interview EASTWOOD & MEECH WELLS  (June 2007) | Interview By: Eddie Gurrola

Dubcnn recently connected with Eastwood and super producer Meech Wells for a round of questions. In this exclusive duo interview, we cover topics such as their joint project “Family Business: The Takeover Volume 1,” which we recently premiered news and audio from, as well as getting the lowdown on Eastwood’s upcoming double album. Also, Meech Wells talks for the first time about his co-producers the Soul Mechanix and his experiences on our official forum community, dubcc.com

As always we have both the transcript and the audio for you to check and please feel free to send any feedback regarding the interview to: eddiegurolla@dubcnn.com

Interview was done in May 2007.

Questions Asked By :
Eddie Gurrola

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Dubcnn: We’re here with Eastwood, how are you doing man?

Eastwood: What’s going on with it?

Dubcnn: So, we’re gonna start by asking you this. How did you and Meech Wells meet up?

We met through a mutual friend named [Young] Joker. He wanted me to do get on a record and I came through. We did our first track together actually about a week ago.

Dubcnn: We heard a couple of tracks on our site, “Shorty Got Her Eyes On Me” and “Strangers,” and they’re both really awesome. Tell us about how you guys got together in the studio to make those.

I just came in, and he was with Joker, who is my homeboy. He wanted me to bless this shit with a 16. I came through, and the beat was so dope that I was like, “Damn, Meech, I need some of that shit for me, man!” I’m like, “I feel your dope ass tracks will compliment a nigga’s style,” and I was like, “Let’s put something together.” Those were the first two songs that we came up with – we’ve got 11 now. I done made 11 bangers in a week, man. We’re posting them up. We’ve got to give it to y’all early, the hot, exclusive shit, [and] make sure we stay afloat, you know what I mean?

Dubcnn: We appreciate that, thanks a lot!

Yeah, it’s not a problem, homie.

Dubcnn: So, we dropped some news last week that you guys are going to be releasing a project together called “Family Business: The Takeover Volume 1.” Is that gonna be a compilation type of thing, or is that going to be a solo album with Meech doing the production? What’s up with that?

My nigga Meech is gonna produce the muthafucka man, he’s gonna do all the production and shit. Then, it’s me and my nigga Macadoshis from Thug Life – we’re actually putting this together. My nigga just got out of jail and the halfway house, doing a hard bid, and he’s back on deck. He’s out here doing his thing, and we put together an album, it’s called “Family Business: The Takeover,” Selfmade Paperchasin’ presents. It’s got all the niggas we fuck with, all the niggas that’s fuckin’ with us, [with] all this rap shit, [and] all this positive shit.

We’re gathering everybody up together and putting them all on one record. We’re calling it “Volume 1” because we want to make it a traditional thing and keep it crackin’. So, this is volume one of this West Coast compilation.

Dubcnn: Besides the people you just mentioned, who else do you have set to appear on it so far?

There’s gonna be my nigga Jay Rock, Glasses Malone, Guerilla Black, Enemy, Livewire, Cutty, and the group Lost Souls. It’s open right now, we’re just opening our arms up to the West Coast and trying to build up the unity.

Dubcnn: So, you’ve got 11 tracks done in a week. How far off do you think you are from completing the damn thing!?

By this weekend it’ll be done, baby.

Dubcnn: Wow, that’s crazy! When do you guys plan on putting it out?

We’re gonna put it out ASAP, my nigga, as soon as that shit gets mixed and mastered. I’d say sometime around mid-summer. Mid-summer, we comin’!

Dubcnn: What do you expect the fans to get out of this album?

Oh man, like I said, me and my crew - we’re taking it back to the elements on this one, man. That old and new West Coast hip-hop element man, we’re taking it back. We’re rapping about real life situations man, and that shit writes back. This shit is like medicine, and it’s like food for the soul. This album is going to be food for the soul. The streets are gonna eat it up.

Dubcnn: You’ve still got your solo album debut waiting to be released, and you’ve been through deals with Tha Row and Black Wall Street. Tell us a little bit about your situation now, as far as your solo career?

It’s cool man, you know? I’m on Jaded Entertainment. I’ve got a double album that’s about to drop. I just did a double album with a video to every song on the album. I made a documentary called “Life After 3 Strikes,” and we’re dropping all this shit around the same time, so it’s going down on an independent level. I’ve got an independent company behind me, and then, on another note, we’re gonna do an independent distribution company with my label, Selfmade. [The record] is coming out through my label, so it’s crackin’ homie. I’m blessed.

Dubcnn: Is it a little different being a CEO, when you’re in control of more of the music yourself?

I mean, yeah, of course, when you’re the CEO, you control the music. The way I get down, I try to compromise with everything, and I try to meet a nigga halfway. But, I know that my best product comes from me - from my creativity, from the shit that I think about when I write.

Dubcnn: Definitely. So, the solo album is a double album. Is that pretty much ready to go? Tell us about that album.

Yeah, it’s ready. The first album is called “Making History,” and the second album is called “Changing The Game.” It’s two albums, packaged in one. You can pre-order that now at Eastwood.tv. You can also check out a few clips of my videos - I’ve got about 15 videos you can click on and check out. When you pre-order the album, it comes with a T-Shirt for the fellas, and a poster for the ladies. I’m just giving them their money’s worth.

The documentary is called “Life After 3 Strikes,” featuring Jim Jones, Tyrese, Chamllionaire, Big Gipp, Ali, Lil Scrappy - I’ve got everybody on there. My niggas give it up to me, and basically [this documentary is] letting the West Coast know that East is one of the next niggas out on the West Coast. I’m bringing the West with me. Whoever’s fucking with me, I’m bringing them with me.

Dubcnn: It sounds like you’re doing it real big independently. Tell us about how you shot all those videos for your album, too. Is it gonna be like the Crazy Toones DVD that just came out, with videos for every song? Is it one of those type of things?

Yeah, it’s gonna be packaged with the double album, man, and you’re gonna be able to get a DVD of all the videos. It’s cool, there’s gonna be four different products you can get. When it comes to my album, you’re gonna get the documentary, the videos, and the double album. I don’t know what else I can do, my nigga. I’ve also got a mixtape called “Loyalty Or Nothing,” and that’s dropping next week, so it gets better and better. I mean, you tell me what else to do, man?

Dubcnn: You’ve got a mixtape dropping next week too?

Yeah, next week, man. “Loyalty Or Nothing.” I’m gonna send it to y’all exclusively. I’m gonna leak it on the website, I’m gonna fuck with y’all.

Dubcnn: Is there anything you want to say to everyone out on Dubcnn reading this?

To all my fans, I love y’all for staying loyal. Keep holding your head with your boy, I’m comin’, I know it’s been a long time comin’, but I’m comin’, and I actually got better. So, I’m better, and live as ever. I’ve done been through the storm man, and I’ve dried myself off, to get what I deserve. So, just stay loyal to your boy, man, because I’m staying loyal to y’all, and I will show you that you’re believing in the right one.

West Coast, throw your dubs up for your boy The Infamous Eastwood and the Selfmade staff. We are in the building, it’s been a long time coming. Shout out to Dubcnn, thank you for the interview, I really appreciate it. Hold your head with your boy, and I guarantee you, at the end of the day, I will be one of the righteous leaders of the West Coast, homie. So, please believe it. Nominate your boy Young Eastwood, vote for Young East and the Selfmade Clique, and watch me love y’all back.

Meech Wells

Dubcnn: We’re here with Meech Wells. How are you doing, Meech?

Meech Wells: What up, what up! What’s crackin, Dubcnn?

Dubcnn: So Meech, you’ve still got the project going with Young Joker, “Mayhem,” it’s gonna be hosted by DJ Skee. Tell us a little about that.

That’s coming out real soon, we’re just finishing up the last touches on it. We’ve got Jay Rock on there, we’ve got Eastwood, we’re ready to get Juice on there, we’re waiting on a couple of features, that’s why it hasn’t come back yet. But, it’s gonna be coming at you real soon, it’s real hot, that next level.

Dubcnn: Sounds good. So, we heard a track with you dropped with Eastwood, and it was produced by you and co-produced by the Soul Mechanix, and we heard that those are some new guys that you signed. So, tell us a little about them.

The Soul Mechanix are real hot. They’re two guys that got down with us, and they’ll be coming up with their part of the beats, and we get together and put stuff together, and then I still do my own stuff too. It’s just giving more to the production company, more pieces to it. Basically, they’re the missing pieces to it that I’ve always needed.

Dubcnn: So, what is it like working with some co-producers? You obviously are used to doing it yourself, so is it kind of weird working with other people? I know you’re showing them the ropes too, so what’s that like?

It’s cool man, because if I like their style, then I can get with them, and help them get to the next level, and take their sound to where it needs to be. It depends on the person, too. If they’re open and cool, and don’t have egos, then I can deal with it. But, these particular guys have been cool with it, and want to get down and do good music, so it was easy to work with them. That’s why I signed them, you know?

Dubcnn: For sure. So, we see this new album “Family Business: The Takeover,” and it’s going to be released on Meech Wells Presents: Selfmade Paperchasin’ Entertainment. Is that your record label, tell us about that?

It’s a joint venture. I’m presenting it, but the Selfmade Paperchasin’ is Eastwood and Macadoshis’s company. [Editor’s note – Selfmade is Eastwood’s company, and Paperchasin’ is Macadoshis’s company.] But my company is on it’s own, and we’re probably going to do some type of joint venture. We’re working on a couple of distribution situations right now. We’ve got to send it to a couple of people, and it should be poppin’. We’re trying to close our last part of the distribution deal.

Dubcnn: So, you’ve really been making your mark on our forum, Dubcc, talking to the fans and everything. Do you enjoy being on the site, talking with the fans? What’s it like?

It’s real cool, man! As you can see, you get a real poll of what the streets like. You put out something, and you can tell if they like it, or if they don’t. They’re gonna tell you if it’s hot or if it’s not. So, [it’s good] just to know that we’re right on point to what the streets are feeling. But, if they ain’t feeling you, and you get in there and chop it up with them, they’re gonna chop you up! But, we’re all on the same court, there’s never too many haters on there, we’re all on the same page.

Dubcnn: We’ve got to get Eastwood to sign up to the forums too!

Yeah, I’m gonna do that! Y’all gonna see the official Eastwood and Meech Wells get in there and chop it up with the fans, and we’re gonna get more rappers to get involved with it. Jay Rock, K-Dot, Dubb from Black Wall Street, and all these other hot dudes.

Dubcnn: Sounds great, man. That’ll be good. Is there anything else you want to say to the fans and the readers at Dubcnn?

Just look out for more hot music. We’re gonna keep hitting you in the face. Shout out to Rud, shout out to Nima, and shout out to you Eddie, and all the dudes that’s supporting us over here, all the fans and the hip-hop heads that’s checkin’ out what we’re doing.



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