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C.V. - X-Raided
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X-Raided - Psycho Active  (1992)

Tha Murder

Still Shooting

Call Tha Guardz

Who's Tha Hoe?

Crazy Than a Muthafuck

Every Single Bitch

Fuckin' Wit a Psycho

Bitch Killa

Everybody Killa

Shoot Cha In A Minute

That's How My Trigga Went

That Sickness
  (feat. Brotha Lynch Hung, Young Meek, Big O, CYCO, Kaos)

X-Raided - Xorcist  (1996)

Open Tha Casket

I Ain't Dead Yet


Body Count

Collect Call

Check Your Bitch

Blaze Up

Wanna Get High?


Deuce-5 to Life


Liquor Niggaz & Triggaz

Done Deal


With A Mask On

Mo' Brainz

X-Raided - The Unforgiven, Vol. 1  (1999)



Who Is Y'All Niggas

Spitten Venom

Mortal Combat


Take Flight
  (feat. Dott Dogg)

Cemetery Fulla G's

Dead On Arrival (Pt. 1)

Land Of The Lost

Kick It 2-Nite

Mama's Pride & Joy

Whatever It Took

On the Rise

Nefarious - Speak Of The Devil  (2000)



Catch You
  (feat. Brotha Lynch Hung)

Fatal Blow  (feat. Kronik)

Never Loved  (feat. Dott Dog)

Only in the Studio  (feat. Mr. Doctor, T-Macc)


Evil That Men Do
  (feat. C-Bo, UTG)


Use Yo Nina



X-Raided - Vengeance Is Mine  (2000)

The Prophecy (Intro)

Write What I See

Hold On (What's A Thug To Do)

Most Wanted (Who They Wanna Kill)
  (feat. No Love)

Who But Me  (feat. Kingpen)

Sac-a-Indo (Where I'm From)  (feat. Kingpen)

Kamikaze  (feat. Luni Coleone)

When the Smoke Clears

Vengeance Is Mine
  (feat. Kingpen)

Terrorists  (feat. Shaka Loc)

Hit the Club (Rip It Up)  (feat. Shaka Loc)

Post War Syndrome

I Got Yo Back

Lord Have Mercy

We Bang (Outro)
  (feat. No Love, T-Nutty)

X-Raided presents The Initiation  (2001)

X-Raided, T-Nutty, Gangsta 190 - All My Dogs

X-Raided, Kingpen - Consider Me Dead

X-Raided, Chill Bola, No Love - Let It Be Known

X-Raided, Kingpen, No Love - Mash 4 Cash

X-Raided, T-Nutty, KB - No Fear

X-Raided, T-Nutty, No Love - Regardless

X-Raided, Kingpen - Stacc Chips

X-Raided, T-Nutty, KB - Why Do They Die

X-Raided - Fuccyoutoo

X-Raided - And He Shall Appear  (2001)

Game Official  (feat. Kingpen, T-Nutty)

Whatever It Took

Jealous Fellas

My Family
  (feat. Luni Coleone)

Witta Mask On, Pt. 2


Meetcha Maker

X-Raided - Xology: The Best Of X-Raided  (2001)

White Man Burden


As The World Spins

The Hole

Here We Come

Where You At

Money, Power, Respect

I Ain't Dead Yet

X-Raided & Kingpen - City of Kings  (2002)


Respect for None

What Can They Say

The Monster Mash
  (feat. Luni Coleone)

City of Kings

It Will Never Happen
  (feat. No Love)

Otherwise Neglection

The Process
  (feat. Robert Jr.)


Bomb Guts

Off the Deep End
  (feat. C-Lim)

Reprecussions  (feat. C-Lim)

Retaliation  (feat. T-Nutty, C-Lim)

We Did That