interview E A SKI  (October 2002) | Interview By: Nima

Dubcnn.com got the opportunity to ask EA Ski questions regarding his previous work with Master P & Dr Dre, regards his unreleased "Earthquake" album, his upcoming album and more. Ensure you support the album when it comes out and please feel free to drop feedback on the interview. Thanks to EA Ski for taking some time to answer our questions. Please feel free to send any feedback regarding the interview to: nima@dubcnn.com
Questions Asked By : Nima

Let's go back in time, back to your Master P days. Do you still contact him? Would you ever try to recreate the hits you and him had back then?

EA Ski : First off, no I don't fuck with Master P no more, that cat forgot who helped him get his deal at Priority, I've done all his beats and he has never mentioned me once in any of his interviews, and never paid me money for all the shit I've done for that cat. I'm not tripping off the money, but just do not forget the ones that had your back when nobody else was fucking with you. So there's no chance of any Ski & P collaborations anymore.

Now about "Earthquake", we all know the story about that album. It's sad it never saw the light of day, since it would have been a great. Would you ever think of re-releasing your old, unreleased songs on a Bootlegs & B-sides CD, like many artists did?

EA Ski : I probably may release the Earthquake album, but only if I see the results I like after this new album drops. I'm not going to put out my old album if my new one doesn't sell! I do have some songs on a couple of mixtapes like K Slay, but I'm not trying to put too much and overdo it, so you might see me here and there until my album drops.

We know you had a song together with Dr. Dre. Why was that never released, who was responsible for this? Who produced that track, You or Dr. Dre?

EA Ski : The Dr. Dre and Mr. Ski song was written and produced by me. I came up with the concept after he left Deathrow, and he loved the idea so we laid it down. Then I get a call saying he did not like the song, and the Label would not clear it, but he would not call me himself and say lets do something else! He made me lose money and time and I gotta say the song was the bomb! We think he was just pissed cause he did not produce or write it, Dre can be like that, very cocky.

What have you been doing since '98, it seems like you just disappeared! What have you done ever since, what have you been working on?

EA Ski : I laid low in '98 to reinvent myself to the world. Since I did not put out the Earthquake record, I had to show them that I had a whole new direction. So I worked on my new album for like four years. And I was writing and producing for others in the meantime. And now the time is good and I'm ready to put my new album out.

What's up with IMG & Ferguson or any other new artists, are you working on any other projects right now?

EA Ski : I.M.G is working on getting the right group album deal, so we can finally shine, and Ferguson is still in the studio working on his album, which should be ready soon. Also, we are working on some movies we are trying to finish. So be on the lookout for all of this coming. Don't sleep!

A while back, we had heard a rumor that you were gonna form a group with Paris and Kam! Was that just a rumor?

EA Ski : The rumor of Me, Kam and Paris working on releasing a group album is NOT true, false rumor, this is not happening.

What do you think of Independent Labels vs. Major Labels? What's your view on that?

EA Ski : There are Pros and Cons to Majors vs. Ind. Majors got the money to break you at radio and do high end videos, but indy keeps your street credibility and lets you have a real fan base, and you can make more money directly if it's done right.

Now on to your new album. Are you happy with the deal at Columbia?

EA Ski : Columbia is treating me as good as any other label. As soon as I sell some records they will be sucking my dick, but until then, I'm just another nigga with a deal that they hope sticks. So ya'll gotta go get the album so we can shut niggas up.

What took so long to make the album happen?

EA Ski : It takes time to make the records I make, because I don't just go in the studio and put a beat together in ten minutes like Swizz Beatz claims he does. If the beat ain't tight, I'm defiantly not fucking with it. I gotta give ya'll heat, and that's why it takes awhile before you hear from E A Ski!

What's the album title? When is it scheduled to be released?

EA Ski : The album title is "Apply Pressure". You should be able to pick it up in the new year and it WILL have worldwide distribution! So get ready.

Do you have any guest appearances? Who?

EA Ski : Yeah, I have several artists appearing on my album, from L.A., The Bay and the South! We have Ice cube, MC Ren, E-40, B-Legit, Bun B from U.G.K., Boss Hogg, also K Slay. And maybe more, since we are still finishing up.

Are you going to have a single, along with a video?

EA Ski : We haven't chosen a single to release yet, but there will defiantly at least be one, along with a video. Make sure to vote for it when its out, gotta let the West have some airplay!

Do you still work together with CMT, and what's his role on the new album?

EA Ski : CMT has always been and still is my production partner. His role is to make hot beats with me, that's how we get down! E A Ski & CMT!

Do you have any future projects, what would you like to do after "Apply Pressure"?

EA Ski : After the Apply Pressure album, I'm trying to work on a big venture deal, so that I can finally do what the fuck I want without kissing anybody's ass.

What are your thoughts on the current state of hip hop and the WESTCOAST?

EA Ski : If ya'll wanna know my feelings on the current state of the West, check out my track "Manuscript". Manuscript tells how I feel about hip hop and east coast and west coast relationship, so make sure to find that song and listen deep. That will tell it all. (Check the track here)

Do you think the Westcoast will ever get the radio play the east gets at the moment?

EA Ski : The West coast will never get the same airplay as the East Coast, until these West Coast Bitch ass niggas start supporting their own, and that's real talk!

EA Ski : Last thing I wanna add : Support the west people! We hear people complaining all the time that the West don't sell.. WELL HOW IS IT SUPPOSED TO SELL IF OUR OWN PEOPLE DON'T SUPPORT IT? Ya'll putting yourselves in this situation. If each person supports it, we're gone succeed. But at the rate its going, I don't see how. Anyways, much love for the support, pick up "Apply Pressure", January and bump the Westcoast back!





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