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DubCNN sits down with New York's own DJ SynCity. The Baddest Bitch on the 1s and 2s tells us about her up coming and current projects, Britney Spears rapping on one of her Mixtapes, her influences, the reasons behind Shoutouts and yelling on Mixtapes, the hot up coming emcees and much more! Feel free to send any feedback regarding the interview to - /


Huge thanks to SynCity for taking time out to answer the questions fans wanted to know! (Interview was done by email in March of 2005)

Questions Asked By : SGV We got DJ SynCity here. Whats going on Syn?

SynCity: Hey wussup world! So whats new in world of SynCity? New projects?

SynCity: Yes, actually I have a few mixtapes I’m dropping: Leaders of the New Skool hosted by Jae Millz and Aasim from Bad Boy, a Valentine R&B joint wit DJ Mello, Dead Presidents Part II and mixtape, they will be available in the next couple weeks. Damn. Staying busy. Where can people cop these?

SynCity:,,, matter fact go to to see the list of places available. Thats my website Ok..That's whats up. What other mixtapes have you done?

SynCity: I’ve done the Vote or Die hosted by P.Diddy, Dead Presidents part I, 2 am Heat Volume I & II and many many more. Who were some featured artists on em, just in case people never heard them.

SynCity: Well the Vote or Die mixtape with P.Diddy was a political type of mixtape that had songs such as "Mister President" by Channel Live it is now on heavy rotation in the colleges. Channel Live...That's taking it back.

SynCity: There was the Britney Spears exclusive that was a big thing for me she was rapping for 16 bars. Clinton Sparks did a big publicity for it but apparantly never came out with it. haha. Was that any good? Could Britney spit?

SynCity: That helped me big time to get that crossover crowd. Lets say it was entertaining. The Dead Presidents mixtape was a tribute to our fallen rappers and r&b singers. Oh for real? Thats tight.

SynCity: That made an impact in the Hip Hop world. Who was on that?

SynCity: Tupac, Aaliyah, Biggie, DJ Screw, Soulja Slim, Big L, Big Pun, Left Eye, among others DJ Screw...That's hard!

SynCity: Yea respect to the South! Texas is the next big thing after crunk! Who you feeling right now, as far as Emcees go?

SynCity: I love Jay-Z cuz he knows how to entertain people. I love Nas cuz he sticks to his guns and go with what he thinks. Actually Nas is one of my favorites! Game is the next big phenomenon. How about DJs?

SynCity: Kid Capri is still rockin it. DJ Suss.One and M.O.S. Goldfingers...crazy. As far as in the scratching world: DJ Craze and Q-Bert. I haven't had a chance to listen to your mixtapes yet, but you don't go around screaming like a moron on the tapes like other DJs do, right?

SynCity: HAHA! Yes I do. haha. Damn!

SynCity: But I’m not a moron! haha

SynCity: I don’t do the whole tape, I do the intros. Oh ok thats not THAT bad.

SynCity: And sometime in between… see there's a reason behind talkin over tapes or puttin drops over tapes. I can't stand when I'm getting into a track and all of a sudden "Shouts to this muthafucka down the block and shouts to this dude who gave me a shirt!"

SynCity: I feel its my duty to protect these songs. No doubt, you don't want them to get bootlegged.

SynCity: For the consumer to actually wanna go buy the album or song I understand the concept behind it, I just wish people would be more subtle about it.

SynCity: If you only knew the pressure. Record company execs will pressure you to shout them out. The kid that gave you the track will pressure you. Thats why sometimes its hard to be on TV. I feel you.

SynCity: Cuz everyone and their mother wants a shout out. You do what you gotta do. Everyone feels entitled!

SynCity: This what Imma tell all you people thats reading: If you aint my momma then I dont have to shout you! No direspect! I love everybody Tell em!

SynCity: My momma and my team, thats all I care about really! People behind me. No doubt Thats how it should be!

SynCity: uh huh So you said Game's the next big penomenon.

SynCity: Yes The album was tight. Who else should we look for?

SynCity: Who else... Saigon, Remy Ma. Saigon is always on the top of everyones list.

SynCity: Yes cuz he knows how to make good songs, he is ready. Is he still fuckin' with Mark Ronson?

SynCity: Im not so sure anymore, I just know he is with Jus Blaze. Signed to a fort knox deal under Atlantic and Sickamore is the A&R (shout to him)! Oh ok I hope Atlantic dont make him hold back.

SynCity: Oh and Slim Thug is doing big! He was the voice from the Souf. Yes Slim Thugga is finally blowing up

SynCity: I forgot to mention! Oh aight. You put on the young emcees in the game?

SynCity: Yes of course, I got this girl Lore'l. She is really hot. Tight with her rhymes! And for the young and or new emcees out there looking to get put on, how do they get in contact with DJ SynCity?

SynCity: They can always submit their tracks to my marketing and promotions company called Five Foot Assassin at Aight.

SynCity: They can go to for more information on how that works. Its not only placement on my tapes, it offers placement on other djs. tapes...heavy, etc Perfect. So you DJ for Bad Boy right? In national mixshow radio and club promotions.

SynCity: No I work for bad boy as a staff. Oh ok. Who you DJ for?

SynCity: Nicole Wray from Dame Dash music group, which use to be Rocafella. Thats right.

SynCity: I also have Jae Millz listed whenever he goes on tour. Jae Millz is now signed to Universal. But you DJ for shows and events in NY as well?

SynCity: I do it all! I will steal all yall jobs! haha

SynCity: Naw! I enjoy doing parties, as well as perform around the world with artists. Its a great feeling. So you've been around the world?

SynCity: hahaha not really! haha! But you plan on it?

SynCity: Only USA so far! Yes (I plan to but) Ive done USA like 3 times. Maybe more! Make sure you take me a long

SynCity: Sure! I'm gonna hold you to that, too! You got any crazy stories from events or parties you DJ'd at?

SynCity: well i have a few Care to share one?

SynCity: Im just trying to see which one Im allowed to tell you! haha You dont gotta drop names if you dont want!

SynCity: There's this club in New York thats hot, and I had to DJ for an artist. I arrive there like 1am. It was Thanksgiving night the line was long so i approach the door came in i saw male strippers and i was like whoaaa and then i looked around. So I was like “where the ladies at!” I only see a few, found out this was a gay party. I invited a few of my friends too they were mad at me! haha Do you blame them?

SynCity: umm hey I enjoyed watchin the strippers! Even though I aint get no play! Most men didnt look gay it was just a tease. Was one of em Game? haha Just playing!But didnt make a move for you. So they had to be gay!

SynCity: Well some did "pretend" but i knew it was so phony. I knew at the end of the day he would be chasin his man. Was one of em Game? haha Just playing!You get a lot of Rappers hitting on you?

SynCity: Rappers...oh yes! As a female, was it hard to get respect?

Well, being a female has pros and cons. Yes for a female in this world you have to work twice as hard to prove your skills and gain respect. I am thankful that women like Lazy K, Salt'n'Pepa, MC Lyte… What about Amil?

SynCity: Missy Elliot paved the way for women in Hip Hop! No doubt

SynCity: Amil...thats my peoples! I better shut my mouth then huh?

SynCity: But they didnt do her justice. It’s all good say it like it is! I like it real! ha You make beats too

SynCity: Yes indeed. You shopping them?

SynCity: Yes on the low low though. My focus is deejaying right now. Ok

SynCity: Til my name circulates more. I get you. If you could produce for 3 emcees who would they be?

SynCity: Slim Thug, Jadakiss and Eminem. Thats a different list! Favorite Producer ever?

SynCity: I have a few Dr.Dre, Havoc, Timbaland and Just Blaze. Good little list. What is SynCity listening to right now?

SynCity: Silence! Naw… haha

SynCity: Whats in heavy rotation? Yup

SynCity: That Snoop Dogg “Drop It Like Its Hot” remix with Jay-Z. Cassidy “Imma Hussla” thats my anthem And Game's “Hate It or Love It,” matter fact the whole album. Game sure did blow up

SynCity: I also like 50 Cent joint “Candy Shop.” “Candy Shop” is a remake of “Magic Stick” At least thats how it sounds.

SynCity: Ya 50 knows how to make club hits, I love Alicia Keys album thats a classic and A Tribe Called Quest! Aight...Since you DJ parties… What Record ALWAYS gets the party hype?

SynCity: “Poison” by Bel Biv Devoe! Haha! As it should. That's a classic

SynCity: That and Freeway “Flipside” for the kids. I was just watching that video last night, Im suprised that song didnt blow up.

SynCity: Yea everytime I put it on they go bananas. No doubt. Aight well...Plug what you got coming again. Mixtapes, appearances whatever.

SynCity: Ok well I got “Leaders of the New Skool” hosted by Jae Millz and Aasim from Bad Boy. Valentine R&B special with DJ Mello hosted by Nicole Wray. Dead Presidents part II, mixtape. What were you up for at the Justos?

SynCity: Best Female Mixtape DJ of the Year for now. Next year I’m takin’ all the categories so watch out boys! I wanna take females in this industry to the next level. haha Go head and drop those infamous SynCity shouts.

SynCity: Shout out to my publicist for hooking this up! Shout out to you the readers around the world that go cop my mixtape after this! Yea shouts to Darnell! Plug the website one more time, too.

SynCity: shout out to my mother and family, and all my friends, my team especially Make sure you tell Diddy about this Interview! And the site!

SynCity: fasho Haha Dope!

SynCity: If I can catch him! Leave it in his office

SynCity: Imma be like “ or die for SynCity! I run the city!” hahaThen rock a Mohawk?

SynCity: hmm Yea why not! I think I would look hot though! a new trend Syncity the baddest bitch on the 1s and 2s! haha No doubt Yall check for SynCity damn it!

SynCity: And dont forget to check out my website! Thats whats up. Thank you for taking your time to do this too!

SynCity: Vote or Die bitch! No doubt thank YOU!








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