Crooked I Talks First Leak From "B.O.S.S."

news Crooked I Talks First Leak From "B.O.S.S." - By : LilJay - March 17, 2009

Crooked I's name has been in the news non-stop since the shooting incident a few weeks ago, but the Long Beach MC is back to let the music do the talking and do what he does best: rap. We just got a hold of a brand new cut called "I'm Still A MC", which is produced by in-house producer Komplex. The song is the first leak from his upcoming "B.O.S.S." album, which will be available for free download.

"I'm leaking this song first just to give them a sneak preview of what "B.O.S.S." is gonna sound like" Crooked I exclusively told Dubcnn. "I'm gonna be performing this song at the Paid Dues festival, so I want them to hear some of the stuff first."

What made Crooked I decide to put out another free project? "I'm about to take a whole other lane, and I'm trying to think of a creative way to give people the album. I might set up a website where all the fans can sign up and download the album for free. I'm not a hard dude to negotiate with, but if you're a distribution company and you tell me you want 80% of my digital money, I'm not putting out my record with you! So I might as well give it to my fans for free opposed to put it out with a label, since they make all the money. I'm trying to make this a special delivery for the fans, and they get mad about that. But yo, I just want to cut out the middle man and give it straight to you, cause 9 times out of 10 the middle man tries to fuck me and the fans."

He also talked about the fans' expectations for the album: "My fans might fuck with me on this one, or they might not. We'll see. But I love them for supporting me all this time. I know they wanna be able to purchase stuff, because you can't say Crooked I is one of the best rappers ever if Crooked I don't have record sales that back it up. The flow is there, but the record sales have to be there too. And I think a lot of my fans, they can't win those classic arguments that we all have about who's the best MC."

Crooked I then revealed to Dubcnn that he just got back from working on new music with the Wake Up Show's King Tech. "We made some crazy records. We made 7 songs in one day." he said. "I think that's my new direction, the sound is totally different. It's the same quality music, but tomorrow's not promised, so I wanna express myself to the fullest now. If it's a whole song about the bullshit going on in the hood or a relative that passed away, whatever it is, I just wanna express all my feelings."

Last but not least, Crooked I commented on the cell phone footage of the shooting, which was posted online last week. "I saw the footage and I tried to get the sites to take it down. I called several people and told them to take it down the same day. Nobody wants to see some shit like that. But we're trying to find that guy who posted it in the first place, but what can I do man. It is what it is now."

Stay tuned to Dubcnn for more info on "B.O.S.S.". Until then, check out the song "I'm Still A MC" produced by Komplex.

Crooked I - I'm Still A MC (Prod. by Komplex)

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