interview D-SHOT - Money, Sex & Thugs | Review By: Westcoast2K

Label: Shot Records


When I provide a review for this great page I usually like to focus on the less, to the bigger crowd, looked on albums. It´s better for y´all! If I review a Dr. Dre or Liks CD that´s cool but we already know they dope plus they all up in The Source etc so let me introduce you to The Click´s D-Shot with his latest solo disc. To me he has always been a bit overlooked. Forty Water get his share of fame, and of course that´s faire – he is the most original rapper in the game anyway. After him B-Legit get his attention – a bit unfair since his delivery can be a bit boring in the long run, sometimes you might not be sure if B´s mob spit is delivered while he´s awake or asleep! And being the only female Suga-T is heard from every now and then but Shot ain´t on Sick Wid It when solo riding so therefor no Jive logo on the tape, which equals no attention from parts of the rap media!

So, now that I made my point about him let me break down this fire tape to ya. The title ain´t what it should be, it should be named “Money Sex & Drugs” cause the first track is the title track but they don´t say “Money Sex and Thugs” anywhere. The chorus goes “Money Sex and Drugs” but maybe that was too controversial to name the album, I dunno! Anyhow it´s a lovely song featuring Nate Dogg, Butch Cassidy and E-40. The beat was provided by DJ Darryl from that Bombshelter camp. If you familiar with him you know he got that real mob sound in his own way. He done did beats for Master P, Messy Marv and so many more. This is a sure hit!

It leads you to the second song, which might be the best on the whole album. Such a true West Coast funk sound. Something Short Dog would love to spit to I bet! “You Need A Hustler” features chorus and a verse by Kevin Gardner and appearance by Redwine. I´m telling you, if you don´t like this you don´t like pimp music at all. Even better, you don´t like this you don´t like West Coast music period! It´s true to the roots of the left side all the way. Please peep this. “Money On My Mind” featuring and produced by Bosko continues the high standard set on the previous songs and even better is “Freak In The Dog House”. Maybe the concepts on here ain´t all new bet it´s the quality of the songs that really is untouchable to me. I listen to lots and lots of albums every month, whether it be south, west, east or mid west and it was a long time since I heard such a quality tape. Now the west is coming back after a few years of a hangover that struck many around the time of 2Pac´s death. The albums we here now are really good still there´s too many that rush their albums. More people should do like D and take their time! That way the West will get a good repartition and conquer the world once more.

Tone Capone produced “Let´s Get Kinky” and you know he drops nothing but top notch beats! And this song is not an exception! “Let It Be Known” features E-40 and B-Legit. I would really wanna hear Suga-T as well here to get that real Click formula. But it´s all good here to! “Call Me On The Unda Part 2” is a follow up many has been looking forward to. You Get productions by Ant Banks and guest spots by Rappin´ 4-tay and Dionne.
“That´s Game” brings you a fresh collab with Kurupt and Roscoe spitting over yet another hot Tone Capone production. I think I must say Kurupt over shines the skills of Shot and Ros here a bit, but he is such a great MC!

“Kick It Tonight” is the 2nd last track and it features Jayo Felony spitting some real Crip Hop as usual when it comes to Bullet Loco. Bosko provided that beat so it´s a great collab over all! Ends the album does the E-40 assisted song “Playa Haters (Fuck Um If They Hating)”. It´s a lovely Fred Wreck produced song where both rappers is allowed to shine full time! So why do I rate this album so damn high? Well it´s because an issue I addressed before; the high quality! The flows, the messages, the guests, the producers and the overall delivery works so good as one! Some times you get great beats but wack delivery and some times vice versa. But here the blend is lovely. A classic West Coast album – Period! Give Shot his props!
h yeah, this is the same group as Tha Dogg Pound, but Death Row Records has not allowed Daz and K
4.5/5 Dubs!


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