Damizza Issues Statement To Outlets Regarding Book

news Damizza Issues Statement To Outlets Regarding Book - By : Rud - December 1, 2011

Last week we announced to the world that Damizza would release his long awaited book "Guilty By Association" for free on December 14th through DamizzaBook.com.

Since that update - in which we quoted Damizza as saying "I want people to understand the truth of what they’re getting into when they’re seduced by the excess of this business" - Mizz has been conducting interviews with various outlets and today has asked us to release this statement for outlets to run rather than conducting interviews with them.

"So, I gotta get something off my chest & my back. The reason I was freaked about the Star Mag interview, is because I knew I had to lie. I want to say to Star [Magazine], TMZ [and whoever else] this statement instead of interviews.

I think Nick Cannon is a brilliant person that does not get enough credit. And this is old business. So, lil' homie step back, that's with my respect.

My name is DAMION YOUNG. I'm an alcoholic. And I have to stop lying.

Yes. Mariah & I dated. It was hell.

Everybody in this industry saw what I did for Mariah. And for what I did, or said, I have NO apologies. If you think for 1 second I'm afraid of Facebooks' lawyer, that Mariah is hiding behind, you are crazy.

Sweetheart, are you afraid I might say something that would end your career? Wielding a confidentiality clause that I had drafted for your protection from J.Lo, who was stealing your records thru SONY? OK, 'Let's be real.' I would have done that a long time ago. If this was personal. But, like Nick said 'Hey, this is entertainment.'

I'm sick of the lawyers. I'm sick of lying to make people happy and tell them what they want to hear. That's not what I'm about. I AM A REAL PERSON. And you, are hiding behind a lawyer because you feel to guilty to pick up the phone and say 'I'm sorry, I really did put you thru hell.'

The truth isn't always popular, but it is always the truth.

This book was never about money. It was never about exploiting and snitching on all the artists I put on or assisted in their time of need.

This book was the most sanitised version of my story I could give, without hurting any one's feelings. Mariah read the chapter. She offered 'Suggestions to make it better.' Being a nice guy and a loyal friend I obliged. And in return I got a new confidentiality agreement that not only was retroactive, but, she could name her price if she felt offended.

I'm offended.

Be a REAL PERSON. Come out of the glass box. If you have something to say or if anyone in this industry has something to say to say. I ain't never been too hard to find."

Outlets please run this quote as required and fans lookout for "Guilty By Association" dropping free on December 14th through DamizzaBook.com.

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