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Boston Red Sox,, Baseball Team Face Masks
« on: January 29, 2021, 07:25:42 PM »
While it has been a frustrating offseason for Cardinals fans, they do have a team certainly capable of winning the NL Central next year. With teams like the Chicago Cubs and the Cincinnati Reds expected to pull back and the Pittsburgh Pirates being in a full-blown rebuild, the 2021 NL Central winner will likely either be the Cardinals or the Milwaukee Brewers. St. Louis must take advantage.

He is a dynamic infielder who can line up just about anywhere, but sees most of his time at second and third base. His deal will reportedly be for three years.

This trade gives the Yankees flexibility as they try to stay under the $210 million luxury tax payroll threshold. Ottavino figures to count as $924,956 toward the luxury tax payroll for the signing bonus-discounted portion rather than the $8,924,956 entire figure, and his departure cuts the Yankees’ projected tax payroll to $206 million, including $26 million for pending contracts with second baseman DJ LeMahieu and right-hander Corey Kluber plus the rest of their 40-man roster and estimated moves to account for injured players.

A left-handed-hitting first baseman or catcher makes sense, as does another starting pitcher to help with the expected inning limits, but general manager Al Avila wants to take his time spending.Arizona Diamondbacks

He later added, “There does need to be more diversity across the industry. We need more diversity at the Mets.”Colorado Rockies
Baseball Team Face Masks

But his walk rate has declined the last three seasons with a steadier diet of off-speed pitches, and his .191/.266/.310 career slash line against lefties has made him largely a platoon player on a deep Dodgers roster (only 10 plate appearances vs. lefties in 2020). He becomes the fourth outfielder on the Cubs’ 40-man roster, joining right-handed hitting Phillip Ervin, who was acquired early in the winter.Boston Red Sox

But that’s not our building. It’s not our game. Except we’ve put ourselves in a position to answer for them both, and we’re supposed to be the ones asking the questions around here.Tampa Bay Rays

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Re: Boston Red Sox,, Baseball Team Face Masks
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masks are for sheep

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Re: Boston Red Sox,, Baseball Team Face Masks
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masks are for sheep

Well you look one. A royal one.
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