Goldie Loc caught up with Goldie Loc from Tha Eastsidaz himself for an exclusive video interview. This interview is a real experience, as you get to see him working in the studio with the homies Pomona City Ridaz and Chag G, and Goldie just spitting some real shit, from the beef with Snoop, Tray Deee's situation, Kurupt, his beats, his solo album, the 3rd Eastsidaz and more. We have both the transcript and video for you to check and feel free to send any feedback regarding the interview to - /


Huge thanks to Goldie Loc for taking time out to answer the questions fans wanted to know! (Interview was done by camera in August of 2004)

Questions Asked By : Nima & Yash

Filmed By: Nima & Yash

Full Interview In Video : Here

Goldie Loc Dubcnn Shoutout: Here Wassup wassup, we're right here with Goldie Loc from Tha Eastsidaz. How you doin' man?

Goldie Loc: Eastside Up Eastsidaz! What's goin' down? Last time I talked to you, you said the third Eastsidaz album would be droppin' in February 2004... What happened to that?

Goldie Loc: Maaan! I think I released another one, but goddamn, I don't even remember! I'm trying to see cause I've been workin' on my solo. But I think one [of the CD's] slipped out! I think one of the CD's slipped out, so I might aswell call that one "Gang Bang Muzic Vol.2", but you know, don't worry about the Khakis & Chucks! Vol.2! The mixtape! Just don't play a nigga sideways homie, a nigga stayin' out here, tryin' to get shit poppin! You're one of the few rappers, who I can personally say has gotten better with time. What motivates you to keep workin' on your rhymes and flows?

Goldie Loc: I mean, on Eastsidaz 1 & 2, it was like, I didn't really have too much control over, you know, Snoop saying "Yo that's dope! I like that" "Keep that", "That shit is banging". And I be like "Naah, man, I wanna change that shit!" he like "Nah we gonna leave it". So now, as you know that 3rd Eastsidaz record, I have full control over that. So during the 3-4 years that went by, ain't nobody fucked wit it homie! I done got vicious on my shit, and it's just a maturity thang, growing up, learning yo own lil get down, your process. Instead of just scribling on some paper and takin' old school rhymes and puttin' them on new beats. I write somethin' new all the time. You know? That's how you get better at what you do, write it new all the time.

*Goldie Loc hit's the blunt, and one of the homies walks up.*

Outside person watchin' the interview: Listen to the man and what he said! He go back to the old school! Old school is where it's at, that's where it started! Old school, you always gonna get somethin' new out of old. Please believe that!

Imply walks in...: Yo I don't mean to cut you off or nothin',I wanna say my own respect to my man right here. Listen to this mans flow and delivery and how he comin' wit his words and his styles. It ain't just one boring style homie, nigga that shit is dope as fuck, period. It's like water homie, niggaz actually flowin' nigga, they adaptin' to the beats, and flowin' and matchin' up to the sounds nigga. That's a truthful artist right there. That's real! I say that caues I can relate! True fuckin' artist right there, dope ass fuckin' producer too, nigga! AND that nigga Chag G too! Back to you Goldie, what's your current relationship with Tray Deee?

Goldie Loc: Shit we kinda distant right now, but man we partners for life. We just do our thang and move on man, the homie will be alright. He away right now, he havin' a lil rest break. All that runnin' wild he was doin' for all them years, you just slow down every now and then. You know? He doin' his thang, so hopefully when he get back out here, we got somethin' movin' for him, and niggaz respect the fact that just cause a nigga go to some time, he ain't gone for life! You know? It would be different if he got slapped wit that 24 wit a L, but Tray Deee ain't got no 24 wit no L. So you know what I'm sayin', I'm out here pushin, doin' my thang, and when he come home, he gone have somewhere to be making music! Like we at the studio right now, we ain't in no garage, we ain't at my house, we at a corporate building right now. That's how Tha Eastsidaz do it man. The Eastsida from Tha Eastsidaz! Like Chag G said, you Tha Eastsida. So fuck it, I'm Tha Eastsida! On the 2nd Eastsidaz record, on the song friends, it seemed like ya'll was real tight. But over the last few years, it seems like all that kind of broke up, and everybody is dissin' each other. What do you think caused this breakup?

Goldie Loc: It's like family homie. You get into it with family the same way you get into it with friends. But it only gets deep when, you know, certain friends start actin' foolish and shit, and not playin' by the rules. You gotta play by the rules man! The closest people can hurt you worse than anybody, so you treat the people close to you right, you know? With all due respect. So you know, that "Friends" track, was when we was all heads up, everybody had each others back, nothin' really hit the fan, we was still livin' it up. As niggaz on the streets, this platinum shit don't mean nothin', you know? But it shockin' for us to have the power of what we do, what we had conquered, and we had told everybody we homies, we friends, we family, we gone make it crack.
But then, when you dealin' with business, and niggaz is faulty on business, that breaks up friendship and family. And muthafuckas dissin' each other and shit. So, you know, niggaz still stay down for the getdown, but, some people I just don't do business with because they shady on business. But love 'em to death, still die for muthafuckas, but I just can't do business witchu homie, and if I do do business witchu, I got my head on straight now, and you might not wanna do business with me, cause you can't fuck me no more nigga! So either be down with a nigga trying to do business or get the fuck out my way! Point blank! Do you personally believe that we will see another Eastsidaz record in stores?

Goldie Loc: Oh yeah! You gonna see another Eastsidaz record, cause you lookin' at a Eastsida right now. And all my homies is Eastsidaz.

*Ha Loco From the Pomona City Ridaz walks in*

Ha Loco: The Pomona City Ridaz is his homies, and we Westsidaz! And we LOVE cuzz though! Hahahaha!!!

Goldie Loc: Like I say, it's a Eastside everywhere you go, so, you know, man! You gone see another Goldie Loc, and Tray Deee... I can't promise you Snoop Dogg, but, later on in time, we might call a hood meeting, and make it all happen! If not, it's just Goldie Loc right now, my homie's locked down! You know? Right now it's just me doin' my thang, the homie waitin' to get out, so he can continue doin' his thang, we all searchin' for label deals, and all that shit. You gonna see another Eastsida record though, cause I'm a Eastsider, and the music is Eastside music, so you gone see another one guaranteed. What's the deal with the Duecez Trayz & Foe's album with IV Life Records?

Goldie Loc: Dueces, Trays & Foes, was somethin' Tray Deee and Del Dog came up with, and I came in like later on. Cause Tray Deee was always partners with Del Dog from Main Street, and he got the Greenhouse crackin' over there with the studio, so.. I always go over there and make music, and we just came up with a shitload of music! And you know, the homie from Main Street wanna put it out, he got his record company to put it out, he got a couple thangs to do before he put it out, I just hope he got it right to where it can stand out, and not just be sittin somewhere. Cause that's some music homie, and I don't treat music like that, I don't sit music nowhere. So hopefully the homie be able to hook back up with us and be able to put it out to where it makes sense, to make a stomp. You know? And to wake people up on what's really goin on with Dueces Trays & Foes: That's 20 Crips, Insanes, and the 4 Blocc of the Main Street, you know? That's what that's all about, neighbourhood shit. And what's your current label situation? Are you with TVT?

Goldie Loc: Nah, I'm not with TVT right now, I'm with Loc'd Out Records right now, Loc'd Out Records. And my production company is Drumfiles. So that's what I'm wit, that's what I do. I do me. So, no more TVT. They want the records, but, they can't do the business right, so they can't have it. Point blank. Okay, are you workin' on a solo record too?

Goldie Loc: Yup! On Loc'd Out Records. The album is called "Loc'd Out". Hannibal Loc! When can we expect that?

Goldie Loc: Man right now, I can't be missed this summer, so be aware that I'ma shock somebody with a smooth jam, I'ma just slide out there, and try to really really put that album out. The way I'ma do it, website style, my own shit that way. You can get it quick like that, or you can go ahead and wait for it like leakin out at the end of the summer, like a back to school thang. That's when we drop our records homie, when you wanna put it in that walkman, get out the Chevy, or get out your lil bucket for the summer, you gotta go to school now, and put that muthafucka in the walkman, and you're headed to school! You just played us a song where you rap over Snoop's "Doggy Dogg World", dissing him. Is that gone be on your album?

Goldie Loc: Nah, that's some mixtape shit! It's called "It's A Loc'd Out World"! I do mixtapes man, I got the Khakis & Chucks 1, vol 2, Gang Bang Muzic Vol. 1 and 2.. Vol. 2 is getting put together, but it's already out there, to us out here in California. But man, that Doggy Dogg World, it was about me changing it up from being a dogg ass world, because everybody doggin' each other, so I took his song, 2004 style, and made it a Loc'd Out World, cause thats what we livin' in. A Loc'd out World. So you know, I made a couple of suggestions like you know, nigga shouldn't be fuckin' wit Bishop Don Magic Juan, cause he's the pimp! Snoop is already a pimp, he don't need to hang around a traditional pimp. You can go to muthafuckin' Japan, you can go everywhere, and these bitches gone get pimped by a pimp! So I mean, it's just, we help each other out with who we should fuck around with and be around with, and I just... sometimes that shit hits my nerves that people talk so bad about the situation. And it just grabbed me, and I'm like nigga do you homie. My nigga knows what I'm talkin about, you know what I mean? That's MY homie, I can speak up on it, because we talk like that. He already knows what's happenin. So, nigga gotta change that situation real fast. Real talk!

*Smoke break*

Goldie Loc: West Coast, all in yo muthafuckin'...

Chag G: MOooooooooooooooooooooouth!! Can I, can I, I, I mean I smell it! Goddamn! Can I inhale it?? Can I smoke? How can I be down? I mean..

*everybody crackin' up*

Chag G: It starts from right here my nigga.. this is my homie Big Goldie Loc!

Big Goldie Loc: 2005 is the takeover! Loc'd out! All that.

Chag G: We bout to go upstairs and continue this interview! This is Chapter 2 of my nigga Goldie Loc, uh huh!

*Back in the studio, Goldie on the beats... Trig watchin' him, and Ha Loco clownin'*

Ha Loco: This is straight crippin' in here! All crippulatin'! Crip college! This is called Crip College! Pomona City Ridaz in this muthafucka!

*Chag G wildin' out, singin'..., Hump rappin*

Back to the interview, part 2 of Goldie Loc: I saw you got Battlecat's MP3000!

Goldie Loc: See I fuck wit 'Cat man! Battlecat, from day one! I'ma take you to before I even met Battlecat. Battlecat always been somebody like... that love makin' beats, no matter how he get 'em he did them, no matter what equipment he had. He took time to learn all the equipment. So that's what I did when I was young. Without knowing nobody in the music game, just knowing I gotta learn all this equipment. So I learned all that without nobody even tellin' me that, So when I got around people like Battlecat, Dr. Dre, and everybody, I seen the way they was gettin' down, and it was the same way I was gettin' down.
But I'm just dealin' with whatever equipment I got, you know? But then I go somewhere else and they got the big shit, I'm finna wild out! So 'Cat gave me keyboards, sound modules, MPC's talkboxes, you know what I'm sayin'? We tweak each others sounds, goin' back and forth with it. SO he blessed me with the 3000 woodgrain that is! How come Dr. Dre never got down on Tha Eastsidaz shit?

Goldie Loc: He introduced the first record, you know, he let everybody know that it wasn't no joke. He blessed us with a intro on our first record. But basically, we kind of had our own thang goin', but everybody is busy, at certain point of times. So sometimes you can't catch everybody. So when you can catch them, you do, if not you still gotta move on and do your thang. And then later on when you're respect, then maybe one day he might call on you, and say "Hey let's get down" you know? So I don't take it liek I would let a week go by and see if I can catch Dre. If I can't catch him and let him know i'm doin' somethin', then it's like, I'll get him eventually, or he'll get at me, and we'll do some music. You rapped over 50 Cent's Back Down on your first mixtape, the song was called Hold The West Down. Who were you aiming at on that one?

Goldie Loc: On the Hold The West Down? It was more like... 50 Cent, when I started peepin' game about the mixtape shit, he kind of like took "G'd Up", and he bust on it. It wasn't no disrespect to what he did, and it wasn't no disrespect on me takin' his music and rappin' on it. I just needed to say somethin' at the time. I just wanted step up and let my people know on the West, that you know, just because you hear about problems, you hear about our business situations, and you think it's all a game and a joke, then this is how it is! I wasn't aiming at nobody, I was just tellin' the truth on my business, and my relationships with Tray Deee, Snoop, the whole Dogg Pound, Eastcoast, Down South, I was just spittin' on how I feel. It wasn't no names bein' shouted out as far as like no "Fuck You", it wasn't nothin' like that cuzz, it was more like, respect my twostep, this is who I am, and I make music too homie. It wasn't like I just jacked him and shitted on him. Nah. People think about it like I did, because it's his beat, but people don't know the history on him takin' the Eastsidaz beat G'd Up, but he didn't diss nobody. He just knew, Stay Gangsta'd Up homie. That's it. It's a real line we push out here, it ain't no game. Who have you been working with lately, on music, production and rap-wise.

Goldie Loc: As far as rappers... I've been fuckin' wit Redman... Basically man I've been away from the scene cause I've been in the lab, I'v been trying to cook something up. But I called up on a couple of people to come through, you know, Redman, MC Ren, RBX. But when we hook up with people, I want to have the business right, and just ain't doin' nothin' to do somethin', just to be messin around. So if I call up on somebody, we gonna get it crackin. Would you hook up with Crooked I?

Goldie Loc: Would I work with Crooked I? I mean, I don't know if I should say would i work with him. We should have done some work already. But it's just so much bullshit inbetween, that sometimes you can't get to people you think you should have done something with. So I wouldn't say I should have, but if it comes down to it, in this business, I'll do it. I'll check him out and see what he's about. Is it true Kurupt came and dropped a verse on the Gang Bang Muzic record?

Goldie Loc: Ya'll gettin' it mixed up, what you mean by Gang Bang Muzic record? For the Eastsidaz album that was supposed to come out, that's what it was called when it got bootlegged.

Goldie Loc: Nah! I didn't name it Gang Bang Muzic for the record! I named it somethin' else! Like we had a couple of names! But Gang Bang Muzic was the mixtape thang I was doin'! Oh ok, the copy I got off the internet, it said Gang Bang Muzic The Album!

Goldie Loc: Cause it's Gang Bang Muzic! You know what I'm sayin? I mean pretty much, I had the title, but my homie J. Wonder from New York, he kinda like sneaked it out there. But I do my mixtapes with him, you know, so it got out there like that Eastsidaz record was Gang Bang Muzic. But nah! So did ya'll have a track with Kurupt?

Goldie Loc: Well Kurupt had came through with the 60's, we was handlin' business with Battlecat at the same time, like I said, we're all family homie. For one we're all family. And I don't knock nobody elses problems and how we got down with something else. I know how to hold my own out here, don't nobody else help me fight my wars, so I don't even trip off of anybody elses wars. So, Kurupt, to me, Kurupt is just a business man and a Dogg Pound member, I can't speak bad about him or none of that. So yeah I did it. Yeah he came through. I barbequed, yeah we gang bang'd it, 60's and 20's and Insanes! He got on the outro of a song, but didn't talk shit bout nobody! A nigga tryna hustle, don't trip! You've been producing more and more... When did you start?

Goldie Loc: I started producing like '91... What projects have we heard your beats on?

Goldie Loc: You heard me on Top Dogg, you heard me on Tha Eastsidaz, that's basically it as far as outside productions that you know about that's worldwide so far. But I do alotta production for people man, and sometimes people don't even know it, that I'm behind all that. But that's me! My fingers! But I'm wit the production man, I love producin. Which producers do you look up to?

Goldie Loc: I look up to producers like.. Dre for one, cause when I was young, he showed me how to get down, so I gotta give props to him. I gotta give props to people like Timbaland who came with that other twist, but I love old school music, I love live bands. Funky White Brothers, Gap Band, SOS Band, I like live instruments. What's your take on the hype around The Game?

Goldie Loc: I mean that's like a slogan, saying The Game is gonna bring the West Coast back, cause somebody need to bring it back! All these older cats that's been in the game, they've had they time already! So, as he stepped out and presented himself, Game, Westcoast, Compton, Red raggin. Whatevery ou wanna call it! Everybody else gone look at it like he doin' somethin nobody else doin. Don't nobody really mess with the Wes Coast. Because certain West Coast don't mess with West Coast. And that's some busllshit. But it ain't about somebody gone bring it back, but somebody need to! And I ain't sayin' it might be him, it might be me, it don't matter who it be, aslong as they put it together the right way and make it happen. To you, who are the hottest up and coming West Coast artists?

Goldie Loc: Hottest up and coming? I would say... For the new 5, specially, pay attention, because if it's done right, it can be the next 5. Sly Boogy, Game, Goldie Loc, Bokie, and my boy Leebo the gangsta. I gotta push him in the game. But on my record you gone hear him screaming, he gone do his thang. And you gone see him through the videos, and you know, you gone get to like his personality, cause he's a real muthafucka, you know what I mean? That's what I think, as far as the West Coast. That's a solid hand right there. Cause Bokie, he get down on the beats, and he sings. So you gotta get some of that too, that's why I picked Bokie. Bokie Loc. Compton. That's about it for the questions man, thanks for taking the time!

Goldie Loc: Aight homie, it's all good.








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