interview DILATED PEOPLES - Expansion Team | Review By: Lord Smeely

I'm back, with another review. This time, I'ma hit y'all up with another tight LP by the Dilated Peoples. These cats are from the left coast, but they don't fit into that West coast stereotype. The trio, composed of Evidence, Iriscience and Babu, create a different, unique mix of dope rhymes, mixed with bangin' beats and some great cutting and scratching.

They call L.A. home, but can't be considered gangsta rap like many artists from the same city and it's impossible to locate a gangsta track on Expansion Team, which is neither good, or bad.

They are backed up by great production, from the likes of Babu, The Alchemist, DJ Premier, Da Beatminerz, Juju of the Beatnuts, ?uestlove, Joey Chavez and even Evidence gets into the mix. I must note that there is not a weak beat on this entire album with the exception of the track, "Heavy Rotation." I'm just not feelin' that beat for some reason, but the rhymes are ill enough to hold down a solid track. For the hottest beats, peep, "Worst Comes To Worst," "Proper Propaganda," "War," and "Hard Hitters." The beat for "War" is amazing. It is one of the most unique and original beats I've heard in a long time.

One thing I love about this disc is that there are no true skits. The interludes are pretty much tracks, and they hold their own, plus, they decided not to include an into and an outro which is a great decision. I also must commend them for the sickeningly ill scratching on this disc. It is record cutting perfection my friends. Peep track 9, called, "Dilated Junkies" for the best example.

As far as the lyrics go, there is nothing to complain about on this album. They even cover subjects such as the necessary evil known as money, on the track, "Trade Money." They discuss the bad effects of war, on the track so aptly titled, "War." Another socially conscious track is, "Proper Propaganda." I definitely consider that track among the album's, standouts. Also, I would definitely place "War" on the list. Other standout tracks include, "Worst Comes To Worst," "Trade Money" and "Panic."

This album is really hip-hop in it's most basic real form. It's raw, uncut and no punches are pulled. It's classic, stripped down rap music and I love it. It's not for everybody as they don't include any of those club songs to grab sales. The little girls looking for a pop rap record can go buy some Ja Rule because this record is not for them. It's for the heads, the cats who appreciate the old days when hip-hop was fresh, original and fun. I definitely recommend this album to anybody out here who is a true fan of rap, because you will be feelin' this album fo' sho'. It's not a perfect record, but it's a good record. The only tracks I'm not truly feelin', are "Heavy Rotation," featuring Tha Liks, and "Night Life." They are still aiight songs but not at the level to be called ill. So, to conclude, I want you to go and at least give this album a thorough listen because odds are, if you took the time visit this site, you'll like it. As Iriscience says on "Hard Hitters, "Misunderstandings go back to the blues but ah/There ain't nothing like hip hop music." And "Expansion Team" is hip hop music indeed.

4.5/5 Dubs!


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