interview WARREN G - Regulate | Review By: Incognito

1. Regulate (featuring Nate Dogg) - Fuck an intro, this song says it all. In my mind "Regulate" stands as a flat out classic. Warren G automates Dr. Dre's hardcore "g funk" sound, and transforms it into something more laid back, and soulful that fits right into California's atmosphere. Him and his Long Beach City homie, Nate Dogg, formally introduce their own brand of "funk", with the infectious production from Warren himself, and the ghetto singing style of Nate Dogg. Warren G's story telling lyrics are smooth, and easy to understand, rapping about his past altercations on the dark streets of Long Beach. It's the best track off the record, if not the best song Warren G has ever recorded. 5 out of 5.

2. Do You See - Another dope, mellowed out song that showcases Warren G shining to his fullset in many ways. His production is great, and his raps tell an interesting tale of him as youngster growing up with Snoop, and Nate Dogg. "Cause we can get paid in a different way, wit you kickin dope rhymes and I DJ". Warren's own hook is catchy as well, "Do you see what I see...everyday as Warren G, do you here what I here...but it's so hard to live through these years." In this song, Warren takes us back to the period in his life when he was just another hustla on the streets lookin to make money in a better way. 4 out of 5.

3. Gangsta Sermon (Interlude) - A funny skit that seems to be making fun of Reverend Jessie Jackson.

4. Recognize (featuring The Twinz) - Warren G's Long Beach cohorts, The Twinz make their unexpected debut here, on this track. It's basically their song, Warren drops a quick verse, as he handles the beat, which is navigated by a distorted bass for the backdrop. Though hard to tell apart, Trip Locc and Wayniac drop good enough verses that will make you wanna here more of them, and you will. A good song. 4 out of 5

5. Super Soul Sis (Performed by Jah Skillz) - Future 5 Footz member, Jah Skillz also makes her debut on this album. Here, she gets the song all to herself, getting a chance to display her clever rhymes, "Step back, because I happen to be on that plus tax, I got more subscribers than HBO or Cinemax." The beat yet again is soulful, and funky, composed by Warren G himself. This is one of my favorite beats on the record, and believe it or not, one of my favorite songs too. Warren also samples Snoop's voice for the hook...nice track. 4.5 out of 5.

6. '94 Ho Draft (Interlude) - The second interlude, that's about a draft with ho's and shit.

7. So Many Ways (featuring Wayniac) - One of the more better songs off the album next to "Regulate", this features a nice, but confusing hook. The beat is dope, made up of a heavy bass, and high pitched keys. Warren G and Twinz member Wayniac support the beat with their own dose of street raps. Another tight song. 4.5 out of 5.

8. This D.J. - A classic Warren G song, where he takes you for a ride back in time to show you his origin. Probably the most laid-back track on the album, Warren raps in retrospective about his childhood up intil now as an accomplished rap artist. The beat is funk at it's coolest level, making it appeal to everyone. 4.5 out of 5.

9. This is The Shack (Performed by the Dove Shack) - Shit, this song is on some major funkiness. Another one of Warren G's prodigy's, The Dove Shack straight outta the LB come to do their thang. Again, Warren lets his protege's shine by themselves, as he laces the beat, which is way tight. For me, it's the least interesting track on the album, but still pretty average in my opinion. The hook is a little too much for me...I don't like it. For those who are curious, The Dove Shack members consist of C-Knight, Bo-Roc, and 2Scoops who so far have 2 albums under their belt. 3.5 out of 5.

10. What's Next (featuring Mr. Malik) - This song starts off with a quick ABC rhyme that catapults into a more heavier feel where G just rips shit up with his raps. This is a dope song, but god dam...Warren G needs to learn how to spell, for real. "I said what's next, what's next, what's in N-X-E-T, it's me, Warren to the muthafuckin G", self explanatory. Besides that lil error, Mr. Malik comes in for a tight performance helpin out with the hook. Overall, another good song with some more dope production. 4 out of 5.

11. And Ya Don't Stop - One of the best songs on the album, Warren displays classy rhymes that are solid throughout the track. It's all Warren G here, his production is on point once again just like the whole record. His raps are simple, but still catchy, "The LBC, and that's my local, check it out, check it out, check it out now." This song is a favorite of mine..."Ain't nuttin but a Long Beach thang!" 4.5 out of 5.

12. Runnin' Wit No Breaks (featuring Jah Skillz & The Twinz) - "Have you ever heard of a nigga called Warren G?" The finale is a regrouping of Jah Skillz, and The Twinz along with their mentor, Warren G. This beat is almost some classical shit, definitely tight to def though. Jah Skillz, and The Twinz are impressive, and Warren G drops a line as well. Ending the album off on a good note, with another dope Warren G track. 4 out of 5.

After a subtle appearance on his older brother's ground breaking album, "The Chronic", and dropping a quick verse on Snoop's "Doggysytle" album. Warren G came into his own and created a product that was as cool as the other side of the pillow. The name said it all, "G-Funk", combining Dr. Dre's funkadelic sounds and sprinkling it with elements of of soul and R&B music, then topping it off with the flavor of California gang life. "Regulate...g-funk era", almost came out of nowhere, with a feel that seemed it didn't have anything to do with his hardcore counterparts, Dre and Snoop. Though it still was very much in the same realm of music. This album is one of the dopest hip hop records to hit, churning out the classics, "Regulate", and "This D.J.". Warren G also showcases new Long Beach talents that use the same g-funk sound as well, The Twinz, and The Dove Shack. This is just his first album, and he'll continue to build over this foundation he has created.
This is a must have CD for any west coast rap fan. Warren G's talents behind the sound board many times are overlooked, though he packs a great sense of music with smooth production that reflects his Long Beach lifestyle. Classic.

5/5 Dubs!


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