interview XZIBIT - Restless | Review By: Incognito

1. Restless Intro - The anticipation is building in a skit were everyone is hyping up the new record.

2. Front 2 Back - Picking up from where Dr. Dre left off, the thrashing sound of the lowrider bouncin up and down the street kicks the album off. On The Rockwilder's only track, he creates his own brand west coast funk for Xzibit to rhyme over, "Will the real X to the Z please stand up, wit my niggas and my guns not giving a fuck". I love how Rockwilder uses the sounds of the lo-lo throughout the song. Xzibit's hook is tight too, "It ain't safe where I'm from, niggas start beef never knowin the outcome, rather be caught wit it than caught without one, leave it alone cause the life you save might be your own." This is a powerfull song, X comes in hittin harder than ever showing us that he is one of the west coast's finest. Definitely one of my favorite tracks off the album. 4.5 out of 5.

3. Been a Long Time - (featuring Nate Dogg) - With all these tight producershookin Xzibit up, his songs are bound to change a bit, but in a good direction. WBallz is looking to make a comeback in the beginning of the song also. Battlecat lays down the beat, and Nate Dogg does his thang for the song. This is a good track that will grow on you if you don't really like it at first. Xzibit sounds dope over Battlecat's smooth beat, and Nate Dogg's part on the chorus is classic as usual. 4 out of 5.

4. U Know - (featuring Dr. Dre) - HELL YEAH, one track with The D-R-E is all I ask. Well, this is a good song after you get the hang of the beat. Dre produced this cut along with Nottz, an up and coming producer who's music has been heard over the likes of Busta Rhymes, on the recent song, "Get Out". I don't know how the two ended up making a beat together, but it's all good. Dre's raps are clever, nothing incredible, but it's nice to hear The Doctor drop a tight verse, "Thangs just ain't the same since it came out, 2001, came threw the game out, I heard you was hot, blew ya flame out, and got the nerve to believe ya hold the same clout." Yeah, Dre can STILL rock the mic, and X does his thing as well. Overall a dope collaboration between Xzibit and Dr. Dre. 4 out of 5.

5. X - OHH SHHIT! This song is blazzzin, with heavy piano keys, and rugged drum kicks produced by the trio of Dre, Mel-Man, and Scott Storch, Xzibit just shits all over the beat. Definitely a great choice for first single. Xzibit's lyrics are solid, and he probably had you singin the hook all month. This is gotta be one of the best beats on the album, and one of the best songs on the CD too. I think Scott Storch may be creepin on a come up, he has learned a lot from Dre, and is now makin his way on to being a tight producer. The video for "X" was the bomb also, wit Dre, and Snoop makin cameos in it as well. 4.5 out of 5.

6. Alkaholik - (featuring Eric Sermon, J-Ro & Tash of The Liks) - Alkaholik members J-Ro, and Tash reunite with Xzibit for another Likwit anthem. This time around Eric Sermon handles the sound and puts down a descent beat. The hook definitely sounds like they were drunk when they did it, "Call it what you wanna call it, I'm a fuckin alkaholik, bring it if you really want it, ain't gotta put no extras on it." Tash is unstoppable with his verse, "For instance, 21 and over set your clocks back...still standin wit a rock sack, 2001 we still young guns thats restless, 30 niggas, 60 hoes...and thats the muthafuckin guest list!" Shit, a dope song for all Alkaholik fans. 4 out of 5.

7. Kenny Parker Show 2001- (featuring KRS One) - This is Xzibit's first cover song he has ever done and it's not all that bad, he covers the KRS One classic, "Kenny Parker Show". X changes his rhyme style and takes it to the old school. Thayod and Xzibit handle the beat, nothing out of the ordinary though. KRS doesn't rap, he just talks throughout the song. This is got tobe one of my least favorite tracks of the record, it doesn't strike me at all. But maybe it's just me, I don't really dig cover songs, or KRS One. 3.5 out of 5.

8. D.N.A (Drugs -N- Alkahol) - (featuring Snoop Dogg) - Xzibit returns the favor for Bitch Please, and comes back on the mic with his dogg, Snoop. On the rise producer, Ric Roc composes this tight, funky-futuristic beat for thetwo to mash on. Snoop is as solid as ever on this song, going with nice, funked out raps, and a great hook. He comes into the song with a smooth, but explosive verse, "Doggy dogg is about to blow uuup, all these Snoop Dogg haters need to slow up, sho nuff, no what, X , the game is gettin slower, but I'm speedin up, an leavin em, I'm buckin em till they bleedin uupp". I love that line, it's so fuckin dope. This song is so ahead of it's time in terms of the feel, like the beat, which is crazzyy. Xzibit rocks the mic too, makin for another great track off the album. 4 out of 5.

9. Double Time - Shit, when I hear this song, I picture Xzibit undercover as a detective or some shit. I guess the beat that Eric Sermon produces makes it seem like that. X's rhymes compliment the dope beat. Though it's all Xzibit on this track, lightin the microphone on fire. Although it's a short song, it's a good one in my opinion. 4 out of 5.

10. Don't Approach Me - (featuring Eminem) - My anticipation was high on this track, after listening to it, it's not all that bad. First off, look what we have here, Eminem the producer? Shit, guess he is pickin up some tips from the good Doctor. I gotta admit, I thought the idea of Em producing was wack. Though now that I've heard production from him on The Marshall Mathers LP, and on this track, Eminem is going in the right direction. His beat is nice, and original here, and his raps are strong as well. Eminem tackles the pistol whipping incident, and Kim slitting her wrists in his rhymes. Xzibit comes down on the mic with power as well, "This is your brain on drugs, Xzibit reign on thugs, ain't no neighborhood thats big enough to bang on us." A great collaboration between Xzibit and Slim Shady. 4 out of 5.

11. Rimz & Tirez - (featuring Defari, Goldie Loc & Kokane) - More collabo's, this time Likwit homie Defari comes in alongside Doggystyle members Goldie Loc, and Kokane. Soopafly returns to lend a beat over to Xzibit, he's one of the few producers who was on Xzibit's previous album. The beat is tight, Soopafly does his job producing a track that was bound to be played in ya lowrider. To me, Kokane spoils the song with his part in the song, he doesn't belong here. Besides that, Xzibit, Defari, and Goldie Loc give up nice raps, especially Goldie Loc. A good song. 4 out of 5.

12. Fuckin You Right - I don't pay attention to this song that much, it's so fuckin annoying I'm not feelin Xzibit when he's doin these type of songs. Soopafly's beat is one reason why I don't like this track, cause the beat doesn't suit X either. This is got to be my least favorite song off the album, for many reasons. 3 out of 5.

13. Best Of Things - The third track produced by The D-R-E, and it's another incredible one. The beat is amazing, Xzibit just flows on it from beginning to end. "Strike three, tryin to fuck with the D-O double G, D-R-E, or any of my alkaholik family", Xzibit sets it's straight there with that rugged rhyme One of the best songs on the record. 4.5 out of 5.

14. Get Your Walk On - WOW, I can't believe this song. I knew this was gonna be one of the best songs Xzibit has EVER done just from all the rave it received before it was even released. You can tell right from the title that this is a club banger, full of energy. Maybe the two best up and coming producers, Mel-Man, and Battlecat, put their skills together to come up with a beat thats layered with heavy bass, and synthesized keys. This could be the tightest beat on the whole album, Xzibit starts it off with a strong verse, "I can drink a whole henessey fifth, some call that a problem, but I called it a gift, Xzibit make the whole continent shift, invading your territory in a blaze of glory." Xzibit's own hook will make the bitches all across America get on the dance floor and do their thang. Another one of the best tracks on the album. 4.5 out of 5.

15. Sorry I'm Away So Much - (featuring Suga Free and DJ Quik) - This is the only song on the album were you really get to know who Xzibit is. Xzibit raps about how he is constantly away from his family, especially his son. Quik gets his spot on the record, and tailors this great, soft spoken beat. He also puts down a rhyme along with Suga Free, I really like this song, again, it's a new style for X, but a good one. 4 out of 5.

16. Loud & Clear- (featuring Butch Cassidy, Defari & King T) - Man, we are atthe end of the record already...shit. Loud & Clear is a dark toned song, with Long Beach vocalist Butch Cassidy guest appearing to help wrap up the album. Defari makes a second appearance, and another Alkaholik, King T returns with Xzibit. Okay, this ain't the best song on the album, but one thats good enough, Battlecat serves up another dope west coast beat too. Maybe Xzibit could have chosen a different song to end the album instead of this one. Anyway..."Speak now and you'll be brought to tears." 4 out of 5.

Ever since the summer of 1999, when Xzibit associated himself with Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg for the medley, "B Please," hip hop heads have urned to see more of the talented MC. Following his mainstream success on "B Please," Xzibit was once again was sought after The D-R-E to be apart of his "2001" record. X contributed two hot tracks for the album that made everyone in America aware of this underground rhymer. In early 2000, the anticipation built for The Restless LP, but in the meantime, Xzibit took part in numerous projects, like Eminem's album, for the sequel to "B Please". Then, after exposing himself even more to America on Dre's Up In Smoke Tour, he finally returned home to release his third solo record, "Restless" on December 12th. From what I had read, many critics were high on the record, but some thought the album was made out to be bigger than what it really was. This is a great record, the only flaws that I could really pick out to make the album MORE interesting would be more incite on the man himself, Xzibit. "Sorry I'm Away So Much" is the only song that comes close, but besides that, and being delayed a few times this album is worth the listen. "Restless" definitely rises above and beyond X's first two records, "At The Speed Of Life," and "40 Days and 40 Nights". The main reason; Xzibit throws away the past production of Sir Jinx, and E-Swift for the fresh sounds of Dr. Dre, Mel-Man, and Battlecat. He also brings in better guest appearances like Snoop, Dre, and Eminem. Songs like, "Front 2 Back," "X," and "Get Your Walk On" bring out the best in Xzibit. Executive producer Dr. Dre re! ! ally tried hard to make this a great record, adding 3 of his own beats for the album also. In closing, Xzibit rounds the year off on a solid note, capping 2000 off with a bang. This is probably one of my tuffest reviews yet, because of what I have heard other people say about the record. But I gotta keep it real, and do it how I think. I love this album, and Xzibit well deserves it. On "Restless," Dr. Dre frees Xzibit from the heavy chains of the "underground," and lets Xzibit shine to his fullest.

4.5/5 Dubs!


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