The Blues Brotherz Present: Butch Cassidy - I'm Here

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01) I'm Feeling You (Background vocals by Uncle Issac)
02) KCP (King Kong Playas) (Prod. By Jedi Jared) (Background vocals by Uncle Issac)
03) Until The Day We Die (Feat. Spirit) (Prod. By Just ED)
04) Snoop Dogg & Butch Cassidy - Nate Dogg Dedication
05) So Gangsta (Feat. Snoop Dogg) (Prod. By Dae One)
06) Keep On Ridin' (Feat. DPG & Snoop Dogg) (Prod. By Battlecat)
07) Street Life (Feat. Pr1me & Drastic) (Produced By Tommy Black)
08) I'm Here (Background vocals by Silky Slim KCP)
09) Fast Car (Prod. By Qura)
10) Eye Candy (Prod. By Dae One)
11) Play Yo Cards Right (Enterlude) (Prod. By PR1ME/BANG TV)
12) Spread Tha Love (Feat. Daz, Kurupt, Celly Cel & Latoiya Williams)
13) Dirty Mind (Feat. Pr1me)
14) I Just Wanna Party (Prod. By Qura)
15) So Glad Its Over (Prod. By Qura)
16) What A Friend (Prod. By Lethal)

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