interview SPEEDY (January 2004) | Interview By:  Nima

Dubcnn.com recently sat down to speak with Speedy aka Gotti Gotti, who you know as part of the West Coast Mafia Gang with C-Bo. He told us about his new album "Flight Risk", the story behind the infamous Yukmouth/Game song that he did, how he first hooked up with C-Bo, his label Death Before Dishonour Records and more. We have both the transcript and audio for you to check and feel free to send any feedback regarding the interview to: nima@dubcnn.com

Huge thanks to Speedy aka Gotti Gotti for taking time out to answer the questions fans wanted to know! (Interview was done by phone in January of 2004)

Questions Asked By : Nima

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We also had the chance to conduct a quick video interview with Speedy this summer, to check that now, click below:

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dubcnn.com: Wassup Speedy? What you working on right now?

Oh on my new "Flight Risk" record!

dubcnn.com: When is it comin' out?

It's coming out March 15th! I got The Game on there, Too Short, Prodigy, Method Man, Tha Realest, Dru Down, Roscoe, Kurupt, Nico Supreme, Zig Zag, and more. Anyway the record is off the muthafuckin chain!

dubcnn.com: Who handled the production?

Oh yeah I got Mark Sparks, B.C., Rhythm D, S Class from the Beat Brokers, and more man, it's a nice lineup!

dubcnn.com: What label is dropping on?

It's dropping on Death Before Dishonour, D.B.D. Records! That's my label! Independent. I got disitribution through Activate.

dubcnn.com: So it's not on West Coast Mafia?

Nah, it's not on West Coast Mafia, but on the back of the record it says "Speedy from the West Coast Mafia Gang". I'm the one that made up the West Coast Mafia Gang, which is C-Bo, and I'm still pushin' that movement. But as far as dropping solo, I gotta be CEO and push my own record and do my own thing cause I got my own shit cracking now!

dubcnn.com: How did you hook up with C-Bo in the first place?

Well me and C-Bo we hooked up at the Source Awards in 2001 or 2000, I can't even remember, but that's when the lil shit broke out, all that riot shit errupted when DJ Quik and them went to jail, that was then. And after the show we was at a Burger stand in Pasadena, and a gang of bloods came up there kinda on one, and niggaz kinda outnumbered us, so we (me and Bo) kinda marbeled together. We kinda like stood together, and held our ground. That's how we met each other, I found out he was C-Bo he found out I was Speedy, shit, since then we was tight! I ended up goin' to jail like a day after that, and he ended up goin' to jail like 3 days after that!

And after that it was a wrap, cause when I got to jail, he was moved to where I was at. We hooked up right there, we was in the same cell. And we was so cool wit the police, they were goin by the Crip module, and he ended up comin over there wit me, and we was over there, it was a wrap!

dubcnn.com: How did you come up with your name, Speedy?

Oh because when I was young I used to play football, I used to box, I was fast to do everything, fast to get in trouble, quick temper. I used to love running, I was just ready to get into everything. So that's why I chose the name Speedy. I had a cousin, he was a red rag, his name is Speedy, and I lived on the Crip side and I met this Crip nigga, his name was Speedy, and he was real tight, gettin' his money on, big nigga, cool as a muthafucka. And I was gettin' in trouble, and he liked a nigga, so I was like "Damn, this nigga named Speedy, my cousin named Speedy" I was diggin' that, so I just ended up bein' Speedy!

dubcnn.com: And if you were to go back, would you do the same things you did?

Hell nah! Because if I could rewind my life back, I would be a boxer or a football player or somethin homie! I wans't even into rap when I was younger! I chose to rap because there was this kid that used to walk to school bustin' rap shit. And I was like man I can rap better than you! So I wrote a rap, and my shit was better than his shit the next day we walked to school. So that's how I ended up doin' that rap shit! And I got shot up when I was young, I got shot like 5 times at 16, so you know, I just chose to rap, cause a nigga couldn't box no more, couldn't play football no more, I was damn near paralyzed at 16. Right before I turned 17.

dubcnn.com: How would you describe your style?

I'd say hood. I'd say like a poet. I'd say soulful. I'm a blessed person.

dubcnn.com: Do you still have that crazy haircut you had when I met you?

With all the designs and shit? Hahaha... Right now I got a lil fade cause I'ma be 30 in a month, but yeah I be rockin' that haircut when I got shows and shit, I be rockin' that shit!

dubcnn.com: You've been in the news in the last months because of a song that was recorded with Yuk and Game, apparently squashing the beef, but Game was still taking shots at Yuk! Please tell us the whole story.

Yeah okay! Well basically this is how that happened. Yukmouth he wasn't really a nigga that I liked, or that I was fuckin' wit at the time, I mean you know, I felt like he never wanted me around, like everytime we see each other it was real cool, but the nigga never really fucked wit me. So to make a long story short, I ended up hookin' up wit Game. All that shit was stupid, I got a cousin named E-Knock, from Game's neighbourhood which is Cedar Block Piru, and I ended up hookin' up wit this nigga. And I was already on a song with Game, I had did a song wit Yukmouth too, Yuk was always kinda spook to me. And this nigga and Game had got into on records someway, on some old rap computer shit, I don't know. I don't get in that bullshit. But they got into it with each other on some rap shit, and Yuk said "Oh Speedy my homie he checked you" and all this old shit. And Yuk actin' like he was at the video! Which really he wasn't even at the video shoot. Feel me?

So then what had happened was, I didn't like the way that he had said what he had said, because he wasn't even there, and he put some extras on it. So I went and got at the nigga, and when I got at him he was like "okay" and he wanted to squash it so I said alright nigga, you need to come with me and go meet Game, so ya'll can squash the shit, you can get down and it'll be squashed, just come wit me and I won't let the nigga rush you or nothin, because I got a cousin from Game's neighbourhood, period. My cousin and Fase are tight, which is Game's big brother, they kinda run that shit over there. But he didn't wanna go, he did his verse, and so when you do your verse, and you don't wanna go to the studio, and meet with a nigga or whatever... So he layed his verse down, I took his verse over to Game's house. Then Game layed his verse, and Game was like "What you think about it Speed? You don't like it? I can change it." And I said "Nigga you said what you said, leave it on there!" Cause he had said he would change it for me. But I felt like if this is how he feel, then let it be on there!

Because Yuk didn't come like a man, if he would come like a man, and they did it together, then he wouldn't have talked about the nigga like that, if he woulda came over there. But since you talked about the nigga all that video shit, that's just how Game struck back on him and said all that shit about him because he wasn't man enough to go over there and meet a nigga in the studio! So it really didn't have nothin' to do with "Oh I let this nigga Game shit on that nigga!" Nah, you let a nigga shit on you yourself! Feel me? He let a nigga do that to him himself!

dubcnn.com: So what's your current relation with Yuk?

Oh me and him cool homie. To keep it real, I never really got a chance to talk to him like that, and we never really kicked it like that. But now, he be choppin' it up, I called the nigga, he got good conversation. I understood why the nigga was scared of a nigga back then, cause a nigga was wild! Takin' shit from muthafuckas! I was busin' my gun robbin' everybody, alotta shit. And he knew about it, he used to see a nigga doin' all kinda shit, runnin' wit the goons and fightin' in the clubs... But now he know what time it is, that's my cat! I hold a nigga down, that's one of my niggaz!

dubcnn.com: And will you be workin' with Game in future?

Hell yeah! Whenever he's ready to work I'm ready to work! I told you, that's my nig, and E-Knock is my cousin over there. So shit, hell yeah we gone work, he never did nothin' to me to not wanna work wit the nigga!

dubcnn.com: If you could pick whatever label to sign with, which would you pick and why?

I already picked my label, my label is Death Before Dishonour records, cause nobody gone treat me like me. I give a fuck about nobody with labels, it ain't about payin' nobody else. It's DBD Gang Records period point blank! Fuck everybody's shit, except my shit. If a nigga got his independent shit, more power to him, fuck all these big labels and all these funny ass niggaz.

dubcnn.com: What's the most memorable moment of your musical career up until now?

Oh man... With C-Bo shootin' that video for West Coast Mafia Gang. Thats my most memorable moment man.

dubcnn.com: Oh the one that was on BET Uncut?

Yeah man, cause when those lights came on, its like one of my dreams came true. Ain't nothin' like bein' behind that camera man, and doin' what you doin' man.. I ain't gone lie, that nigga (C-Bo) made alot of my dreams come true.

dubcnn.com: What should the fans be on the lookout for in the next year coming from Speedy?

Shit, movies and shit man. And I'm trying to come with a clothing line. Anything that a black man can conquer man. Shit I might be makin' pampers for grown ass men! Ain't no tellin! *laughs*

dubcnn.com: Is there anything else you'd like to let everybody know?

Yeah... Man, I got shot like New Years Eve this year... I'm a blessed individual, I feel like God got a plan for me. And I love everybody that pray for a nigga, every muthafucka that talked good about a nigga, everybody that's on my record, I wanna give them a shoutout. I hope God got his hands on anything that they touch or that they work on. Any nigga that was cool wit me is cool wit me still, any muthafucka that I didn't like, I still don't like you! Period. But I don't got no hate in my heart. I don't got no hate. If I don't like you, I don't like you. Period point muthafuckin' blank. And it ain't too many niggaz that I don't like. You know what I mean?

And I wanna give some shoutouts, Blackwallstreet, Death Before Dishonour Records is my shit, we finna count money, I wanna give a shoutout to that nigga C-Bo, man get your ass up outta jail nigga and get right wit the niggaz that's on your label nigga, and quit bein' lazy nigga doin' bullshit my nigga, show some support to your niggaz! And I want every nigga to know that just cause I'm doin' my thing don't mean that I ain't fuckin' wit my brother, cause Bo is my brother. 100!

dubcnn.com: Aight man, thanks for takin' the time to talk to us!

Alright, 100 man, peace!



Speedy Gave Dubcnn.com A Shoutout! Check That Here (Video)

Full Interview In Audio : Here

-=| Speedy aka Gotti Gotti Video Interview |=-


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