interview BIGG SNOOP DOGG PRESENTS - Welcome 2 Da Chuuch Volume 1 | Review By: Shaun

Release Date : December 13th 2006
Label : Koch
Rating: 3.5/5


After listening to this album for the first time, the thing that really stuck out in my mind were the beats – there’s not a bad one on the album. That’s not to say that every song is good, though.

Personally, I don’t like too much R&B material (unless it’s Nate Dogg) and there’s quite a bit on this mix-tape, but some of it’s tight. Specifically, the song “Dinner In Bed,” ft. Mira Mira. The beat sounds like some old English-era music from medieval times mixed with a hip-hop beat. It sounds weird, possibly crazy but trust me, it works.

I’m not, however, feelin’ songs like “Remember,” ft. James, “Sunshine,” ft. J. Blac, and “If,” ft. Wendi, YN and J. Blac, but that’s all a matter a personal preference. If you keep it strictly gangsta, you won’t like these tracks but your girl probably will.

Bigg Snoop introduces a new side project of his called the Nine Inch Dix – apparently consisting of Snoop, Nate Dogg, Soopafly and Lil Half Dead – on the song “Just the Way You Like It.” I got to admit, this song is dope and it will stick in your head! If you’re at a party and no one’s dancing, play this song and I guarantee you, nobody will be sitting still for long.

There’s plenty of DPGC flavor on here. Song’s like “Real Soon,” “We West Coast” and “Notorious DPG” will make you feel like it’s 1993 again. With Kurupt back in the fold, the DPGC is back at full strength and picking up right where they left off. Appearances by RBX and The Lady Of Rage nearly complete the feel-good reunion nostalgia; the only person missing is Dr. Dre. Hopefully, soon…

The song “Shine,” ft. Mykestro, also stands out as one of the better tracks. I love the beat and Mykestro’s flow is nice: “Middle America, infatuated with rap s---, too bad the game so saturated with wack s---”.

That brings me to the best track on the album, “Sisters ‘N Brothers.” Snoop breaks it down and truly spits from the heart on this track. The hook features J. Blac and Mira Mira and it’s perfect.

Snoop’s contributions back to the communities and people of the world have been well documented. It’s nice to know that there are rappers out there who recognize the power they have to help others and actually use it. Songs like this can only help to raise the respectability of hip-hop as an art form and a way of life, to let those people out there who think it’s only about violence, misogyny, money and drugs know the real truth – we do care. Big ups to Bigg Snoop.

“Peace, love, war and hate, and I’m just talkin’ ‘bout the Golden State
The girls, the cars, the blunts, the heaters, might as well join us can’t beat us, believe us And overseas they launch they torpedoes, and blame all they problems on the world leaders
We don’t need’em, we fightin’ for our freedom, but all the little kids want Snoop Dogg to teach’em and lead’em
If I was the president, I know it ain’t relevant, but I say it for the hell of it,
You know I’d make this world a better place, I’d make sure everybody got food on they plate
I did a show for this date called Live Aid, for my African peoples, a 20-year sequel
Now they got water and resources, and we thought, we had it bad, livin’ low with the past, that’s sad.


The question they ask is if I’m Muslim or I’m Baptist
My God is your God, even if you Catholic
See, ya’ll gotta understand that all rappers, ain’t negative, that’s just how we used to live
Oh yeah, I got the gun with me every time I’m on the street
I have to do it, got to do it, Dogg can’t be no casualty
Imagine me if I was dead and gone, kept it strong, led him wrong, and led him home, c’mon


How ‘bout that, real love between brown and black
Tha Dogg Pound is back, bring our soldiers back
And leave them peoples alone, over there in Iraq
See I done visited the troops, you know I got the scoop
My peoples over here got everybody caught up in the loop
Whoop, whoop, but I ain’t gon’ speak to deep and leak game
But ya’ll need to peep game
I ain’t gon’ speak to deep and leak game, man, it’s a damn shame
I ain’t gon’ speak to deep and leak game, somebody gotta make a change”


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