interview KURUPT - Space Boogie | Review By: Incognito

1. Blast Off (Intro) - A dreary, dark & dim introduction to Young Gotti's third album as the K-u-r-u-p-t gets us ready for "Space Boogie."

2. Space Boogie (featuring Nate Dogg) - On the opening track Kurupt & Fredwreck take us into their own dimension of music with "Space Boogie." The production is top notch brought to you by a revitalized Fredwreck. Featured on the track; Nate Dogg comes dope with his high powered vocals. "All my niggas on the North side/Getcha money right away/All my niggas on the South side/Let em know that you don't play/They say the niggas on the Eastside/Ain't some niggas you can test/Unless you stuck up in a time warp/You already know about tha West." Kurupt's lyrical delivery isn't as tight as the opener to "Tha Streetz iz A Mutha," but it will keep ya satisfied even though he gets a lil sloppy. Other then that a hook is missing to fill in between verses. A good song though that immediately tells ya what's to come...4/5.

3. Hate On Me (featuring Soopafly & Damani) - Definitely a song that doesn't get much air time in my player. I'm not feeling the intro verse by Soopafly as well as his loopy beat & hook. Here, it seems like a Soopa/Damani collabo rather than a Kurupt track. Kurupt doesn't come tight either with his repetitive lines. 3/5 dubs

4. On Da Grind (featuring Daz Dillinger) - Obviously the same track off of Daz's, "R.A.W." LP. Like I said some classical Dogg Pound gangsta shit. Daz Dilli hooks up a proper instrumental for himself and D.P. partner Kurupt to rhyme over. Gotta love it...4/5.

5. It's Over (featuring Natina Reed) - On this pop happy Darrin Lockings & Christopher Arms (who?) production Kurupt and his current love affair Natina Reed collaborate for a song dedicated to Nickelodeon audiences. Shit, the beat keeps your head moving and so does Natina's catchy ass hook, but then once you catch yourself noddin your head you feel a lil weird. Oh well, Kurupt needed some kind of first single...this was the one. 2.5/5

6. Can't Go Wrong (featuring DJ Quik & Butch Cassidy) - This is where Kurupt stops fuckin around and your CD player starts to burn up. "Can't Go Wrong" is classic Quik production with some distorted keys & fast-paced trumpet horns sounding off during the tailor made hook for Butch Cassidy. Kurupt actually hits us with rhymes we wanna here too, "The reason that I'm hear/I'ma drop till it's clear/Let off page the front middle and rear." Alright, well he's getting there, Quik on the other hand comes wacky too, "Look here/We started this pussy shit/No shit/And these the muthafuckin hoes we get/Come on!" LoL, can't get enough. 4.5/5

7. On, Onsite (featuring Lil Half Dead) - Okay, there's many things to love about this track. For one, Freddy's drum beatin/rhodes playin/harpsichord thumpin beat is just nuts. Prolly MY favorite beat on this whole album. We get an added bonus with Kurupt spittin his tightest lyrics on the album. After the opening verse you start to get a feel of what he's tryin to say, "Home sweet home nigga where the hoodsta's roam/In gangstaville where we shoot to kill/Pop the pill pop and drop the three wheels." Topping it off is gotta be this cat Lil HD who after dropped an atom bomb on "Wrong Idea" blesses Kurupt with his "watch yaself hook." "Niggas act like they don't get with me when they see me onsite/But I don't give a shit you bitch cause I'm a gangsta foe liiiiife!" Hell yes...4.5/5.

8. Sunshine (featuring Jon B) - A now unemployed Julio G sounds off for the beginning of this fun in the sun Cali anthem. R&B singer Jon B handles things on the production side creating a bouncy groove as he contributes his vocals too. Kurupt spits random things here and there but he's just really playin around. Nothing special, but a good listen. This is also supposed to be the next single for the album (another bad choice). 4/5

9. The Hardest Mutha Fuckas (featuring MC Ren, Xzibit & Nate Dogg) - Definitely the hardest track on the album, and one of the hardest songs in 2001. Fredwreck comes up with a very ill, Dr. Dre-ish beat that sets the mood right away. Nate serves up a bomb performance with his gangsta hook. Once again, Kurupt is overshadowed by his guests artists, MC Ren opens things up with some hard rhymes & Xzibit steals the show with his lyrical attack. "Down and out/Nah I'm up and in/Down at the dogghouse with Dre, Cube & Ren." Some gangsta, gangsta shit...4.5/5.

10. Gangstas (featuring Daz Dillinger) - A great mellowed-out Mike Dean & Daz Dillinger track hollering out all them G'z from all over. Kurupt comes pretty correct, and D-a-z assists him with his chorus, "You do not know me very well but you gone know me if you trip on me/You niggas cannot get with me." Not much else to say here. 4/5

11. Bring Back That G Shit (featuring Snoop Dogg, Goldie Loc & Traci Nelson) - Uhhhhh, yea baby, somethin to bump in ya trunk. This song is off the hook, nice chorus, great rhymes by all three MC's and one sick beat by none other than Fredwrecktified. "This is the game you wanna spit to a nigga let a nigga know it's all right/Cascades and G'z stompin on niggas like parades/Escapades and charades played when the stampede stopped." Ooooh, that's heat there y'all. "Snoop Doggy Dogg is comin to yaaa/Fredwreck got the woofers bumpin through yaaaa/With the lone Kingpin put the G in tha C/With Kurupt Young Gotti from the D.P.G." Great song, 4.5/5.

12. Lay It On Back (featuring Fred Durst, DJ Lethal & Nate Dogg) - Many may hate cause of Limp Bizkit lead singer Fred Durst, but he doesn't ruin the track. I don't like his style either, (singing or rapping). Gotta give it up to Fredwreck who once again concocts another bangin beat futuristic style. Kurupt leads thangs off with a good slow verse, over a sick bass line. The choppy hook provided by DJ Lethal isn't much, but the O.G. Nate Deezy saves this songs. "I don't give a fuck so fuck what they saaaay/Nigga won't you say pass say pass the bombaaay/Niggas they decide to ride and they ride/Niggas they decide to ride & they diiieee." LoL, good song. 4.5/5

13. Just Don't Give A Fuck (featuring DJ Lethal) - Another song that may be hated on with Limp Bizkit DJ Lethal manning the boards. I actually feel this beat believe it or not, not bad Lethal. On this track Kurupt tackles topics about DMX, and his recently quashed beef. His raps aren't bad at all, I'm likin the hook also. 3.5/5

14. At It Again - One of those infectious West coast party bangers...we've all heard em. This is a good 'ol funky track produced by the homie Damizza of "Where I Wanna Be" fame. I like Kurupt's flow here & the talk box hook...it fits in nicely with the song. "I just go paid/It's Friday niiight/The parties jumpin/I feel soo hiiigh/Dogg Pound gangstas/We at it again/The parties poppin from beginnin to end." 4/5

15. Kuruption (featuring Everlast) - Not feelin this joint, lots of things botherin me. For one, Everlast's acoustic guitar playin over Kurupt's rhymes, it ain't right. Everlast's hook & rhymes aren't hot either. Kurupt isn't bad, he puts up a solid verse about how fucked up America is. Right off the bat you wouldn't say this is a Fredwreck production even though it is. I don't know, I'm feelin "It's Over" just as much as this. 2.5/5

16. Fuck Da World (featuring Daz) - "Muthafucka it's on tonight!" An energized track to end the album. Here, I think Kurupt tries too hard to fuck the world, he ends up fuckin up the track. "I'ma be the first nigga to fuck da world," "Holocausto, hostile, Roscoe, tobasco"...what the hell is that? Fredwreck does is part, and Daz comes in as the sixth man for the hook. An average sound where Kurupt tries too hard to make a powerful song. A different song would be better to end things off. 3.5/5

Kurupt's third solo LP is better than "Kurruption!" but fails to reach a higher mark than "Tha Streetz Iz Mutha." For "Space Boogie," Kurupt brings in up & comer Fredwreck to lay down most of the production (7). Dogg Pound homie Daz only provides 2 songs but is featured on three, still, less than on "Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha." I gotta say this record is more of an attempt to get mainstream success with songs like "It's Over" & "Lay It On Back." You can't really hate on Kurupt for tryin to get his chips after being in the game for almost 10 years. "Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha" definatly had a harder edge to it, and much better lyrics & rhymes from Kurupt. It was also more controversial with the diss track, "Callin Out Names." I think the weakest point of this album are the lyrics; Kurupt's. Kurupt has his moments through out the album where your trying to figure out what he just said. Though on other songs like, "On, Onsite," "Can't Go Wrong," & "Bring Back That G Shit" Kurupt shows off his MC'n capabilities. Some guests weren't really needed either like Everlast & Fred Durst who put down one sorry ass verse. Fredwreck brought the heat, he impressed me the MOST on this album with his overall production. Songs like "Space Boogie," "On, Onsite," "The Hardest Mutha Fuckas," "Bring Back That G Shit" & "Lay It On Back" were amazing for it's production & beats. You can tell Fredwreck has changed his style a bit for the better. You can already get ready for Kurupt's 4th LP titled, "Music Speaks Louder Than Words" executive produced by Fredwreck & Daz. Overall, this album is very bumpy, lots of average/below average songs along with some almost classics. Kurupt can be a lyrical rage if he can settle down on the mic and put some quality songs out. For "Space Boogie," Kurupt achieves nothing new, but stays the same with songs we can still enjoy.

4/5 Dubs!


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