Ab-Soul - Long Term 2: Lifestyles of the Broke & Almost Famous

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01) Still a Regular N*gga (Feat. Javonte) [Produced By Sounwave]
02) No Pressure (Feat. Jay Rock) [Produced By Statmajor]
03) Drift Away [Produced By Pro Logic]
04) Livin' Like (Feat. Rapper Big Pooh) [Produced By Tommy Black]
05) House Party 5 [Produced By Sounwave]
06) Be a Man [Produced By Tae Beast]
07) Soul Cry [Produced By Willie B.]
08) Turn Me Up (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) [Produced By Tae Beast]
09) Passion (Feat. Alori Joh) [Produced By King Blue (of Sore Losers)]
10) Bankrupt [Produced By Soundwave]
11) MayDay [Produced By Willie B.]
12) Rush [Produced By Tae Beast]
13) Pass The Blunt (Feat. Schoolboy Q) [Produced By King Blue]
14) My Dream Girl [Produced By Neffu]
15) Can Anybody Hear Me (Feat. Punch) [Produced By Tae Beast]
16) Long Term 2 [Produced By Curtiss King]
17) Budget Ballin [Produced By Soundwave]**
18) Thought It Was Love (Feat. Sore Losers)** 

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