interview MAKAVELI - The 7 Day Theory | Review By: Westcoast2K

Label: Death Row/Interscope Records

Release Date: November 05, 1996


1.Intro/Bomb First (My Second Reply) (featuring E.D.I. & Young Noble) 4
2.Hail Mary (featuring The Outlawz) 5
3.Toss It Up (featuring Danny Boy, KC and JoJo) 4.5
4.To Live and Die In L.A. (featuring Val Young) 5
5.Blasphemy 4
6.The Life On An Outlaw (featuring The Outlawz) 4.5
7.Just Like Daddy (featuring The Outlawz) 3.5
8.Krazy (featuring Bad Ass) 4.5
9.White Man'z World 4
10.Me and My Girlfriend 4
11.Hold Ya Head (featuring Tyrone Wrice) 4
12.Against All Odds 4.5

5/5 Dubs!

First things first if you don't own this album "SLAP YOURSELF!" because I "HATE YOU!" This album is one of 2pac's/Makaveli's best works. Some argue that "All Eyez On Me" is his best but this album shows Pac @ his most viccious and agruably the deepest album he ever made. Although the album says eerie, creepy and weird all over it. Number #1, 2pac is cruisified on the cover. Number #2, on the intro track there's a quite voice that says "Suge Shot Me" as in referring to Tupac. Plus theres hidden messages through out the artwork of the album. For instance, on the back of the booklet it reads "7 Years" or "7 Days", you have to l@@k real hard but it's there. On the front there are 7 clouds in the background. Inside the booklet theres a picture of 2Pac hidden on the last page, i believe. This was most likely to fuel the strange & mysterious alive theories that were goin' around brought from 2pac's alias derived from "Niccolo Machiavelli", But please let's move on. Like I said in the intro track there's a quiet voice that says "Suge Shot Me" that is then followed with a reporter statin' that 2pac or should I Say Makaveli's album just dropped. Which resulted with rapper's pushin' back their albums back. The reporters also make taunting comments about Nas, Mobb Deep, Notorious B.I.G. & Jay-Z. 2pac then supplies his side of the story sayin "It's not about east or west, it's about niggaz & bitches, power & money, ridahs & punks which side are u on ?" Then in the track you hear 2pac's glock load up, cock back and blast. He spits raw ass lyrics dissin' on Bad Boy, Mobb Deep & Jay-Z. While E.D.I. even makes a comment about Xzibit "And to dat lil nigga who made paparzzi, if u ain't in dis rap game for da mutahfuckin' cash man, then what's your muthafuckin' purpose, lovin' don't concern us!" Even Young Noble spits heat about how he only hangs wit real Eastcoast n*ggas who are from New Jersey. Now the best thing about this album is that it's just like a movie, each track is an opening for the next track... "Hail Mary" is great track but yet errie at the same time with the bells, lyrics and Prince Ital Joe's vocals. To make it even worse the music video to the track is really quite freaky, it is just a great Hurt-M-Badd produced track. Then 2pac states a pledge toward The Death Row Family on "Toss It Up" Now this is a great track but the theme of it doesn't fit the album "Toss It Up" with R&B artists Danny Boy & KC & JoJo. The track is really a remake and diss at Blackstreet & Dr. Dre (The orignal version was recorded over the "No Diggity" beat).. So I guess that makes up for the party-like song.

Now don't get me wrong, "California Love" was a great track but Dre was given' more props for that song than Pac (even though the original version was Dr. Dre rapping solo for his sophomore album on Death Row) while half of that song is made up of a chorus and shout-outs to California cities. We'll 2pac comes through with Val Young on "To Live and Die In L.A." over a nice laid-back beat laced by QD3. Tupac mentions all the dope hot spots in L.A. and about life in L.A. as well as the Death Row Family members Snoop Doggy Dogg, Suge Knight, O.F.T.B. & Tha Dogg Pound. While then at the end he says "California love part muthafuckin 2 wit' out gay ass Dre." "Blasphemy" is another great Hurt-M-Badd produced track but the intro of the track is freaky enough to the point to not make you wanna play it. Since there's a strange evil echo-sounding voice talking about Jesus Christ. Overall, the track is good as Pac discusses the negative things in his life and what he feels about death. Finally more then 2 Outlawz join 2pac on a track on "The Life Of An Outlaw". The chorus is real catchy and the track & beat is all speedy which makes it worth listenin' to. Then "The Outlawz & 2pac" collab once again on "Just Like Daddy". Although this track was not done right. They mention how they'll treat women right unlike fake men do but then they get into other topics such as sex which women rarely think about. The beat & vocals are good. I just think their lyrics could of used some guiding. Now for all you Dogg Pound fans, Bad Ass raps wit' 2pac on the track "Krazy" and no it is not a crazy track. They rap about how they feel they're goin' crazy with everything around right now. The track is a good song to kick back and light up to. No need for racism, 2pac ain't but on "White Man'z World" he discusses the issue how blacks live in a world controlled, populated and influenced by whites. This is one of the most deepest tracks espcially since it features some words from Malcom X's speech.
Now did you buy the "Bonnie & Clyde '03" single, shame on you! "Me and My Girlfriend" ain't about no Bonnie & Clyde, man & women crime spree bullshit. It's about 2pac's relationship with his gun. That's right his gun! This is one bad ass & raw track unlike Jigga man's. Hurt-M-Badd or also known as Tyrone Wrice then collabs with 2pac on "Hold Ya Head". The track is a dedication to everyone locked up in the penitentary. Another track from 2pac that's good since it's not from the hardcore & violent side. "Against All Odds", the last track where 2pac comes lyrically ill & rips all his enemies.
He talks about the matter with Puffy, Mobb Deep, Nas & Jay-Z. He also mentions how his homeboy Strecth snitched on him & later on died. This album is the shit unlike "All Eyez On Me" this album is more rough, rugged and raw. It ain't all party-like. 2pac spits his most serious, deepest & painful thoughts all on this album. Exit - 2pac Enter - Makaveli. You know, i can't help but wonder what Pac would have gone on to do after this incredible album. Eventhough he was in the game for a minute, he was really only begining his career. He had so much left to do and prove to the world. 7 years after his death he still lives on, and althou he didn't return, maybe this will finally put the rumors to rest. It's f**ked up how artists like Ja Rule & 50 Cent keep taking his vocals and rapping alongside him. I say let the man rest, there will never be another Pac... god rest his soul.


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