DJ Yella and hooked up together to bring ya'll an exclusive interview with NWA member DJ Yella. The producer and porn movie producer spoke to us about the old days, Eazy-E, the NWA Reunion, his movies, upcoming projects and much more. Make sure to check it out and send feedback to - /


Huge thanks to DJ Yella for taking time out to answer the questions fans wanted to knowand to Playboy T for arranging it! (Interview was done by phone on October 15th 2003)

Questions Asked By : Yash

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1. You were the truest friend by far to Eazy what made you have his back the way you did when most of the other members left Ruthless?

Well really it wasnít a reason for me to leave When I do something I always do it all the way to the endÖYou Know..I had no reason he done nuttin bad to me.

2 You and Dr Dre used to be in the Wreckin Crew What made you guys wanna start gangstarap and do it with Eazy E?

When we was in the wrecking crew we werenít making no money that was the real reason actually we didnít make any money off them records we did. So by the time we got towards the end of the Wreckin Crew we started it up, We started NWA Right there. And left the Wrecking crew just dropped it and we had just released our last single but we just dropped it and left.

3.How did you meet Eazy E?

Well I actually met him through Dre towards the end of the wrecking crew up. Dre knew Eazy from school when he was younger. But I had met him towards the end of the wrecking crew.

4.The name NWA who came up with that?

umm I think it was Eazy or Cube Maybe Dre. To this day I donít know who really came up with that *

5.Wussup with the NWA reunion and putting together unreleased vocals from Eazy on it?

Last time I spoke to Dre they wanted to do it but I guess everybody got so busy..theres still a few tracks with Eazyís Vocals that hasnít been on anything yet. A song I did with him thatís never been released. Theres a few vocals still outthere. And the Reunion it could happen, if everybody sit down at the table it could happen.

6.How did you feel about dre and you know the other members wanted to start the NWA album but we didnít see anything about you or Eazy and they said they wanted to put snoop in the group. How did you feel about that?

Well it never was a reunion album, they did a couple singles with Cube. It was for Cubeís album so the media ended up makin it look like it was a NWA song but it really wasnít. It was just Cube invited Dre and Ren to rap on it..I wasnít invited but it wasnít no NWA song they just made it look like it.

7.Whats your relationship with the other NWA members and D.O.C nowadays?

Well D.O.C wasnít no member he was just a writer, he was part of the clique but he wasnít an actual NWA member. I havenít seen DOC in awhile, Ren me and him just did some songs for this movie I just did.

10. That bangin song was tight.

Oh yea it was just thrown together and next movie ima actually do Ren again

11.Are you gonna produce any music on MC Renís upcoming album?
Yea ima do a few tracks

13.Will you release a new album any time soon?

Not a album just movies. It be a couple of months from now. 14.Could one just order the soundtrack or you have to buy the movie aswell

Yea yea it had to be with the movie the few songs are like a demo. Itís free.

15.How many unreleased Eazy E songs are there?

I have one and I think its like 2 maybe 3 that were unfinished so prolly three.

16.I heared Jerry Heller has some songs is it true?

Not that I know of naw cuz it wasnít really none outthere. I have as a matter of fact his last album, when E died I had the whole album all of it. I had it in the studio

17.Do you think any of the songs will come out?

Well the ones that I got will never come out. Couple of other ones might. Ruthless owns the songs but the one I got will never come out as long as I aint putting it out its my song cuz actually it was diss HE WAS DISSIN CUBE. So I just kept it you know aint no sense in putting that out

18.Was it during the time when No Vaseline came out?

Actually we did the song in 94 so it had to be few months before he died. Yea I was actually the last person to record him. Him and Ren are on a song that never came out either

19.How much do you charge for a beat?

*Laughs* I really donít make em nomore I just do em for the movie set. Its not a price cuz that stuff I only do for the company or for us rather, cuz I never did outside work I never looked at it as charging for a beat.

20.What is your relationship with Ruthless today?

I havenít actually talked to them in a few years since I did that last album I havenít really talked to them.

21.What happened to Dirty Red?

Dirty Red Shaki..Thats his name I donít know I talked to him a couple of times..

22.Does he Still Rap?

He had a good voice its just nobody didnít hook up cuz you know after that album. I stopped doing music so nobody really took him under they wing and hooked him up, cuz he had a great voice.

24.Have you spoken to him recently?

I think I spoke to him a few months ago. I donít know if he quit rappin but he kinda fell away or something fell out of.

25. DO you have contact with BG KO and Dresta?

Well actually BG KO is in Jail.

26. Yea could you please tell us about that how he ended up in there.

I donít know what his inthere for. I know he got a long I really donít know. I havenít talked to Dresta I donít know whatever happened to him.

27. So you donít know when KO is coming out?

Na it wont be no time soon last I heared it was quite a few years. He woulda been a good rapper.

28. He was the next thing to Eazy.

Oh yea but you know with the death and all that we never did get a chance to all that stuff cuz thatís the album I woulda wanted to work on. Was BG knock outís album..The death came to early

29. Throughout the course of his career dr. dre has always seemed to have people claim he took credit for all their work.. my question is how much of nwa's music were you actually responsible for?

I wouldnít say.. you canít really break it down like that the whole group actually made the sound. Me and Dre did all the recording Dre did most of the beats but you know it was like a group thing. It wasnít like this person did everything you know Dre is Dre Ive been knowin him forever. You he the best producer outthere now in the rap industry.

30. Will you produce with him again?

Oh yea I mean me and him are still in good terms.

31. Do you still talk to him?

Every once in awhile but he change his nr so much. I havenít talked to him this year but I talked to him last year.

32. Can you tell us how you got into the porn business?

Actually a buddy of mine name Big Man a partner of mine he brung me the idea. He actually brought Eazy E the idea first but Eazy didnít go for it but once the idea was brought to me I jumped right on it. Went out bought cameras and stuff just started..

33.Where can people order your adult movies?

At the website DJYELLA.NET. or in the stores well not outthere yet but it will be but yea Online.

34.What projects have you been Working on lately is it just movies?

Yea, just movies I shot over 250 movies but my name is not on all of them I just started putting my name on them for the last year and a half. I like it, its like starting over in the music business when NWA first started when it was fun. No headaches no nuttin thatís how this business is. Not just from lookin at the girls but the business side.

35. You know if BG knock out came out of jail and he wanted to hook up would you make music with him again?

Well I would definetly put him on the soundtrack. Thatís how he would start off of there and see if people felt his voice. Cuz he had a great voice and style.

36 What do feel about artists rappin about being crips nowadays and bloods? I have never heared NWA rep any sets in songs?

Na We well they say hey say we started this stuff but to tell you the truth I guess thatís just the times of the rap the times just changed.

37. Was anyone from NWA in a gang?

Na we werenít a gang people just portrayed us as a gang. We was not a gang.

38.How serious was the beef between ruthless and deathrow? Was it just like beef on wax or did the camps really hate eachother?

Well it was more on WAX really. That never happened you know outside of a record. You know once they did a diss song than Eazy came out with a diss song, that was it.

39. How many units did your album sell?

I donít know company didnít know what it was doin. They put out a single and didnít shoot the video until the album was out. So they did stuff kinda backwards. SO I just fell out with the company and said thatís it im done. They didnít know what they were doin.

40. DO you have any last words for the
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