interview BISHOP LAMONT - N*gger Noize | Review By: Conan Milne

Release Date : March 1 2007
Label : N/A
Rating: 4/5


Dub Quotable: Bishop is best surmised as this: He’s a loudmouthed underground Hip-Hop lover with a deadly serious work ethic and jokes for days.

Dr. Dre is a smart man. He clearly knows that, in the entertainment business, a breakout star needs his own personality. A unique identity that people can identify with and that, at the same time, separates said star from others in the orbit. Snoop Dogg is renowned for his laid back, stoner-savvy lingo; it’s a lane he owns solely. Eminem’s demonic, warped humor is incomparable. The latest artist to receive the notorious Dre co-sign, Bishop Lamont, is quickly developing his own niche. The brilliantly eccentric MC has the potential to become the most multi-faceted lyricist rap’s Quincy Jones has ever dedicated studio time to.

Keen to avoid industry pigeonholing, Lamont is a rapper willing to tackle multiple, often controversial subjects. On the introductory “Klansmen,” he wearily backhands the bandwagon followers who pose the inevitable question (“What’s it like to work with Dr. Dre?”) like they were the first to do so. Although Focus…’ airy key loop and Bishop’s black humor mask it, there is an understandable tone of frustration in the scrutinized rapper’s voice. Nonetheless, the concept of likening haters to Klan members is poorly realized, and is restricted to a random chorus that doesn’t sit well with the rest of the track.

Ironically, the rest of a mixtape titled “N*gger Noize” is relatively accessible. Whether it’s admitting to getting cheap thrills from “Bitches on MySpace” or professing loyalty to backpack Hip-Hop, Bishop does it all with a cocksure wit that’s hard to dislike. Although humor is a large part of his appeal, this protégé still takes his art form seriously. There’s nothing funny about the eerie Stacee Adams collaboration, “The Truth.” Over psychotic plinks the warped mentality of paedophiles and violence hounds are comprehended by a despondent duo. Meanwhile, on the boom bap of “Translator,” Bishop stands his ground: “I wish the game was reversed and my verse was the beat so you listen to me first and then dance later/I ain’t dumbing down shit - you don’t get it? Get a fucking translator.”

For those in need of that translator, Bishop is best surmised as this: He’s a loudmouthed underground Hip-Hop lover with a deadly serious work ethic and jokes for days. He also just so happens to be signed to a gangsta rap genius. Those contradictions are what make Bishop not just an exciting artist, but also a breakout star in the making. Just don’t credit all of his qualities to one Andre Young.
For those who want to check the mixtape themselves you can click the banner below for the exclusive download courtesy of Bishop Lamont & DJ Skee.



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