interview SHADE SHEIST & NUNE  (June 2006) | Interview By: Inspire

Dubcnn recently had the opportunity to speak with Shade Sheist and Nune, who are already well respected veterans on the West Coast. 06/06/06 marks the release of their third street album in their “GTA” series and to coincide with that, we had an indepth discussion where we talked about their past at Baby Ree Entertainment, to their future endevours and what they have, and hope to achieve with their new company, PYO Entertainment.

We also talked about their new artists and projects and what you can expect in the future, this is definitely an interview that cannot be missed!

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Shout outs to Shade Sheist & Nune for taking the time out to do this interview (Interview was done by phone in May 2006).

Questions Asked By: Inspire

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Dubcnn: A lot of people are actually wondering what actually went on with Damizza, we saw that you had an E-Mail on the forum which described a lot of what actually happened, but can you describe what actually happened, for those people who might not of read what you wrote, do you feel that you were "blackballed" from the industry as such?

Shade Sheist: Well, it was an attempted blackball because if I was blackballed then we wouldn't be sitting here on the phone with you right now conducting this interview, so it was an attempt; but its not something that is that big of a deal, to tell you the truth. Everybody knows our story.. We came together and did some damage for a cool run and then dude at some point woke up and decided he wanted to start rapping again. After that I was outta there. It was time to destroy and rebuild.

Dubcnn: So you're on bad terms with him or just whatever?

Shade Sheist: We ain't on any terms. I don't have any form of communication with dude anymore. I've been doing everything that I've been planning to do for this year and everything else doesn't matter.

Nune: Yeah, negativity is most definitely out of our camp. We had to make that switch and I know other artists had to do the same thing. You know that negativity is what has been keeping the West Coast down man, and everybody loves to keep the bullshit going. It’s supposed to be may the best man win, but its been kind of getting fixed like "okay, all my friends are going to know that im not dealing with you,” so now those people stop dealing with you. So it’s easy to say I aint blackballed, because you really don't have the power to blackball me but you sure can put a bad word in for me, and that's basically what has been going on.

Folks put some real bad words in for us to a couple of record companies. We got Geffen [Records] asking us "what the hell’s wrong with you guys?", straight up like "what the hell’s wrong with you guys, you know, were hearing a lot of bad stuff.” First we’re having good meetings and then all of a sudden they asking us, "Hey, what's wrong with you guys, why does nobody want to work with you?" and I'm like, okay – that's what it is. You put it out there that somebody is hard to work with, and they know you've already worked with them, ain't nobody going to try and find out for themselves, they're going to take your word on that.

Dubcnn: Aight, hows your relationship with DJ Quik at the moment?

Shade Sheist: I've always been cool with DJ Quik and I've never exchanged negative words with him. I spoke to his manager, so as far as I know everything is good. It's a shame that we had to come together on some bullshit like this, we could have reunited through anything other than this. But me and Quik are cool.

Dubcnn: So there's going to be no diss record to Damizza in the future then?

Shade Sheist: Why would we waste our time?

Nune: This is Compton and Inglewood man, its real shit. All that diss shit is some pumped-up-on-tv shit. In Hip-Hop seriously, there's a few things that ain't cool to do, number one: if you go back to the basics of Hip Hop, of rap – you do not bite somebody's style. See the world has made it legal to bite styles now. Number two; you do not diss somebody that you do not plan on fucking up, period. So we going to do no diss record, if its going to be a diss then its going to be one conversation like Ice-T said, "See me on the street, see me fight.” So diss me on record, and it's a new thing starting tonight, “Diss me on record, see me, fight.” Fuck that! All that is bullshit anyways. You don't see Garth Brooks dissing no other country artists, you don't see Patty LaBelle dissing Aretha Franklin, you don't see that. We need to get our music very much under accord, so fuck dissing. If you've got a problem with somebody, you're always supposed to handle it out of the eyes of the public. A diss record would just pump some shit up on this cat, he's nobody man; he's over. He's a done deal; he's the Titanic, he's twenty minutes into the sink, no bullshit!

Shade Sheist: *laugh* That's real shit though, the last thing the West Coast needs right now is another beef and let’s just be real.. aint nobody checking for no Shade Sheist and Mizza beef, that is no beef – I mean really, where’s the competition in that? Come on, you know how I get down, you know my credentials; you know I will fuckin' rap circles around that man. But let’s not sit here and linger on the bullshit, because then we cant concentrate on the task at hand, which is to put out quality music and ignore all the motherfucking haters that are going to diss no matter what.

Nune: Most definitely. We do need to get with Quik just to do another track, another hit. Like that last one "John Doe", you know what I mean, Quik knows what's up, we don't need to get together on no evil and sinister bullshit, we need to cut that out. The New West Coast is about coming together, we know damn near everybody, we don't need to start none of that stupid shit, because put it like this, ain't nobody no punk. If anybody wanted to get anybody, then they could have gone and got them. Motherfuckers hit me up all the time on the web like, "Nune, I seen you on Main Street, Nune, I just seen you on Whoop De Whoop," if there was a problem and I started some beef, that's when I would of got shot, when I didn't see them see me. I know niggas from all over the place, Quik know niggas from all over the place, we need to keep it together because in California man, it ain't too far; if you want to find somebody. It don't take a quarters worth of gas to go and get them. Nobody has got any gates up, everybody is wide open; so all that talking and nothing happening, that's bullshit.

California is too wide open. So, while it's open like that – let's get it together and work as men, instead of as fucking kids and let’s lay some real shit down and show them how the West Coast really rocks. The first drop yall heard was from Death Row [Records], you only heard a few cats, you didn't even hear the whole West Coast, and those few cats still to this day reign supreme, you cant say nothing about them – you cant say nothing about Dogg Pound, you can't say nothing about Snoop. Everybody who made it big on Death Row [Records] has been making history, everybody; and that's some real shit right there. Anyone that you want to talk about, Dr. Dre – you know; they're all from Death Row [Records]. You've got to understand that that's the West; and when the West is at its best, the world is at its best. So that’s what we’re putting down man, were cutting out all the bull and all those diss tracks, nah – you are never going to hear that.

Shade Sheist: Yeah, it would be ridiculous homie.

Nune: It would be, it'd be going against everything we say we stand for.

Dubcnn: Aight, moving on to your album – I see its being released on 06/06/06, do you feel this is a good day to release your album, because I know a lot of people are releasing things on the same date?

Shade Sheist: It's a perfect day and let me tell you why. Most of you are probably going to go out to Best Buy or wherever you buy your albums from. To get our release, all you've got to do is jump on our website – you don't even need to get up out of your chair, and not only that, you’re not going to be paying the same amount that you will be paying for everybody else's album. We are well-known for our five dollar releases. The album is free. You are paying for shipping and the limited edition insert that we had an award-winning designer put together specifically for this project, and its banging! I get e-mails daily asking who designed the GTA3 artwork. So we’re giving you the bargain, I know that Ice Cube is dropping on the 6th, but whatever – that doesn't mean anything for what we’re trying to do. Everyone knows that we’re dropping on the same date and everyone knows how to get our album: www.putyourselfout.net.

Nune: It appeals to the competition too, we let them know that we aint scared of dropping an album with yall, and we’re not signed – were on that independent grind. We learned from Too $hort, we learned from E-40 man, independent grind! We learned from Eazy-E, true independence. We’re going to put out records, we cut the mixtape shit out. We threw a few original mixes on there and this is now an official street album. Everybody else got backing from wherever they've got backing, but we’re going to be in the streets just like them. It's going to look like we've been promoted by Warner Brothers or something, because like I told you, it's not hard to find nothing out here, everything is right there; everything is right where you're at. All you've got to do is get there, and we’re known for being in the streets and letting niggas know that, “hey – we’re here to make money man, we’re here to work with everybody; were here to do this.” These albums that we got dropping are going to keep dropping. We've got “Eddie Kane Jr.” coming out, we got “The Conference” coming out, we've got some shit we’re doing with Brazil Street Records, I hope to be doing some stuff with The Black Wallstreet soon, we got a lot of things going on man. We’re basically doing it like the South, who are just doing what we (the WestCoast) used to do. Keepin the peace and collaborating. Showing unity. We’re coming with it.

Shade Sheist: Its crazy to even think that we would be left pulling back pieces of something in which we laid the groundwork for. We (the WestCoast) showcased this whole unity shit, Caliofnia was the state that you looked at when you thought about unity among a coast, because we did have our shit together at one point.. and that's when everybody was basically trying to get down and be like Death Row artists, the Snoops and the Pacs and The Doggpounds, and all the other artists that came with heat. They made way for the Southern explosion to even manifest like that, a lot of cats wouldn't be around if Tupac was still alive, and we all know that. Tupac was a certain kind of recording artist, unlike any other recording artist and he represented the West.

Dubcnn: What can we expect from the new release? What will make this one stand out from the others?

Shade Sheist: The music speaks for itself dog, its twenty two tracks of hot shit, period. It's not a bunch of freestyling over other people's beats, we actually made new songs. Yeah, you may recognize some of these beats, but some of em we flipped and added elements to them. When you listen to our songs, you're going to forget about the originals.

Nune: Yup, Yo-Yo and all them are trying to get at us, they love them. All the mix show DJs, they want the radio edits so they can get it out there and do their part of WestCoast promoting, just respecting the West man, it's a movement we’re promoting here, everybody's in on this. We've most definitely got an album, people usually just drop a mixtape but don't really put nothing on the radio, so it doesn’t get heard. Well, we are dropping our shit to radio – we're about to have the airwaves on lock. We already got some DJs on board working with us and a few songs are going directly to the radio, that means the push on the street album is going to be a little bit bigger. We’re really trying to get in a fight with the big boys on this one.

Dubcnn: Aight, what about the production, is it all recycled beats or have you got any new beats?

Shade Sheist: It's a mixture of everything you just said, some of the beats you have heard before, but some of them haven't been heard like this. We’re more than just artists, we produce as well. We also had a team of producers on board, so some of the stuff is going to sound very familiar to you, but with a twist of WestCoast funk on it. We've got some EastCoast artists signed to our label, everybody knows who Eddie Kane Jr. is. We just signed a new group called "The Conference," who are based over on the East, and they're getting down like us WestCoast artists. The name of the album is "GTA3: Real West Coast Radio," and we called it that because we want you to get an accurate account of where the WestCoast is at, at this point – and by the WestCoast, I'm talking about the new WestCoast, I'm not talking about the West that's pretty much just a fuckin' graveyard. When's the last time somebody released something out here that was significant other than The Game? That shit is not like us; we used to reign supreme and now, we get one release every so many months, and that's supposed to do us justice. Ain't nobody checking for us over here because we're not checking for us, you know what I mean?

Every time we drop an album, everybody on the message boards want to go and bootleg your shit, download your shit – they don't want to go and buy a copy of it. It's too easy to get this shit through piracy and all that, and it's damaging. We come from a coast that is, like I say the “capital of hate,” where cats will just hate on you simply because you're successful, and what kind of shit is that? So I guess it comes with the territory; when you’re on top, get ready for people to try and come take you out because you are the best of the best. And while everybody is over here talking about us, speaking on us – folks are out there thinking, "ay these cats right here must be just tearing shit down", and the truth is, we are – and that's why cats are just so much at our throats right now, trying to keep us out of the limelight. Because they know once we touch down again.. I've already been there – so for me, all I got to do is just touch it one more time and they know that I'm going to hold on to it. It’s just not even going to be funny anymore, especially to the cats that showed their second face when things went dim.

Nune: *laugh*

Shade Sheist: You know "Put Yourself Out," that wasn't just some shit that we came up with out of nowhere, that statement was directed to us and it was some shit that stuck. You know, if a motherfucker tells you "ay, if you don't like it – put yourself out," what's some niggas from the hood going to say? "Ok.. we will do that shit!"

Nune: They were saying it like they were joking, but this the real deal; that's how we really feel.

Shade Sheist: Ask all the producers who contributed to "Before The Waiting - Before The Hating," when was the last time they talked to me and they should all tell you “not in forever.” And if they don't, they're lying. I released that album anyway, that's why that album is out in the streets right now. I got all the releases that I needed and any of them that I didn't get– I still got em. You get what I’m sayin? So we're not going to be held back, we’re not here to talk about getting blackballed and all that shit because that shit will never happen homie. We will never allow that shit to happen, that's why we got this new release and this is the dawn of a new era. First we've got "GTA3" dropping and then soon after, we’re dropping "Moving Units," our group lp. That album will be all original shit, and it will be available in all your local record stores. And of course on our website, www.PutYourselfOut.net, you can get any of our releases at any given time, twenty four hours a day and we've got the best prices on the net.

Nune: Yeah, let them know that the award-winning graphic designer S.Dot will soon be available to hook up your shit too! Put Yourself Out!

Dubcnn: Cool, is the album going to be strictly for online purchase or in the shops as well?

Shade Sheist: "GTA3" will be available on our site twenty four seven like I said, but we will also be hitting all the mom and pop record stores around the Southern California area, including all the VIP's. If you have any requests of any stores that you would like us to get product in, all you have to do is hit us up through the website and send us the name and address of the store. We will most definitely hit them up and supply them.

Nune: We'll be there in person.

Shade Sheist: Yeah, the point of all this is the next album called "Moving Units". We called it that because last year we moved over 172,000 units by hand, that means we actually put those jewel cases together, we shrink-wrapped those motherfuckers ourselves and we put em in all those postal envelopes and took them in big ass boxes to the post office every Friday, until we moved 172,000. Our goal was 100,000, but we went 72,000 over that; so we’re in good shape. I'm expecting a good year this year and so we wear shirts that say "Rich In '06" on them, because that's what it is homie. We've got a lot of shit going on right now and its moving. If you want to order any projects we've released, you know how to reach us, www.PutYourselfOut.net. We got albums, dvds, streets albums, soon to have clothing – all that! Hit us up even if you've just got a demo of yourself and you don't know what to do with it, we'll show you the secret of putting yourself out because its not hard, its just motherfuckers out here don't want to help nobody.

Nune: Yeah, and ya'll be looking out for that book too, "How To Put Yourself Out", the book is coming!

Shade Sheist: Most definitely.

Dubcnn: Is it all distributed by yourselves or do you have help?

Shade Sheist: By hand, its all distributed by hand, we should call it By Hand Distribution because we package all of that shit ourselves. It's a lot of work man – you count up a hundred and something thousand copies of anything and put them in several stacks and try to package all that shit up to go and take it to the post office and you'll feel what I'm saying, it's a grass roots movement right here.

Nune: Man, we had to hire people; we had homies just come over and blaze a blunt; that's your reward, just package these up. I know some of yall got a package and it had a little weed kernel in it, but hey – it ain't my fault! *laugh*. That's our packaging plant, that's how we roll, but boy I'm telling you, we had a good time last year just putting them things together. Having everybody get out there during the BET awards, shit, every award show – we showed up and put some real promotions out there.

Shade Sheist: Yup, that's how we were able to move 50,000 of "Before The Hating, Before The Waiting", and Nune moved about the same, 50,000 of "N.U.N.E.TIME" That’s strictly off of us going to the BET awards last year and hitting up all of Hollywood. I mean everybody who was out there got a copy of either the album or they got a copy of the club card that basically lead you to the site where you could order the album for free; and everybody wanted it, I mean who wouldn’t want a free album that was actually good?

Nune: We've got more than just a mixtape to move; we've got a street album, we've got a retail album; we've got a lot of new shit coming – we even got “PYO Comedy”. You ain't got to be signed man, you just got to be hot; that's our whole slogan. You do not have to be with who it is, you just got to be what it sounds like. You've got to be hot man, and if you're not hot; then everything your label puts behind you as a big company or whatever, ain't going to work, no way. It's like a testing ground over here, pre-production. If this works, then shit – your contract is going to be crazy, but if this doesn't work then you can go ahead and get you a job with us.

Dubcnn: So they just hit you up on your website if they want to get in touch with you?

Shade Sheist: We started that website about five years ago, and that's why we called it PutYourselfOut.net, because the key of it is exactly what it says and I'm going to keep pressing it until its embedded into everybody's head. All you got to do is put yourself out homie, you don't have to sign to no major. If you've got the determination and you've got a quality product, we can show you the formula that you need to know to sell to your core audience. People are out here with this false sense of reality that you've got to go platinum, or go gold – but if you’re just starting off, then you don't even know that many people. So discover who your core audience is. I know that my core audience is well over 150,000 people, and that's not international, that's domestic. So as long as I can continue to sell to those 150,000 people each time I drop something then that's a nice chunk of change right there. All you've got to do is take the cost of the unit, and multiply that by 150,000. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this shit out.

Nune: And were going to keep on doing it again and again and again, because that Eddie Kane Jr. album boy.. ya'll in trouble! And Shade’s new shit, man, I'm telling you; the new album is coming, and we've got some real heat! And with radio getting behind this movement, it’s going to be a great Summer.

Shade Sheist: Cats recognize us, cats feel us. These fools out in the streets may have showed their asses to us, but the niggas that count stayed true from the gate are still there, and I could probably count them on one hand, but that's what happens when niggas get too successful; there's always somebody out there that wants to see you doing something else than what you are doing. But as far as us, we’re not going to let that shit ride, you know? We've got a new single jumping off this month; you'll be hearing it on your favorite radio stations real soon, you can mark my words on that, its already done.

Dubcnn: So what is the order of future PYO releases?

Shade Sheist: First we’re dropping GTA3, next is the group album, “Movin Units,” that’s Nune and myself, and then Nune will drop "Nune And The Gang", his sophomore solo album. Directly after that, which will probably be around the fourth quarter of this year, I will be dropping my new album which is currently untitled and nearly finished. After that – Eddie Kane Jr., then The Conference.

Nune: It’s just drop after drop after drop after drop, of that good – good music. If you liked the first album then you’re going to love the rest of them.

Dubcnn: Who would you both like to work with as far as artists and producers in the future?

Shade Sheist: Um, the only artist that I have yet to record with is Jigga Man, Jay-Z. As far as producers, you know I'm going to say Dr.Dre. I would love to get back in the studio and crank out some more hits with Dre, but as far as anybody else, im cool just fuckin with my inner circle because our current roster right now is just unfuckwithable period. Myself, I'm unfuckwithable, my new shit – you’re not even ready for it. Nune's shit has come so far along that I’ll just let the album speak for itself, when it drops you will hear what I'm talking about. Eddie Kane Jr., in just a year has become a terror, he's blowing up – everybody knows who Eddie Kane Jr. is, strictly off of his grass roots grind. So outside of my camp, I'ma say Jay-Z and Dr.Dre, and if anybody else wants to get into the mix then we can do the damn thing, but you've got to be talented! I'm not getting on another wack ass song, I'm sorry but I just cant do it no more.

Nune: Hell yeah.

Shade Sheist: If you want us to get on your shit homie, step your shit up to the level that our shit is on. And if it ain't on our level, don't even ask me for no hook; no verse, no nothing because I make too much money doing this shit, I'm not about to get on no wack shit. That was my New Year’s resolution – stop getting on wack niggas shit so.. that's what it is. So if you were planning on asking me to get on a song or whatever, I'm down for it for the right price.. but the song has got to be dope. You could offer me a million dollars right now but don't play me no wack shit.. I will shock you with my reaction.

Nune: Hell yeah, a nigga like me – I would like to work with everybody from Compton. Dre, Quik, 6Mill, shit – it goes on and on. Even MC Eiht man, because niggas are sleeping on Eiht man. Come on now. Him and DJ Quik, those niggas are hard man. I want to bring the whole Compton City Committee together, Dre on a track, Quik on a track. Just get all these stars and put out a hell of an album, that's been my dream since I heard DJ Quik's underground shit, *singing* "Make my dick feel good!" and “Brown Eyed Momma,” I still roll to that shit. Man ya'll don't even know, I got some cuts on DJ Quik that keeps the vibe right man, where ya'll been? I just want to do something with the whole Compton Committee, and we've got to have a few tracks from R.Kelly.

Shade Sheist: Yep!

Nune: AND…. Bobby Brown – you can't ever forget about Bobby Brown.

Shade Sheist: Yeah, what's up to my dawg Bobby Brown!

Nune: Bobby Motherfuckin Brown!

Shade Sheist: Yeah, I saw him like two weeks ago – he was shooting his reality show over in Hollywood and I got the chance to meet him. Dude right there is a legend, dawg. He's on my myspace top 8 right now because dude right there is a real nigga. A real nigga will actually stop and talk to you and put something into your brain that you can use to get ahead. I appreciate all these cats like Bobby Brown, these legendary cats that have been putting it down in music since day one, Teddy Riley and all them, real niggas.

Nune: Hell yeah, my nigga Problem just gave us some shout outs; I just saw that shit on the internet, Problem, boy.. He's another Compton cat; ya'll get ready for him, its going to be on. He aint even from our label, it's just that we've got love like that; if you've got love for us then we've got love for you. I'm going to shout you out like you shout us out.

Dubcnn: Aight, have you any plans to release any of the material that you have recorded that you might have in the vault? Do you have any tracks with DPG?

Shade Sheist: I got a lot of shit that I did with Kurupt, I don't know what's going to make it dog, because I was put in a unique situation where I recorded a whole lot of shit, but I recorded it under the umbrella of a company who I just don't want nothing to do with anymore. So if it means letting go of all of those smashes in order to get to that point, I'm willing to do it. I'm willing to start over with a fresh, clean slate, which I've pretty much done, so as far as unreleased jewels in the vault, I don't know.

Nune: What about those Y.A niggas? We fuck with them!

Shade Sheist: Yeah definitely my niggas from Y.A., Youth Authority. Tri-Star, Bizzle, Slo Stallone, Roscoe. I had started a project with Y.A, I was in the middle of an album with Jayo Felony. I was working on projects with everybody from the West, my machine was well oiled and running and then everything went into a complete dead stop and I had to put a hold on all that shit. But I don't know, we'll see what happens. You can definitely expect some collaborations with The Dogg Pound because those are my niggas, Daz and Kurupt, I always big them up because they did the same for me. You know it's California Love. Y.A, my niggas didn't change face when shit got dirty for a nigga. Niggas stayed around and said don't worry about that shit, keep your head up and keep your mind on that music, because at the end of the day that's what it all comes down to.

Dubcnn: Has there been any beats in the past that you wish you had personally used but then heard on the radio at a later date recorded by another artist?

Shade Sheist: Well, I can't say that because if we like the beat, we'll rap on it and you'll get another street album. I will tell you an interesting story though that kind of fits the question. I used to work with Johnny J, and everybody knows who Johnny J is, one of 2pac's "All Eyez On Me" producers, the infamous Johnny J. I used to work with him when I was about fourteen, fifteen years old – and I had access to some of those ‘All Eyez On Me’ tracks that 2pac ended up using. They were given to me as tracks to practice writing to and to record on my little 8-Track recorder I had, and I wrote a whole bunch of songs to those beats. I still got some of them on cassette tape, but I wish that I could of used some of those, because after All Eyez On Me dropped, that shit was fuckin' ridiculous homie – I had heard all of those tracks before and it was just amazing to hear what Pac did with them.

Dubcnn: So they were just given to you as test beats so to speak?

Shade Sheist: Pretty much. He would be like “try this beat out and see what you come up with,” I was perfecting my craft at this time. I was an up and comer, under a whole different stage name – Even back in the day I was doing my damage on radio with my little songs and shit, I was killing the game dog. Most people don't even know I had a career before ‘Shade Sheist’ - I've been doing this for a long time. But, I did work with Johnny J and he used to always look out for me – he always hit me with nice beats. I used to work with Ronnie King, who plays fuckin' ridiculous keys, H Bomb - Howie Hersh, from the days of BBD.. I worked with some real talented cats. Teddy Riley, I’ll bring his name up again – I'm talking about some real producers that I worked with, people that actually know how to produce records, not just make beats.

Dubcnn: I know Lil-Eazy-E did a track with Johnny J for his new album that's coming out.

Shade Sheist: I'm sure its dope because I find it hard to believe that Johnny J has lost his touch. You don't lose that kind of touch right there; its not something that's given to you.. and he has it man, he's dope. I just ran into Ronnie King on myspace, myspace is a motherfucker man.

Dubcnn: You ran into Ronnie King?

Shade Sheist: Yeah, I ran into Ronnie King on Myspace – that shit is crazy man, I'm going to holla at dude and see what's up because he plays the hell out of some keys. Him and Howie Hersh man, together – its ridiculous, if we get together with them to do some new shit homie, it's a done deal and you can mark my words on that. H Bomb produced on my first album, "Informal Introduction", he had a lot to do with the production on that one. Informal [Introduction] is still a classic record, everybody knows what happened with the MCA deal so therefore we didn't get to shoot off the way that we wanted to. But your boys are back in full effect, and we’re here to win it; our time has arrived and you will be seeing way too much of us.

Dubcnn: Aight, do you have any plans for a GTA4 after GTA3 has dropped?

Shade Sheist: Oh, of course. GTA is the only outside project that we drop, it's the only real side project that we've ever done and been associated with, so we will never stop the GTA franchise as long as the people want it. The first two did tremendously well, I expect the third one to be the biggest one of them all; and if everything goes as planned – of course, there will be a GTA4, 5, and so on. Just like R.Kelly did "Trapped In The Closet", we can get up to 20.

Nune: You know when they order GTA3 they go back and get GTA2, and then they go back and get GTA to have the 3-pack.

Shade Sheist: They’re going to come back and get 1 and 2, and they're going to get reminded of how dope we were even back in the day – and its going to pump them up to get the new album which drops this summer, "Moving Units". We’re working with some hot ass producers, Bionik from Beat Science and XL Middleton, which I know is another one of the questions, "Do we fuck with XL Middleton?", hell yeah. XL Middleton and Beat Science are two of only 4 producers on this project.

Nune: We fuck with "F Major".

Shade Sheist: We fuck with "F Major", yup. We fuck with "Large Money Entertainment", you know what I mean?

Dubcnn: Aight, what advice can you give to people trying to come up in the game?

Shade & Nune: Put Yourself Out *laugh*

Shade Sheist: Put Yourself Out homie, don't be sitting back sulking, wondering what the fuck happened to your career and what's good with it man, just put yourself out because ain't nobody going to help you, dudes today don't have hearts like that to steer nobody in the right direction, they want to see you succeed only to a certain point where they know that you wont pass them and that's all they're going to give you up to that point. So the only way you’re going to figure this shit out is to learn through yourself, learn through experience and put your own self out, don't sign no contract with the devil and sign your soul away and then you’re stuck for fuckin' ten albums and you know damn well that you ain't dropping no ten albums you know what I mean? Don’t get yourself put into some legally binding contract where you sign up with some producers and sign a production deal and then all of a sudden you can't sign no deal because they own your ass, get your business straight first and foremost before you even put your mouth next to a microphone, get your business straight.

Nune: So come to the site, we've got Put Yourself Out Legal Tips, we can help you on your whole trial – everything you need from A all the way to the Z, we can help you put yourself out. That's what the book is about, to show people that those "How To" industry books are whatever. Check this out, this is how you really do it.. If you get out there and grind, its just like anything else, if you buy some land and you get out there with your family and you build your house, awh man – ya'll got paper. But if you’re trying to buy a house with no paper to your name, you've got to pay somebody to build it. It's always best to do it yourself.

Shade Sheist: Real shit, or you could look at it this way, do you want a penny for every album that you sell or do you want a couple of dollars? Because I know that I don't want no pennies, I'm good on the pennies.

Nune: Exactly, we’re now putting people out – we've got “Hands On Management,” there's a lot going on right now. So if people want to get put out and don't know how to do it or they need some fresh tracks and need a new street album to see if they can really do it, I suggest they come to the site and use the services.

Shade Sheist: Yup, and look out for that new clothing line too, we've got a new clothing line jumping off and we've got cartoons and video games that we're working on right now too – look out for all that, PYO is in effect!

Dubcnn: Tight. Okay, well that's just about it for the questions but have you got any last words for the fans before you go?

Nune: Put Yourself Out.

Shade Sheist: Look out for that new album that's dropping today, GTA3: Real West Coast Radio, it's a hot ass album; I don't need to pump it up anymore, its pretty much going to speak for itself, so if you know somebody who owns it, they will be telling you to buy your own copy because they wont be letting you borrow theirs, I guarantee that, its that hot – so look out for that. "Movin Units" will be coming this summer; a new album from Nune will be dropping, a new album from myself, a new album from Eddie Kane Jr. and The Conference. We're in effect dog, you know the website, you know how to reach us and everybody will soon be feeling the power of everything that we're doing.

Nune: On all the radio stations!

Shade Sheist: All the radio stations, the new single is dropping this month, so as soon as you hear it, make sure ya'll start requesting it. I want to give a shout out to my dog Pharoah, we put together a PYO Private Party a couple of weeks ago, shit was a huge success – everybody showed up from Atlantic, Warner Bros and even G-Unit came through, so we're doing it real major.

Nune: Hell yeah, and a shoutout to my nigga Vito, Judge Ito, Big Fase, The Game, and all those niggaz from Compton. West Up.

Shade Sheist: Indeed


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