September 2002

50 Cent Album News - September 30, 2002 By : Rud
According to 50 Cent, Dr Dre & Eminems latest signee has recently recorded a track with Biggie, not by God's graces but by Computer technology helping to create the track "N-gga" which has appeared on some underground mix tapes. The track uses two verses from the deceased Biggie Smalls.

It has not been confirmed whether or not this track will be a part of the forthcoming Shady Records/Aftermath Entertainment 50 Cent LP, however 50 Cent will be working with P. Diddy in the next few weeks.

50 Cent is said to be close to finishing his latest release having recorded 12 songs with Dr. Dre and four songs with Eminem. In addition to that he has already completed a further 16 songs with various other producers.

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New Xzibit (Off Shady Records Promo) Audio - September 30, 2002 By : Rud
Today a "Shady Records Promo" CD leaked from the forthcoming "8 Mile Soundtrack." The tracklist is shown further down in another update but here we have the Xzibit clip from the release titled "Spit Shine" The beat is by Kon Artis (From D-12) who also produced Xzibit's recent single Multiply. Get the track here

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Cube Speaks About "Barbershop" & More - September 30, 2002 By : Rud
Ice Cube was recently interviewed by TeenScene Magazine about his latest film role in "Barbershop" Here's some of Cube's Comments :

Cube On His Role In The Movie - "I think with movies like this, where you’ve got so many people, so many different personalities trying to come across, it is important for everybody to kind of play their position and to do what they do best. I can’t do what Cedric the Entertainer can do, but I CAN do what I do which is basically hold the tone and the reality of the movie at a high level."

Why Cube Took On The Role - "That is what attracted me to this movie. I think like Boyz ‘n’ the Hood was a slice of life, this is a slice of life, too. You know without this movie being made you would never really get to feel this world and what it means to the community because it is kind of overlooked at what the barbershop means to the community. This is like our teepee, where our elders and youngsters can talk about all subjects brutally honest and it is a good place to be."

How Cube Feels He's Changed Over 10 Years - "Just growing up and my views of the world have changed. You know, when you are 17, 18 you have one view of the world, you think is all one way until you are able to travel and see what it is all about and just grow as a man. If you really see me in Boyz N The Hood, then go back and look at Barbershop, you could see an element of growth. I didn’t even think I was going to do Boyz N The Hood you know; I never pursued that. John Singleton pursued me to do it, and kept on telling me I was right for it. It took two years for that project to get made, so when it got made I was proud and excited and I got bit by the bug and I’m glad to still be here."

The Music > Film Transition - "It is just all about whether you got it or not; the camera don’t lie. Either you have it or you don’t. A lot of people, you know, LOOK like they got it but the camera doesn’t agree with that. I think doing music, and videos, have kind of set me up to do what I am doing now."

On Music - "I love music and right now I am in the process of changing labels, getting off my original label, Priority. I gave them my whole career and it is time for me to step it up to a major label and doing it in just a major way. So you know that just takes time to get that process to where it is to a point I can say, okay I’m ready to make a deal and make records. So in a few months you will probably see something."

About The New "Friday" Film - "I think it is as funny if not funnier than the first one if you ask me and that is saying a lot coming from me. But, you know, I think it is a hell of a movie."

How Cube Feels On Challenges - "I have a philosophy that anything is hard until you learn how to do it, so I was always able to just stick my nose in there and just kind of pay attention to who I needed to pay attention to and how to write people, experts, at what they are doing and letting them, you know, do what they do without getting in their way or without having to cross every t and dot every I myself and just being able to allocate power a little bit." Cube adds that he feels "like I am blessed, I really do and that gives me a lot of confidence to do what I do."

Read The Full Piece Here : Full Interview

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8 Mile Soundtrack - Tracklisting - September 30, 2002 By : euphanasia
Here's the current tracklisting to the 8 Mile soundtrack:

01.Lose Yourself - Eminem
02.Luv Me - Obie Trice/Eminem/50 Cent
03.8 Mile - Eminem
04.Adrenline Rush - Obie Trice
05.Places to Go - 50 Cent
06.Rap Game - D-12/50 Cent
07.8 Mile Runnin - Jay-Z/Freeway
08.Spit Shine - Xzibit
09.Time of My Life - Macy Gray
10.Wanna Be Me - Nas
11.Wankster - 50 Cent
12.Wasting My Time - Taryn Manning (Bookmat)
13.R.A.K.I.M. - Rakim
14.My Nigga for Real - Young Zee
14.Battle - Gang Starr
15.Rabbit Run - Eminem

To see the full cover to the soundtrack, click here

If you purchase the limited edition deluxe version of the soundtrack you will also recieve a Shady/Aftermath Records sampler, the tracklising is as follows:

2.Lose Yourself - Eminem
3.Rap Game - D12
4.Kidnap Interlude
5.Rap Name - Obie Trice
6.Adrenaline Rush - Obie Trice
7.Spit Shine - Xzibit
8.Kidnap Interlude 2
9.Wanksta - 50 Cent
10.Places To Go - 50 Cent
11.Kidnap Interlude 3
12.8 Mile Road (full song) - Eminem

This soundtrack seems very promising, it's especially nice to see there's going to be a new Rakim track featured. You can expect to see this release drop on October 29th, so look out for this aswell as the movie itself.

Thanks to UPINSMOKETOUR of WCC for bringing this to our attention.

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Nate Dogg : New Album News - September 30, 2002 By : Rud
WCKillaz are reporting that Nate Dogg is in the studio working on his third LP rumoured to be titled simply "Nate Dogg". Elektra are said to have set an October release (However this seems unlikely as there has been no promotion/single so far.)
This album comes just 8 months after the release of this 2nd LP : "Music & Me" Nate said this of the new album : "It's the sound of the times, I wanted to get all my partners from all around and put them on, everybody from everywhere." WCKillaz are also reporting that the majority of the new release will be produced by Rockwilder with some other cuts from a few industry heavy weights. Here are the tracks that Nate is said to have mentioned thus far :

"Nate Dogg" - Produced by Dj Quik & Bink
"Born to Mack" - Produced by Timbaland
"I Got Game" - Feat. Snoop Dogg
"Three The Hardway" - Feat. Xzibit & Rob Stricklong
"Round and Round"
"Bad Girls" - Feat. Redman
"There She Goes" - Feat. Dj Quik & Warren G
"Keep It Real" - Feat. Fabolous & Lil Moe

Nate also said that he, Snoop & Warren will begin work on the much anticipated 213 album later this year

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Xzibit - Man Vs Machine SCANS - September 29, 2002 By : Nima
First off, I wanna remind everybody again that MAN VS MACHINE is droppin' OCTOBER 1ST so please make sure to cop this album, because it BUMPS. For those who want to order the CD online, click here. We have some scans uploaded for you to check out.

For those who don't know it, here is the tracklisting again:


| 01 | Release Date | 4:04
| 02 | Symphony in X Major feat Dr.Dre | 3:55 |
| 03 | Multiply feat Nate Dogg | 4:08 |
| 04 | Break Yourself | 3:11 |
| 05 | Heart of Man | 4:07 |
| 06 | Harder feat The Golden State Project | 4:10 |
| 07 | Paul | 0:27 |
| 08 | Chock Me, Spank Me (Pull My Hair) | 3:28 |
| 09 | Losin Your Mind feat Snoop Dogg | 4:16 |
| 10 | BK To LA feat MOP | 4:57 |
| 11 | My Name feat Eminem and Nate Dogg | 4:32 |
| 12 | The Gambler feat Anthony Hamilton | 4:55 |
| 13 | Missin U feat Dre Boogie Wilson | 5:22 |
| 14 | Right On | 3:29 |
| 15 | Bitch Ass Niggas feat Eddie Griffin | 1:44 |
| 16 | Enemies | 5:05 |


| 01 | My Life, My World | 3:51 |
| 02 | What A Mess | 3:33 |
| 03 | (Hit U) Where It Hurts | 2:59 |


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Mac Dre - Thizzelle Washington October 1st! - September 28, 2002 By : Nima

Mac Dre has another new album out. This release features Yukmouth, Dubee, Luni Coleone and more.
Here is the tracklisting, pick it up and support the bay!

01. Intro ft Yukmouth 1:37
02. Monday Thru Sunday 4:23
03. Stuart Littles 3:30
04. Help Me ft Freako Ridah 4:31
05. The Mac Named Dre 4:26
06. Dam I Used To Know That (inter 2:07
07. Boss Tycoon ft Yukmouth 4:12
08. 4 Myself ft Dubee Devious 4:05
09. Cutthoat ft Dubee PSD 4:37
10. Han Solo ft Syko 3:37
11. Rap Life ft Sleep Dank 4:06
12. Thizzelle Dance ft Chuck Beez 4:04
13. Soom Lama (interlude) 2:52
14. Big Breaded ft Luni Coleone 4:25
15. Dollalalala Lotsa Paypa ft Kc 3:12
16. Miss You 8:43


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Slim Loc 1 aka C-Lim - Spoils Of War tracklist - September 28, 2002 By : Nima

Sacramento's finest C-Lim is set to release his new album released as Slim Loc 1 and entitled "Spoils Of War" in October. The record features artists like Kurupt, X-Raided, C-Bo and more. Don't sleep on it, here is the tracklisting:

01. All Eyez On C
02. Anotha Clip ft Ballin Ass Dame, J-Nutt, Sleep
03. Straight Gang Bang ft Lexxo, Sav Sicc, Spank Loc, No Love, 24st Menace, I-Rocc, Tre-8, Key Loc, Dank-C
04. Truth Is ft Dutch
05. Off The Deep End (Remix) ft X-Raided, Kingpin
06. Mention Me ft T-Nutty
07. Bitches 'll Do Ya ft J-Nutt, Sleepy
08. Stupid Bitch ft Cadilac Todd, Sleepy
09. Ya'Wll Aint Ready
10. All I Want
11. Whats Up Wit It ft Kurupt, Mr. Keal
12. MoneyY And Power ft J-Nutt, Payne
13. Resisting Arrest - Mobb Boss ft C-Bo
14. Roller Shit ft Sleepy
15. Take Over ft Baby Rip, 24 St Menace, Baby Jay Dee
Skit (Cancel X Mas)
16. Hollow Weenie
Skit (Catch Em)


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Val Young Is Back!!!! - September 28, 2002 By : The Truth
Yup you heard it right. I just spoke with legendary R&B songstress VAL YOUNG aka Lady V and she's finishing up the album now. Val Young..."The Voice Beyond" guests from Chaka, Teena Marie, Thin C, Yoyo, Ty James ( Rick James daughter), Val's daughter Tam Rock & more. Val was discovered in the late 1970's by George Clinton. Clinton incorporated her into the Brides Of Funkenstein, one of the many acts in his Funkadelic stable. She's has adopted a low profile since the release of the 1985 hit album 'Seduction' (which contained two top 30 R & B hits), recording background vocals, for acts such as Snoop, Warren G, Nate Dogg, Too Short and 2 Pac.

For more info Lady V's website is at


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Audio Special : Cube On East/West Beef '96 - September 27, 2002 By : Rud
Occasionally dubcnn will drop some audio special's which arent directly related to present news. For our first special we have an interview from : Novemeber 23rd 1996 - which some of you may have missed or never heard. In it Ice Cube & Mack 10 chat to Big Boy & Dre on KPWR about the reasons behind Westside Connection and the album Bow Down. Throughout the interview, opinions seem divided between Cubes reasoning and the interviewers thoughts which makes for a good discussion about the so called "East-West" Rivalry. Click here to get the interview. (Thanks to staff member tnp for providing this) Any feedback is always welcome :

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Pac & Biggie Bra?! - September 27, 2002 By : Rud are reporting that last week at New York's Spring Fashion Week designer David Dalrymple unveiled his latest designs for House Of Field. During the show a model walked the catwalk in a "Metallic Hip-Hop Bustier" which featured the images of Both Tupac & Biggie. (Picture Shown)

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Bootsy Collin's New Album OUT NOW!! - September 26, 2002 By : Nima

P-Funk Legend Bootsy Collins has once again come through and just dropped "Play With Bootsy", his newest record featuring Westcoast Rappers Snoop Dogg, Daz Dillinger and more. This LP is some fresh shit and the new single is getting airplay on TV at the moment. The album is released over the German record label called "Eastwood Records".
Click here to listen to "Love Gangsta" featuring Snoop Dogg, Daz & Collin' Rich. Make sure to support Bootsy Collins and pick up this CD.

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Westcoast 2k Back Up - September 26, 2002 By : Rud
Lil Jay just informed us that WC2K Is back up the new address is so bookmark that people!

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Kurupt - "I Didnt Change" - September 25, 2002 By : Rud
Thanks to lil jay over @ WC2K for posting this up, the site went down earlier so ive upped the track here incase any other people need to get it. Ensure you head over to WC2K as soon as its back up! This track is the much talked about radio drop that Kurupt & Roscoe did the other day, where they premiered this new track where Kurupt speaks for the first time openly about his joining Tha Row & where he stands. Listen Here

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Exclusive! - WC Interview - September 24, 2002 By : Rud
Last week I got the opportunity to speak with WC for the site. We spoke about his new album, the single and video, his feelings on bootlegging, the commercialisation of C-walking, the upcoming DVD, his plans for the future, the WSCG album and more. The interview can be read and listened to in the interview section (link on the right) I hope you enjoy the interview, please drop feedback about it over at the WCC Forumwhere there is a thread about it, or alternatively contact me :

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DJ Quik - Visualism (Cover) - September 24, 2002 By : Rud
Here is the cover to the DJ Quik DVD - Visualism from FortressDVD which is due to drop January 2003. So far its looking amazing, some of it was previewed at the DJ Quik show the other night. Click Here To See The Cover : Visualism Thanks to englewood over at for the heads up

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Official Paid The Cost To Be The Boss Cover? - September 24, 2002 By : Nima

Click here to see the new Priority website of Snoop. Right now you can only see a little add for Paid The Cost, and you see, what could possibly be the brand new cover of Snoops LP. It's not the Pimp'ed out cover like alot had thought neither is it cartoon. It's straight Gangsta.


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Ripped Off By DPG Recordz .com? - September 24, 2002 By : Overseer
Two of our staff were too.

Sign this petition started by Jermaine from and DPG/Tha Row forums.

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10000 Hits - September 24, 2002 By : Rud
Thank you to every visitor over the two weeks since we opened - we have managed to pass 10000 hits already! Please continue to visit us and to spread the word, weve more good stuff to come!

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New Snoop Single! - September 23, 2002 By : Nima
The brand new Snoop Dogg single from his "Paid The Cost To Be The Boss" LP is out on the radio stations. The Neptunes produced "From Tha Chuuch To Tha Palace" is Snoops latest work and he puts down a great flow. The beat is kind of odd and strange, but we'll have to wait to have it on CD to be able to judge it.
For now, click here to listen to the radio rip. Props to DPG206 and Lil Jay for the hookup.
Check it out.

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J5 - Power In Numbers LP - Listen In Full Now! - September 23, 2002 By : euphanasia

As we've already reported Jurassic 5 have a new LP dropping on October 8th called, Power In Numbers. Well you can now listen to the album in full by visiting the following link: Click Here

Thanks to Myrealname of WCC for bringing this link to our attention.

If you like what you hear be sure to pick it up when it officially drops October 8th. As reported before along with the normal version of the LP there will also be a deluxe edition with a bonus DVD available to purchase. Also, a quick reminder, you can check out the link for the video to the first single to come from this album, called What's Golden, by going back through our news archive (reported September 14th).

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DJ Kay Slay droppin' a Makaveli mixtape. - September 22, 2002 By : Nima
DJ Kay Slay has just dropped a new mixtape, entitled DJ Kay Slay Presents Makaveli - Los Angeles Times.
Its 21 tracks of strictly Tupac material, some unreleased and exclusive too. To see the covers of the mixtape click Here for the front cover, and Here for the back.
Check it out, its tight.

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DJ Quik Announces Retirement - September 22, 2002 By : euphanasia

Legendary westcoast beatmaster and MC, DJ Quik, has recently announced his retirment. Here's the lowdown courtesy of alex_g of the DPGRecordz forum.

Yo i was just at the one of the phaatest concerts i have ever been too. it was the dj quik concert at the HOB in HOLLYWOOD (MY BAD)...everything was there, bitches, budd, beats, and even some crissy in my cup courtesy the quiksta himself. neways at the end of the show quik dropped a bomb on the crowd, he announces his retirement, he has one more album droppin in november then thats it. hes tired of people not playing his shit and him being underated, so i guess hes doing backstage shit now ie; produciton etc etc. his last album will be a greatest hits lp droppin in november...i would type more about the concert but i just stopped by the crib real quick, now im headed to a party to get more fucked up...lets c what yall think about this...personally i think its fucked up. dj quik is a westcoast legend. DPG RECORDZ N IM OUT THIS BITCH...

This is a very sad day for not only westcoast hip-hop but hip-hop as a whole. Quik is disgustingly underrated and now it's come to this. Everyone go out and support his latest release Under Tha Influence, lets keep him in the game y'all!

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Release dates, mark ya calendar! - September 21, 2002 By : The Truth
Coming October 8, 2002:

Jurassic 5 "Power In Numbers" (f/ Big Daddy Kane, Nelly Furtado, Percy P, Juju, & single "What's Golden")
Space Hog The Boss "Vegas Hog Livin" (f/ Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, B-Legit, Yukmouth, Bad Azz, Dru Down, & more)
Various Artists "Gang Tapes" (f/ MC Breed, Coo Coo Cal, Jayo Felony, Spice 1, MC Eiht, & more)

Coming October 15, 2002:

Coolio "El Cool Magnifico" (f/ Daz, Krayzie Bone, Ms. Toi, B-Real, & more)
Yukmouth "United Ghettos Of America" (f/ Jazze Pha, C-Bo, B-Legit, Dru Down, Outlawz, Bad Azz, & more)

And a Dj Quik 'Greatest Hits' later on.

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Cellski & Doja Clik releases - September 21, 2002 By : The Truth
This album is bangin', Cellski 'Freestyle Mixtape Vol. 1'. Head to & scoop one. He has already done a volume 2 mixtape so watch for that soon... I got word from his nephew hes tryin to get one out every few months.

Also The new Doja Clik - THC album is out now, the CD has 20 tracks and is the regular cool Doesia Click Shit.

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PepLove, PEACE, & Bahamadia coming to Sacramento - September 21, 2002 By : The Truth


On Rotation:



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Dre/Aftermath hit with 500 Mil lawsuit? - September 21, 2002 By : The Truth
Dr Dre is gonna give The Indian film and music company suing R&B songstress Truth Hurts/label over the use of an unlicensed sample on "Addictive" half the publishing and about $100,000. Plus half the mechanical royalties recieved.

Suge Knight didn't get 500 mil out of vanilla Ice for ICE ICE which sold 20 times more.

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Get ready for B-Legit new LP! - September 20, 2002 By : Nima
Bay Area Legend B-Legit has finished his new record. "Hard 2 B-Legit" is ready to be released September 24th (don't forget Tha Relativez drop that day too.). It features the bay's finest so DON'T SLEEP ON IT!! Click HERE to order it.

| 01 | I'm Singlin feat Ric Roc and Harm | 3:45 |
| 02 | If You Don't Know Me | 3:40 |
| 03 | Whatcha Talkin' feat Harm | 4:10 |
| 04 | Bag Habit feat Ric Roc | 2:59 |
| 05 | 1 Dame feat Harm | 3:47 |
| 06 | Luv 2 Get High | 4:30 |
| 07 | Fo' Real feat Yountie | 4:04 |
| 08 | So International feat Too Short | 3:34 |
| 09 | What U Thought feat Suga Free | 3:47 |
| 10 | Play 2 Much feat Ray J | 4:06 |
| 11 | Straight Fool feat E-40 | 3:52 |
| 12 | Keep It Movin' feat Harm and J' Rilla | 3:48 |
| 13 | We Get Dough feat Harm | 3:54 |
| 14 | Feelin' | 4:23 |


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Daz Dillinger - To Live & Die In CA. - September 19, 2002 By : Nima
Alot of people have been askin' about this album so i thought I'd drop some info about it. This isn't a new Daz album. The only track that hasn't really been heard is the title track, with Daz & Skee 64. It's a little like the Who Ride Wit Us compilation, with alot of Bay Area appearances. So collectors and Daz fans, pick this up, or people who haven't got all the tracks on various albums. Its coo. The label its released on is called HOGG. Click here to order it.

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Rumour : Daz signed to AFTERMATH? - September 19, 2002 By : Nima
As most of ya'll probably noticed, has been down for a couple of days. Now has reported the following :

Rumour is that Daz Dillinger has closed up shop at DPG Recordz and officially signed to Dre's Aftermath Records. Furthermore, he will team up with 50 Cent and Soopafly and form a new group. While the name of the group is unknown, it will not be called DPG because Death Row owns the name. It might be important to note that 50 Cent has a group called G-Unit, and Daz may adopt that name.

Let me remind you that nothing official has been announced by either Daz or Aftermath, but this is what the DPG webmaster has said in the official DPG chat room.

We have no idea if this is true, it's just a rumour as of now. Stay tuned, we will be keepin' you up to date.


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Cube Speaks On His New Record... - September 19, 2002 By : Rud
Just days after Ice Cube broke the news about his signing with Dr Dre's "Aftermath" Label, MTV caught up with him on the set of his latest film "Torque"

"Two of the biggest masterminds in West Coast hip-hop are together again, I think that's something exciting. [Signing to Aftermath] was something that was kind of in the back in our minds for a while as far as Ice Cube's camp, We kind of felt around and saw if Dre would be interested in something like that. He was all the way with it. Once he was all the way with it, we just started working on putting the deal in place. We're in the process of making it work. Hopefully next year you'll see an album by Cube produced by Dr. Dre. For me it's exciting because my next album could be the best album I ever released. To me that's something that turned me on to where I just want to get on the mic."

Previously Cube had said that he was straying away from music to concentrate on movies, heres what he had to say on that :

"Not really burnt out on making music, it's just the routine of doing it year after year after year, What works out for me now at this point in my career is to take breaks in between the records and it builds up my hunger to kinda get back in there. That's what I been doing. Dre coming on and me not having to worry about musically what's going to happen on the record, I just focus on lyrics and songs and content, that excites me, to be able to take a little of that pressure off myself and let the master, which is Dre, handle it."

According to Cube the two havn't as of yet hit the studio yet, but Cube is already writing songs.

"I'm writing, [Dre's] doing music. He's also working on his album. We're trying to get [both albums] to come out around the same time. Tour together. Make it a big, full circle."

Even though Cube is on Aftermath he said that he and Dre have no plans as of yet to get to work anytime soon on the new NWA record :

"As far as I know, that's not gonna happen no time soon, I don't even know if I want it to happen now because I don't want to mess up what we've already put together, our legacy. Why even tamper with it if it can't be a smooth thing? If it has to be forced it shouldn't be done."

He also spoke on the next friday film, "Friday After Next" which is expected around November 22nd.

Source : MTV

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WC - "The Streetz" Video Set To Premiere - September 19, 2002 By : Rud
WC's new video for "The Streetz" Which also features Snoop is set to premiere on "106 & Park" before the weekend. So watch out for that in the next few days. Also keep your eyes on dubcnn this week as we'll have a WC exclusive for you!

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Eminem - "Lose Yourself" - September 18, 2002 By : euphanasia

The first single from the soundtrack to Eminem's debut feature film, 8 Mile is called Lose Yourself (Eminem) and it's currently getting major airplay in the UK and overseas. As mentioned before the soundtrack will feature tracks from D12, Jay-Z, Xzibit, Dr.Dre and among others, new material from Eminem himself.

In related news UK visitors can now expect to find, 8 Mile screening in cinemas nationwide from January '03.

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Pimp't Slapped to be featured on Paid The Cost. - September 18, 2002 By : Nima
source: MTV

The track Pimp Slapp'd, which was first featured on a DJ Kay Slay mixtape, is now officially part of the upcoming Snoop Dogg LP "Paid The Cost To Be The Boss". This song, where he attacks Tha Row CEO Suge Knight, his ex-homeboy Kurupt and surprisingly for most people also Xzibit.
In other news about Paid The Cost, "From Tha Chuuuuuch To Tha Palace", the albums first single (Neptunes production) will be released soon, and the video is going to be shot by the end of September. Be on the lookout for Snoop's newest work, in stores November 23rd and featuring artists such as Jay-Z, Redman, Nate Dogg and productions by Fred Wreck, Jelly Roll, Neptunes and more.

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Unreleased C-Bo / 2Pac collaborations in the DR Vaults? - September 17, 2002 By : Nima


In a recent interview with Murder Dog magazine, C-Bo was asked about his collaborations with 2Pac (R.I.P.). Well C-Bo said that they done four tracks, but only two were released, and that he wants Suge Knight (Tha Row CEO), to come to him and show him the tracks, since he hasn't heard they other two.
If those two are as good as the two on All Eyez On Me, it would sure be worth it for C-Bo or Suge to release them.


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Snoop Dogg is going to be on "Very Muppet Christmas" - September 17, 2002 By : Nima

From the LBC to the Kids TV? Well, certainly looks like it! According to Snoop Dogg is going to be appearing in a Very Muppet Chrismas. It's probably gone air during Christmas Time on NBC.
Snoop, who will be making a Cameo with Kermit The Frog, sounded excited. He said he is going to take his kids with him there so they can see it. "Kermit The Frog and Me, Imagine That!".
Stay Tuned.


Discuss This Topic OPEN AGAIN! Official 2Pac site. - September 17, 2002 By : Nima

Go check out , its up and runnin' again. The official Tupac site has been updated again. Thanks to Antonio for lettin' me know about this. Make sure to peep that site, it's tight, nice design.


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Correction about Whoo Kid mixtape - September 17, 2002 By : Nima
Ok its like this: Tha Row Killa track is gonna be featured on the NEXT mixtape comin' out NEXT WEEK. Thanks to Lil Jay. Be on the lookout.

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Xzibit's new LP partly leaked on the internet! - September 17, 2002 By : Nima

Xzibit, who's long avaited new album entitled "Man vs Machine" is set to be released, will not be too happy. An advance of his new LP has been leaked to the net. This advance, consisting of 11 tracks, is now free for download everywhere. I want to ask everybody who downloads this bootlegg, to also go out and BUY this record. You can click HERE to order yourself a copy of the album. If you are real fans, support the artists.


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DJ Whoo Kid's new mixtape released. - September 17, 2002 By : Nima
The new mixtape by Whoo Kid, which was supposed to have First 2 Bomb, 2 new BIG tracks and a Row Killa track, has been released.
Well i looked at the tracklisting, and i only saw First 2 Bomb, and and interlude by Daz (the one where he disses Jayo Felony, posted at ages ago). Now i was wondrin' what's up with those other tracks? Oh and there is a Biggie feat 50 cent track.
This mixtape is basically a 50 cent featuring others tape.. He's all over it.
Anyway, I hope Daz gets more exposure like this.

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Cube Tops Box Office - September 16, 2002 By : Rud
Ice Cubes latest film release - "Barbershop" opened to good reviews and took over $21 million in its first weekend. The film, which also stars Eve & Cedric The Entertainer, was shot on a $15 million budget.

If the numbers issued by MGM are correct then it will make "Barbershop" the 3rd best September opening movie ever, topped only by "Rush Hour" & "Double Jeopardy." Talks were underway before the film even hit cinemas for a sequel to the film.

(Thanks To

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Eminem - "Cleanin' Out My Closet" CDS Released In Uk Today - September 16, 2002 By : euphanasia

Today marks the UK release of Eminem's second single, Cleanin' Out My Closet, from his highly acclaimed LP, The Eminem Show. The tracklisting consists of:

1. Cleanin' Out My Closet (Album Version (Explicit))
2. Cleanin' Out My Closet (Instrumental)
3. Renegade (Album Version)
4. Cleanin' Out My Closet (Uncensored Video)

There is also an official DVD titled Cleanin' Out My Closet released today to accompany the release of the single. The tracklisting for this release consists of:

1. Cleanin' Out My Closet (Uncensored Video)
2. Behind The Scenes Of Cleanin' Out My Closet (Uncensored version)

Look out for these releases in all major record stores from today.

In related news, The Eminem Show holds the current record for the longest stay (which consisted of 5 weeks in a row) at No.1 on the UK album charts this year.

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Truth Hurts talks about her new Single and Detox - September 15, 2002 By : Nima

Courtesy of MTV.Com

"We kind of went with a couple of different concepts," she said of the vid, in which Kelly will not appear ("Nah," Truth said, "I don't know what he's doing.") (For full coverage of the R. Kelly sex tape scandal, see "The R. Kelly Reports.") "One of them was the 'Two Can Play That Game' thing. We didn't want to do that whole bitter girl thing, we wanted a twist to a man cheating on a girl and a woman's reaction to that. So we kind of followed the guidelines of that movie. It has a little comedy in it. It's gonna be cute.

"We tried to reenact the scene that they did where Vivica Fox and Mo'Nique and her homegirls were sitting there talking about men," she continued. "We have Mo'Nique in the video in that little part. Two or three of my girlfriends were in it. We had so much fun, we didn't even know we were working."

Away from the camera, Truth is very familiar with grindin'. She recently came off the Smokin' Grooves Tour (see "Outkast, Roots, Lauryn Hill Close Out Smokin' Grooves Tour") and she's going back on the road with Jaheim as the opening act on the Seagram's Gin Tour.

"It's been cool," she said about promoting her album. "It hasn't picked up the way we hoped it would, but as far as the reaction from people, it's a lot of respect given and that's more important to me than record sales."

Just when beat surgeon Dr. Dre will be giving people a taste of his own musical medicine is still far away from being determined, but his singing protégé said he's going to offer quality material.

"It sounds good, it sounds excellent, actually," Truth said of the little she's heard from the Dre album. "I like the direction he's going in. I've only heard a few [songs] and they were tracks in the making. The tracks were ridiculous. I think he's actually getting started now, getting into the groove of it. It takes him a while, he has to get in the whole mindset. It sounds a little more future than what Dre has been doing, but they are still ghetto, of course. Still his stee-lo. And he's working with other producers."

After the Seagram's Gin run, Truth, who also wants to get back into acting, says she's going on a tour of the House of Blues venues that will hopefully kick off in December. From there, it's back in the lab for her second album.

"I'm about to start it," she divulged of her next release. "They want it out by next summer. That's how Dre works."


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Ice Cube talks with MTV about his new movie - September 15, 2002 By : Nima

Courtesy of MTV.Com

"She did a hell of a job," music and film veteran Ice Cube said of fellow rapper Eve's acting turn in "Barbershop," a new comedy set in a, well, you know. "Man, I think she should pursue [acting]. Her performance, to me, was flawless."

Co-starring Sean Patrick Thomas ("Halloween: Resurrection") and Cedric the Entertainer, "Barbershop" follows Cube's character, who inherits a Chicago barbershop from his father, as he struggles with the shop's legacy and his own priorities.
"What movies like 'Boyz N the Hood' captured about South Central and the world, basically life in the 'hood," Cube explained, "this captures what the barbershop is all about. I think if you watch this movie, you'll be able to figure out all the barbershops throughout the country 'cause they pretty much the same."

Make sure to watch the movie. Peace

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Keeping You Up To Date About The New Videos Out! - September 14, 2002 By : Nima

I thought I'd let ya'll know what new videos are out on TV at the moment. Well first we have Xzibits "Multiply" (feat Nate Dogg), Mack 10 & Da Hood's "Hittin' Switchez", Knoc's "Muzik" and Truth Hurts' "The Truth". I've got a couple of pictures from each video below, click on each to view it full size.

Xzibit - Multiply (feat Nate Dogg)

Mack 10 & Da Hood - Hittin' Switchez

Knocturnal - Muzik

Truth Hurts - The Truth

Enjoy, peace

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Some News About E A SKI - September 14, 2002 By : Nima
E A Ski, who's album, Apply Pressure, is sheduled to be released in January, has recently completed a track with Bun B from UGK. Other people on the album will be Ice Cube, MC Ren, E-40, B-Legit and more! Be on the lookout for this release, and hope to god it doesn't get delayed again. Ski is signed to Columbia (like Nas) and Sony handles the distribution. So his new release should be available worldwide!

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N.I.N.A. LP ready to drop - September 14, 2002 By : The Truth
Tha Row are finishing Left Eye's debut solo album 'Fantasy' recorded under the alias NINA (R.I.P.). The album features Ja Rule, Nas, Danny Boy & more. The first single titled "Untouchable" features 2Pac.

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J5 - "What's Golden" (Video) - September 14, 2002 By : euphanasia

Jurassic 5 have a new album dropping October 8th, titled Power In Numbers. Guest appearences include Big Daddy Kane, Percy P and Nelly Furtado. Along with the normal version of the LP there will also be a deluxe edition with bonus DVD available to purchase. Here's the video for the first single called, What's Golden:

Real Player: Click Here

Windows Media: Click Here

Thanks to Scribe of WCC for the links.

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Westwayz Compilation Vol.1 OUT NOW! - September 14, 2002 By : Nima

Check out this new compilation straight from the BAY! It was released Sept. 1st and features the bays finest. Here is the tracklisting:

01. Westwayz (Intro) Mac Dre ft Dubee
02. Transactions
03. Fighting In Front Of Jesuz - Andre Nickatina
04. Timez Are Krazy (Remix) - The Link Crew
05. Turfivla (Remiz) Zigidy ft Antimeini,
06. No Love - Ant D.O.G.
07. Intermission
08. Love & Hate
09. Alligator Blood Vienz - Andre Nickatina
10. Something 2 Flow 2 (Freestylers Only)
11. Timez Are Krazy - Ant D.O.G.
12. Green And White (Remix) - 51-50

Don't sleep on this. People who wanna order this online, check out Friscostreetshow to order it.

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WC - The Streets (Video) - September 14, 2002 By : Rud
Thanks to Lil Jay for pointing this out. The new WC video for his 1st single "The Streets" from the forthcoming release "Ghetto Heisman" is now available for viewing.

Slow Connections : Click Here

Fast Connections : Click Here

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DJ Whoo Kid Mixtape Update - September 13, 2002 By : euphanasia
You might remember I posted info up on the new DJ Whoo Kid mixtape the other day, well a few things have changed since, here's the latest courtesy of DPGRecordz.

Whoo Kid's next mixtape is called MAX PAYNE 2. It drops this FRIDAY. The mixtape features two new BIGGY tracks. One of the tracks features 50 Cent. This tape will also feature FIRST 2 BOMB, a song from the highly anticipated MAKAVELI AND DILLINGER album. Next week WHOO KID will drop SMOKIN N STRIPPIN. This tape will be dedicated to HIP-HOP's beefs. Everyone will be dissing everyone on this tape. It will feature the song THA ROW KILLA featuring Daz and PFN. Support the mixtapes! Don't think only people in the East are down with these. If you're a fan of freestyles be sure to pick these up. Trouble finding a mixtape you might want? Check out They'll sell the mixtapes U need. If you've never bought a mixtape in your life BUY THESE! Support Daz and the west. The only people that can bring it back is the SCREAM of the FANS. Tapes are usually only 10 dollars. No big deal considering you get exclusive cuts. I'm gonna try and get a store list for everyone that way all of you know where you can start purchasing these. WHOO KID is DPG now support him! He supports us and DAZ!

For those of you who can't wait for the mixtape version of First To Bomb click here to download them in mp3 format. Another track set to feature on the Makaveli & Dillinger EP, Um Dumpin' Ft Kurupt can also be downloaded there.

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"How Long Will They Mourn Me?" - September 13, 2002 By : Rud
Well its been 6 years so far and people will for a very long time. Today, 6 years ago Tupac died from complications after being shot 6 days previously by an unknown assailant. To this day the crime remains unsolved and in some eyes forgotten...but the family, friends and fans will always remember. Go get your 2Pac CD's and let him live through the music.

RIP Tupac Shakur

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Crooked I... delayed yet again? - September 13, 2002 By : Overseer
Rumours are flying all over the place that Crook's long awaited debut has been pushed back yet again.

The current rumour is that it has been pushed back to make way for the NINA album. (Itself currently being disputed by her family).

Tha Row's site still says 24th September, clicking the pre-order link yields a travel back in time to another page with the date of 10th September.

CD Universe now has 'delayed indefinitely'.
Koch entertainment's website now contains no mention of the project.
Both used to contain the 24th September date.

The date being thrown around in current rumours is December.
As soon as I get something concrete I'll post it up here.

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ICE CUBE SIGNED TO THE AFTERMATH! - September 12, 2002 By : Nima
It's official! Ice Cube is signed to Dr. Dre's Aftermath Records. We have no further information right now, but we'll be keeping you updated! This is GREAT news, Ice Cube is finally makin' musical moves again! (Thanks to Lil Jay - Wc2K & Dedicato - Aftermath Music for keeping us posted)


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Brand New Ras Kass Interview @ RasKass-Central - September 12, 2002 By : Nima

Props to Ras Kass speaks up on interesting things. So now the album title is definitely changed from "Van Gogh" to "Goldyn Child" and he says its gone be droppin' sometime end of the year. Besides that he talks about the Golden State Project (scheduled January/February), Anger Management Tour, and good news for the Xzibit album: Ras appears on a couple of tracks!
Definitely check out the interview. Click here to listen to the interview.

And be on the lookout for Goldyn Child too! It's definitely gone be hot!


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Xzibit - Multiply (Remix - Feat. Busta Rhymes) Audio - September 12, 2002 By : Rud

Another audio update, this time weve got the latest Xzibit track. Its a remix of his 1st single from the forthcoming album Man Vs. Machine (EU Pre-Order) This remix features Busta Rhymes, who can also be seen in the video (along with Nate Dogg, WC & Dre) The remix has new verses and the chorus is changed and Nate is not singing. Check it out now : (Listen)

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Murder INC Murdered? - September 12, 2002 By : Overseer
"He May Be White But...
OK the headline was just to get your attention. The White boy we are referring to gets props from every real emcee under the planet. So Irv and Ja-Rule had to and diss them, and word on the block is Em aint happy. Our sources tell us Eminem and 50 Cent have recorded a track together MURDERING Murder Inc's finest. And to make matters worse, the Good Dr. Dre is on the hook helping them put the two in their respective place, where ever that may be. It's ashame the exec's at Shady Records realize what kind of sh*t this one would start and from what we hear, aren't gonna release it."

Courtesy All

Finally Eminem steps up against someone big inside the community instead of these pop cats... Hope this doesn't get squashed like the update suggests.

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Tre' Hardson, Formerly Of The Pharcyde, Gets Liberated - September 12, 2002 By : euphanasia

September 10th saw Tre' Hardson, the MC formerly known as Slim Kid Tre of The Pharcyde, drop his official debut, Liberation. The album features appearences from the likes of MC Lyte, Chali Tuna, Saul Williams, Kim Hill and N' Dea Davenport, among others. The production is handled by Evidence, Bob Powers, Fatjack, Suga Pop, The Angel, Printz Board, Anthony Walker and Tre' himself.

"The title [Liberation] is about tearing down the old me -- surrendering to the moment I'm in, which is very important to my sanity," Tre said in a recent interview with L.A. New Times.

You can hear more about Tre's solo work and his indie label, Flying Baboon here

Thanks to for the news.

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Eminem's 8 Mile receives cheers and rave reviews! - September 11, 2002 By : Overseer

Controversial rapper Eminem has received rave reviews from the Toronto Film Festival for his acting debut in the film 8 Mile. The film, directed by Curtis Hanson, is still being edited in preparation for its US release in November and was screened at the festival as a work in progress.

Directors Joel Schumacher and Sydney Pollack and actress Sharon Stone were among those at the sell-out screening, which was introduced by Mr Hanson.

However, neither Eminem, who is currently on tour, nor his co-star Kim Basinger were present. The film is loosely based on events in Eminem's life and was shot in his home town of Detroit.

Audiences cheer

He stars as factory worker Jimmy "Rabbit" Smith, who dreams of becoming a rap star but faces opposition from neighbourhood bullies and his alcoholic mother, played by Basinger.

Audiences reportedly cheered a sequence in which Eminem becomes involved in a rapping showdown with a rival performer.

Ganked straight from the BBC News, full story here
Thanks to neckio for handing this one in at the dubcnn newsdesk.

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Rakim interviewed - September 11, 2002 By : Overseer have just put up an interview with Rakim from 'Exit 9' magazine.

The article mentions Dre and Primo's history and talks about a possible November release!

Thanks to Trauma for pointing it out.


You might have seen this when it was posted on WCC last week. (jacked?)

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Latest Xzibit & Primo Audio - "What A Mess" - September 11, 2002 By : euphanasia

Check it out, here's the newest audio from Xzibit's upcoming Man Vs. Machine LP. It's called What A Mess and it's produced by the legendary DJ Premier and it's one hell of a track. This specific audio is from the DJ Thoro hosted mixtape. (Listen)

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Truth Hurts new video "The Truth" hits T.V. - September 11, 2002 By : Nima
After we all thought "I'm Not Really Looking", the DJ Quik joint, would be Truth's choice as a second single, we were proved wrong. "The Truth", featuring R. Kelly has been released and the video aired. Although I'd rather have seen Quik, the track is cool and i'm sure it will do pretty good. It's the typical kind of "Women Power" track you would expect of Truth. The video is nothing special, but still worth watching, so keep an eye on BET, MTV or whatever channel you watch.

PS: If you haven't copped "Truthfully Speaking" yet, go out and buy it, it's worth it. Good beats and a nice singer, and the result is a smooth album.

European Orders :
US & Other Areas Orders : CD Now

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King T - Thy Kingdom Come (Cover) - September 11, 2002 By : Rud
Just came across this, ive never seen it before today - i dont know if this is the Original cover that was meant for the 1998 album release or if its the cover for the release King T has coming up on Ruthless Records. The thing that made me even more curious is that its made by the same company that made Dre's "2001" cover.

If you know anything about it let us know :

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MTV: Eminem The Interview 2002 - Part 2 - September 11, 2002 By : euphanasia

Here's part 2 of our Eminem interview feature, just like we promised:

Dre & Producing

Zane Lowe: One of the biggest misconceptions that people keep forgetting about you, because, I think, that your cursed by working with Dre and he's such an enigma, is people forget you make beats, and you've narrowed that on this record. All but 3 beats on this record you did yourself. For that reason alone I can imagine that it must feel like your first proper album in a way, the first album you put out that you've had that much control over, and that much direction.

Eminem: Yeah, definately the first album that i've had that much...control over. Dre really gave me my space. And I think it was because...ya know, I was under his wing for so long....he saw where I was going with it...and he was just like 'ok, Em can fly on his own now', ya know, and that he didn't have to be in there with me for everything I was doing and stuff.

Zane Lowe: How instinctive was that, ya know when you've finally got your studio and you knew how to work all that gear *laughs*?

Eminem: Well, I still don't know how to work shit in the studio *laughs*. I just, I know what I hear, and umm, I got a keyboard player that is....prolly one of the greatest, ya know, we really mesh together. His names Louie. We got this formula now that just seems to work, and...most of that was listening or watching Dre, and when I first got with him....I would notice that when I thought a track was done he would say, 'na, there's needs to be something to go right here and something to go right here'. I'd be ready to finish with it and take it home and listen to it, but he was always 'na, something else. It could be better, it could be
better'. I just observed and watched.

Zane Lowe: Thats why he's Dre though man, thats why he's Dre *laughs*. 'Cos I take he always looking at the reasons why it's not banging as opposed to the instinctive reasons why.

Eminem: Yeah, he's taught me alot. Ya know, one of my main theories is....that it can always be better. I can be in the studio, and if I got a few friends in there listening to it and they think it's right i'm always like 'it can be better, it can be better', I can re-do the vocals, I can say this word differently...I can, ya know.

Hallies Song

Zane Lowe: "Hallies Song" man, it's a really cool track, and your right, you can't sing, but thats part of the endering nature *laughs*, is the fact that you put yourself out on a limb on that, ya know. Where'd you start with that track?

Eminem: Well, I can't sing, but I figured...if I caught the emotion of it then thats...the sentiment is there. When I originally wrote the song I wrote it for Hallie and I didn't even plan on releasing it, I just wanted to experiment with it, and have it for when she got older, play for her. Once it was finished I started playing it for people....and people liked it.
If I do a song, and I don't feel it's real, or from my heart, I won't
put it out, I have to be real with myself.


Zane Lowe: Almost one year on from 9/11, and you touch on it, specifically on tracks like "White America" and on "Square Dance" aswell. How do you feel about that, living in the states right now?

Eminem: Phew, ahh. I don't feel too much different, I feel...definately what happened was a tradegy, but you gotta....pull out of it and move on. It was a dark day, it was a dark like first...fucking...month.


Zane Lowe: So you got this movie coming out, first time on the big screen, it's called "8 Mile" and it deals alot with where you came from, your background, even though it's not necesserily a bio-pic. Your playing this guy called 'Jimmy'. Tell us the signifigence of the title "8 Mile", and what that means to you.

Eminem: Well, 8 Mile is like where I grew up, is the boundary line, I guess, almost a colour line which seperates the city from the suburbs, white from black, and I grew up on it, I grew up on both sides of the fence, and this is what the movie is about, it's about this guy who's in the same struggle, the same prediciment...

*This is where they previewed the new trailor for the movie*

Zane Lowe: Was it hard to repress your instincts, being Marshall, and
not being 'Jimmy' sometimes, and ya know, having to concentrate on playing that role?

Eminem: Yeah, it was, because I had to go back, I had to strip myself of ego and everything, go back and put myself into that position where I was...I was reserved and shy, and I was scared to like....I had it in me but I wasn't sure how to bring it out yet.

Zane Lowe: Describe the process of making the movie:

Eminem: The process was basically living the fucking movie, like I got to the point where I really was 'Jimmy Smith Jnr', I felt like I was that fucking person. I was pulling like 12-14 hr days, like 6 days a week. I couldn't help BUT feel like I was this person.

Zane Lowe: How does it feel knowing that your carrying your first film? 'Cos most people when they branch into film they kick a lil' cameo here and there, or they might do a co-starring role, but this is you, and it's a BIG film.

Eminem: Yeah, it's a big splash. I don't know, I feel anybody can do anything they set their mind to, it depends on how bad you want it, and I wanted to do it. Ya know this stage in my life I don't feel like there's too much shit I can't do, I don't mean to sound cocky or nuttin', but if I really, really wanna do it, I don't give up that easily.

Zane Lowe: How did you train for the role. Specifically, where you asked to lose weight? Did you have to build up?

Eminem: Curtis has asked me to lose a little bit of weight, and told me what he saw 'Jimmy' as, I lost a good 15 pounds for that movie. And I grew my hair back, it's natural colour and everything. I just didn't want to look like Eminem.

Zane Lowe: Is it an ambition for you? D'ya wanna keep doing it?

Eminem: I may, I don't think i'm gonna do another hip-hop movie, and I don't think i'm gonna do another movie where i'm in every scene. If I do another hip-hop movie I don't want it to be exploiting me as a rapper, and just being used for that, I wanna be recognised for my acting skills, if I have any. Yeah, I may do it, but not that fucking gruelling of a schedule.

Future Plans

Zane Lowe: In the immediate future what do you wanna be concentrating on right now?

Eminem: I definately wanna be looked at as a credible producer. Thats eventually the next level, the next step for me. And also getting my business smarts up to par. I've definately grew up alot in the past couple of years and i'm keeping an eye on my money.


Zane Lowe: You don't strike me as being a particularly extravagent person.

Eminem: Naw, i'm not into like the whole flashyness, jewelry and cars. I've never really been into it. One day when I retire i'm gonna get a million bucks in dollars and i'm gonna take a fucking bath in it. 'Cos you don't really get to see the money, your...told it's in the bank, and you hope that it is, you trust the people around you and then....when you retire you take a bath in it *smiles*, which I what i'm gonna do.


Zane Lowe: Now we're talking about retirment, can you see a time when you say goodbye to hollywood and walk away from the spotlight and sit in the studio and make beats all day?

Eminem: Yeah, I definately can. I don't plan to rap forever, I plan to make music forever, but...I don't plan....I don't plan to rap forever.

So there you have it folx. For those of you who haven't picked up "The Eminem Show" yet do so, you won't be dissapointed, and the "8 Mile" film and soundtrack is due for release around October. The soundtrack will feature contributions from Dr. Dre, D12, Jay-Z, Xzibit (who makes an appearence in the film) aswell as others.

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HI-C Interviewed by DJ Quik .net - September 11, 2002 By : Overseer
Engelwood over at has just posted the audio for an interview he did with Hi-C last week.

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A Year On... - September 11, 2002 By : Rud
Please take a moment today to think of those that lost their lives in the attrocities of September 11th 2001. From everyone at dubcnn our hearts go out to the families and friends of those lost.

Rest In Peace


WCC rememberance thread here

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2 new Mac Dre albums - September 10, 2002 By : tnp
Just a quick update. Mac Dre has two albums coming out this month, one called Do You Remember? out Sept 10th on Young Black Brotha Records, and another out September 24th called Thizzelle Washington on Thizz Entertainment.The Khayree produced Do You Remember? is a remix album that also includes two unreleased tracks (My Folks and Feeling Like That Nigga). Here is the tracklist:

1.Another Dose
2.Livin That Life
3.Gift 2 Gab
4.How I Got This Name
5.Should Of Been Mo
6.My Folks
7.Who Can It Be
8.Back 2 My Mission
9.Times R Gettin Crazy
10.Feeling Like That Nigga
11.California Livin

Thanks to : Westside2000 for the news

I'm known as tnp on the WCC forum. I will be doing articles and some news.

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MTV: Eminem The Interview - Part 1 - September 10, 2002 By : euphanasia
For all of you that didn't, or weren't able to catch the Eminem interview on MTV last night here's part one of our feature for you:

The Eminem Show

Zane Lowe: The reason your out here doing this is "The Eminem Show", man. It's your most direct and truthful, brave record, it's got the phatest production, it's your best album by a long shot in my personal opinion. It was made during real stressful times. It must of been almost quite theraputic to put pen to paper and bang out those tunes considering what you were going through last yr.

Eminem: Yeah, I mean I always need drama in my life. I may not like it at the time but it seems to be inspiring, and...working so far. It's a give and take thing, like nobody likes to go through it when they're going through it but once you come out of it, ya know, fortunately I was able to pull out of it, and....write about it. Luckily i've been able to...i'm the type of person to be able to write about whatever is going it...happy or be it sad, or whatever.

Zane Lowe: You've called a few people out on this record, but they're way more direct, ya know, you're not firing as many bullets at people. Are you caring less about what people say about you, the shit that people talk about you?

Eminem: It depends, I mean. It's like a constant fucking struggle to figure out what i'm too big for, and what i'm not too big for. Truthfully, i'm still a battle emcee...regardless of whatever. Luckily everythings been smooth sailing, for now.

Zane Lowe: The thing about your lyrics is when your listen to the albums is seems so instinctive and natural, ya know, when your hearing you rap, it doesn't feel like you have to force it at all.
Is that the truth?

Eminem: It depends, certain tracks I can be in the studio and start doing a track or whatever and write it right on the spot as it's coming, and do a song in a couple of hours. "Soldier" was like that, "Cleaning Out My Closet" was like that.

Zane Lowe: What were some of the harder tracks, some of the ones that took you a little more time to churn out?

Eminem: "Square Dance" was...was a little, like the second verse I had wrote before the first verse, and the third. I dunno, there's bits and pieces sometimes, sometimes like I sit down and write the whole thing, sometimes...I gotta piece it together, the beat may not
be right, or I may start running out of shit to write about so I gotta go home, re-group and think about it.

Lifes Troubles

Zane Lowe: How close did it get to really going over the top, d'you think?

Eminem: Oh....for a minute I thought I was gonna do something, some type of time. I didn't know exactly what, but I thought I was going.....for a little while. I can recall a few times like walking around the studio making the D12 album, which I was also recording for "The Eminem Show", thinking.....I might be going down. Ya know, I was walking around the studio and the fellas were like trying to
keep my spirits up, thats one of the things I had to do was stay in the studio just to be able to function.
The first half of the album that I recorded.....people around me were saying it's a little bit dark, like the first few songs I wrote were during the times I started going through my shit. As I started coming up out of it....then "Without Me" popped into my head.


Eminem: I feel like aside from the shock value, I wanted to show, more than anything, like, just being a legitimate artist, like I don't gotta shock people all the time to gift.

Zane Lowe: It's a cheap way of looking at your music I think, and I've always felt that way, even from the first moment I heard "My Name Is", or heard the album, the way people reacted to your songs, and the fact that you were white, and the shit that you were saying, people were just ignoring the fact that you were...fresh. Ya know
what I mean?

Eminem: Well, the first couple of albums, being like a underground emcee and whatever, most of those...shocking things were I just wanted to get a reaction out of people, like respect from other emcees and shit like that. Coming from the underground and
being thrust into this whole spotlight, then people think you gotta start watching what you say.

Cleaning Out My Closet

Zane Lowe: To put something as personal, like your non-existent relationship with your mother on a record so vividly, it must feel like closure for you to put a record out like that ("The Eminem Show").

Eminem: Yeah, thats what the record was about, just....washing my hands and being done with it, this sentiments, let me get them off my chest, I don't wanna keep...beating a dead issue.

Zane Lowe: What prompted you to release it ("Cleaning Out My Closet") as a single?

Eminem: Well, when I first recorded it, we thought it might be the first single, and then...."Without Me" came along, and I didn't wanna hit people with like, ya know, our formula from the beginning has been like upbeat ("My Name Is", "Real Slim Shady", "Without Me")
then hit them with "The Way I Am" or, or "Cleaning Out My Closet", like a darker, try to bring it down a little bit. All the tracks are fun to make, and they're different sides of me as a person, but when i'm speaking from my heart is when I feel it the most on the mic, different to when i'm being arrogant and just saying dumb, funny shit.

Check back tomorrow for part 2 where there'll be more indepth talk from Em on Dre, producing, the "8 Mile" movie, Em's future and more.

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Ice Cube Coming With New Record! - September 10, 2002 By : Nima
Props to Lil Jay & westcoast2k for letting us know about this.
"Right now, I'm in the process of changing record labels. I left Priority. There's a little time frame before I can do another record - that was a part of the whole little split-up. I should be out sometime next summer." Cube said.
So be on the lookout for this release. I gotta say I'm really exited about hearing some new Cube material.

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Mike Dean leaks new instrumentals / New Eastsidaz Tracks - September 10, 2002 By : Nima

Head over to the DPG Recordz Forum to peep these new instrumentals that Mike himself leaked today: "First To Bomb" and "Work Dat Pussy".
Props to Mike for this, it sounds dope.

Yesterday, a new Eastsidaz bootlegg hit the net, featuring four new, untitled tracks. No words where these are from, but it's pretty hot.

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Links Updated - September 10, 2002 By : Rud
Head on over to our Links Section and check out our new additions, including Ras Kass Central, thanks to Spon for getting in touch about linking up. Head on over to the site and check out the full "Goldyn Child Promo CD" available in MP3! Support Ras when his CD finally drops as we all know what happened last time

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Bay Area Zigidy Ready For New Release - September 10, 2002 By : Rud
Firstly id like to thank Zigidy for contacting the site regarding the new release and offering us the opportunity to review it (expect that soon)

Zigidy is an artist from SANTA ROSA, CA. He dropped his first album "Zigidy - Tha Self-titled Album" locally in January 2002 and was received well in the underground. With less than a year in the rap game, he has worked on both shows and in the studio with artists like Jay Tee (n2deep), Mac Dre, Dubee, da Unda Dogg, Black ‘C’ (RBL posse), Andre Nickatina, 5150 illeagally insane and other bay area artists. His next release "Zigidy Tha Zigilaytion" is due this month through his co-owned label 5050 Records. Also, he intends to re-release "Zigidy - Tha Selftitled Album" (under the title : "Zigidy - Tha Album") with some touch ups and some unreleased tracks.

The cover & tracklist for the collaboration project "Zigilaytion" :

01) Black "C" -N- Ziggidy
02) My Introduction
03) West Wayz
04) Rivalz -N- Rollaz
05) Savage Day
06) Gish Attire
07) Too Gangsta 4 Ya
08) 7 Hoez 7 Nitez
09) Yay Some Game
10) Cali Lifestyle
11) Gain Some Game
12) Aint Scured 2 Die
13) Afta 2 (Nathan Butt Legz)
14) Hogz On Hoez
15) I Luv Yayo
16) 50.50 Im A Playa

Check Out The Site > 5050 Records

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True Stories: Biggie and Tupac on UK CH4 tonight - September 10, 2002 By : Overseer

Showing tonight on Channel 4 from 22:00 to 00:10 (2 hours and 10 minutes long).

This controversial documentary from director Nick Broomfield examines the lives and murders of rappers Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur and the rivalry between East Coast and West Coast music that culminated in their deaths. The film looks at the former friendship between the two artists and also examines possible investigation cover-ups and police corruption.

This is the documentary that Nick Broomfield was interviewed about on the Radio1 Westwood rap show over the weekend.

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Westcoast 2K temporary url - September 10, 2002 By : Overseer
The homie Lil Jay over at Westcoast 2K is having problems with the cjb redirector for his site.

You can still access the site through here or if you're a member of WCC the link up top reflects the new address.

Hopefully things will be sorted soon.

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Nate Dogg, Kurupt, Butch, Tha Liks & B-Real appear on new compilation - September 9, 2002 By : Nima

A brand new compilation called "Ghetto Pros", released on an independent label is soon to be released.
Alot of Westcoast acts are featured and i gotta tell ya'll its bangin' shit!
I've uploaded one track for ya'll to peep.
This is the complete tracklisting:

01 Jo-ell - Intro
02 Kurupt and Butch Cassidy - Gangstaville
03 G-Rap and Ma Barka - Front 2 Back
04 Italian Mobb Call - Interlude
05 B Real and La Bruha - Fuego
06 Beatnuts - Who Are The Beatnuts
07 What The Fuck - Who The Fuck Interlude
08 Nate Dogg and Black Rob - The Game (Listen)
09 Big L and Milano and Rayvon Dangerous
10 How You Gonna Handle The Weight Interlude
11 Terror Squad G Rap - Escape From NY
12 Dead Prez - Together
13 Some Crazy Chick - Interlude
14 Brand Nubian - Where Did The LoveGo
15 There Goes The Crazy Chick Again - Interlude
16 Pocket Pete - I Told Yall
17 Drunken Idiot - Interlude
18 The Liks and Casual - Same O.G.
19 Hom - Hom Iz
20 Black Attack - Gotta Blaze
21 Jo-Ell and Royal Flush - Ghetto Pro Shit


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New Releases - September 9, 2002 By : The Truth
Nate Dogg's new album which is still 'Untitled' is due Feb 2003. The album will feature production from Dr Dre & Neptunes.

Dj Quik is getting ready to release El Debarge's album through his Euponic Label,

B-Legit drops his new album on Sept 24, 2002. It features E-40, Eightball & Lil Keke. Look for the first single "What Ya Talkin".

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Face The Music / $eahorse Records - September 9, 2002 By : The Truth
Hit up to check out my folks from Monterey Bay doin their thing. DYQ Productions & Seahorse Records are finally on-and-crackin with the self-titled debut from the Valley Thugs, representing Salinas. The Valley Thugs project will be released Oct 1st.

Comin up next is one of the most bossed up players in Seaside, 50/50 with his new album, "Game Stabilized."

Big ups Mostel. Coming This Fall..... Mostel - "ILLUSIVE" appearances from C-Tru, Playa Took, Munch Loco, Kronikal, Blizz Balboa of The Addicts, Dropzone, and more!

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Did Daz try to commit suicide? - September 9, 2002 By : Nima
Source: Too

"Damn Daz tried killin' himself in a hotel room? After having problems with his wife word on the streets is he tried to overdose himself. Damn Daz what you thinkin' with this shit? I guess you wanna call my niggas too pranksta but on the flip side your ass is just TOO SMOKED OUT!"

I guess this is true, since Tanya Herron posted it at the forum too (click here to read it). I really don't know what to think of this, seems like Daz is very confused at the moment. We'll be keepin' you up to date.


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Quick reminder about the new Relativez LP. - September 9, 2002 By : Nima
On September 24th, Tha Relativez are finally putting out their long awaited second solo album, entitled "The Takeover", which features artists like King Tee, W.C., Snoop Dogg, Tha Realest, Top Dogg and more. So make sure you pick up your copy because this record is BANGIN'. For those who want to listen to it before pickin' it up, click here.


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DJ Whoo Kid - "Grand Theft Auto" Mixtape Special Features! - September 9, 2002 By : euphanasia

For all you 2Pac/Makaveli & Daz fans out there the new DJ Whoo Kid mixtape, titled Grand Theft Auto, has some extra special features in store for you. Not only will it feature the track First To Bomb from the still unreleased but highly anticipated Makaveli & Dillinger: Don't Go 2 Sleep EP, but it will also feature a track from the upcoming Tha Row Killa EP featuring Daz & PFN. The mixtape is scheduled to drop sometime in the next week or two.

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MTV: Eminem The Interview 2002 - September 9, 2002 By : euphanasia
First off i'd like to introduce myself. I'm known as 7O4D, aka Euthanasia from the WCC forum. My duties to the site will mainly be as a news reporter. On with the news!

MTV UK are scheduled to air an exclusive interview with Eminem tonight @ 22.00 (10.00) GMT. For those of you who don't live in the UK or don't have Sky/cable TV check back tomorrow for full details of what was discussed during the interview.

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Crooked I Publicity Building - September 9, 2002 By : Overseer
There are rumours that it may be pushed back again until October but at the moment the official current release date for Crooked's long awaited debut 'Say Hi To The Bad Guy' is September 24th. The controversially named DPG Recordz release 'Say Hi To The Bad Guy. Volume One : Special Edition' will be released within a fortnight of the Tha Row project.

Shortly after the release Crooked is slated to be interviewed by The Source and Rime Magazine for their October issues.

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Shade Sheist's New LP Droppin' This Tuesday - September 9, 2002 By : Nima
First, i'd like to introduce myself. I'm Nima, and i'll be contributing to this site by submiting Albums Reviews, and with News Updates on a regular basis.

Shade Sheist ("Where I Wanna Be") is finally ready to release his long awaited debut album "Informal Introduction". After this release was pushed back several times, it looks like its 100% sure that you will be able to pick up your copy tommorow in stores.
Although this album was bootlegged too, i hope you do your job as a rap supporter and make sure you get your Original copy of this album, because its blazin!
This is the tracklisting:

1. Holla Boyz Intro
2. Somebody Steals The Show
3. Act Like You Know Me
4. John Doe
5. X2
6. Walk A Mile
7. Stop...And Think About It
8. Money Owners
9. Wake Up
10. Bmf
11. Thug Luv
12. Cali Diseaz (Musik)
13. Here I Come
14. Where I Wanna Be
15. The Urban Gospel
16. Holla Boyz Outro


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Welcome To - September 8, 2002 By : Rud
Well, after months of preparation, hard work and constant plan changing is now open! Firstly I'd like to list what we intend to offer on a day to day basis - we are here to provide, News, Articles Audio, Reviews, Competitions, Interviews and much more to give you a complete online Westcoast Hip-Hop magazine. Rather than competing with the "rival sites" we are here to work alongside the other sites linked through Together we aim to bring you the best of everything, all the news, audio and information all of the time. This site was designed to be simplistic, advert free and easily browse able, as we agreed while designing, no popup's, no entrance page, content straight to the point - WS Without The BS, with the main aim being promotion of the best coast, the left coast.

Secondly, id like to thank all of the staff : Overseer, Nima, 704D (Euphanasia), Ka Rizzle & tnp. They have stayed patient, and kept the site and all its details secret, while constantly helping out all the way up to the launch. They are here to help provide the best news daily and keep everyone as well informed as possible. They will introduce themselves when they post their first sets of news. Also, big thanks to elneckio for huge amounts of technical support over the past few months, and also thanks too all the people from the WCC IRC Room (Ax The Wax, Jome, Mista Cane, Nino, Exzit Etc - Sorry if ive forgotten people!)

Finally, I wish to thank everyone that visits the site, I hope we can provide what your looking for and over time create the best resource for Westcoast Hip-Hop

Please take some time to browse the sites sections, we have already compiled some reviews and a pa







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