - Hustlas, Pimps and Thugs  (feat. Eightball, TQ, Jazze Pha)
Baby - I Got To  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Baby - Keeps Spinnin'  (feat. T.I., TQ, Mannie Fresh, Petey Pablo, Mikkey, Stone, Bizzy, Wolf, Gilly)
Baby - Ms. Bird  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Baby - Never Had Nothing
Baby - Say It Ain't So
  (feat. Keith Murray, Boo & Gotti, Mikkey)
Baby - Shyne On  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Baby - Solid Chic  (feat. Lil' Mo)
Baby - We Getting It On
Baby - Whatever  (feat. Lac & Stone)
Baby - Won't Be Coming Back

Big Tymers - #1
Big Tymers - #1 Stunna
  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Juvenile)
Big Tymers - 10 Ways
Big Tymers - A Beautiful Life
Big Tymers - Against The Wall
Big Tymers - Back Up
  (feat. Juvenile, Gilly)
Big Tymers - Baller Blockin Intro
Big Tymers - Ballin'
Big Tymers - Beat It Up  (feat. Tateeze)
Big Tymers - Beautiful
Big Tymers - Big Ballin'
Big Tymers - Big Money Heavyweight
Big Tymers - Big Talk (Intro)

Big Tymers - Big Tymers  (feat. Lac)
Big Tymers - Big Tymers Intro
Big Tymers - Cutlass, Monte Carlo's & Regals  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Juvenile)
Big Tymers - Da Man  (feat. Trick Daddy, TQ)
Big Tymers - Dirty D Boy  (feat. Gilly)
Big Tymers - Down South  (feat. Ludacris, Lil' Wayne, Jazze Pha)
Big Tymers - Drop It Like It's Hot  (feat. Juvenile, Cadillac)
Big Tymers - Get High  (feat. Jazze Pha)
Big Tymers - Get Your Roll On
Big Tymers - Gimme Some  (feat. TQ, Barewolf)
Big Tymers - Good Friday  (feat. Mack 10, Lil' Wayne)
Big Tymers - Got Everything  (feat. Tateeze)
Big Tymers - Hard Life  (feat. Juvenile, Lil' Wayne)
Big Tymers - Hello
Big Tymers - How Should I Ride  (feat. B.G., Cadillac)
Big Tymers - How U Luv That?  (feat. Juvenile)
Big Tymers - I'll Take You There  (feat. Petey Pablo, Joi)
Big Tymers - I'm A Dog
Big Tymers - Let Us Stunt  (feat. B.G., Turk)
Big Tymers - Lil' Mama
Big Tymers - Millionaire Dream  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Cadillac)
Big Tymers - Money & Power
Big Tymers - My Life
  (feat. Joi, Mikkey)
Big Tymers - My Life  (feat. B.G., Turk, Juvenile)
Big Tymers - My People
Big Tymers - Nigga Couldn't Know  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Big Tymers - No, No  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Big Tymers - Oh Yeah  (feat. Boo & Gotti, Tateeze)
Big Tymers - On Top of the World
Big Tymers - Pimpin'
Big Tymers - Pimp On
Big Tymers - Playboy (Don't Hate Me)  (feat. Bun B, Lil' Wayne)
Big Tymers - Project Bitch  (feat. Juvenile, Lil Wayne)
Big Tymers - Project Bitch (remix)  (feat. Juvenile, Lil Wayne, B.G.)
Big Tymers - Put That Shit Up  (feat. Mikkey, Lac, Stone)
Big Tymers - Rocky
Big Tymers - Slick Talkin' (Intro)
Big Tymers - Snake
Big Tymers - Southern Boy  (feat. Lil' Wanye, Bun B)
Big Tymers - Still Fly
Big Tymers - Stun'n (remix)  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Big Tymers - Stuntastic  (feat B.G., Lil' Wayne)
Big Tymers - Suga & Pac, Puff & Big  (feat. B.G.)
Big Tymers - Sunday Night  (feat. Hot Boys)
Big Tymers - Tear It Up  (feat. B.G., Lil' Wayne)
Big Tymers - Tell Me  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Big Tymers - The Preppy Pimp
Big Tymers - This Is How We Do
Big Tymers - To Be Played
  (feat. TQ)
Big Tymers - Top Of The Line Nigga
Big Tymers - U Are Not A Pimp  (feat. Tateeze, Gilly)
Big Tymers - We Ain't Stoppin'  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Turk, B.G., Juvenile)
Big Tymers - We Can Smoke  (feat. TQ)
Big Tymers - We Drop It
Big Tymers - We Hustle  (feat. Juvenile, B.G., Turk)

Black Despos - Oh No

Boo & Gotti - 1 Adam 12
  (feat. Stone)
Boo & Gotti - Baby Girl  (feat. TQ)
Boo & Gotti - Bad Chicks At The Bar
Boo & Gotti - Chicago
Boo & Gotti - Chi Town
  (feat. Tateeze, Mannie Fresh)
Boo & Gotti - Girls Be Trippin'  (feat. Gilly)
Boo & Gotti - Out Here
Boo & Gotti - Perfect Timing
Boo & Gotti - Ride Together
  (feat. Baby)
Boo & Gotti - Think...  (feat. Jazze Pha)

Boo Rossini - How It's Done  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Bun B - I'm Fresh  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Bun B - What I Represent (UGK)

Capone & Noreaga - Play That Shit  (feat. Big Tymers, Hot Boys, Musalini, Maze)

Chamillionare - Fly As The Sky  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Rasaq)
Chamillionare - Grind Like Us  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Mannie Fresh)

Chino Nino - U.P. T To Do Top  (feat. Juvenile, B.G.)

Chopper - How U Do It  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Cristina - Daddy's Little Girl

David Banner - So In Love
David Banner - Two In Ya Body
  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Dirty - That's Dirty  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Lil' Burn One, Mr. Blue)

Done Didit - Bussin' Heads and Gettin' Paid (remix)  (feat. Hot Boys, Big Tymers)

Freeway - Now Ya Know  (feat. Juvenile, Mannie Fresh)

Funkmaster Flex + Big Kap - Respect  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Hot Boys)

Gilly - So Gangsta  (feat. Major Figgas)

Hot Boys - 3 Strikes
Hot Boys - 50 Shots Sets It Off
Hot Boys - Block Burner  [Lil' Wayne]
Hot Boys - Blood Thicker
Hot Boys - Bout Whatever  [Turk]
Hot Boys - Boys at War
Hot Boys - Clear Tha Set  [Lil' Wayne]
Hot Boys - Dirty World
Hot Boys - Do Whatcha Do  (feat. Baby)
Hot Boys - Down Here
Hot Boys - Gangsta Nigga
  (feat. TQ)
Hot Boys - Get It How U Live!!
Hot Boys - Get Out the Way
Hot Boys - Help  [B.G.]
Hot Boys - I Feel
Hot Boys - I'm a Hot Boy  [B.G.]
Hot Boys - I'm Com'n  (feat. Bun B)
Hot Boys - I Need a Hot Girl  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby)
Hot Boys - Infrared Dot  [Turk]
Hot Boys - Intro
Hot Boys - Intro (Hot & Spicy)
Hot Boys - Jack Who, Take What
Hot Boys - Let 'Em Burn
Hot Boys - Millionare
  (feat. Big Tymers)
Hot Boys - My Section
Hot Boys - Neighborhood Superstar
Hot Boys - Off Wit Ya Head
Hot Boys - Respect My Mind
Hot Boys - Ridin'
Hot Boys - Rock Ice
  (feat. Big Tymers)
Hot Boys - Shoot 1st
Hot Boys - Spin Tha Bend
Hot Boys - Spit'n Game
Hot Boys - Stick & Move  (feat. Baby, Lac)
Hot Boys - Take It Off Your Shoulder  [Juvenile]
Hot Boys - These Hoes
Hot Boys - Too Hot
Hot Boys - Tuesday & Thursday
Hot Boys - Up In Tha Hood
Hot Boys - We On Fire
Hot Boys - We On Fire (remix)

Hot Boys - You Dig  [Juvenile]
Hot Boys - Young Riders

Juvenile - 3rd Ward Solja  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Magnolia Shorty)
Juvenile - 4 Minutes  (feat. B.G., Lil' Wayne, Turk)
Juvenile - 400 Degreez
Juvenile - Animal
Juvenile - Back That Azz Up
  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Lil' Wayne)
Juvenile - Be Gone  (feat. Baby, Mannie Fresh)
Juvenile - Bounce Back  (feat. Baby)
Juvenile - Catch Your Cut  (feat. B.G.)
Juvenile - Da Magnolia
Juvenile - Down South Posted
  (feat. Skip, Wacko)
Juvenile - Enemy Turf
Juvenile - Follow Me Now
Juvenile - For Everybody
  (feat. Skip, Wacko)
Juvenile - Fuck It
Juvenile - Fuck That Nigga
  (feat. B.G.)
Juvenile - Get It Right  (feat. Lil' Wayne, B.G.)
Juvenile - Get Your Hustle On  (feat. Big Tymers)
Juvenile - Ghetto Children
Juvenile - Gone Ride With Me
Juvenile - Guerrilla
Juvenile - Ha
Juvenile - Ha (Hot Boys remix)
  (feat. Turk, Lil' Wayne, B.G.)
Juvenile - Ha (remix)  (feat. Jay-Z)
Juvenile - Head In Advance
Juvenile - Hide Out or Ride Out  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Turk)
Juvenile - I Did That  (feat. B.G., Big Moe, Bulletproof)
Juvenile - I Got That Fire  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Juvenile - In My Life  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Juvenile - In Tha Nolia
Juvenile - In Ya Ass
Juvenile - It Ain't Mines
Juvenile - Juve 'The Great'
Juvenile - On Fire
Juvenile - Let's Roll
Juvenile - Lil' Boyz
  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby, Lil' Wayne)
Juvenile - Lil' Daddy  (feat. Baby)
Juvenile - Livin' in the Projects
Juvenile - Losin' Season  (feat. Big Tymers, B.G.)
Juvenile - Mama Got Ass
Juvenile - March Nigga Step
Juvenile - Money on the Couch
Juvenile - My Life
  (feat. TQ)
Juvenile - Never Had Shit  (feat. Turk, B.G., Baby)
Juvenile - Numb Numb
Juvenile - On Top
  (feat. Big Tymers)
Juvenile - Pimpinabitch
Juvenile - Roll With 'Em  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Juvenile - Rover Truck
Juvenile - Run For It
  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Juvenile - Set It Off
Juvenile - Set It Off (remix)
  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Baby, Turk)
Juvenile - Something Got 2 Shake  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby)
Juvenile - Solja Rag
Juvenile - Solja Rag (Radio Version)
Juvenile - Spittin' Game  (feat. Turk, Lil' Wayne, B.G., Bulletproof)
Juvenile - Sunshine  (feat. B.G., Baby, Mannie Fresh, Lil' Wayne)
Juvenile - Take Them 5
Juvenile - Tha G-Code  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Juvenile - Tha Man
Juvenile - That's How It Be Happenin'
Juvenile - They Lied
  (feat. Baby)
Juvenile - U.P.T.  (feat. B.G., Baby, Lil' Wayne, Turk)
Juvenile - U Understand
Juvenile - Welcome 2 Tha Noila
  (feat. Turk)
Juvenile - Welcome 2 Tha Section  (feat. B.G., Bulletproof)
Juvenile - What U Scared 4  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Juvenile - White Girl  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Baby)
Juvenile - Who's Tha M.F.
Juvenile - Ziggly Wiggly

Kilo G - Pop 'Em  (feat. Ms. Tee)

Kiotti - Fresh  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Kiotti - Walk That Walk (Fresh)  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Lil' Flip - What It Do  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Lil' Wayne - 500 Degreez
Lil' Wayne - Act a Ass
  (feat. B.G.)
Lil' Wayne - Ain't That A Bitch
Lil' Wayne - Beef
Lil' Wayne - Biznite
Lil' Wayne - Bloodline
Lil' Wayne - BM J.R.
Lil' Wayne - Break Me Off
  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Lil' Wayne - Bring It Back  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Lil' Wayne - Calling Me Killer
Lil' Wayne - Cash Money Millionares

Lil' Wayne - Come On  (feat. B.G.)
Lil' Wayne - Drop It Like It's Hot  (feat. B.G., Mannie Fresh)
Lil' Wayne - Enemy Turf  (feat. Juvenile)
Lil' Wayne - Everything
Lil' Wayne - Fo' Sheezy
Lil' Wayne - Fuck Tha World
Lil' Wayne - Fuck Wit Me Now
Lil' Wayne - Fuck You  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby)
Lil' Wayne - Gangsta Shit  (feat. Petey Pablo)
Lil' Wayne - Gangstas and Pimps  (feat. Baby)
Lil' Wayne - Get Down  (feat. Baby)
Lil' Wayne - Get Off The Corner
Lil' Wayne - Go DJ
Lil' Wayne - Go Hard

Lil' Wayne - Grown Man
Lil' Wayne - High Beamin'  (feat. B.G.)
Lil' Wayne - Hit U Up  (feat. Turk, Juvenile, B.G.)
Lil' Wayne - Hoes  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Lil' Wayne - I Miss My Dawgs  (feat. Reel)
Lil' Wayne - Intro  (feat. Big Tymers)
Lil' Wayne - Intro (Watch Them People)
Lil' Wayne - Jump Jiggy
Lil' Wayne - Kisha  (feat. Turk, Juvenile, B.G.)
Lil' Wayne - Let's Go  (feat. Big Tymers)
Lil' Wayne - Lights Off
Lil' Wayne - Lil' One  (feat. Baby)
Lil' Wayne - Look At Me
Lil' Wayne - Loud Pipes  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby, B.G., Juvenile)
Lil' Wayne - Lovely
Lil' Wayne - Not Like Me  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby, B.G.)
Lil' Wayne - Only Way  (feat. Baby)
Lil' Wayne - On My Own
Lil' Wayne - On The Grind
Lil' Wayne - Realized
Lil' Wayne - Real Talk
Lil' Wayne - Remember Me
  (feat. B.G)
Lil' Wayne - Respect Us  (feat. Juvenile)
Lil' Wayne - Shine  (feat. Juvenile, B.G., Turk, Mannie Fresh)
Lil' Wayne - Shine (remix)  (feat. Mack 10, Big Tymers, Mikkey)
Lil' Wayne - Snitch
Lil' Wayne - Tha Block Is Hot
Lil' Wayne - Tha Blues
Lil' Wayne - This Is The Carter  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Lil' Wayne - Undisputed  (feat. Big Tymers, Lac, Stone)
Lil' Wayne - Up To Me
Lil' Wayne - Watcha Wanna Do
Lil' Wayne - Way of Life  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby, TQ)
Lil' Wayne - We Don't  (feat. Baby)
Lil' Wayne - What Does Life Mean To Me?  (feat. Big Tymers, TQ)
Lil' Wayne - Where You At
Lil' Wayne - Wish You Would
Lil' Wayne - Worry Me
Lil' Wayne - Young'n Blues

Lil' Wayne - Young Playa
Lil' Wayne - You Want War  (feat. Turk)

Mac - Can't Receive Me
Mac - Cleo
Mac - Disco Jam
Mac - Groove Mellow
Mac - I Need Wheels
Mac - Lil' Mac Be Clubbin'
Mac - Lyrical Midget
Mac - The Mind
Mac - You Gets Nothing
Mac - Young and Embarassed
Mac - Your Days Are Over

Mack 10 - Connected For Life  (feat. Ice Cube, W.C., Butch Cassidy)
Mack 10 - Dog About It  (feat. B.G.)
Mack 10 - Do The Damn Thing
Mack 10 - King Pin Dream
  (feat. Mikkey, Baby)
Mack 10 - Let the Thugs in the Club  (feat. Lil' Wayne, B.G.)
Mack 10 - Mathmatics
Mack 10 - Murder
(feat. Turk)
Mack 10 - No Dick At All  (feat. E-40)
Mack 10 - So Serious  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby)
Mack 10 - Tha Bitch Is Bad  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Mack 10 - We Could Never Be Friends  (feat. Baby, Lac, Stone)

Mannie Fresh - Beautiful Bitch  (feat. Six Shot)
Mannie Fresh - Chubby Boy
Mannie Fresh - Conversation
Mannie Fresh - Day In The Life (Cadillac Doors)
Mannie Fresh - Fight Song
Mannie Fresh - Go With Me  (feat. Baby)
Mannie Fresh - How We Ride  (feat. Bun B, David Banner, Jasper)
Mannie Fresh - I Know You Ain't Happy
Mannie Fresh - Intro
Mannie Fresh - Lady Lady  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Mannie Fresh - Mayor Song
Mannie Fresh - Nothing Compares To Love
Mannie Fresh - Not Tonight
Mannie Fresh - Pussy Power
Mannie Fresh - Real Big
Mannie Fresh - Shake That Ass  (feat. Lil' Mo, Tateeze, Reel)
Mannie Fresh - Tell It Like It Is
Mannie Fresh - The D.J.
Mannie Fresh - Wayne's Takeover  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Mannie Fresh - Wayne's Takeover 2  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Mannie Fresh - We Fresh  (feat. Lil' Wayne)

Mikkey - Everyday

Mil - Ride Out
  (feat. B.G., Lil' Wayne, Beanie Sigel)

Murphy Lee - Hold Up  (feat. Nelly)

NG - Thugged Out

Notorious B.I.G. - Hope You Niggas Sleep  (feat. Hot Boys, Big Tymers)

Petey Pablo - Blow Your Whistle
Petey Pablo - Did You Miss Me
  (feat. Baby, TQ)

Pimp C - Cheat On Yo' Man  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Suga)

Play-N-Skillz - Who Da Shit  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Project Pat - Ballers  (feat. Juvenile, Big Tymers)
Project Pat - Choppers  (feat. Big Tymers)
Project Pat - Gold Shine  (feat. Three 6 Mafia, Big Tymers)

Rich Boy - D-Boyz  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Rob Jackson - Move On  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Servin Tha World Click - Servin' It Hot  (feat. Hot Boys, Big Tymers)

ShawT - I'm Da Man  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Slim Thug - Diamonds (remix)  (feat. Young Jeezy, Slick Pulla, Killa)

Smoot - Do It Big  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Stone & Lac - I Walk It  (feat. Gilly)

Suga Free - So Fly (remix)  (feat. Snoop Dogg)

Tank - Party Like A Thug  (feat. Baby)

T.I. - Big Shit Poppin'
T.I. - Da Dopeman

T.I. - Front Back  (feat. UGK)
T.I. - The Greatest  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
T.I. - Top Back

Toni Braxton - Give It Back  (feat. Big Tymers)

TQ - Angela Jones
TQ - Angela Jones (original)

TQ - Fly Girl  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
TQ - Get By
TQ - Until

Trina - Da Club  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Trina - Don't Trip  (feat. Lil' Wayne)

Turk - All Night
Turk - At The Same Time
Turk - Baller Blockin
  (feat. E-40, Juvenile, Baby)
Turk - Bout To Go Down
Turk - Freak Da Hoes
  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Turk - Growing Up  (feat. Mikkey, Christina)
Turk - Hallways and Cuts  (feat. B.G., Mikkey)
Turk - It's In Me
Turk - One Saturday Night
  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Turk - Project  (feat. Hakim)
Turk - Soldierette
Turk - Trife Livin
Turk - Untamed Guerrilla
Turk - Uptown
Turk - What Would You Do
Turk - Wanna Be Down
  (feat. Baby, Lac, Hakim)
Turk - Yes We Do  (feat. Mack 10, Lil' Wayne, B.G.)

YoungBloodz - What Da Biz  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Young Jeezy - And Then What  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

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Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions) (NEW!; ADD)
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Chamillionare - Grind Like Us (f/Lil Wayne & Mannie Fresh)


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Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions) (NEW!; ADD)
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That new Lil Flip joint.

$do11a biLL$

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Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions) (NEW!; ADD)
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That new Lil Flip joint.

Lil Flip Ft. Mannie Fresh - What It Do


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Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions)
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Bun B- I'm Fresh (Featuring Mannie Fresh)
Bun B- What I Represent (UGK)

YoungBloodZ- What Da Biz (Featuring Mannie Fresh)
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"I'm the coldest nigga, rappin alive/ I'll flip the tongue quicker than Twista and Eminem"- Bizzy Bone

"I never keep my enemies close, cause I got a perfect view of em in my scope"- Krayzie Bone

"I'm so sick, if I sneezed I'd be blessing you"- Devious Mind


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Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions)
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Trina ft. Mannie Fresh - Da Club
Bun B - I'm Fresh (Feat. Mannie Fresh)
Bun B - What I Represent (UGK)
play-n-skillz feat. mannie fresh-who da shit
david banner feat. mannie fresh-two in ya body
Freeway feat.. Juvenile & Mannie Fresh-Now Ya Know
kiotti feat mannie fresh-fresh
slim thug-diamonds remix feat jeezy slick killa
TQ & Mannie Fresh - Fly Girl


Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions)
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Boo Rossini feat Mannie Fresh - How It´s Done


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Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions)
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Shouldn't that MAC album from 1989 which was produced by Fresh and The Ninja Crew also be added?
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Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions)
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Shouldn't that MAC album from 1989 which was produced by Fresh and The Ninja Crew also be added?

hook it up if you have it!


Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions)
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Shouldn't that MAC album from 1989 which was produced by Fresh and The Ninja Crew also be added?

hook it up if you have it!
i´ve hooked it up already :P


Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions)
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MAC - The Lyrical Midget
01.I Need Wheels
02.Young And Embarassed
03.You Gets Nothing
05.The Mind
06.Groove Mellow
07.Lyrical Midget
08.Your Days Are Over
09.Can´t Recieve Me
10.Disco Jam
11.Lil Mac be Clubbin

SC:When did you start out rapping?
MAC:'84. I was 7 years old when I wrote my first rap. Then in '89, the Ninja Crew (Mannie Fresh, Sporty T, Gregory D) put me on the spot and I released an album under the name the Lyrical Midget.


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Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions)
« Reply #11 on: April 03, 2006, 11:36:59 AM »
Shouldn't that MAC album from 1989 which was produced by Fresh and The Ninja Crew also be added?

hook it up if you have it!
i´ve hooked it up already :P
That's the reason I  asked.
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Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions)
« Reply #12 on: May 25, 2006, 11:22:53 AM »
Cradle 2 The Grave
Won't Be Coming Back by Baby


Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions)
« Reply #13 on: January 25, 2007, 12:35:40 PM »
Rich Boy feat. Mannie Fresh - D-Boyz