interview MAKAVELI & DILLINGER - Don't Go To Sleep | Review By: Westcoast2K

Label: DPG Records


Tracklisting/Ratings (0-5):

1. Intro - Wake Up My People
2. Don't Go 2 Sleep (Orginal Version) featuring E.D.I. [4.5]
3. Let's Fight (Niggaz Wanna Get It On) [3.5]
4. They Don't Give A Fuck About Us featuring Tha Outlawz [4.5]
5. First 2 Bomb featuring Tanya Herron [5]
6. I'm Dumpin featuring Young Assasins [5]
7. First 2 Bomb (Orginal Version) featuring Tha Outlawz [4]
8. Don't Go 2 Sleep featuring Kurupt [3.5]

The E.P. starts off with a slow weird & eerie intro similiar to the Makaveli album but not as freaky. Makaveli fires up your speakers by screaming at the top of his lungs "Everybody dies" then it raps into the original recorded version of Don't Go 2 Sleep with E.D.I. of Tha Outlawz. Personally I like this one better than the version with Kurupt. Better flow, lyrics and beat. Let's Fight is one of the shortes tracks on the E.P. and the track kind of sucks because it sounds like a rushes pre-written freestyle or sumthing. Although there an original version with The Bootcamp Click instead of Daz so that one could be better. One of the deepest and not so violent and rugged tracks is "They Don't Give A Fuck About Us" where 2pac and his Outlaw Immortalz discuss how self-centered and careless the human race are.The chorus definetly sticks out saying people never care until the end. Track 5 the most popular and anticipated track which made this album get so constantly bootlegged "First 2 Bomb" produced Very gangsta hardcore lyrics, a catchy chorus, a lot of bass, good replay value. I could go about this sGood thing there was "I'm Dumpin'' without this track and "First 2 Bomb" I wouldn't pick up the album. "I'm Dumpin" has the best lyrics, good wordplay, good rhymes, keeping it lyrical with Kurupt's new group the Young Assasins but now most of them are dead or in the pen. Even Daz rips it for not being much of an MC.The original version of First 2 Bomb ain't too much. Daz doesn't show up instead Tha Outlawz do and the beat ain't as catchy but it is still gangsta. The new version on Don't Go 2 Sleep is a little played out. The beat is weak but has some cool effects added and Kurupt's verse sounds like a rushed freestyle or run-on sentence. Over-all the E.P. is good espcially if you like D.P.G., Daz, 2Pac, Kurupt & Tha Outlawz just a few flaws on it that Daz didnt bother to fix.


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