interview BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY  (November 2006) | Interview By: Yash

  Dubcnn took time to speak with Krayzie Bone & Layzie Bone from Bone Tugs-N-Harmony to discuss their recent release "Thug Stories" on Koch Records which is a precursor to their Interscope album. We discussed how the group is at present, how they work together, we find out more on the Dr. Dre situation, working with Lil Eazy, the Dresta diss, memories of Eazy-E as well as host of information on the groups upcoming album.

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Interview was done in October 2006

Questions Asked By: Yash

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Dubcnn: Why did you release the album ĒThug StoriesĒ on Koch before the Interscope album?

Layzie Bone: Well basically that was an album we recorded almost to years ago man and we had just been sitting on it so that was our last independent album before we stepped out onto a major again.

Dubcnn: Okay, like was it part of the promotion before the big album?

Layzie Bone: Yeah to get the name out there you know what I mean and like let motherfuckers know we still working. Let everybody know that Bone Thugs and Harmony still got hits!

Dubcnn: You wonít be shooting any videos for the songs on that album right?

Layzie Bone: No thatís just like basically a warm up album man. ďThug StoriesĒ wonít have no videos and itís barely even promoted you know what I mean. It just happened to run into the Interscope album so no videos or nothing like that we saving all that for the big album.

Dubcnn: Alright man, howís the spirit of the group in 2006 compared to back then?

Krayzie Bone: I mean right now, weíre all in good spirits right now. We had like our little issues with the record companies, with members of the group you know what Iím saying but fuck that right now. We managed to keep our heads together and just stay on that level because you know we had to keep this Bone Thugs n Harmony situation going. Can nothing stop this!

We all in good spirits, weíre happy with the situation we in with Interscope right now and we happy with the Koch record and everything is going real good for us right now.

Dubcnn: Fosho and you know when we spoke about 2 years ago, you were telling me that you were hooking up with Dre and you were maybe doing a deal with him. What happened with that?

Krayzie Bone: Well man basically it was a couple of situations on the table like a lot of people was talking you know back and forth, but we never actually hooked up and talked to Dr. Dre until we signed with Interscope. It was just a lot of stuff going back and forth, there were a couple of people interested in us but we finally hooked up with Swizz Beats you know what Iím saying and thatís how the whole Interscope situation came about.

Layzie Bone: And also back then like 2 years ago we couldnít get full co-operation out of everybody in the group and without full co-operation Dr. Dre and different people didnít want to deal with Bone Thugs n Harmony. If it was a miss assembly which left us out there stranded like 2 years trying to get a home.

Dubcnn: You know I keep in touch with BG Knocc Out and I spoke to him like 2 weeks ago and he was with Flesh-N-Bones family taking pictures to send back to Flesh. He said that he been speaking to Krayzie Bone like 2-3 weeks ago and that maybe yíall were coming to LA and do something. Has that happened yet?

Krayzie Bone: I spoke to him like umm a couple weeks ago when we was on tour. I told him like when I get back to Cali I was going to hook up with him but our schedule has been hectic but Iím gone definitely going to try and hook up with him.

Dubcnn: Tight, with such a unique style how do you go about the song writing process?

Layzie Bone: Man itís all kind of different ways to go about it you know what I mean?
Like sometimes somebody come in there you know Krayzie would have a hook done or have a concept done or we all in the studio vibing together, sitting in a circle writing you know what Iím saying?

It ainít just one set way the way we come with our songs and itís just like however the vibe flow thatís how it go. Just follow the vibe.

Dubcnn: Letís get into the new album. Whatís it called and can you tell us whoís featured and who is doing the production on there?

Krayzie Bone: We got a lot of producers, as far as production we got umm Swizz Beats of course, we got tracks by Big Boi from Outkast, tracks from 3-6 Mafia, Akon, Dr Dre and umm who else?

Layzie Bone: Nottz, Will I Am from the Black Eyed Peas.

Krayzie Bone: Oh yeah we got Will I Am, we got some tracks with Timbaland! Man we got like a all star production team.

Dubcnn: Thatís hot.

Krayzie Bone: Thatís something we never really had.

Dubcnn: You know with so many guest appearances and producers is there a possibility that it might be a double album?

Layzie Bone: No we gone stick to putting out one album right now man but we recorded like 65-70 songs for that album so we just putting all our material in the vault and keep it for the catalogue and things like that man but it ainít no telling we most definitely not going to do a double album but it ainít no telling how soon we might drop another album directly after this.

Dubcnn: How many album deals you got with Interscope?

Layzie Bone: Well basically just one album deal. We looking for Interscope to really put us back out there on the map and if everything go well you know we got a option with them that we going to most definitely capitalise on.

Dubcnn: Tell us about the first single ďJust VibeĒ. Everybodyís guessing that itís Swizz Beats but it sounds like a Kanye beat.

Krayzie Bone: Thatís actually a producer named Pretty Boy.

Dubcnn: OhÖ

Krayzie Bone: Yeah I think itís a producer named Pretty Boy. A lot of people thought it was a DJ Uneek beat but itís actually a dude named Pretty Boy. Guess they up and coming and they really got some nice tracks and we got a couple on our album. Theyíre really off the hook.

Dubcnn: How was it working with Dre? How many songs did he produce?

Krayze Bone: Well we didnít really start working with Dre yet. We still waiting to get his tracks from him. But I guess thatís gone be like towards the end of the album when we about to get with him and Swizz. Like really close down the album.

Dubcnn: Can you describe the album and what kind of vibe it will have?

Layzie Bone: Man itís going to be one of them classics man, like that EAST 1999 Eternal Bone Thugs n Harmony hungry all over again. You know we got a lot of things to prove, we gone touch on a lot of subjects and most definitely get that street level and itís going to be a very well rounded album!

Like I said we recorded over 65 songs so we gone pick the best 16 out of that and itís going to be a very well rounded album like dam near touching on every subject thatís out here on this planet.

Dubcnn: Tight, man I recently saw a leaked video of you guys in the studio working on a new song called ďIn The CoffinĒ will this track be on the Interscope album and who produced that one?

Krayzie Bone: In The Coffin? Hmmm

Layzie Bone: Man we done so many damn songs *Laughs* Umm maybe someone got the information and kind of miss titled it or something.

Dubcnn: Yeah maybe. Alright man did you guys record with Gwen Stefani?

Layzie Bone: No.

Dubcnn: There were rumours going around that you might done a song with her.

Layzie Bone: No, I mean that was someone we were thinking about but we never collaborated and had no conversations with her.

Dubcnn: When can we expect the second single?

Layzie Bone: You can expect that around the time of the release of the album. They say they looking at December 19th for a release date but it may end up being January but yea sometime around the release of the album.

ďJust VibeĒ was basically a leak and thatís really not our first single. Itís just something to let the fans know weíve been working.

Dubcnn: Whatís the name of the album?

Layzie Bone: Weíve been thinking about Strength and Loyalty and I mean itís up in the air right now. Itís really to early to really say titles of the album and things like that. We still waiting for Dr Dre and we still recording with Swizz so we be locking the album down in the next 2 weeks and we will release that information.

Dubcnn: Okay, and you know you are on the first single of Tupac which is produced by Swizz Beats. Can you tell us about that project?

Krayzie Bone: Yeah, thatís something we did in the studio while we was working on the album, on our album. That just happened to come about and like we knocked that song out while we was working on our latest Interscope album.

It actually came right after the Biggie song.

Dubcnn: You got a crazy verse on there. Everybodyís talking about it.

Krayzie Bone: ThanksÖ

Dubcnn: Why isnít DJ Uneek on the new album and how do you feel about Uneek releasing your older stuff?

I mean, well man basically the album is not done but itís just like some issues and itís been a lot of stuff thatís been brought to my attention lately. That I had no idea was being released on the internet and I didnít know he was doing it. I have yet to speak with him about that.
So itís like I donít really even know yet.

Dubcnn: Okay you recorded a song with Lil Eazy! Could you tell us like how was the atmosphere like in the studio? Could you feel the late great Eazy Eís presence in any way in him or in the studio with you guys?

Layzie Bone: Oh yeah most definitely man, Just being around him you could feel Eazyís soul so it was all love. It was like something long overdue. But yeah we most definitely felt Eazyís presence you know he look just like his dad and sound like his dad.

Lil E is the closest thing we can get to Eazy so we most definitely felt Eazyís presence.

Dubcnn: Did you know Dresta made a song where heís talking about heís little mad that you guys never gave it up to him for presenting you guys to Eazy? Can you speak on that?

Krayzie Bone: Who?

Dubcnn: Dresta.

Layzie Bone: Well first of all he ainít never present us to Eazy E so whatever the fuck he talking about he got like fucked up.

Dubcnn: Okay because he was like he took you guys backstageÖ

Layzie Bone: Bone Thugs n Harmony took one way bus tickets, making phone calls just to get on with Eazy E. Nobody presented us to Eazy E, we found Eazy E! Eazy E didnít find us.

Dubcnn: Okay, how did you hook up with Chamillionare and did you think the song was going to be as big as it was?

Krayzie Bone: No man basically it was a song we did like a couple of years ago and I met him through Play-N-Skillz because I had worked with Play-N-Skillz previously. I did not think at all that the song was going to be a Number 1 song. I had no idea, it shocked everybody even him! So yeah it was a real big shock.

Dubcnn: Yeah I was real happy like damn Bone is back and you guys getting noticed again. Because that song helped you guys a lot.

Krayzie Bone: Fosho.

Dubcnn: Why hasnít Wish Bone released a solo album?

Krayzie Bone: Well man basically weíre waiting for the right situation, I guess heís waiting for the right situation I guess.

Dubcnn: You know your Thug Line shoes. Will you release them outside the United States?

Krayzie Bone: Oh yeah man most definitely. Iím planning on releasing them in Australia, Japan and a couple of places.

Dubcnn: Would you be interested in coming to Sweden or Europe? You have never been in Sweden.

Krayzie Bone: Oh yeah man we will definitely come down there. We ainít never been to Sweden Lay?

Layzie Bone: No we ainít never been there.

Krayzie Bone: Oh yeah Switzerland we beenÖ

Dubcnn: All the fans over here asked me to tell you to come here. People in the north like Denmark, Sweden etc. Scandinavia!

Krayzie Bone: Oh yeah man definitely Iíd love to come out there.

Dubcnn: Out of all the artists that are out right now. Who are you listening to these days?

Krayzie Bone: Man little bit of everybody. I just love music, not just Rap or R&B. If you got a nice beat and nice words to it I listen to all kinds of music.

Dubcnn: What about Layzie?

Layzie Bone: Yeah I second that, I keep the old school in the deck you know what I mean. Actually I stay a lot in the studio working so I donít get a lot of time to listen to the radio and what not but I love music myself man so if itís hot and really hot then Iím fucking with it.

Other than that I donít get into the bad music and all that but you know I stay tuned to whatís going on in the streets man and I like all kinds of music. I listen to everything.

Dubcnn: What were the experiences recording with Biggie compared to recording with Tupac? How did they differ?

Layzie Bone: I mean man basically it was one big thug occasion. When we was with either one of them but see me personally I wasnít in the studio with Pac when I recorded my verse soÖ the end view was of the hook though when I met Pac he was a real nigga and when I met Biggie he was a real nigga.

They had gotten through their thang but that had nothing to do with us so real niggas hook up so it was just all love on both occasions when I met both of them.

Dubcnn: Can you guys share a memory of when you were with Eazy?

Layzie Bone: Aw man I remember the first time when we went to New York. First time being in a 5 star hotel kicking it, we all walking around having the big cotton house coats on and shit just smoking, blazing. Just chilling man.

We had our shower caps on you know everybody went and got their robe out the room and walking around in kakhis and kakhi house shoes and house robes on and doing it big.

Krayzie Bone: Yep.

Dubcnn: Okay bro do you have any last words for the fans?

Me personally man I just say thanks for the support all these years. Man stay tuned to what we got coming. We most definitely got Mo Thug coming, we got Thug Line coming and we got the Bone Thug movie coming out.

If I just say one thing to the fans itís thanking them for their support, a lot of people twisted about whatís going on with the internal problems with Bone with Bizzy and Flesh but know that Bone Thugs n Harmony is a unit and majority always rules so when you see the majority thatís Bone Thugs n Harmony and we gone represent it to the fullest!



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