interview GAME (August 2011) | Interview By: Jose Ho-Guanipa

Dubcnn had the fantastic opportunity to catch up with Game a few days before the release of his long awaited fourth solo release, "The R.E.D. Album". Game talks to us about the possibility of making a "Watch The Throne" for the West Coast, shooting the "Pot Of Gold" video with Chris Brown, and how he really could care less what people think of him or what they say about him.

Dropping on August 23rd 2011, R.E.D. marks Game's reunion with former mentor Dr. Dre, who narrates the album, and Game explains to us the doctor's role on the project.

He also speaks on working closely with Lil Wayne and the possiblity of joining Cash Money Records. He touches on Interscope's stance on the "R.E.D. Album" after the numerous pushbacks and the role Pharrell played as the executive producer.

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Interview was done in August 2011

Questions Asked By: Jose Ho-Guanipa
Dubcnn Exclusive Furious
By: Nima Etminan

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Dubcnn: So first off tell us what you're doing out here in City of Industry?

Game: I'm filming the last episode of the Dub Magazine project

Dubcnn: Whats your involvement with that?
Game: I'm the host! Sorta like what Casey Kasem was to the radio, sorta like what Chick Hearns was to the Lakers and Kevin "Slow Jammin" James is to the Beat!

Dubcnn: What kinda cars they featuring in there?

Game: They got all kinds of shit man, Aston Martins, Phantoms [Bentleys], they got like Kawasaki Teryx which is like an off road two-seater, shits crazy! They got Kawasaki dirt bikes, they got everything man!

Dubcnn: Nice! So what's your favourite joint in there?

Game: My favourite joint is probably like [Exhales] that California OG Kush, thats like my favourite joint!

Dubcnn: *Laughs* To drive?!

Game: Oh to drive? I mean it'll drive you insane depending on home many times you hit it!

Dubcnn: That's right, that's the truth! Now tell us about the album, its about to drop, tell us how you feel about that?

Game: Yea, the R.E.D. album, the R.E.D. album is the best album coming out this year man, guaranteed. You know i'm waiting to see, i got the "Watch The Throne album" and I mean, I appreciate its contribution to Hip-Hop but um, i think the R.E.D. album is gone be a crazy album and um, Carter IV i think its gone be dope too and I cant wait to see what Wayne put together.

Dubcnn: Definitely, so speaking on "Watch The Throne" thats a collaboration album between artists, what would you do if you had to link up with someone on the Westcoast to release a "Watch The Throne" type project?

Game: If I had to link up with someone on the Westcoast, first and foremost it would be Snoop - Snoop is my dude, that would be crazy, that would be a crazy collaborative effort right there.

Dubcnn: Do you think the Westcoast needs that right now to get it poppin?

Game: Ummm, I don't think the Westcoast needs anything, I think we've been perfectly fine doing what we been doing forever, the west don't need nothing we straight we get everything we need...we got the DUB! We the only coast that can throw up the DUB so lets ride with that.

Dubcnn.com: So let's talk about some of the records off you've dropped off R.E.D. album, I know you did a video for "Red Nation" and "Pot of Gold"....

Game: [Game Interupts holding Air Jordan inserts] You got wooden Jordan blocks in your Jordans? This is handcrafted wood that goes in depending what size your foot is and what not, this shits crazy, I just wanna know if anyone else got wood blocks in their Jordans!

Dubcnn.com: So the videos that you shot and the songs you've dropped

Game: Man the videos, we shot "Pot of Gold" with Chris Brown that was crazy [Game putting Jordans on and the Chair Squeeks] That's not me farting and shit thats the chair! But umm yea, we shot the  "Pot of Gold" video with the boy Chris Brown and that video took off and hit the top of the 106 & Park countdown, doing good virally and all over radio.

Dubcnn.com: How was the shoot, how did it go down?

Game: Shoot was cool man, Bryan Barber directed it, Taydoe TV was in the house and you know it was dope, we shot it in the hood in LA and I had a blast doing it but the thing about me is I don't ever know whats going on, I just kinda show up and do whatever the record [label] tells me to do and I trust my team, Bryan Barber is a friend of mine he also shot the "Wouldn't Get Far" video for me and  "My Life" and I trust him and his eye and his camera and its cool!

Dubcnn.com: Definitely, that was a dope video. What about RED Nation, I know MTV wasn't feeling it at first but now they changed their mind?

Game: Yeah, that's kinda retarded too cause the thing about that is that if you're gonna ban it then ban it but you know after a while after 10 million YouTube hits and VEVO hits I guess they had to fall in line but me and MTV we got a good rapport, Viacom, BET, I got alot of respect and love for them and plus I understood that maybe the video wasn't suitable for their demographic so you know, I got kids and so sometimes you just gotta take a backseat and understand man, you know?

Dubcnn: You have a fan base regardless, but how do you feel about certain media outlets not messing with it?

Game: I. Don't. Give. A. Fuck. People can run their business however they want to run their business. MTV, Viacom, BET, anybody. Ya'll run your website however ya'll feel like. If you feel a certain way about Game, please display it! Let people know how you feel about me, cause I know that I will let everybody know how I feel about whoever - a website, MTV, BET, I'm holding my tongue for nobody. So if you have anything to say about Game, whether it's negative or positive: just say it! It all keeps my name afloat, it's all good with me.

Dubcnn: You've been doing a lot of work with Lil Wayne in general, tell us about that relationship.

Game: Tun' is my homie man, I got a lot of love for him, Slim, Baby and the whole Cash Money crew, from Nicki Minaj all the way to Drake and Tyga, who's the little homie and is doing a tremendous amount of things for the state of West Coast Hip-Hop. So it's all love, overtime I got something real crazy I definitely call Wayne first, because we make dope collaborative efforts and people love it.

Dubcnn: I remember hearing a while ago that you were thinking about making a money to Cash Money at some point in the future, possibly?

Game: You never know what the future holds, man. I got one more album that I know Interscope, so we'll let that one see the light of day before we get to talking about what I'ma do after that, because I've got obligations there. But after that, who knows.

Dubcnn: How's Interscope feeling the album now that it's about to drop?

Game: They gotta be feeling it, if it's about to drop! Interscope has been real supportive of me my whole career, like I said, this is my fourth album, they wouldn't have put four albums out if they didn't believe in me, and I wouldn't have had the motivation to record and give it to them to relaase if I didn't trust and believe in my label.

Dubcnn: I know that Dr. Dre has taken a big part on your new album, he's featured on one of the tracks. Tell me about his involvement in the album!

Game: Anytime you got Dr. Dre featured or a part of anything you do musically, it's going to be crazy. Shout out to the good Doc for always holding it down, the whole Aftermath camp, it's always love. The Doc is the man, he comes through for me anytime and I appreciate him and all of his efforts. That's why I'm in there, helping him grind to get to where Detox can hit the shelf.

Dubcnn: When you first started on the album, you were doing a lot of work with Pharrell. What kind of part does he still have in the album right now?

Game: Pharrell is the executive producer and it's going to remain that way. He wasn't in the studio every single day, but the days that he wasn't, he was on the phone or emailing ideas back and forth. So he kind of oversaw the album and really executive produced it from wherever he was in the world. I kept him in his space, which was the executive producer.

Dubcnn: Tell us about the album creatively, what can you say about it.

Game: I ain't saying' shit. Buy it - or don't. I don't give a shit.

Dubcnn: Do you have any favorite songs on the album?

Game: My favorite song on the album might be "Good, Bad and Ugly". When you hear it, you'll understand why.

Dubcnn: Do you have a next single set to drop?

Game: Usually I pick the street the single and the label picks the radio single. After that, the album drops and media critics, radio, fans etc let you know how they feel about certain records and we'll pick it from there!

Dubcnn: Are you going back to the Dub Magazine video shoot now?

Game: Yeah, the Dub Magazine Project, check it out on MTV2.com, I'm the host and we're wrapping up today. Check your local listings for the airtime.

Dubcnn: Spoken like a true spokesperson. Thanks for your time, dubcnn.com right here with Game!

Dubcnn man, they always looking out!





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