interview THE D.O.C. - Helter Skelter | Review By: Westcoast2K

The 6th member of N.W.A.. The D.O.C. has released two solo´s and the first one was back in 1989 and was released on Ruthless and had the N.W.A. on there, production by Dr. Dre and all, it was a phat album and I bump that still, not to many albums from the 80´s is still heard in my stereo but that´s a classic gangsta album, and I was only 7 years old back in 89 so…..

Anyway, y´all know the story of him right. He lost his voice in a car crash and we didn´t know if he was gonna be able to make another album, but they fixed his voice, but it´s very unique due to this car crash, it´s kinda like a computer shit. Don´t wanna get too deep with that, I´m not a doctor…

Anyway, he was around with Dre at the early Death Row days but never released an album or so, and I don´t know what happened but when the time came to record this 2nd album Dre wasn´t there, and not Snoop, Warren G, Dogg Pound or nobody else. So the production on this one was handled by Erotic D, he actually produced a album for Adina Howard, but he really produce meen ass beats on here. This is one of my all time favorite albums fo real!

The intro tells a press story bout DOC´s death, the car crash and all that and then he get´s out of the casket he´s in, effective as the fuck! First song is ”Return Of Da Livin Dead” a very nice track, it was the single I think! Then a laid back track called ”From Ruthless 2 Death Row” and it´s about how everything changed from his NWA days to his days with the Dogg Pound. It´s very nice, and a DOC favorite for many people!

Then we have one of many evil tracks on the album, the whole tone and feelin of the album is that it´s VERY dark, twisted, gravesites, churches, hell all that is here, the full package! The track is called ”Secret Plan” and you just gotta hear it, it features a Ice T sample in the end.

Then a blow job interlude, I don´t know but I think, I THINK, we´ve heard it before?! But this one gets you laughing, because in the end the bitch hairs starts to fall of and in comes DOC and tells everyone to call Mo Hair for these type problems, it´s funny as hell!! Then we have one of my favorite tracks ”4 My Doggz” and maybe ya can guess that it´s dedicated to his Dogg Pound family. They still phuck with each other, Dr. Dre always gives him shoutouts and he was with all the DPGz at Up In Smoke Tour the summer of 2000. Anyway, he rapps thankful about Daz, Snoop, Warren G and all of em! I love it!

And up next is another track that´s just too tight, it features Mally G, he hasn´t recorded any albums or so that I know of, and a west coast queen; Passion, she´s a tight female rapper, betta belive that! The song is up tempo and just a tight tight west coast mobbin, jack somebody shit! Killershit! And after that the hits just keep on coming. A track to stop by is number 9 ”Bitchez” a laid-back track, with a guitar in the beat, but just a lil. It´s nice, can almost smell the chronic smoke on this track! #11 ”Da Hereafter” is a classic song to me, well the album just tells me CLASSIC! The chorus is a female singing ”It´s so hot, hot/I´m burnin up/Hot hot…” very nice!

Next track is the only one with many featured rappers ”Erotix Shit” features classic mid west rapper MC Breed along with DFC, Mally G, Erotic D, Mz. Allan and Boo Boo Breed, it´s a nice track, but of course Breed and DOC shines above the rest!

The last track is called ”Crazy Bitches” it´s once again very nice, Erotic D´s production fits the DOC´s vocals very good. Aiight so this tape is an all time favorite for me, I know that everyone don´t like it. Even DOC thinks it pretty bad – he said “Deuce” would be his real 2nd album! But if ya haven´t heard it please do something for ya self and check it out. It´s sum years old I know but still it´s worth your attention. I just wanted to bring some light to this sleeper album!

4/5 Dubs!


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