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C.V. - DJ Quik
« on: October 26, 2005, 03:20:42 AM »
     DJ Quik

DJ Quik - Quik is the Name  (1991)

Sweet Black Pussy


Born And Raised In Compton

  (feat. AMG, 2nd II None)

Tha Bombudd


Quik Is The Name

Loked Out Hood

8 Ball

Quik's Groove

Tear It Off
  (feat. AMG)

I Got That Feelin'

  (feat. 2nd II None, Hi-C, AMG)

DJ Quik - Way 2 Fonky  (1992)

America'z Most Complete Artist

Mo Pussy
  (feat. 2nd II None)

Way 2 Fonky

Jus Lyke Compton

Quik'z Groove II (For U 2 Rip 2)

Me Wanna Rip Your Girl

When You're A Gee
  (feat. Playa Hamm)

No Bullshit  (feat. 2nd II None)

Only Fo' Tha Money  (feat. 2nd II None)

Let Me Rip Tonite

Niggaz Still Trippin'
  (feat. AMG, Hi-C, 2nd II None, JFN)

Tha Last Word

DJ Quik - Safe + Sound  (1995)

Street Level Entrance

Get At Me

Diggin' U Out

Safe + Sound

Somethin' 4 Tha Mood

Can I Eat It?

Itz Your Fantasy

Tha Ho In You  (feat. 2nd II None, Hi-C)

Dollaz + Sense

Let You Havit

Summer Breeze

Quik's Groove III

Sucka Free
  (feat. Playa Hamm)

Keep Tha 'P' In It  (feat. Hi-C, 2nd II None, Playa Hamm, Kam)


DJ Quik - Rhythm-al-ism  (1998)

Rhythm-al-ism Intro

We Still Party

So Many Wayz
  (feat. 2nd II None, Peter Gunz)

Hand In Hand  (feat. 2nd II None)

Down, Down, Down  (feat. AMG, Mausberg, Suga Free)

You'z A Ganxsta

I Useta Know Her
  (feat. AMG)

No Doubt  (feat. Playa Hamm, Suga Free)

Speed  (feat. AMG)

Whateva U Do

Thinkin' Bout You

Medley For A 'V' (The Pussy Medley)  (feat. Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Hi-C, 2nd II None, AMG, El DeBarge)

Bombudd II

Get 2Getha Again
  (feat. 2nd II None, AMG, Hi-C, El DeBarge)

The Konnectid Project  (2000)

In My Face  (feat. Xzibit, Hi-C, DJ Quik)

Ain't No Doubt  (feat. Mausberg, Playa Hamm, DJ Quik)

I Wanna See  (feat. DJ Quik, Hi-C)

Hotel Motel  (feat. DJ Quik, Suga Free, Madd Nation)

Pimpin'  (feat. DJ Quik, Suga Free, Playa Hamm, Double M, James DeBarge)

Don't Walk Away  (feat. DJ Quik, Suga Free)

DJ Quik - Balance & Options  (2000)

Change Da Game  (feat. Mausberg)

Did Y'all Feel Dat?  (feat. Mausberg, Skaboobie)

We Came 2 Play  (feat. AMG, James DeBarge)

Pitch In Ona Party

I Don't Wanna Party Wit U


How Come?

U Ain't Fresh!
  (feat. Erick Sermon, Kam)

Roger's Groove

Quikker Said Than Dunn

Speak On It
  (feat. Mausberg, AMG)

Do Whutcha Want (feat. AMG, Digital Underground)

Well  (feat. Mausberg, Raphael Saadiq)

Quik's Groove V

Do I Love Her?
  (feat. Suga Free)

Balance & Options Outro

DJ Quik - Under Tha Influence  (2002)

Tha Proem  (feat. Hi-C, Talib Kweli, Shyheim)

Trouble  (feat. AMG)

Come 2Nyte

Put It On Me  (feat. Dr. Dre)

Murda 1 Case  (feat. KK, Pharoahe Monch)

Ev'ryday  (feat. Hi-C, James DeBarge)

Get Loaded  (feat. AMG)

Gina Statuatorré  (feat. Chuckey)

50 Ways

Quik's Groove 6

Get Tha Money
  (feat. Suga Free)

One On 1

Sex Crimee

Birdz & Da Beez
  (feat. Hi-C, AMG)

Oh Well

DJ Quik - Trauma Mixtape  (2005)

Total Auto

Loked Out Hood (remix)
  (feat. Chingy)

The Maze

Does the Goodlife Exist?
  (feat. Shawn Anthony)


DJ Quik - Trauma  (2005)

Intro for Roger

  (feat. B-Real)

Till Jesus Comes

Black Mercedes
  (feat. Nate Dogg)

Get Up  (feat. The Game, AMG)

Get Down  (feat. Chingy)

Ladies & Thugs   (feat. Wyclef Jean)

Catch 22

Indiscretions in the Back of the Limo
  (feat. T.I.)

Pacific Coast Remix  (feat. Ludacris)

Quikstrumental (Quik's Groove 7)  (feat. Jodeci)

Jet Set

  (feat. AMG)

DJ Quik - 50 Ways (OG)  (feat. El DeBarge)
DJ Quik - A Bedtime Story (Radio)  (feat. Suga Free)
DJ Quik - Afternoon Drive (Radio)
DJ Quik - Better Never Than Late
DJ Quik - Boom
DJ Quik - Can't Fuck Wit A Nigga
DJ Quik - Come 2Nyte (OG)
DJ Quik - Diggin' U Out (remix)
DJ Quik - Do You Really Wanna (Nah Nah Nah)  (feat. Suga Free)
DJ Quik - Everyday Thing (Radio)
DJ Quik - Felonz (Radio)  (feat. 2Swift, Hi-C, Suga Free)
DJ Quik - It's Like Everyday  (feat. Mausberg, R. Kelly)
DJ Quik - Let's Get Together  (feat. Suga Free)
DJ Quik - Let You Havit (OG)  (feat. 2nd II None)
DJ Quik - Live From L.A. (Radio)  (feat. AMG)
DJ Quik - Quik is the Name (remix)
DJ Quik - Realizm (Radio)  (feat. Mausberg)
DJ Quik - R.I.P. Mausberg (Radio)  (feat. Playa Hamm)
DJ Quik - Status (Radio)
DJ Quik - Streets Iz Callin'
DJ Quik - Summer Breeze (remix)
DJ Quik - Sweet Black Pussy (remix)
DJ Quik - Tonite (remix)
DJ Quik - Top Of My Treehouse (Radio Drop)
DJ Quik - Trouble (remix)  (feat. Suga Free, Chuckey)
DJ Quik - Trouble (remix)  (feat. Suga Free, Beanie Sigel, Chuckey)
DJ Quik - What They Think  (feat. Nate Dogg)
DJ Quik - What We Do (Radio)  (feat. Suga Free)

The Fixxers - Can U Work Wit Dat


2nd II None - Ain't Nothin' Wrong  (feat. DJ Quik)
2nd II None - Comin' Like This  (feat. DJ Quik, AMG, Hi-C)
2nd II None - Compton Style  (feat. DJ Quik)
2nd II None - Got A Nu Woman  (feat. DJ Quik, Hi-C, AMG, Playa Hamm)
2nd II None - Let's Get Higher  (feat. DJ Quik)
2nd II None - Niggaz Trippin'  (feat. DJ Quik, Hi-C)
2nd II None - Nuthin' Has Changed  (feat. DJ Quik)
2nd II None - Outstanding  (feat. DJ Quik)
2nd II None - Underground Terror (OG)  (feat. DJ Quik)
2nd II None - Up N Da Club  (feat. DJ Quik, AMG)

2Pac - Late Night  (feat. DJ Quik, Outlawz)
2Pac - Late Night (remix)  (feat. DJ Quik, AMG)
2Pac - Loyal to the Game (DJ Quik remix)  (feat. DJ Quik, Big Syke)

AMG - Soak Me Baby  (feat. DJ Quik)

Amir - My Life Is Done  (feat. DJ Quik)

Big Syke - Time Iz Money  (feat. DJ Quik, E-40)

Bizzare - Rise to Glory (NFL Theme)  (feat. DJ Quik)

Busta Rhymes - Die Too Soon  (feat. DJ Quik)

Chamillionaire - Ridin' (West Coast Remix)  (feat. DJ Quik, The Game)

Eightball & MJG - Buck Bounce  (feat. DJ Quik)

Erick Sermon - Focus  (feat. DJ Quik, Xzibit)
Erick Sermon - Focus (Lakers Victory Remix)  (feat. DJ Quik, Xzibit)

Gap Band - Funkin' Till 2000 Comz  (feat. DJ Quik, Snoop Dogg)

Hi-C - 2 Skanless  (feat. DJ Quik, KK, AMG)
Hi-C - Coochie Coochie  (feat. Diamonique, DJ Quik)
Hi-C - Get The Money  (feat. DJ Quik, El DeBarge)
Hi-C - Let Me Know  (feat. DJ Quik)
Hi-C - Ph Ph  (feat. DJ Quik)

Jadakiss - Shine  (feat. DJ Quik, Snoop Dogg)

King Tee - Let's Make A 'V'  (feat. DJ Quik, Kid Frost, El DeBarge)

Kurupt - Can't Go Wrong  (feat. DJ Quik, Butch Cassidy)

LBC Crew - 92.3 Freestyle  (feat. DJ Quik)

Ludacris - Spur of the Moment  (feat. DJ Quik)

Mausberg - Get Nekkid  (feat. DJ Quik)
Mausberg - No More Questionz  (feat. DJ Quik)
Mausberg - Tha Truth Is...  (feat. DJ Quik)

Nate Dogg - There She Goes  (feat. DJ Quik, Warren G)

Penthouse Players Clique - P.S. Phuk U 2  (feat. DJ Quik)
Penthouse Players Clique - Trust No Bitch  (feat. DJ Quik, AMG, Eazy-E)

Problem - I'm Toe Up (Remix)  (feat. DJ Quik, Kurupt, Terrace Martin, Snoop Dogg, Felli Fel)

Shade Sheist - John Doe  (feat. DJ Quik, Hi-C, AMG, 2Swift)

Snoop Dogg - Bounce, Rock, Skate  (feat. DJ Quik, Kurupt, Terrace Martin)

Suga Free - If U Stay Ready (remix)  (feat. DJ Quik)
Suga Free - Inside Out  (feat. AMG, DJ Quik)
Suga Free - Tip Toe  (feat. DJ Quik, Hi-C)

Talib Kweli - Put It In The Air  (feat. DJ Quik)

Tony Toni Tone - Let's Get Down  (feat. DJ Quik, Raphael Saadiq)

Truth Hurts - I'm Not Really Lookin'  (feat. DJ Quik)

Twiztid - Hurt Someone  (feat. DJ Quik, Tha Dogg Pound)

Xzibit - Poppin' Off  (feat. DJ Quik, King Tee)
Xzibit - Sorry I'm Away So Much  (feat. DJ Quik, Suga Free)

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Re: C.V. - DJ Quik (NEW!)
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add jay z - justify my thug


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Re: C.V. - DJ Quik (NEW!)
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also truth hurts- addictive


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Re: C.V. - DJ Quik (NEW!)
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also truth hurts- addictive

WTF Truth Hurts f/ RAKIM (Produced by DJ Quik) (U get confused!!)


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Truth hurts
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yea the original quik produced it..... the remix was done by dre and the only part that was done by dre is the begening when rakim spits the flow the rest is all Dj Quik


Re: C.V. - DJ Quik (NEW!)
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tell the mod to erase the other one
"House shoes & coffee: I know the paper gone come"



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Re: C.V. - DJ Quik
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Dj Quik ft. AMG & Suga Free - Inside Out

Suga Free & Mausberg-Konnectid Project
I Wanna See - (with DJ Quik/Hi-C)        
Hotel Hotel - (with DJ Quik)        
Pimpin' - (with DJ Quik)
Don't Walk Away - (with DJ Quik)

Menace II Society
Can't Fuck With a Nigga

Murder Was the Case
Dollaz & Sense


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Re: C.V. - DJ Quik
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add talib kweli- 730  quik did that one and the beat is hot on it


Re: C.V. - DJ Quik
« Reply #8 on: November 08, 2005, 12:10:47 PM »
add talib kweli- 730  quik did that one and the beat is hot on it
is Quik featured on it?   this isn't his production list

then you should remove Addictive ;)

oh, and add these:
DJ Quik feat. El Debarge - 50 Ways (OG Version)
DJ Quik feat. Poppa LQ - RIP Mausberg
DJ Quik feat. Suga Free - A Bedtime Story
DJ Quik - Summer Breeze Remix
Bizzare feat. DJ Quik - Rise To Glory (NFL Theme)
Busta Rhymes feat. DJ Quik - Die Too Soon
DJ Quik feat. Hi-C & 2-Swift - Felonz
DJ Quik - Better Never Than Late
DJ Quik - Afternoon Drive II
DJ Quik - Everyday Thing (Radio Drop)
DJ Quik feat. Suga Free, Hi-C & 2-Swift - Way Too Fonky (Radio Drop)

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Re: C.V. - DJ Quik
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AMG ft. Dj Quik - Soak Me Baby

Hi-C ft. Dj Quik - Get The Money
Hi-C ft. Dj Quik - Ph Ph


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Re: C.V. - DJ Quik
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add talib kweli feat dj quik- put it in the air

also Hi c feat Dj quik- Ph PH


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Re: C.V. - DJ Quik
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8Ball & MJG - Jankie (Produced by DJ Quik)
Amir ft OZ - Bloody Murda (Produced by DJ Quik)
Amir - My Life Is Done (Featuring & Prduced by DJ Quik)
Da Fam ft. El Debarge & AMG ( Co Produced by DJ Quik)
Da Finale-09-Quik's Groove VII
Da Finale-18-Streets Iz Callin (Featuring Chuckey)
Sandman ft. Mausberg & Suga Free - Playa Playa (Remix)(Produced by Dj Quik)
Tony Toni Tone - Boys And Girls Remix (Produced by Dj Quik)

is more comin out... just wait!!!


Re: C.V. - DJ Quik
« Reply #12 on: November 21, 2005, 08:01:50 AM »
can you hookup the sandman track?


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Re: C.V. - DJ Quik
« Reply #13 on: November 21, 2005, 04:20:07 PM »
8Ball & MJG - Jankie (Produced by DJ Quik)
Amir ft OZ - Bloody Murda (Produced by DJ Quik)

Amir - My Life Is Done (Featuring & Prduced by DJ Quik)
Da Fam ft. El Debarge & AMG ( Co Produced by DJ Quik)
Da Finale-09-Quik's Groove VII
Da Finale-18-Streets Iz Callin (Featuring Chuckey)
Sandman ft. Mausberg & Suga Free - Playa Playa (Remix)(Produced by Dj Quik)
Tony Toni Tone - Boys And Girls Remix (Produced by Dj Quik)

this is just his appearances, not production credits


Re: C.V. - DJ Quik
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1991 Quik Is The Name
1992 Way 2 Fonky
1995 Safe + Sound
1998 Rhythm Al Ism
2000 Balance & Options
2002 Under Tha Influence
2002 Best Of... Da Finale
2003 Visualism The Art Of Da Sound (DVD)
2004 Platinium & Gold Collection
2005 Born & Raised In Compton (Greatest Hits)
2005 The Trauma Mixtape
2005 Trauma

Dj Quik's Appareances
2nd II None
Ain't Nothin' Wrong Feat. DJ Quik*
Back Up Off The Wall*
Comin' Like This Feat. DJ Quik & Hi-C*
Didn't Mean To Turn You On*
Don't U Hide It*
Got A Nu Woman Feat. DJ Quik, AMG, Hi-C & Playa Hamm*
If U Ain't Fuckin*
If You Want It*
If U Want It Remix*
Just Ain't Me*
Let The Rhythm Take You*
Life Of A Player*
Make Em Understand Feat. Mausberg*
More Than A Player*
Niggaz Trippin' Feat. DJ Quik & Hi-C*
Princess Feat. James Debarge*
Punk Mutha Fuckaz*
Stay True To Yourself*
Underground Terror*
Up N Da Club Feat. DJ Quik & AMG*
What Goes Up*
Whateva U Want Feat. AMG & James Debarge*
Outstanding Feat. Dj Quik +
Summatyme Feat. Dj Quik +

Heartz of Man*
Late Night Feat. Outlawz*
Late Night Remix Feat. DJ Quik & AMG +
Loyal To The Game Feat. DJ Quik & Big Syke [DJ Quik Remix]*
Words 2 My First Born Feat. Above the Law*
Words 2 My First Born Feat. Nutt-So +
feat. Keysha Cole Don't U Trust Me (DJ Quik Remix)

8Ball & MJG
Buck Bounce Feat. DJ Quik*

Adina Howard
Freak (N U Know It)*
Aint No Need +

Soak Me Baby Feat. DJ Quik*
Nu extazise *
Bitch Betta Hace My Money*

Bombs Over Sadaam [Co-Produced]*
My Life Is Done*
Slipped On The Ice*
Bloody Murda*

Beanie Siegel
Reward Yourself Feat. Nicole Wray

Big Syke
Time iz Money Feat. DJ Quik & E-40*

The Wreckoning Feat. Mystic [DJ Quik Remix]*

Butch Cassidy
So Cold Feat. DJ Quik*
When Daddy calls*
Tak To Me*

Do Me Right*
I tought They Knew*

Bagg Up*
Wurrs My Cash (mixed by Dj Quik)*

College Boyz
Hollywood Paradox Extenced Remix (Dj Quik & Rob Bacon Jr)

Da Fam
I Like Feat. AMG & El Debarge*

Chip That Curb Feat. Kurupt & Roscoe ["Dollaz + Sense" Beat]*

Danny Boy
Come When I Call*

Mr. Tics Groove ["Pimpin" Beat]*

Deborah Cox
One Wish Feat. Gangsta D*

Dirty Rat
Get It On Feat Kurupt (Produced By J Wells and Mixed By Dj Quik)*

DJ Quik
***Quik's The Name***
Sweet Black Pussy*
Born And Raised In Compton*
Deep Feat. AMG & 2nd II None*
Tha Bombudd*
Quik Is The Name*
Loked Out Hood*
8 Ball*
Quik's Groove*
Tear It Off Feat. AMG*
I Got That Feelin'*
Skanless Feat. 2nd II None, AMG & Hi-C*
***Way 2 Fonky***
America'z Most Complete Artist*
Mo' Pussy Feat. 2nd II None*
Way 2 Fonky*
Jus Lyke Compton*
Quik'z Groove II (For U 2 Rip 2)*
Me Wanna Rip You Girl*
When You're a Gee Feat. Playa Hamm*
No Bullshit Feat. 2nd II None*
Only Fo' Tha Money Feat. 2nd II None*
Let Me Rip Tonite - Sexy Leroy & The Chocolate Lovelitez Feat. Darreyn Johnson*
Niggaz Still Trippin' Feat. AMG, Hi-C, 2nd II None & JFN*
Tha Last Word*
***Safe + Sound***
Street Level Entrance (Intro)*
Get At Me*
Diggin' U Out*
Safe + Sound*
Somethin' 4 Tha Mood*
Don't You Eat It! (Interlude)*
Can I Eat It?*
Itz Your Fantasy*
Tha Ho In You Feat. Hi-C, 2nd II None & Sexy Leroy & The Chocolate Lovelitez*
Dollaz + Sense*
Let You Havit*
Summer Breeze*
Quik's Groove III*
Sucka Free*
Keep Tha 'P' In It Feat. 2nd II None, 2-Tone, Hi-C, Kam & Playa Hamm*
Hoorah 4 Tha Funk (Reprise)*
We Still Party *
So Many Wayz Feat. 2nd II None & Peter Gunz*
Hand In Hand Feat. 2nd II None*
Down, Down, Down Feat. Suga Free, Mausberg & AMG*
You'z A Ganxta *
I Useta Know Her Feat. AMG*
No Doubt Feat. Playa Hamm & Suga Free*
Speed *
Whateva U Do*
Thinkin' Bout U *
El's Interlude - El Debarge*
Medley for a 'V' (The Pussy Medley) Feat. Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, AMG, 2nd II None, Hi-C & El Debarge*
Bombudd II *
Get 2Getha Again Feat. 2nd II None, AMG, Hi-C & El Debarge*
Reprise (Medley For A 'V')*
***Balance & Options***
Change Da Game Feat. Mausberg, James Debarge & Will Hudspeth*
Did Y'all Feel Dat? Feat. Shadoobie & Mausberg*
We Came 2 Play Feat. AMG & James Debarge*
Pitch In On A Party*
I Don't Wanna Party Wit U*
Motex Records I (Interlude)*
How Come?*
U Ain't Fresh! Feat. Erick Sermon & Kam*
Roger's Groove*
Motex Records II (Interlude)*
Quikker Said Than Dunn*
Straight From The Streets (Interlude)*
Speak On It Feat. Mausberg & AMG*
Du Whutcha Want Feat. Digital Underground & AMG*
Well Feat. Mausberg & Raphael Saadiq*
Quik's Groove V*
Do I Love Her? Feat. Suga Free*
Tha Divorce Song - James Debarge*
Balance & Options (Outro)*
***Under Tha Influence***
Proem Feat. Hi-C, Talib Kweli & Shyheim*
Trouble Feat. AMG*
Come 2Nyte Feat. Truth Hurts*
Murda 1 Case Feat. KK, Pharoahe Monch & Chuckey*
Ev'ryday Feat. Hi-C & James Debarge*
Get Loaded Feat. AMG*
Gina Statuatorre Feat. Chuckey*
50 Ways Feat. Wanya Morris*
Quik's Groove 6*
Get Tha Money Feat. Suga Free*
One On 1 Feat. Will Hudspeth*
Sex Crymee*
Birdz & Da Beez Feat. Hi-C & AMG*
Oh Well Feat. Will Hudspeth*


Intro 4 Roger
Til Jesus Comes
Black Mercedes
Get Up
Get Down
Ladies & Thugs
Catch 22
Indiscretion in Back Of A Limo
Pacific coast remix
Jet Set

50 Ways Remix Feat. Wanya Morris +
A Bed Time Story Feat. Suga Free*
Afternoon Drive (Radio Drop) +
Better Never Than Late +
Can't Fuck Wit A Nigga Feat. KK & J.F.N.*
Come 2Nyte Remix Feat. Truth Hurts
Diggin' U Out Remix*
Do You Really Wanna (Nah Nah Nah) Feat. Suga Free*
Felonz Featuring Hi-c, Suga Free and 2Swift +
Fuckin On Da First Date Feat. Suga Free & Rappin 4-Tay*
Hax +
It's Like Everyday Feat. R-Kelly & Mausberg [Co-Produced]*
Let's Get Togther Feat. Suga Free*
Quik Is The Name Remix*
R.I.P. Mausberg Feat. Playa Hamm
Streets Iz Callin Feat. Chuckey*
Summer Breeze Remix*
Sweet Black Pussy Remix*
Tonite Remix*
Top Of My Treehouse +
Trouble Remix Feat. Suga Free, Beanie Sigel & Chuckey*
What They Think Of You Feat. Nate Dogg *
Dvd Menu Groove +
Dvd Visualism +
Sometimes Julio g mix +
Fil Da Script Quik Remix

Dawayne Wiggans
Strange Fruit [DJ Quik Remix]*

Do Or Die

Quarterbackin Feat. The Clipse [DJ Quik Remix]*

Break Bread Feat. DJ Quik, Hi-C & AMG*

Gap Band
Funkin' Till 2000 Comz Feat. DJ Quik & Snoop Dogg [Co-Produced] {Co-Produced By Battlecat}*

2 Skanless Feat. DJ Quik, AMG & KK*
Do It*
Get Tha Money Feat. DJ Quik*
If U Really Love Me (Edited & Tagged Radio Rip) +
Let Me Know Feat. DJ Quik*
Ph Ph Feat. DJ Quik
Run Up*

Hot Karl
Sumpn Changed +

Juvenile Committee
Juvenile Thang Feat. DJ Quik & Playa Hamm*

That's My Nigga *
That's My Nigga Remix Feat. DJ Quik +

King T
Let's Make A V Feat. DJ Quik, Frost & El Debarge*

Janet Jackson
All For You [DJ Quik Remix]*

Justify My Thug*

Jermaine Dupri
3 The Hardway*

Woman To Woman *

Love Slave*

Can't Go Wrong Feat. DJ Quik & Butch Cassidy*

Jus Mee & U Feat. Raphael Saadiq*

Mausberg (R.I.P.)
Any Way U Want 2 Feat. Suga Free & James Debarge*
Bank on It Feat. Playa Hamm & 2nd II None*
Get Nekkid Feat. DJ Quik*
I An Feel That Feat. AMG & Hi-C*
No More Questionz Feat. DJ Quik*
Ring King*
Tha Truth Is... Feat. DJ Quik*
Dick Aint Free*

Nate Dogg
Get Up Feat. Eve*
There She Goes Feat. DJ Quik & Warren G +

Faded [DJ Quik Remix]*
Whatcha Know [DJ Quik Remix]*

Crack Em*

Patches Stewart
Blow *

Penthouse Players Clique
Blak Iz A Poet*
Explanation Of A Playa*
Handle Yo Bizness*
Jealous Knukle Heads*
Jus 2 Kep Yo Attenchun*
Nathen's Changed*
P.S. Phuk U 2 Feat. DJ Quik*
Pimp Lane*
They Don't Know*
Trust No Bitch Feat. DJ Quik, AMG & Eazy-E*
U Cain't Check Me*
Undaground Boss*
Class act Rap Version

Rage Against The Machine
Guerilla Radio [DJ Quik Remix] +
Rage Against The Machine

Rappin 4-Tay
If It Wasn't For You Feat. Suga Free & Nate Dogg*

Rick James
Hard To Get Feat. Richie Rich [DJ Quik Remix]*

Aint Nuthin Wrong +
Get Flipped*

Shade Sheist
John Doe Feat. AMG, Hi-C & 2Swift*

Shawn Anthony
Hate Me Too +

Good Thang*
Street Niggaz*
Sweet Love and Ecstasy*

Cant Stop The Reign [DJ Quik Remix]*
Strait Playin' Feat. Peter Gunz*
The Way It's Goin' Down (T.W.ISM. For Life) Feat. Peter Gunz*
Strait Playin' Feat. Peter Gunz (remix)*

Snoop Dogg
Buss'n Rocks*
Doin Too Much*
Don't Tell Feat. Warren G, Nate Dogg & Mausberg*
Ride On (Caught Up) Feat. Kurupt [Co-Produced]*

Sporty Theives
Can't Give It Away
What I Look Like Remix*

Str8 G
Bring Tha Funk Remix Feat. DJ Quik*

Suga Free
Angry Enuff*
Born Again*
Circus Music Feat. Chingy*
Dip Da*
Doe Doe And A Skunk*
Don't Fight Da Pimpin'*
Don't No Suckaz Live Here Feat. Playa Hamm*
Fly Fo Life*
I Wanna Go Home (The County Jail Song)*
I'd Rather Give U My Bitch*
If U Stay Ready Feat. Playa Hamm*
If U Stay Ready Remix*
Inside Out Feat. DJ Quik & AMG*
On My Way*
She Get What She Pay Foe*
Tell A Bitch Feat. Bad Azz*
Tip Toe Feat. DJ Quik & AMG*
Tip Toe (Reprise) Feat. DJ Quik & AMG*
Why U Bullshittin'?*
Why U Bullshittin'? (Part 2)*
Yo Momma Yo Daddy*

Talib Kweli
7:30 *
Put it in the Air Feat. DJ Quik*

Tony Toni Tone
Boys & Girls Feat. AMG*
Let's Get Down Feat. DJ Quik*
Thinking Of You (Radio) [DJ Quik/G-One/Raphael Saddiq Remix]*
Let's Get Down Live

Top Dogg
We Don't Love Em*

Tracie Spencer
The Rain (Produced By Dj Quik and G-one)*

Truth Hurts
Addictive Feat. Rakim*
Addictive Remix Feat. Rakim +
Not Really Lookin Feat. DJ Quik*

My Melody Feat. DJ Quik, Suga Free, Hi-C, AMG, Playa Hamm & James Debarge *

Uzi Bros
Hip Hop House Ft Playa Hamm & Dj Quik

VA - The Konnectid Project (Compilation)
In My Face - Xzibit & Hi-C*
Ain't No Doubt - Mausberg & Playa Hamm*
I Wanna See - DJ Quik & Hi-C*
Hotel Motel - DJ Quik, Suga Free & Madd Nation*
Pimpin' - DJ Quik, Suga Free, Playa Hamm, James Debarge & Double M*
Don't Walk Away - DJ Quik & Suga Free*
I Can't Believe - Madd Nation*
Gone - Suga Free*
Won G
Nothing's Wrong Feat. DJ Quik*

Withney Houston
Fine (Produced By Raphael Saadiq and Mixed By Dj Quik*

Sorry I'm Away So Much Feat. DJ Quik & Suga Free*

Only Featuring

Busta Rhymes
Died To Soon Feat. DJ Quik +
Died To Soon Remix Feat. DJ Quik & The Game*
Produced By ?

DJ Quik
Put It On Me Feat. Dr Dre & Mimi*
Produced By Dr Dre

Erick Sermon
Focus Feat. DJ Quik & Xzibit*
Focus Remix Feat. DJ Quik & Xzibit [L.A. Lakers Victory] +
Produced By Erick Sermon AND Dj Quik

Shine Feat. DJ Quik & Snoop Dogg*
Produced By Jelly Roll

Lil Scrappy
No Problem Remix Feat. DJ Quik & Shawn Anthony +
Produced By Lil Jon & Mixed By DJ Quik

Spur Of The Moment Feat. DJ Quik*
Produced By LT Moss