Free Album Download: E-Knoc - The Promise Land

E-Knoc - The Promise Land

01) I Be (Produced by Bad Seed)
02) Bang! (Produced by St. Eyes)
03) Certified Hustler (Produced by St. Eyes)
04) How I Became Me (produced by St. Eyes)
05) Do You Mind ft. Stace Atoms (Produced by St. Eyes)
06) Cool It Down (Produced by St. Eyes)
07) Cant Stand Me (Feat. Yung Bruh and Keno) (Produced by Rhythm D)
08) Respect It (Produced by St. Eyes)
09) Royal Fam (Produced by St. Eyes)
10) LA's Brightest (Feat. OBeast) (Produced by St. Eyes)
11) Street Lights (Feat. Stace Atoms) (Produced by Big Moz)
12) Try Harder (Feat. Chelsea) (Produced by St. Eyes)
13) Mind Games (Produced by St. Eyes)
14) Malcolm X (Produced by Big Moz)
15) Thank God (Produced by St. Eyes)


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Free Album Download: E-Knoc - The Promise Land


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