interview XZIBIT - 40 Dayz & 40 Nightz | Review By: Jake

1. Intro (The Last Night)
Starts off with the beat to his classic song "Paparazzi" with news reporters reporting riots.

2. Chamber Music
I can't help but find similarities here between the sound Ice Cube brought with "The Predator" and this song. Probably it's because both were produced by Sir Jinx, but also because both share a similar rhyming style. Xzibit is of course a far superior lyricist, but flow for aggressive flow one can't help but notice their similar aggressive flow. This song pretty original and defiantly one of the highlights of the album. X isn't really saying anything here but this is defiantly one of the albums highlights....4/5.

3. 3 Card Molly (featuring Ras Kass and Saafir)
When you thought the West coast was just a bunch of gangsters who thought they were rappers, Ras Kass, X, and Saafir come with the lyrical heat that makes Gza from the Wu Tang clan wanna sharpen his sword. Everything here is executed very nicely, the beat, the lyrics, the chorus, everything. It's hard to find a flaw here, a very listenable song and a breath of fresh air at a time in hip hop where shinny suits and golden teeth ruled the air waves.....4.5/5.

4. What U See Is What U Get
This is the track that REALLY put Xzibit over. "Paparazzi" might've been his first hit but it went largely ignored. "B-Please" might've helped him commercially, but this is the song that really make people stop and listen to Mr. X to the Z. As a matter of fact this song to this day has held the record of most times at number one on Rap City's top ten countdown. The song is excellent with an old school flare to it, with INCREDIBLE lyricism, perfect chorus, and a really dope beat that is original and catchy at the same time. If there was one song that best described xzibit's style it'd be this one....5/5.

5. Handle Your Business (featuring Defari)
An ok song featuring Defari, Xzibit rips the mic up and further confirms his talent. Defari also delivers great as well. The only problem with this song is the corny beat....perhaps enjoyed a lot by underground fans, but I just can't get into it.....3.5/5.

6. Nobody Sound Like Me
Starts off with a voice asking something about, "What if you saw a black man crossing the street by you." Blah blah blah, not really needed. But the song though is awesome. With a funky beat Xzibit rips the mic up with the greatest of east like it was made of construction paper, and basically says that no one sounds like him. The great thing about this song is that the lyrics are incredible and the beat actually matches it's quality, usually in hip hop it's lopsided, great lyrics and a generic beats or visa versa, but this song hits you with 2 right hands....4/5.

7. Pussy Pop (featuring Jayo Felony and Method Man)
A song produced by Soopafly and with Xzibit and Jayo Felony spitting heat with Method Man on the chorus. Basically this is your party song of the album, talking about hoes and sex. Which is not a bad thing at all, because it is well crafted? Soopafly hooks up a catchy beat, Xzibit (like he does through out the album) gives you a couple of a dope verses and Jay Felony to a lesser degree gives you another dope verse to enjoy, and if that wasn't enough you got Method Man hooking up a catchy hook like his name was Nate Dogg. Great song ....4/5.

8. Chronic Keeping 101
A funny little skit where Xzibit and some people are talking and getting ready to blaze up a little sumthin sumthin'.

9. Shroomz
This song samples the classic song from the Ohio Players "Funky Worm." This song is pretty hilarious as Xzibit tells about his experience with mushroomz. If you've ever done shroomz you'll relate and have fun with this song and if you haven't you'll still have fun listening to Xzibit's story, funny shit....4/5.

10. Focus
Probably the second best song on the album behind, "What U See Is What You Get." The two things that stand out here (besides Xzibit's lyricism) is the dope Rough Steel and Clap beat and the TIGHT, TIGHT chorus. "Xzibit maintains focus till the casket drop, that's the only way to survive and stay on top, fast Friday, straight to meditate, build hunger, and focus, all the days and times that approach us." It wouldn't surprise me to see this pop up on an Xzibit's greatest hits compilation.....4.5/5.

11. Jason (48 months)
Just Xzibit's brother calling from prison.

12. Deeper
Again this is another dope performance by Xzibit, but the beat really takes away from the enjoyability of the song. Usually I'm a big fan of violins in song, but the way Bud'da used only the high pitched part of the violin is like finger nails on a chalkboard. Other than that flaw, every thing in this song is great but it's hard to ignore that major flaw no matter how hard you try...3.75/5.

13. Los Angeles Times
From looking at the credits of this song you'll notice something exciting....Mel-Man (Dr. Dre's right hand man in the studio) is the producer. Well, it's not really the great beat you'd expect, but a rather average one....but it's ALLL GOOOD because you got Xzibit ripping it up . "Welcome to L.A. where you can see the whole city burning cause the cops got uzis and the dealers keep serving and your kids ain't learning shit, except this, sex power and wealth, fuck everything else." Tell me that ain't tight.....4/5.

14. Inside Job
I've kinda slept on this track for 3 years by skipping it 75% of the time when I listen to this album. But after sitting here and really listening too it, this track is pretty tight. Basically a track where Xzibit is showing his story telling abilities. Very dope and is fast paced like an action movie....4/5.

15. Let It Rain
The Likwit cut of the album featuring King Tee, J-Ro, and Tash. This song overall is "aight," nothing really stand out but nothing really whack, about average...3/5.

16. Recycled Assasins
Another track that is ok, nothing really great but nothing really whack....3/5.

17. The Outro
Xzibit's dad talking about himself and Xzibit over "Chamber Music's" beat.

This was a very important album to Xzibit, this was either the album where he was going to have one great underground album then fall into obscurity with a disappointing second effort or this was going to be the turning point in his career where he'd be open to MANY great things. Fortunately the second statement was the one that happened, Xzibit earned so much respect for his talents that he began to pop up on many other albums from popular artists in the industry, most notable was Dr. Dre who featured him on his 7 time platinum release "2001." Xzibit also proved that the West coast had lyrical credibility as Xzibit found himself garnered as one of the best MC's out . So for all this to happen this record must be great or even classic.....great yes, but classic no. The majority of this album is very consistent lyrically impressive, but some of the production tries too hard to be underground and at the tail end of the record the overall quality of the tracks start to become mediocre. But other than that Xzibit's lyrical performance through out this record leaves you in awe and most of the record hits you with an array of different sounds and styles

4/5 Dubs!


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