interview EASTWOOD & MEECH WELLS (Part 1) (September 2007) | Interview By: Eddie Gurrola

Dubcnn recently linked up with Eastwood and Meech Wells for another exclusive interview. This time we set the focus on answering questions directly from the members of our forum community, dubcc.com. Read on to find out about Eastwoodís new double album, his plans for collaborating with Snoop Dogg, Crooked I, and The Game, and his role in the new movie ďOutcast.Ē Meech Wells adds his input as well, and will be featured more heavily in the second part of this in-depth interview.

As always we have both the transcript and the video for you to check and please feel free to send any feedback regarding the interview to: eddie@dubcnn.com

Interview was done in September 2007.

Questions Asked By :
Eddie Gurrola

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Eastwood: What up world? Itís your boy the infamous Eastwood, and Iím here with my partner Ė sick with the beats, you already know him, his name is Meech motherfuckiní Wells! Whatís happeniní with it baby? Weíve got this West Coast movement goiní on my nigga, itís ridiculous. Ever since I got back together with Meech man, itís been like a classic. He brought a different light to my shine, and I brought a different light to his shine. Now weíre putting this shit together, and itís like magic right now! So we just thought it was time to give yíall a visual of what weíve got going on, instead of just hopping on the forums. So thatís what this all about Ė giving back to the fans. Whatever yíall want to know Ė we finna answer these questions right now, ya dig? And while we at itÖ

Meech Wells: Weíre smokiní at the same time! Props to Dubcnn and Eddie.

Eastwood: Now Dubcnn, holla at your boy. Let the questions ring.

Dubcnn: Weíve got questions from the members of our forum. This one is from umaga. When does the double album come out?

Eastwood: The double album drops October 4th. I pushed it back because I got new production *points to Meech*, ya dig? Shout outs to The Interns. I got new production from Meech Wells and The Interns. This is irresistible music, so I had to put the album on hold and push it back. Forgive me for that, I know itís been a long time coming, but October 4th is the release date.

Dubcnn: This one is from Effex. Who is on the album, as far as guest appearances?

Eastwood: Right now Iíve got The Game, Jay Rock, Glasses Malone, Too Short, E-40, and, if the Lord says the same, in about two days Iíll have Snoop Dogg with the production of my boy Meech.

Dubcnn: That should be exciting!

Eastwood: Itís gonna be real fun. He says heís gonna bless a nigga. Shout out to Snoop. I just talked to him for about two hours a couple of days ago, and we worked all the twork. We got all our differences out of the way, and heís ready to get back crackiní. He actually told me that he was ready to crown me, because I was one of the soldiers on the West Coast who has been doing it for a long time, and I still havenít gotten what I deserve yet. So he said heís ready to crown me, and I thought that was a beautiful thing.

Iíve got my own kush too, just so you guys know. When you go to these pharmaceutical dispensers, holler and see if theyíve got that ďEastwood Kush,Ē and it just might be there!

Dubcnn: This is another one from Effex. What exactly comes on the DVD that comes with the album?

Eastwood: The DVD is a documentary. Itís giving you my whole life story of who I became today [and] what made me Eastwood Ė the trials and tribulations Iíve been through. My top 25 in California basketball career, my NBA career, itíll tell you about all of that. I went to Fresno State, caught the gun case, got kicked out of college, [and] thatís how I fell off into the rap game. [I was] fuckiní with Tha Dogg Pound. Battling Roscoe at the ďGirls All PauseĒ video shoot, that put me on. Ever since then, I ainít looked back in the rap game. So, itís basically giving you a rundown on my life. Itís a documentary on my life Ė both in the rap game and [about my] personal [life.] Itís like that. EQ, shout out to them too!

Dubcnn: This one is from thisoneguy360. Does The MOB [Eastwoodís former group with The Game and Techniec] have a lot of unreleased material?

Eastwood: Yeah, weíve got a lot of unreleased material my nigga! Yes we do, and if everything goes right, that material should get out there. Weíre just trying to tie the knot right now, and get a lot of business straight, see who do what, and hopefully we can get this out there to the streets as soon as possible.

Dubcnn: Youíre looking at dropping a mixtape with that material?

Eastwood: Exactly. Weíre gonna drop a mixtape because we like to keep up with the time. We donít want to fall behind, [and] we did that music like six to eight months ago to damn near a year ago, so why would we drop music from a year ago right now? We just keep up, weíre dope, weíre talented, weíre fresh! We keep it crackiní my nigga, so itís gonna be on a mixtape. All our fresh shit [is] going on albums. So, the MOB? Yeah, weíve got a lot of unreleased shit that will be out on mixtapes soon.

Dubcnn: This oneís from GangstaBoogy. What went wrong between you and Spider Loc?

Eastwood: What went wrong between me and Spider Loc? I donít even know who that is. Next question.

Dubcnn: This oneís from sniperuk. Are you going to be working with Y.A. soon?

Eastwood: Sniper in UK, whatís up with you homie? Iím an original member of Y.A. Ė there ainít no Y.A. without Eastwood. It was brought to me by Roscoe. Like I said, I battled Roscoe at the ďGirls All PauseĒ video shoot, and from there weíve been close than a motherfucker. He asked me to be his first West Coast member of Y.A., and that was years back. That was in like Ď99 or 2000. So, Iím the first West Coast member of Y.A. So when you hear Y.A., Eastwood is still in the building, even though Iím not around, Iíve got my own shit going, Iím still Y.A. Itís Youth Authority fo sho.

Meech Wells: Yeah, Y.A., I remember when they started that!

Eastwood: Exactly!

Meech Wells: Shout out to Roscoe too, he knows whatís up. Iíve been knowing him since he was 16!

Eastwood: Yeah, shout out to ĎScoe fo sho! Keep doiní your thug thing-a-majig homie! Shout out to Kurupt too! Congratulations on your marriage my nigga! Congratulations, yíall niggas keep doing your thing.

Meech Wells: Yeah, shout out to Kurupt too!

Dubcnn: This one is from remo2000. Are you going to come to Vancouver anytime soon?

Eastwood: Yes I am.

Meech Wells: Hell yeah.

Eastwood: Meech says heís cominí with me! Iím getting ready to start this tour once I release the album, weíre going on tour, so Iíll definitely be in Vancouver.

Dubcnn: Are you going out to Europe as well?

Eastwood: Gotta hit the UK scene! The UK loves me already. Amsterdam, Paris, London, Iíve been out there already, Iíve covered those grounds, they fuck with Eastwood. Hell yeah Iíll be back! Hell yeah, most definitely. They really appreciate music.

Dubcnn: This question is from Big Ron. Do you still keep in touch with any of your former Death Row label mates?

Eastwood: Yeah I do, of course! Danny Boy, Crooked I, Iíve got a chosen few I still fuck with. For the most part, if it was real when I was on Death Row, itís still real now. It ainít no hard feelings or nothiní like that. If they fucked with me then, they fuck with me now. The fake niggas I donít fuck with no more. So yeah, I talk to them all the time. Shout out to them too! Crooked I and Danny Boy, my niggas! Love yíall homie!

Dubcnn: Speaking of Crooked I, we heard something about you guys maybe doing a full album together?

Eastwood: You know what, thatís gotten shot at me like 25 times over the past two months. I think yíall are gonna go ahead and speak that into existence. At first it started out [as] just doing a record. Everyone was saying when we were on Death Row that we were the truth. They anticipated the album so [much] that they just didnít understand why it didnít come out. So now itíll be stupid for [us] not to fuck with each other, since [weíre] both off Death Row and had such a dope sound.

So, you know what? Weíre gonna do a song, hands down. Weíre gonna do something for my album Ė Iíve gotta get him on my album! The group thing I would love to do with Crook man. If the paperwork were right and the right situation presented itself, hell yeah, Iíd rock with that nigga any day!

Meech Wells: Shout out to Crooked I!

Eastwood: Shout out to Crook! I just shouted you out, but you still my nigga!

Dubcnn: This oneís from Crash. Whatís up with the other rappers from the Self Made clique?

Eastwood: When you talk about other rappers from the Self Made clique, you talk about niggas who live, shit, and eat this rap shit. They try their best every day to perfect and maintain their flow. So when you talk about them, you talk about some young hungry niggas thatís gonna perfect their talent to whenever they come out, theyíre gonna be just as raw as me. They gonna make it do what it do. So, theyíre on their way man. Iíve got a Self Made South, Iíve got a Self Made East, Iíve got niggas up North! They global Ė itís not just a West Coast movement, itís global, itís universal.

Shout out to my Self Made south niggas, feel me? PTK, Iíve got some real goons out there goiní hard my nigga! Mistah F.A.B. out in the Bay, Iíve still got Yukmouth out here, them all my Self Made niggas. I fucks with them niggas, ya dig? Down South, I fuck with niggas. East Coast, I fuck with my nigga Fabolous, I fuck with Nas, I fuck with all them niggas. Busta Rhymes is my dude! Shout out to Busta!

Dubcnn: This one is from Big Ron. Whatís a typical day like for you?

Eastwood: Wake up about 9 oíclock, smoke a blunt, brush my teeth, smoke another blunt, grab my Sidekick, throw on some instrumentals, mixtapes, or real beats and just write my ass off until I canít write no more. [Then] probably go work out, play some basketball, or come to this nigga Meechís house and record everything I just fucking wrote. You feel me? Thatís my day, for real. Or Iím back in the booth, and I do that every day. Thatís my shit.

Meech Wells: And politics. Nigga was just politiciní a movie before he came here.

Eastwood: Yeah, I work that phone too. I make sure I get on my phone for at least an hour, of all just politics, hitting my business connects and all that.

Meech Wells: To all you new artists, itís a really big part of your thing. You canít just come in and get by...

Eastwood: Hell naw!

Meech Wells: Youíve got to go through all the steps.

Eastwood: Look at me dogg! Iíve been in this game for motherfuckiní 11 years dogg. 11 years, and I still ainít dropped an album, and Iíve been on the biggest label youíd ever want to fuckiní be on. So that tells you it ainít all about just being a dope rapper. Youíve got to have your business straight. So, you new rappers, get your business up and get your network game and know how to talk to motherfuckers. And all my niggas in the hood who try to get on, you canít rob everybody to get on. That nigga could be your boss one day!

Meech Wells: Be ready for three hours sleep, really! Myspace and all that, doing any type of promotions. Being in touch with people, you ainít getting your rest.

Eastwood: Thatís my life, every day homie, with the exceptions. Iíve got to spend some time with my kids, [but] other than that, thatís it. My play time is with my kids. It ainít even play time when Iím clubbing, because Iím out with about 100 niggas in Self Made T-Shirts, and weíre pushing this movement. It ainít really about having fun, itís just to be seen and be talked about, and let the world know that [there is] a positive force coming from the West Coast Ė and itís Eastwood. Heís got the next movement, and thatís big! With the help of Meech Wells, his production, and his connect game that he brings to the table, and the guidance he gives me off his experiences! Itís a highway to heaven! Weíre on our way baby. Thatís the life of Eastwood. And thatís right, I smoke a lot of weed.

Meech Wells: From the doctors! *laughs*

Dubcnn: Tell us about the movie youíre working onÖ

Eastwood: Yeah, I canít really give you too much insight on it because it ainít out yet, but itís called ďOutcast.Ē Itís featuring a few of your favorite rappers, and I just got blessed last night at my show. The director came to my show, he saw me perform, he loved my swag, he loved the look, and he loved the movement. He called me this morning and told me I had to roll, so that was a blessing amongst itself. So, youíll see your boy on the big screen. Go watch your boy! Itís over.

Thatís another game that Iím gonna take over too, because let me tell you something! Once high definition gets a load of this face homie, and this character, itís over! Iím telling you guys this right now! Youíre gonna see me in everything. Once the HD gets a bar of your boy, nigga itís over. Go and get ready to load them DVD players up, because I finna hit the big screen.

Meech Wells: Weíre tearing them soundtracks up too!

Eastwood: And the soundtracks! You know weíve got the soundtrack homie, itís over! Itís just a burrito wrap. Meech Wells is gonna bring his fire-ass production and his connects, and weíre gonna go get the Snoops and the Games and the Jay Rocks and the Cubes and whoever, and weíre gonna make a dope ass soundtrack too! Itís not just gonna be strictly West Coast, though we are strictly West Coast, you know who we are! Weíre gonna get motherfuckers from the South, weíre gonna get motherfuckers from the East, from up North, weíre gonna make it real global. Weíre off that one sided shit. Weíre thinking big, we ainít leaving nobody out! We know where weíre from, weíre from the West, so weíre gonna have a movement.

Meech Wells: The whole world. Overseas too!

Eastwood: Yeah, all that. Universal baby! Hey Mars, people in Mars, come fuck with your boy. We can do some records. You know I sell records in Mars, holler at your boy!

Be on the lookout for Part 2 of this video interview, where we continue answering the fansí questions with Eastwood and Meech Wells.



Full Interview In Video For Download : Here (Video: WMV)


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