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Dubcnn recently took time out with AMG to conduct a short teaser interview to build up to his latest album; "Rum & Coke." We will be back closer to the release to have an in-depth interview but until then you can hear what Playa Hamm is up to, AMG & DJ Quik, the new album including who produced what as well as his plans for a video to his single; "My Dick's Bigger Than Yours."

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Interview was done by phone in February 2006

Questions Asked By: Inspire

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Dubcnn: Do you still talk to you Suga Free and Playa Hamm?

I talk to Playa Hamm, I ain't talked to Suga Free in a couple of years, I haven't seen him - that's all. I've been in the studio for the last two and a half years. I hear Free's out there doing his thing.

Dubcnn: Yeah, we heard some tracks off his new album "Just Add Water" recently; what's Playa Hamm up to nowadays?

Uhm, Playa Hamm right now, he's helping to develop his son's. The Y-G's, the "Young Giant's". Young Playa's IE, the IE area.

Dubcnn: How did you and Quik come up with the song name on Trauma called, "California" ?

Urm, we were in the studio for about a week, and we had already done the song with Game, and he had a track - we had a few tracks and it just wasn't hitting right, and he had hit me a couple of days later like, I've got this beat man, I made it for Jay-Z - you know, for when he did the song on the Black Album and he said I think this is going to be the one. So I said okay, and went there and checked it out, and what happened that night, you know, sometimes we work, sometimes we party - and this ended up being a party night; so Quik, he was kind of, I dont know.. He was in and out, so I was there with the engineer and I had a hook from a song I did, the hook is from my song, I had a song called "California", so I said you know what, fuck it - if this will be the last record I'll give him this hook, and you know - we just did a verse and hooked it up. You know, it's California man, we needed to do a tribute song to our state anyway, so I told him this would be a good idea, something different, 'cause we never really gave it up for [California], we always gave it up for the West Coast, but this was to put the state on the map.

Dubcnn: Alright cool. Tell us about your new album?

Aw, the new album is going to be banana's, I can't tell you who will be on it yet, 'cause the premiers and shit is kind of up for grabs right now. But it's called "Rum & Coke", that's my favourite drink and the single is going to be called "My Dick's Bigger Than Yours".

Dubcnn: Oh yeah, I heard that - it was on your Myspace?

Yeah, that's going to be the single.

Dubcnn: Did DJ Quik work on any tracks for your album?

Uhm, it's not done yet, but I'm basically hoping that I will get a track from this dude. It'll take him a minute to come around. You gotta go and make some noise first, and then he'll be like - I've got something.

Dubcnn: Cool. Who else will produce on it?

Urmm, a couple of other people, I've got Bosco who's going to do something on it. A guy name Luke's out of Longbeach, that dude is banana's. I'ma have some features, a guy named KC and a guy named Panic, a mexican dude - this nigga is on fire! He's going to be like the mexican version of Eminem.

Dubcnn: Who else produces on it apart from them guys?

I can't say the rest, I can't give it up.

Dubcnn: What's the different between this album and the record you released in 2001?

Those records really didn't count, those records were just sub-compiled from a few years. It was just to get some product on the market, it wasn't really a full fledged album to where it was going to make some real major moves and to give people something wild that they wanna hear. I think it's a turn around time now, where everybody is back to ??, you know - old school Hip-Hop, or whatever - you know? the whole vibes coming back.

Dubcnn: Okay. Are you planning on shooting any videos for the singles?

Oh yeah, Bigger Than Your's is going to have a video, I think I'm going to do a dirty, a straight up dirty, fuckin' nasty underground video and put it on DVD

Dubcnn: *laugh* Cool. Who's your favourite artist from the new generation of the West Coast?

Who is the newest? We've got about one or two guy's, right? For Hip-Hop right now anyway, uhm - Definately The Game. People act like the South shit is a big major suprise but the South has been a movement for years, so there is no doubt that what's going on now with all the shit that they've got going on, that shit was bound to come up and blow like a motherfucker, which it did.

Dubcnn: Aight. Well, do you have any last words for the fans?

My dick's bigger than yours. All of ya'll.


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