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The sun wept, swept through in a sweat/
The moon went crescent/ The Earth slept/
I was at the edge of the steppe/
Between the moon's darkness and utter neglect/
The world crept, and the Caravan met/
The morning star, and at midday cried Allahu Akbar/

Muhammad's caravan's travelled the night/
In the distance the moon's glow was white/
The white's of our eyes blinded our sight/
Europe slept while the East crept and shined/

Islam spread East and West like a bullet/
From Indonesia to Spain the religion swept/
The image upon the Inquisition mirror met neglect/
And back into the dark of the night the Muslims slept/
The women screamed and the children wept/

But back East in Anotalia the Gazi's crept/
And under the crescent moon banner they went/
Allah was with them on the frontiers and steppe's/
In battle they kept the daily prayers and supplicant/
Never forgetting what was at stake and what it meant/

Industrial revolution came and again it went/
Back into the darkness of the night quiet as kept
But still glowing even against resistance/
It forges forward till it becomes cement.
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