interview THA DOGG POUND (October 2008) | Interview By: Yash

Not too long ago we posted exclusive live and backstage footage from Snoop Dogg and the Dogg Pound taken from our Dubcnn vaults [See: Exclusive Snoop Dogg & Dogg Pound Video Footage]. Back then we mentioned that Dubcnn linked up with the crew again for new footage and interviews, as we were invited to this year's European tour to cover two of their events.

Today we have exclusive interviews, show footage and pictures from the concert in Denmark and Croatia with Snoop Dogg & Tha Dogg Pound and J-Ro of Tha Alkaholiks. J-Ro took us on stage to film his performance before we caught up with Kurupt and Daz for a short video interview.

Kurupt talked about his collabo project with DJ Quik called "Black Out" and Daz spoke on his upcoming movie and of course the next DPG album which will have guest appearances from Krayzie Bone, Turf Talk amongst others.

You can watch and read this exclusive interview and we urge you to leave feedback on our forums or email them to yash@dubcnn.com.



Interview was done in person in October 2008

Questions Asked By: Yash

Video of the Interview: Download here

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Kurupt: Dubcnn what it is man..We're doing this real super big you have always supported the West Coast, You are the West Coast when it comes to this news you dig what I'm talking about?
My boy Yash, my muthafucking homeboy Nima and them doing it real motherfucking super big keep it hood. We gone keep smoking and keep drinkin', doin it super big..My big homie J-Ro...

Dubcnn: Tell them about the album you and J-Ro are working on.

Kurupt: Yeah we finna put that thing together, we gone hit the states then we gone hit the studio to make it happen.

Dubcnn: We're sitting here with Daz Dillinger

Daz: well we're just having a good time it's my first time out here.

Dubcnn: What's the difference between touring in US and coming out to Europe?

Daz: it's really no difference, just having a good time kicking it and showing love. Just being out here is somewhere that I don't see how much they appreciate the music..It's like a wholenother world you know what I'm saying.

Dubcnn: Kurupt is in the house...I know Kurupt been overseas before but Daz did you think you had so many fans overseas?

Daz: I mean we've been giving y'all our music for so many years, just keep dropping them we gone do this for ourselves, big snoop dogg and the whole doggpound.

Dubcnn: Tellem about that "Only On The Left Side" the album that's out right now.

Daz: Yeah "Only On The Left Side" album is out Digitally and in stores go cop it. We're dropping a couple more hot Singles and instrumentals. You can get them on Itunes and the whole 9 yard you know what I'm saying. Then we're droppin movies every other thing just expanding with clothes and other things.

Dubcnn: Tell them about that movie you're working on...

Daz: Yeah it's called "Make It Rain" featuring Country Cain, Shorty and all the homies just putting it together and making it happen man. We're going to release that by Christmas.

Dubcnn: Everybody wants to know when the next Dogg Pound is droppin'?

Daz: Yeah it's called 100 Ways!

Kurupt: It's smokiiiin' hot!

Daz: We're getting ready to go shoot our first video with Turf Talk. It's called "Y'all Know What I'm Doing". Y'all be checking out for that. I just wanted to get my solo album out there too keep this shit movin and we're getting ready to drop "100 Ways".

Dubcnn: Why Y'all name it "100 Ways"?

Kurupt: Because of the game it's so many ways...it's 100 ways to get this cheese and stay out the penetantiary and it's a real grown album. It's 100 ways to do whatever you want to do. It's 100 ways that you can do it!

Dubcnn: Who's producing on that shit? Is Soopafly handling any of the production?

Daz: Yeah definetly and we got Hi-Tek on there...Who else we got on there?

Kurupt: Terrace Martin and Mars did something nice on there and Problem did something on there (produced a record), Ivan Johnsson did a smokin hot joint on there. Ivan and Daz did this record with an artist we're working with right now called A Dub. The song is called "Gotto Let You Know"
Man that motherfucker is so smokin' that's some Dogg Pound gangsta shit!

Dubcnn: Where's he from?

Kurupt: Oxnard California and we got one with Krayzie Bone that's off the muthafuckin chain called "Money Fold".Yeah Krayzie fucks with us!

Daz: Yeah I've been producing alot for him lately and just tryna keep it crackin. I could have done alot more for them but I was waiting for the Dogg Pound. Just trying to give y'all more music man.
"Only On The Left Side" is in stores and we gone get explosive with this Dogg Pound shit "Y'all Know What I'm Doing" is the first single. Keeping that West Coast shit if you wanna hear that G Funk shit man that's what we're coming with on this album.

Dubcnn: Who are you feeling right now from the West as far as new cats like Problem..who else you feelin?

Kurupt: I'm feeling everybody man everybodys tight.

Daz: I'm Feeling that dude Clinton! What's the dude name?

Dubcnn Clinton Wayne?

Daz: Yeah Clinton Wayne!

Dubcnn: Oh yeah he's tight. That's my boy. 

Daz: I wanna say wussup to everybody in Denmark we're going to get this weed at this district you know what I mean *laughs* They giving us with the goodie bags and we just had a great time man and I want y'all too look at the footage being on stage. Keep rewind it back and keep loggin on to Dubcnn! Holla at your boy at myspace.com/daz and if y'all want them verses it's all through the email.

Kurupt: Get ready for that DJ Quik and Kurupt album! Everything we drop is a group project for me and Daz. When we drop solo albums it's a group project because we put everything behind it
both of us to make that solo effort crackin'. We already got that "Only On The Left Side" outthere so get ready for that "Gangsta Grillz" mixtape DPG Gangsta Grillz Mixtape with Dj Drama. We pushing real heavy right now.

We also got the sparkers on right now. Sparkin' kicks you know we call them Crip Nike's! (shows his new shoes to the camera) Air Force One and Michael Jordan got together to make a new shoe called the Air Force Jordan and I got them before they even came out thanks Mike! Good looking because I fucks with Michael Jordan and my brother Chris Webber keeping it spiffy these right here are like everyday shoes to me.

West Coast is pushing a big line right now...Got the DJ Quik and Kurupt album coming out "Black Out" me and Quik iz on their heels!

Dubcnn: Is Quik producing the whole thing?

Kurupt: Yes siiir! It's stupid big, get ready for that first single called "Anniversary" that will slap you across your god damn ass! You gone love it and also get ready for that Dogg Pound single which you're going to hear first "Y'all Know What I'm Doing" back to that Dogg Pound Gansta Shit.

Oh and my solo album is comin soon...Daz produced the whole shit but the group album we got some Hi-Tek and some Terrace Martin, also we got Soopafly production on there..

Daz: Niggarachi! Snoop Dogg and we got Mars on there.

Kurupt: Featurewise we got Snoop Dogg, Krayzie Bone who laced us with a special one, uh we got Swizz Beats and motherfuckin Cassidy on the remix to "Attitude Problem" and the "I'm So Hood" remix with Cassidy, Swizz Beats and myself. We're doing it big right now man!

My solo album is coming out next year after me and Quik's "Black Out" album. "Street Lights" produced by Terrace Martin and Daz, it's going to be off the hook!

Dubcnn: Okay bro do you want to give a shoutout to the homies who ain't on tour here: Damani, Bad Luck ?

Kurupt: Yep you just gave a shoutout right there...Damani, Bad Luck and plus that Western Union is in store right now. I just got a call from Terrace he just heard it and said that shit is off the hook! Real West Coast bang music you dig what I'm talking about! Real playerish and I'm doing a fine line right now because I'm a real player like Damani and stupid banged out mc like Bad Lucc and I got Daz on production which smokes like Soopafly...It's real big right now for us man chuuuch!

Daz: Legends in the game.

Kurupt: Dubcnn Biaaaaatch!

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