interview CARLITO ROSSI (January 2009) | Interview By: Jonathan Hay

   Today, we are sitting down with buzzing artist, Carlito Rossi, for this exclusive Dubcnn interview. Carlito has the streets talking about his hot new singles “Hater in the Club” featuring the illustrious D12 and “Ain’t No Tellin” featuring Shady Record’s very own, Ca$his.

With his highly-anticipated mixtape with Ca$his approaching, titled DJ Vlad Presents: The Usual Suspects Vol. 1 Carlito Rossi is hard at work with artist such as Roccet, Paul Wall, Freeway, Nu Jerzey Devil, DJ Khaled and DJ Enuff, just to name a few… so we just had to find out what he’s all about.

(On a side note, the recession doesn’t seem to be affecting this rapper’s paper much, as he’s seen riding around town in his Lamborghini Gallardo…nice.)

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Interview was done in December 2008
Questions Asked By: Jonathan Hay

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Carlito Rossi Interview
By Jonathan Hay

Dubcnn: What was the reason behind your name change to Carlito Rossi?

Well basically, it is a new year and it is time for new things. I’ve been using the name Carlito for a couple of years now, but I realized that the name “Carlito” is already branded. I feel like I am ready for the next level and with my name Carlito Rossi, it’s gonna be a wrap.

I am ready to build my own brand and market myself 100% without worrying about the fact that my name is being branded by someone else. Its like a rapper calling themselves “Hulk Hogan”, there is only one “Hulk Hogan”, I felt like “Carlito Rossi” was perfect for me. All the business side of things behind the name is already in the works. I am ready to take my career to the next level and 2009 Carlito Rossi will be everywhere.

Dubcnn: How did you end up recording the song “Hater in the Club” with D12?

The whole D12 collaboration all happened because one of my associates introduced my music to one of D12’s peoples and it was basically a wrap after that. I gotta say that D12’s manager is the one that came up with the concept of the song and we made it happen. I had my dude Omega lace the production and it was a guaranteed hit. I’ve always been a D12 fan for the longest so when they told me that they was down to work together I had to do it. We are currently working on getting radio airplay. It is just hard sometimes when you are independent and unsigned to make things like that happen. It will happen eventually though.

Dubcnn: It’s impressive that Kuniva, Bizarre & Swifty McVay all show up on the song. Tell us about the recording process and who did the production on Hater in the Club?

Omega Productions, that’s my dude, he is the future, and I’ve been saying it since day one, everyone knows that. Omega is producing most of my independent album Carlito’s Way the LP. This song with Hater in the Club with D12 will definitely be on the album. Expect major releases backed by Omega’s Productions in 2009. Waddup O!

Dubcnn: What’s going on with the remix?

The remix to Hater in The Club is currently in the works. It will feature me, D12, Ca$his & Roccett. I will tell you that Omega is behind the production for the remix as well. I am telling you, if this song hits the radio my career will go to the next level guaranteed.

Dubcnn: Your song, “Ain’t No Tellin” with Ca$his has the streets talking… How did that collaboration come about?

The situation happened because my dude connected with one of Ca$his peoples. They already had formed a relationship previous to the situation, and one day my dude was speaking about me and my music and Ca$his peoples was speaking about Ca$his’s music, so he asked to send him my music, and once Ca$his heard it; he was willing to collab so we made it happen. The song we did which will be on my independent album Carlito’s Way the LP came out so hot, that we decided to do a mixtape together. This is when the song Ain’t No Tellin was recorded. Ca$his came out with the idea of naming the mixtape The Usual Suspects Vol.1. I reached out to my dude DJ Vlad and asked him to host the project and he agreed. The song Aint No Tellin is receiving great feedback. Again, this is another song that would smash the satellite radio waves. We are currently working on making that happen.

Dubcnn: Is the DJ Vlad Presents: The Usual Suspects Vol. 1 a whole mixtape with Ca$his – or just a few songs with the Shady recording artist?

The mixtape The Usual Suspects Vol.1 is collaboration between Ca$his and I and the mixtape will have original tracks from both of us. The majority of songs will be me and Ca$his together, but their will be some songs that it’s just him, and some songs that are just me. This mixtape is gonna be crazy, look out for a new song from the mixtape releasing soon.

Dubcnn: Being that you have worked with both D12 and Ca$his, one would assume that Eminem definitely knows about you…

I am honestly not sure. I mean Ca$his is the “Shady Capo” so I would assume so. Doing a song with an artist like Eminem would be amazing. All I can do is continue grinding and keep moving forward. Maybe one day the opportunity will come like it did with D12 and Ca$his, who knows. Im on grind mode, anything can happen, I just got a call from someone yesterday asking me to collab with their artist. This artist is a major artist as well, so who knows what can happen. All I know is I will continue to provide good music regardless of who I work with.

Dubcnn: Has your hometown in New Jersey supported you - - or have you experienced a lot of local jealousy?

Paterson [New Jersey] has showed me nothing but love. I have experienced a little bit of jealousy, but that’s just telling me that I’m doing something good. When people don’t hate you, you have to wonder why, but when people hate on you then you know you are doing your thang. I think people shouldn’t hate though because if anything, I am putting in work for the city, which should bring future opportunities for them or vise versa. If someone in my city blows up, why would I hate on him if he/she were putting my city on the map, which will ultimately bring more opportunities for me, because labels will be looking for artists after that. So with that said, I want to shout out all the rappers, producers and artists in Paterson and all over Jersey as well. Keep doing yall thing and I wish yall much success.

Dubcnn: You touch down in Houston – for an H-Town cameo from Paul Wall, what was it like working with him?

Well, you know, Paul Wall is a platinum selling artist, which speaks for itself. We all know that Paul Wall is a cool laid-back type dude that gets along with everyone which is why he is labeled as “The Peoples Champ”. Vlad basically was the one that introduced me to that situation. He executive produced the track and he made it happen.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to be in the recording studio with Paul Wall like I wanted to, but its all good. Im sure that will happen in the future. You know how it is nowadays with the net and all that. Major artists sometimes never even meet until months after there songs are recorded. With today’s technology, you can make an exclusive song with someone in Japan, without going to Japan… feel me. I personally like to be there in person, because there is where all the REAL magic happens, but nonetheless, all can say is that I can’t wait to release the song. Its gonna tare up the streets, cause me and Paul Wall did our thing. The name of the song is called Mayor of the City. Shouts outs to Paul Wall, his album dropping early 09 as well.

Dubcnn: Share with the readers a little history on the song you did with West Coast’s very own Roccett?

Well basically, my dude knows one of his peoples real good. He introduced the original song to Hater in the Club, which featured D12. They went crazy when they heard it. My peoples said that I was working on a remix and it was a wrap after that. Bigs up to Roccett, he makes good music and im sure we will work on something together again soon, so stay tuned peoples.

Dubcnn: I just have to ask… in your Sip A Lil Lika video, what kind of car is that exotic yellow ride *laughing*?

Yea that’s a Lamborghini Gallardo. I’m all about making history. So I brought the Lamborghini Gallardo to the hood, which makes me the first rapper from Paterson to bring the Lambo to the hood at a video shoot in Paterson. I like to do big things when I do things so I brought the Lambo out. Speaking of videos, I will be introducing a new video for one of my up and coming singles if D12 and I don’t do a video for Hater in the Club.

Dubcnn: One of the songs I’m really looking forward to is your collaboration with Freeway… When can people hear that?

We are actually working on this track as we speak. We are both checking out the available beat selection. I don’t want to say anymore at this point, but this song smells a hit record. I will leave it at that for now… *Laughs*

Dubcnn: You have many big name features from an emcee standpoint, any big name producers you are working with as well?

The producers I worked with are producers that I have personal relationships with. I work with Omega who has already done production work for major artists like D12, Ca$his & Jay Mills, just to name a few. I also work with Jersey’s dopest producer Shy Boogs from So Amazin’ Ent and he has worked with countless amounts of major artists. I want to do an album backed by only his production. He told me he was with it. So maybe after my independent album, Carlito’s Way the LP drops, we can make that happen. Boogs waddup! Another producer I worked with was I.N.F.O. Productions who provided productions for many major artists as well. Shout outs to Beats Oven Productions too, Saunders waddup.

At the end of the day, I keep a tight circle of people I work with, but I am always open to work with new people as long as their mind is right and their business game is right and of course, they gotta have hot beats.

Dubcnn: Heavy-hitters such as DJ Khaled, DJ Vlad, DJ Enuff, & Nu Jerzey Devil are hosting your upcoming album, “Carlito’s Way the Lp.” To receive that kind of co-sign speaks volumes… How did you come in contact with them – and just all your marquee features in general?

Well like I said, when I do something I like to go all the way with it. All those relationships were built in different periods and different situations. At the end of the day, I don’t have very close relationships with all of them like I would want to, but I do thank them for holding me down, cause at the end of the day they didn’t have to do nothing for me. Don’t get it twisted; I didn’t wake up one day with all these industry contacts and connections. I started from nothing and didn’t have a clue on how I was going to break down the industry doors. With my work ethic, music and determination I managed to build relationships with people I never thought I would. It was hard earning these relationships, but once they knew what I was about and knew I wasn’t playing games they had no choice but to work with me. All the people who help me out are people that know what I am about and feel that I have the talent to become big in this game and I want to thank all of them.

Dubcnn: Switching gears, do you think Barack Obama will really make changes for the better?

Yes I do. This country needs a president like Obama. I can’t cosign 100% yet because actions do speak louder than words, but I do feel that he will definitely make a difference. He might not fix everything but he will definitely make a difference in helping today’s economy.

Dubcnn: What can people expect from Carlito Rossi in 2009?

You can expect bigger and better things, God willing. Expect bigger records and more hit records. Expect the new name Carlito Rossi to excel. I will make sure of that. Expect my independent album: Carlito’s Way the LP to be released. Expect me and Ca$his mixtape The Usual Suspects to be released too

Dubcnn: Are you working on putting together a tour?

Not right now, but maybe after my independent album drops. I have had opportunities to tour with major artists, but those opportunities came at the wrong time. You know what they say, it’s all about timing. Next time I will make sure I can do it.

Dubcnn: Final thoughts or last words for the readers…

Carlito Rossi is the new movement. Shouts out to everybody that’s been following my career throughout the years. Big ups to all my loyal fans that stays checking for me and looking for me… I won’t disappoint yall. Request my new song, Hater in the Club featuring D12 on your local radio station. Look out for the Hater in the Club Remix dropping very soon. Look out for me and Ca$his mixtape...

Big ups to Dubcnn.com, hit up CarlitoRossi.com - Im out.


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