Dubb - The Layover

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01) Terminal Interpretation (Prod by Closer Prods & Inspired Mindz)
02) Grown Man Business feat. JD Era (Prod by Buck Mouth)
03) Trill Nigga feat. Lil Playy (Prod by King Dave)
04) Innocent feat. Yung Mars (Prod by Hidden Faces)
05) The Layover (Prod by Ralo)
06) Music Is Love feat. Yuri Koller (Prod by Mak Mak)
07) Drive Slow feat. Nashay (Prod by Hidden Faces)
08) Hot 127 Radio (Prod by Resource)
09) Alpha&Omega feat. Yung Mars (Prod by Hiz Time)
10) Only Human (Prod by Hidden Faces)
11) Mr. Pretender feat. Akelee (Prod by Dirty Rice)
12) 6 Months feat. Jake&Papa (Prod by Showboiz)
13) Something About Today feat. Jake&Papa (Prod by Duke Dinero)
14) 3rd Season (Prod by J- Hill)
15) U Love It (Prod by Roosevelt)
16) We Up feat. 211 & Yung Mars (Prod by Showboiz)
17) Blackberry Molasses (Prod by Resource)
18) Pushin (Prod by Resource)
19) April 3rd feat. Akelee (Prod by Wizzo)
20) Devils Advocate (Prod by Showboiz & Alex Mak)

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