DJ Skee Presents: Six Reasons - 80s Baby

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01) DJ Skees 80's Baby Intro (Interlude)
02) Black Rosary (Produced by Deep Watters)
03) Fool In Love (Feat. Nisha J) (Produced by Shockmatic)
04) Michael Myers (Produced by Deep Watters)
05) Who I Am (Feat. Mika Left) (Produced by Deep Watters)
06) 50 Nigga (Produced by Starr Lab)
07) Paper Plates (Produced by Deep Watters)
08) Put Cha On (Feat. Choir Boy) (Produced by Starr Lab)
09) Interlude
10) Ghetto Prayers (Feat. Icebeezy Swag & Kenni) (Produced by Starr Lab)
11) Whip'n It (Produced by Starr Lab)
12) Monogamy (Feat. LeMarvin) (Produced by Shockmatic)
13) Attitude (Feat. LeMarvin) (Produced by Starr Lab)
14) Interlude
15) Pinstripe (Produced by Starr Lab)
16) Fuss Fight Fuck (Feat. LeMarvin) (Produced by Starr Lab)
17) Pinky Swear (Feat. Johnny G) (Produced by Deep Watters)
18) Interlude DJ Skee 80s Baby Outro
19) BONUS Raindance Remix (Feat. Too Short) (Produced by Deep Watters)

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