interview MR SHORT KHOP - Da Khop Shop | Review By: Incognito

1. Intro - The albums introduction is set in an insane asylum, some spooky shit.

2. Braveheart - The record jump starts here, finally, a Short Khop album. This song is all bout Khop, his rhymes are on point, and the beat is definitely some ill shit. It's a quick song, but powerful enough for Khop to introduce himself right if you're a first time listener. The song has no real hook, but instead someone speaking between Khop's verses. I love this verse, "Untouchable/Unforgetable/Un-fuck-able/Un-fuck-wit-able/One who got sowed up in padlock/Blaze one, cause lil braveheart put it down from day one." A hot track and a good way fro Khop to introduce himself as a solo artist. 4/5

3. Short Khop & The Brain (featuring Ice Cube) - Supreeeeme gangsta shiiit! Short Khop rolls wit his mentor, Cube, who is featured on the hook. I don't know if this a track from the first recording sessions back when Khop began work on his album, but it's the 1 of 4 songs Cube appears on. This track ain't nothin special, the hook could of been better, as well as the beat. 3.5/5 dubs.

4. Baby Mama (Message #1) - A funny lil skit wit one of Khop's ex-bitches.

5. Kingpin and Da Knockhound (featuring Kurupt) - "Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch make me rich/Shut the fuck up and just gobble a dick". This is one of them pimpfull-ass tracks wit Kurupt cussin every other fuckin word, lol. It's a traditional West Coast beat, with the unknown Twin providing the beat. The chorus ain't bad, "See you can drink a fifth wit me/Might even hit the strip wit me/But if you didn't know I gots ta tell you so ho/Bitches ain't shit to me." Khop's lyrics are aight, but Kurupt kinda fucks it up wit all the non-stop cussin. 3.5/5

6. One Way To Win (featuring Ice Cube) - ARRRRRR A UHHHHH, bitch radiostation K-H-O-P in yo asshole like this fool! Ya better believe that's Battlecat talkin, cause it is! Khop assisted by Cube comes wit a dope track, tight rhymes, and beat. The song moves nicely, it's a quick paced beat and Khop's rhymes move along with it quite well. 3.5/5

7. Dey Trippin' (featuring WC & Problem Chyld) - This is a bass-fartin, Battlecat track that features the rambunctious WC & Heavyweight homies Problem Chyld. The duo of Problem Chyld make a pretty descent debut, but for me, WC steals the shows wit his aggressive rapping style. In all that, Khop's verse is overlooked, the guests steal the show. 4/5

8. Baby Mama (Message #2) - A continuation of the first Baby Mama skit.

9. Ya Baby Daddy - This is a remake of Cube's "I Ain't The One" with a Short Khop twist. The scheme of the beat remains intact, but Khop blows renewed life into the song with his clever lyrics. "Now you wanna smell a nigga nuts/If I pull my balls out you got ta blow me/Dam good thing the other bitch washed them for me", ha there is funny shit all over this song. I could easily give this song a classic grade because it was originally done by Cube, but looking at it for just what it is I'll give this 3.5/5

10. Dollarz, Drank & Dank (featuring Kokane) - Typical West Coast funk, which is signature Battlecat. The hook is very catchy, sung by non other than the infamous Kokane. Short Khop's rhymes are nice, basically rapping about himself. In my opinion the best song on the album, just short of a classic. 4.5/5

11. 2 Of 'Em And The Door Locked (skit) - Another fucked up skit. Don't really get the point of this.

12. Flashbacks (featuring Ice Cube) - Okay, now we're on some gangsta, gangsta shiiit. Khop and Cube both serve ill performances that are on a dark gangsta tip. Cube comes the hardest with his part, which to me is his best verse out of the 4 songs he's on. Battlecat's drum kicks are crazy over the track, they go great wit his beat. "Everybody face down/Who the first to get laced now/I hit ya from the waste down." Man, just imagine N.W.A tearin shit up over this track, puts chills down my back. 4.5/5

13. Da Ready Rock - This song has no real point, just Khop rippin shit up by himself. Not a bad song, but my least favorite off the album. The chorus doesn't get me, and Khop's raps don't really stand out like on "Flashbacks" or "Braveheart". 3/5

14. M.V.P.'s (featuring Shaquille O'Neal) - Oohh, big Shaq ridin with Short Khop, LOL. For real, Shaq ain't that bad, after showin us what a gangsta he is in the beginning of the song, the hook by him is pretty descent. Blaqthoven lays down the beat, which I think is tight. Shaq just raps about him being the greatest Laker, and how he was the first "big nigga to put dubs on a Bentley", hahahaha. 3.5/5

15. Es Mi Casa (featuring Kokane) - A very dope song. It's a Spanish flavored song with Kokane giving it up once again. He sings the hook in Spanish, yeah hella tight, and even starts to rap a verse. I'm feelin the beat, with a lil but of the Spanish guitar, nobody big produced it, but it's real nice. One of my favorites off the album. 4/5

16. My Loved One Remix (featuring Ice Cube) - Khop wraps up the album up wit Cube, who takes part in the hook and throws down some dope rhymes. His hook just gets stuck in yo head, "All I wanna do is have fun wit my loved loves/Spen a hun on my loved ones/Make a run wit my loved ones/My relatives and my cousins." Not to mention the beat hooked up by Khop and Cube is off the heezy also. 4/5

Mr. Short Khop serves up his long awaited debut off Heavyweight Records after stunning many with his witty style on "The War Disc". Outta Ingelwood, the former Cube protégé delivers his album after a few years of waiting, and I can't be disappointed. Khop delivers a true, West Coast record not giving a fuck bout what any other fool says. If I had to pick out a weakness then I would say it would be in the production, Khop did recruit Battlecat, who put in 3 of his beats. All 3 Battlecat tracks were good songs, but some of the production wasn't up to par with the beats we are use to hearing today from the West. Still, on some songs regardless of the beat, Khop's lyrics do make up for quality of the beats. Cube saved Khop is some instances, were he appeared on 4 songs. Cube did the hook for 2 of the songs, while contributing hot verses to "Flashbacks" & "My Loved One Remix". I'm sure many would go along with me by saying the album reaches it's peak with tracks like, "Braveheart", "Dollarz, Drank & Dank", "Flashbacks" & "Es Mi Casa". After that, the album sort of runs out of gas, something is just missing. Compared to other West Coast records, "Da Khop Shop" is an average album. If you aren't sure on coping this album yet, then I suggest you go gets this shit if you like raw, rugged rap music that Khop can bring to the table

3.25/5 Dubs!


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