interview IV LIFE RECORDS (November 2002) | Interview By: The Truth

Dubcnn.com had the chance to ask the IV Life Records family some questions regarding IV Life's past work, plans for the future, thoughts on the westcoast, tours and more. Thanks to IVLife for taking some time out to answer our questions

Interview & Questions Organised By The Truth

(Conducted On 24th November 2002)

dubcnn.com: Can you tell us a little about what IV Life Records are bringing, as far as Sound, Style? And how long IV Life has been in the game?

IV Life : IV Life has been in the game for over 5 years now as a record company. Our Founder Del started IV Life as a way of bringing together young up and coming artist into the music business. As far as style goes, we're a West coast label, so of course we do the funk/gangsta stuff. Plus me being from the old school I bring a lot of Hip Hop style to west coast music. I would have to say, our sound is unique once you hear a whole album of our material, plus we're always evolving in this music game, Gotta stay ahead of the game.

dubcnn.com: Can you tell us what projects IV Life are working on right now? Or what we can expect in the future

IV Life : Right now were working the IV Life Underground Vol. 1 album. It's moving well in the streets and we're negotiating distribution as we speak. Vol. 2 is in the woks now as well as Vol. 3 and 4. Vol. 2 should be out the first of the year. It's slated to have everyone from Vol 1. plus a few "surprise" guests. After that you can expect a full length album from the IV Life family as well as myself. Vol. 4 Will be the IV Life family

dubcnn.com: Are there any Solo projects coming up?

IV Life : Crisstyle and Too cool are working on solo projects and BUC and J-Dog have a group album.

dubcnn.com: Who is on IV Life? What's the the full IV Life family roster?

IV Life : The full roster as of right now is Too Cool, Young Buc, Crisstyle, J-dog and Lil Heff. Tray Dee and Goldie are affiliates As well a Ju-well.

dubcnn.com: Who is involved production wise?

IV Life : Myself, J-Dog, Lethal, Mike Smooth, and others. My Boy FatJack is going to give us some tracks, Battlecat has promised me a beat or two, Silk said he was going to drop a heater also. Still trying to hook up with Bosko, and my homie DK From the Himalayaz.

dubcnn.com: What's up with IV Life Clothing, your clothing line?

IV Life : Trying to find the right manufacturer. We have a cat making tee shirts and hats, trying to get the jackets and stuff now. Plus Baby tee's and thongs for the ladies,

dubcnn.com: Can you tell us a little about what IV Life give back to the community, I see you performed at the 'Right to life' concert recently.

IV Life : We have an annual toy drive and sponsor other giveaways. Big Herb is having a block party for the kids at Kids IV Life on Vermont this Saturday, bring your kids. We have 4th of July stuff and sometimes Halloween stuff too. Right now we're working on another toy drive.

dubcnn.com: How do you envision the hip-hop scene as we approach the year 2003?

IV Life : The game needs a cleansing. Too many people not enough talent, kinda like baseball. We need contraction. To many wack groups, too much copying of styles. There's room for change, but people are slow to accept it. Ya know what I mean, there is a fine line from being dope, you know avant guard, and being wack. Niggas is scared to try new shit, especially on the west coast. We have to change or die. New York switched styles after Snoop and them busted the doors down, they had to compete again.

dubcnn.com: Can we expect another Snoop Dogg / IV Life collaboration? Squeeze Play was ill.

IV Life : I think so, we have some more stuff recorded and Snoop said he was wit it. I just want to work with Snoop one on one with this one. Squeeze Play was finished and I asked him to jump on it for us

dubcnn.com: Where do you see IV Life fitting into all of this? Do you think because of the selection of MC's you have, your going to bring something the west coast has been missing?

IV Life : It's like the Tennis commercial, New Balls Please. I'm trying to brink some cats to the game that got lyrical skill first. New artists. This is Hip hop no matter how you dress it up. If you can't rap, you can't rap. When Snoop and them came, everybody was like them niggas can rap. Period. Same with Cube, Ren, 40, Spice. People recognized skills first, then the gangsta shit. Feel me. We need a new crop of Gangsta MC's, West coast lyricists

dubcnn.com: Daz of The Dogg Pound recently said he was to work with IV Life, did that happen?

IV Life : Not yet, we're supposed to do an album or sumthin. I'll have to holla at him about it. I need Daz to drop a track and a couple of verses. Daz got heat

dubcnn.com: Do you have any tours planned?

IV Life : Just promotional stuff, hitting the road, promoting the artists and the label. Just west coast stuff Arizona, New Mexico, Washington Portland Etc. Hittin' the colleges and stuff. A few radio stations and urban retailers

dubcnn.com: Is there any last words you want too say to the fans out there?

IV Life : Thank you for your support. We love y'all. Look out for that Vol. 1 in stores now and Vol. 2 coming soon!
























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