interview GRAND SCHEEM   (January 2007) | Written By: Rud

      "People sometimes say you have to scream to be heard...but I do it differently - I just scheem till I'm heard!"

At the age of one, when he moved from Karachi, Pakistan to a 1 bedroom apartment in Opa Locka, Florida (USA) little did Grand Scheem or his family know about the realities of the new life they had embarked upon. Like many third world immigrants, the lure of America is in the imagery created by marketing and the belief they can have a better life away from their home land; for many this is the case - for others the travels can bring oppression, struggle and heartache to those involved.

The first few years of life in the USA raised problems for the family and the negativity of growing up in lower-middle class America began to affect his home life. As his father became a heavier drinker, the strain began to show on the marriage with infidelity and a divorce soon after. When asked about his youth Grand Scheem remembers asking himself the question 'why is this happening to me?'
As he grew older he got used to living life co-dependent on separated parents however they had the vision of the American Dream that incorporated a stable job - Grand Scheem had other ideas. The concept of a regular 9-5 did not echo freedom to him, instead another form of entrapment and oppression. Instead he had dreams of acquiring capital and making investments to further his career and lifestyle and so, adopting that Jewish blueprint for success, he made moves to ensure his financial stability and growth.

Then, in 2001, the tragedies of September 11 struck home. Grand Scheem knows that many more than just those who could not escape the buildings were gravely affected; in fact it altered the American perspective as a whole. As his biography explains; 'Now the struggle of choosing a side to be on in a Black & White country is no longer the issue - Americans who did not know where Wisconsin was, now know about the Middle East; but with a skewed perspective. His plan is to change that perspective.'

The birth of Grand Scheem in Hip-Hop takes place in these Divided States of America. Having faced the struggles of being a minority, moving back and forth from state to state and even to the Middle East, where at age fourteen he bore witness to an atrocious car-bombing. When asked about the differences between the religious minority he was born into in Pakistan, as a Catholic in an Islamic republic and of that in America as part of a segregated society determined by skin color and culture he talks about the media misrepresentation that has led to having to be searched at airports, being stared at in skyscrapers as well as being around constant racial slurs & hate crimes.

The desire to get into Hip-Hop for Grand Scheem has not been for financial reward but to really impact the perspectives of those who are oblivious to the truth. Grand Scheem wants to get America and the world familiar once again with being able to embrace a culture that is now often associated with terrorism and one that is heavily discriminated.

Within music you have acts including Green Day, Linkin Park, and Rage Against the Machine that not only see the issues of the modern world but use their position to talk and act on them in a major way. Choosing Hip-Hop as his outlet Grand Scheem believes that he faces the same oppression that many minorities in America continue to battle, the same battle that led the Black community using the art-form to voice their disposition in America. Grand Scheem influences include NWA, Public Enemy, Ice Cube, Tupac, and Nas all who have utilised the music to form a direct line of communication with the people.

In 2007 Grand Scheem is set to make more of the same noise he made in 2006 with his hit new single "Desperica" for sale (and streaming on dubcnn) as well as an album on the way. We also have two downloadable tracks from Grand Scheem and we urge you to check them out and see this talent in its purest form.

Grand Scheem
- Desperica (Streaming Audio - Available To Buy on ITunes)
Grand Scheem - The Greatest Scheem Ever Sold (Download)
Grand Scheem - Blowin Up In America (Download)

While Grand Scheem is finishing up his album we have the great news that he has got his first radio plays in California, when we spoke to KQCM Joshua Tree, CA Program Director Joe Arrigo he explained the recent playlist addition; "In today's day of formulated, cookie-cutter music - its refreshing to have an artist say something meaningful. To have someone really be about something - and to do it independently, without someone dictating all your moves - is truly impressive"

We will be keeping you up to date on Grand Scheem's new material and news throughout the coming year, stay tuned and for more information, audio and images head over to his official MySpace page.





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