interview DIRTY BIRDY  - Dirty Birdy Mixtape Volume 2

Release Date: October 2006

Appearances: Dr. Stank, J-Walq, Shorty Mo, Seefor, Diamonique, others

Production: Dirty Birdy, Dr. Stank, CMT, Fingazz, Crackajack

Dirty Birdy's long awaited "Dirty Birdy Mixtape Volume 2" is finally up for sale and ready for release. As you might know, the mixtape has been completed since last year and is basically an unreleased mixtape which never saw the light of day. Dirt decided not to press it up and sell it like Volume 1, but instead he teamed up with Dubcnn to offer the mixtape exclusively for paid download. In other words this will be your only chance to hear this mixtape.

This shit is bangin from front to back, Birdy ain't no joke. "Volume 2" is labeled a mixtape but it's actually a street album. Every song comes with hook and original beat, and most of the production was handled by Dirty Birdy & Dr. Stank. Birdy laced some serious heaters on this and rapidly developed his production skills. He even handled most of the production on his upcoming "Volume 3" mixtape (with some exceptions). A lot of the tracks on "Volume 2" give the mixtape a soulful feel as they're sample based for the most part, and therefore songs that couldn't be cleared for the album.

With Birdy being one of the many artists that were first showcased by us, we feel that he's definitely up there with the greats of the rap game. The overall diversity of the mixtape proves that Dirty Birdy is so much more than a rapper, he's an entertainer. With his ability to deliver sick flows packed with a lot of humor, this mixtape makes it stand out from most of the mixtapes that hit the streets. He's showing off his skills in a number of different styles, like on "Take My Life Away", where Birdy utilized the talents of Dr. Stank on a guest verse. Songs like "Where We From (Money Gone)" give the mixtape a sense of realism, where you have Birdy and Dr. Stank teaming up again to exchange I.E. street tales. And on "Gigante" Dirty Birdy took the meaning of diversity a step further, as he's spitting a couple bars in Spanish!

As always, Dubcnn has them exclusive tracks, so peep the shit below to get a taste of what you can expect on the mixtape. These are "Ain't My Fault" produced by Crackajack, "Take My Life Away" produced by Dirty Birdy where Dr. Stank joins Bird to rip up the track like only they know how. The last song is "Hip Hop" produced by Crackajack where Bird breaks down Hip Hop history and how it all started for him.

Below is the tracklist along with 3 tracks to download:

01. Dirty Intro (Produced by Dirty Birdy)
02. Gigante (Produced by Dirty Birdy)
03. Take My Life Away Feat. Dr. Stank (Produced By Dirty Birdy)
04. Ain't My Fault (Produced By Crackajack)
05. I Rote D Rimes (Produced By Dirty Birdy)
06. Where We From (Money Gone) Feat. Dr. Stank (Produced By Crackajack)
07. Ballad For The Fallin Baller (Produced By Dirty Birdy)
08. Tweet Tweet Mutha Fucca Feat. Diamonique (Produced By Booquarm)
09. Ignorant Crew (Produced by Dr. Stank)
10. If U Wanna (Weed Song) Feat. Shorty Mo & Al Fila (Produced By Dr. Stank)
11. 18th Birthday (Produced By CMT)
12. Girlz Feat. Dr. Stank (Produced By Dr. Stank)
13. My Bitch (Produced By Dr. Stank)
14. If U Don't Know (Produced By Dirty Birdy)
15. Apple Pie (Produced By Fingazz)
16. Hey Yo Feat. Dr. Stank (Produced By Crackajack)
17. Hip Hop (Produced By Crackajack)
18. Rollin & Ridin Feat. Props & Mondo (Produced By Dr. Stank)
19. Shorty's Outro (Produced By Dirty Birdy)
20. I,I,I, E Feat. J-Walq, Shorty Mo, Sefor & Diamonique (Produced By Dirty Birdy)

If you like what you hear make sure you pick up a copy of the mixtape. This is an instant download, meaning that the download link will immediately appear after your PayPal payment
. Important: The link will not be emailed to you, please use the "Return to Merchant" option to return to the page and download it. The file comes with all the songs in high quality MP3. Scroll down to order it for the low price of $4.99 (no shipping fees!).
Dirty Birdy - Mixtape Volume 2 (Paid Download)

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