Dubb - The Departure

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01) The Departure (Produced by Roosevelt)
02) I Ain't Playin (Feat. Roosevelt) (Produced by Roosevelt)
03) Who, What, Where (Feat. Jake & Papa) (Produced by The Futuristiks)
04) You See Me Huih (Produced by Futuristiks)
05) Money Up (Feat. Mann) (Produced by Jay Nari)
06) There In No Time (Feat. Skeme & Roosevelt) (Produced by Roosevelt)
07) Patience The Key (Feat. Yung Mars) (Produced by Remixx)
08) Triumphant (Feat. Alori Joh) (Produced by Chinky P)
09) Money, Women & Drugz (Feat. Ab-Soul & Lady G) (Produced by S Dot)
10) Freak Yo Mind (Feat. Jake & Papa) (Produced by Mr 1200)
11) Say Yea (Feat. Bobby Debarge) (Produced by Hitman)
12) Light My Flame (Produced by Frankie O Solovely)
13) My All (Feat. Jake & Papa) (Produced by Mr Grayz)
14) Determination (Feat. Will Smith) (Produced by Jimms)
15) Make You Proud (Produced by Roosevelt)
16) HomeTown (Produced by Bass Clef)

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