interview THA DOGG POUND - 2002 | Review By: Westcoast2K

Label: Deathrow Records/D3 Entertainment

Release Date: July 31, 2001


3.5/5 Dubs!

1. Intro
2. Roll Wit' Us - Tha Dogg Pound 5
3. Just Doggin' - Tha Dogg Pound featuirng Nate Dogg 4
4. Smoke - Kurupt featuring Snoop Dogg & The Relativez 4.5
5. Gangsta Rap - Tha Dogg Pound featuring Crooked I 4
6. 10 Til Midnight - Kurupt featuring SKG 2
7. Livin' Tha Gangsta Life - Tha Dogg Pound featuring Xzibit 2.5
8. Don't Stop - Tha Dogg Pound featuring 2Pac 3.5
9. Change The Game (Remix) - Tha Dogg Pound, Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel & Memphis Bleek 4
10. Crip Wit' Us - Tha Dogg Pound 3
11. What Cha About - Kurupt 4
12. Ya Gyrlfriend 2 - Daz Dillinger featuring Mac-Shawn & Soopafly 4.5
13. Feels Good - Tha Dogg Pound 4.5
14. Way Too Often - Soopafly featuring Kurupt 4.5
15. It'z All About That Money - Daz Dillinger 4
16. Every Single Day - Tha Dogg Pound featuring Snoop Dogg 4.5

The album starts with a futuristic beat with Daz & Kurupt starting there microphone check. Then leading into "Roll Wit' Us" which was originally on Chronic 2000 but the track has been remixed by Cold187 Um & Darren Vegas. In it Daz & Kurupt claim that they are down to roll with No Limit, Roc-A-Fella, Westside Connection, Ruff Ryders, D.P.G., Death Row, Eastside, Outlawz & The Dungeon Family. A good track to kick back to, smoke to and just ride to. "Just Doggin" is the first single from the album which features Nate Dogg on the hook. The track would of sounded better with the original production by Dr. Dre but it's still a good track, mellowed out with gangsta lyrics. "Smoke" is a good, weird, eerie like track and Kurupt could of lyrically ripped it with a longer verse. Snoop didn't do any better or worse for the track but The Relativez sounded tight on it. "Gangsta Rap" is the second & yet underground single. It originally showed up on Too Gangsta For Radio but Daz & Kurupt were replaced with Treach & Scarface. Crooked I ripped it and so did Tha Pound although Crook seemed to come tighter on the other version. "10 Til Midnight" is a boring song that gets old fast. Kurupt came pretty good on it but it's the beat & SKG's verse that suck horribly. SKG has to be one of the most horrible female rappers (although she did have some big azz titties though). The chorus also is dumb & boring. "Livin' Tha Gangsta Life" is a big "We Livin' Gangsta Like" rip-off but on the good side it's got Big C-Style in the beginning dissin' Snoop Dogg while some guy talks for Snoop & a cop with Snoop snitchin' on Suge about 2Pac's murder. Mostly it's the beat of the track that sucks. "Don't Stop" is tight but the chorus gets repeated over & over near the end plus 2pac, Daz & Kurupt all have too short of verseS. "Change The Game (Remix)" is yet another bootlegged track (originally on Dj Clue's "The Professional Part 2" and Daz & JT's "Game For Sale" Soundtrack). This would be one of the album's perfect tracks if it weren't for DJ CLue's relentless screaming over the track but it still is a good track. They all rip it while making tributes to 2pac & Biggie. "Crip Wit' Us" is a "Dipp' Wit Me" rip off while it sounds better than "Livin' Tha Gangsta Life" it still ain't the original. This one don't feature RBX at the end and so it makes the track inferior but it's alright. "What Cha About" starts off with some joke about Tha Pound breaking up by Kurupt. Now this track proves that the album has a few dope cuts. Kurupt spits some flames on this funky gangsta beat with it's party vibe & catchy chorus. "Ya Gyrlfriend 2" is again another bootlegged track (Daz Dillinger "R.A.W."). This track is for all the bitches and hoes as well as the pimps. The beat & lyrics are a bit grimey but still good enough to prove Daz can do anything. "Feels Good" is a real nice and mellow, smooth track that all the ladies will like. Kurupt spits about how the perfect gangsta girl would be and Daz just talks some pimp sh*t on this cut. "Way Too Often" is a good track if you like Soopafly, he gets gangsta, playa and D.P.G. on this track. He got a tight flow, the beat got some static but is still good espcially when Kurupt drops the heat. "It'z All About That Money" introduces Daz talking about robbing some brothers but in the track he raps about the hustle, making money & holding on to it so this is a real raw track. "Every Single Day" is a real deep track with a slower beat to it with Snoop & Kurupt spitting raw dope rhymes about the gangsta life 24/7. Overall the album is alright not really a must-buy not even anything that can compare to "Dogg Food" either. The album is nothing great but it is decent and definitley worth picking up if your a huge Death Row/DPG fan..


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