interview Christine Gabriel  (January 2009) | Interview By: Chad Kiser

   With her husband & business partner Erotic D locked up and trapped behind bars, Dubcnn reached out to Christine Gabriel for this exclusive interview. Talking to Chad Kiser & Jonathan Hay, the very beautiful and vivacious Mrs. Gabriel Weighs in on her relationship with Erotic D, how she manages her day-to-day life as an actress/model/wife/mother, as well as a few more personal and intimate discussions.

While Erotic is temporarily “out of the office”, Christine is helping to run the daily operations of E-World Entertainment, while also helping their family cope without having their beloved father & husband. As the old saying goes, behind every good man is a great woman…or in the Christine’s own words, “a down-ass b-tch!”

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Interview was done in January 2009

Questions Asked By: Chad Kiser & Jonathan Hay

Christine Gabriel Interview
A Woman’s Touch (The Special Dubcnn Series)
By: Chad Kiser & Jonathan Hay

Dubcnn: How did you and your husband, Erotic D, meet?

At Fantasy Ranch! It was a pretty popular strip club. I was waiting tables and he was the hot man on campus (laughing). We met thru this girl that had a thing for him. She asked if I wanted to go and hang out with her homeboy. I said, “Sure!” I was hanging out with my future husband. There  were two bitches and I. They were hanging on to every word that was coming out of his mouth, asking if they could be his groupies. Exact words! I was sitting there thinking to myself, "what the fuck!” I didn’t sign up for that shit! Anyways, after that the rest was history! What can I say; he is a sexy motherf-cker!

Dubcnn: What’s a day in the life of Christine Gabriel like?

Crazy! Levi is a handful! He is 9 months old now and is very high maintenance, but so much fun. Then I get a call from my husband. He lets me know what needs to be done. I drive to hell and back, and then work and hope that I can sleep! When I am not doing for my lil’ man I am doing for my MAN. Lil’ man is bossy as hell just like his daddy. A lil’ Erotic look a like! All of that driving is about 100miles a day to pick up the oldest and visit erotic! It’s hectic, but worth the whole twenty minutes we get!

Dubcnn: How did you get into modeling and acting?

It was what I have wanted to do ever since I can remember. I saw women walk the runway on TV when I was six. I just knew then that was what I wanted to be. Acting is just second nature for me so that goes without saying. I was born to do that! (laughs) My husband has his own Spike Lee. His name is LA and he put me in my first movie! It was so much fun! I am going to be is female Tom Cruise!

Dubcnn: Who has been your inspiration?

My husband of course! Now my son inspires me to make it big! I Its funny how a child changes how you think and essentially live! I love it!

Dubcnn: Tell us a little bit about growing up. What was life like growing up?

Hard, but fun! We Moved alot. I am half German so I got to know my German side as well as American. I grew up in Germany until I was eleven. My German is rusty, but I still know what I am talking about.

Dubcnn: With your husband working the gangsta image and music so hard, do you ever drag him out to the theatres and plays?

My husband is an educated, well-rounded man. I would never have to drag him! He loves to try new things with me. Plus he enjoys doing whatever with me! That is what makes him so gangsta!

Dubcnn: Did you ever meet Dr. Dre?


Dubcnn: How long have you and Erotic been together?

7 hot and steamy "fucking" years!

Dubcnn: For an intimate couple going through prison time, how does a couple best deal with the “physical needs”?…. (laughing)

Yea! (laughs) Like I have told my husband, only he can fill that void and until then our fantasies about each other will do me just as good as he will when I get my hands on him! It will be that much better when he gets home.

Dubcnn: What is your personal favorite song or project that your husband has ever done?

I have so many! I literally sit in the car and say, "OOOO! That's my favorite song!” to everything. No lie! My favorite project is The Black Bruce Willis. His songs make me wet!

Dubcnn: Do you have any involvement, either professionally or personally, with the emcees or producers that Erotic works with?

Now that he is out of the office, I am standing in for him.  So, yes I have to call them and do business. Normally, no I would not be involved in any way.

Dubcnn: M.C. Breed recently passed away, when was the last time you or Erotic talked to him?

The Wednesday before he sadly passed away. I was checking to see if he had received the beat cd’s that I sent.

Dubcnn: How has Erotic been dealing with the loss of his good friend Eric Breed?

He took it pretty hard. He wrote his own statement so you can know first hand how he feels. He loved Breed like a brother. It’s been even worse for him that he could not pay his respects.

Dubcnn: You’ve described to me about being that “down-ass b-tch” in regards to your husband’s incarceration. Never-the-less, how has his prison time affected you?

I am not going to lie and say it’s not hard because it is very hard! I would never do anything but what my husband asks and should expect of me. I love him from the deepest part of my soul. Half of me is missing!

Dubcnn: What can we look forward to from you in 2009?

More of the same. being that down-ass bitch and a boss. I Hope to get back to my other love acting and modeling.

Dubcnn: You’re in incredible shape! What does your daily routine of exercise and diet consist of?

Tons of cardio. Chicken, fish, greens fruits. Sundays are cheat days. Seriously, I should be in chocolate’s anonymous!


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