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Dubcnn hooked back up with Daz Dillinger right in time to talk about his upcoming solo albums "Gangsta Party", "Only On The Left Side", "Throw A Stack At 'Em" and all the others, as well as the upcoming Dogg Pound album on Cash Money Records. In this humorous interview, the Dogg Pound Gangsta tells us why he's so busy dropping projects, his hustling strategy, as well as his thoughts on the fans.

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Interview was done in August 2007

Questions Asked By: Nima

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Dubcnn: Dubcnn right here with D-A-Z to talk about the new album "Gangsta Party". What's up with you man?

Chillin' mayne, you know what I mean, just hustling, doing what I'm doing usually.

Dubcnn: So what's this record about?

"Gangsta Party", just having fun, independent again, doing what I'm doing, hooked up with my homie John Silva out there in Seattle, and put the bread with the head and came up with the.. you know what I mean?

Dubcnn: You had announced a record called "Only On The Left Side". What happened to that one?

That record is still in effect, it's gonna be record right after this one. Give it two months after "Gangsta Party", and I'll be dropping it. Then I got another album called "Throw A Stack At 'Em", it's more of a Down South album. I got distribution deals mayne, I'm getting this money! I don't know what everybody else gone do, but I know what I'm gonna do! And I'm gonna do the Cash Money deal, we just signed that deal, so I got a lot going on!

Dubcnn: So how come you don't keep the best tracks off all these albums and bring out one record with the best songs?

Because it's different eras and title for me. I might be going through this right here and like this record, I'm putting albums together.

Dubcnn: So what's the concepts of the different albums that you got coming out?

"Gangsta Party" is partying, "Only On The Left Side" is a gangsta crip album, "Throw A Stack At 'Em" is strictly for the bitches. Cause it's a lot of people in the world, they wanna hear everything. So I'ma cater to everybody.

Dubcnn: So when is "Gangsta Party" coming out?

It's coming out in October. And we got digital distribution too. It's more people in the world, you know what I mean? I just left from overseas, when we were over there with you! Smoking! Thanks to Nima for coming through with the smizzoke! *laughs*

Dubcnn: It's all good! So "Gangsta Party" in October?

Yeah I got the single with me, Jagged Edge and Joe Budden. [Listen & Download] No throwback tracks, none of these albums is throwback tracks. Ya'll want some throwback tracks I got that album coming out called "Tha Dogg Pound Unreleased" and "Dat Nigga Daz Unreleased" coming on iTunes. It's all about what avenues can you go to get the money. It's a lot of people making mixtapes, but ain't nobody making no money off these mixtapes but the DJ's! I'm cool with the DJ's and I'm right there with them to distribute that shit. But I'm talking about the artists yelling this and that.

Dubcnn: So who produced "Gangsta Party"?

John Silva and me. He was coming with the tracks and the money and I was coming with the verses, and we put it together. He got a history of doing stuff for himself, he's got a couple of records he's put out, he's got records on Jayo Felony, he's got Killa Tay, Spice 1, that type of stuff.

Dubcnn: Who do you have on there as far as guest appearances?

I got E-40, Kurupt, Keak Da Sneak, Outlawz, Spice 1, Jayo Felony, Redman, Mistah FAB, Joe Budden, Jagged Edge, Roscoe, Yukmouth, San Quinn, we reached out to a gang of people.

Dubcnn: Is this the second time you recorded with Jayo after the beef after the "Dogg Chit" track?

Yup! I've been talking to Jayo for a minute. That's what the world wanna see.

Dubcnn: Some of the fans are worried that by you putting out all these projects, you'll rush them instead of taking the time to make it sound right. What do you think?

Ain't no rushing if you got a good ear and you're producing. What you gonna do, wait a year? You gonna be broke for a whole year before you even put the shit together! You better get money now! Cause if you go on Limewire everybody's shit is on there!

Dubcnn: Are you gonna be shooting a video for "Gangsta Party"?

Yeah we're gonna be shooting a couple of videos, I'll be directing them myself, street videos like I do. All that high budget ass shit and then ya'll go to YouTube and look at it for free! *laughs* I got the new project "Tha Dogg Pound - Tha Saga Unfoldz DVD" coming out on the 28th!

Dubcnn: Is that all street videos too?

Yeah that's that whole Saga Continuez album, we shot videos for it with Dada.

Dubcnn: Did ya'll keep that crazy DPGC Muzik video that was shot in the hotel room and shit? *laughs*

Yeah we got that in there. So you know, just putting projects together man. Cause I don't see a lot of people putting projects together, who can do it and make it look good and make it sell. Now I just got a distribution deal out there in the UK for my new project called "Mr. International".

Dubcnn: What's that?

That's a DVD, I got you on camera, you on camera! *laughs*

Dubcnn: I'm on camera?

Yeah when we was at the Live Earth concert, you seen me with the camera right?

Dubcnn: Oh yeah, that's right.

Yeah, "Mr. International", I got a whole album with that. I'll give you that, that's strictly for everybody overseas, cause it's more to Hip-Hop than just what's in the USA. So me goin overseas and looking at all them different people who love our music, and get new fans at the same time! So it's like, if ya'll ain't never been overseas, then you don't know what I'm talking about. Get your passports, $200, go to the post office!

Dubcnn: *laughs* When ya'll going back?

I'm back now, I'm smoking, I'm riding down the highway, I'm in the ATL! Putting DJ Funky's new album together. He's the Top DJ out here at the strip club, we got a album with him called "Smoke While We Drive". And we got a new radio show too called "Stripper radio" on XM Radio, strictly for the strippers. I got a lot of independent shit going on, I'm not tying myself down, just finding new avenues and trying to see some people eat.

Dubcnn: So what's the deal with that Cash Money deal, how did that come into play?

Well Kurupt was dealing with them for a while, he was on Lil Wayne's "Carter II", but I had been dealing with them long before that when they was just starting in the game. My grandfather and my daddy is from New Orleans, the 9th Ward, so I use to see them everytime I'd go down there to visit my family and stuff, and I was in Miami over the weekend for my father's birthday July 26th, and I was walking through the mall.

The mall is right next door to my house, I got a house in Miami, so, I'm walking in the mall and I bumped into Slim, the tall one, the brother, the one that's making it happen, you know what I mean? He's like "You on So So Def?" I'm like "Shit ain't nothing holding me down!" So we went on and did the Dogg Pound. The deal was so sweet, no bullshit, no none of that "take this long" or "that long". The deal was done in 1 week. Cash in hands. Cash money. *laughs* Everybody's like "bla bla bla" but they're distributing our records!

Dubcnn: Is it a one album deal or what is it?

Yeah, with some options. We wanna keep it going. But we're just going to make the music that we do, we've got the money to make it sound like it's going to sound, and I got a whole new style for this Dogg Pound album.

Dubcnn: What is that?

Loud shit. Shit *braaa* That's all they wanna hear! All that. I got the G-Funk sound, and we really going to make this album for the bitches. We been making nigga songs for years. Cause bitches gonna buy the record, niggas gonna go to Limewire and the whole nine. But we just gonna make that Dogg Pound shit, you know what it is, me Snoop Kurupt! It's just what I do, I'm a workaholic, I can have a hundred projects coming out right now. Why they give a fuck I'm the one spending the money! I trip off some of the fans, I listen to what they say, I put polls on the site, to see what people want, but some of them be just bullshitting and shit.

Dubcnn: Like what?

Just talking and saying "we wanna hear this and that", shit, all you doing is downloading the record anyway! Record sales have really went down! That's why I'm independent! But anything else is cool, I'm making money everyday, that's the point of the whole game. I could make one project right now and make me a million dollars off that project, who else could do some shit like that if they ain't already in the game? Every 100,000 records is a million dollars for me.

That's worldwide selling records. So whatever the fans think don't really matter, they ain't paying me, they dubbing the shit. The real fans is the one paying, that's who I give it up to, the people who are at the shows, and I walk through the crowd, looking for that weed sack, and saying wassup! You know how it goes Nima, you see how we be rolling out there, when you came out to the show in Germany.

Dubcnn: When?

You smoking weed Nima you're brain is fucked up! You're losing memory!

Dubcnn: My brain is fucked up! That's you saying that?! You're crazy, your brain is fucked up!

*laughs* Ahhh, I just asked you, you was like "Huh? When?" Shit, we was just out there!

Dubcnn: How you gone say something about me being too high, you're the craziest muthafucka.

I'm focused man!

Dubcnn: You're crazy.

Hey, just trying to make it happen! "Gangsta Party" is coming out through Gangsta Advisory/Hi Powered, then I got Dogg Pound online distribution so you can go to iTunes, pull up all my records right there. Just keeping it going! Anybody out there who wanna give me some beats, holla at me at onlyontheleftside@gmail.com. I'm hooking up with different producers, if they've got 12 or 14 songs, I'm doing a album with them, and we go 50/50! I hooked up with my little homie G Watts from Florida, I met him on MySpace, just going through there listening to peoples beats. He sent me 4 tracks, I dropped the 4 tracks, sent it back to him, and he sent me 7 more! I just did a full album, put it on iTunes, and keep putting the albums out! So you know, it's about how can you hustle with this game that you in. You're hustling with the website, everybody and they mama on this muthafucka!

Dubcnn: *laughs* You got that Black Wall Street deal for Only On The Left Side right?

Black Wall Street? Nah that's another deal for another solo album.

Dubcnn: So...

That's through Koch. Black Wall Street/Koch doing a album, The Game and Daz Dillinger holla'd, we getting the deal right with Allan and them. But for now, I go a distribution deal and I'm just dropping everything. The more product, the better the catalogue. All you rappers, MC's, go gettas, b-boys and everybody, it's all about a catalogue, more than 5 albums, 10 albums, make a catalogue to where distributors wanna give you a deal cause you got product, and they know that you're consistent on making product. I might make a project a week!

I got one distribution deal for DVD's and records, and another one for DVD's and records, and overseas. I got the Dogg Pound shoes, that's only gonna be out in Germany, through Shake, it's a shoe deal I got out there. I'm just trying to venture out, I got the T-Shirts going, I'm selling Pitbulls right now! I got a Dogg Pound Pitbull @ MySpace, get the hardest pits, no Michael Vicking! But I'm down with Michael Vick! *laughs*

Dubcnn: You crazy.

Just hustling man! "Gangsta Party" coming out, 17 tracks, I got all the West Coast artists on there, "Only On The Left Side" dropping in a whole different flavor, just different kinds of music. I got a Rock & Roll album dropping, roaring metal type of shit! You know what I mean?

Dubcnn: Before we get out of here, is there anything else you'd like to let everybody know?

Just keep tuned in to DPGRecordz.com, ThaDoggPound.com, for the latest news dubcnn.com, and I got production on Snoop Dogg's new album. I got a movie with Omar Gooding called "Make It Rain", we took that and put it in his hands and he's making it happen! We just grinding till the next interview, might be next week! I be doing a lot of verses on MySpace though, I wanna shout out everybody on MySpace who's been buying verses, Syndrome out there in the UK, him and Mikee, a couple of other cats, everything at MySpace has really been working!


Daz Gave Dubcnn A Shoutout! Check That Here

Full Audio Interview Here

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