interview ICE CUBE  (January 2008) | Interview By: Eddie Gurrola

Dubcnn linked up with West Coast superstar Ice Cube for an exclusive video interview. In this feature, you’ll hear all about The Don Mega’s new film “First Sunday,” which co-stars Tracy Morgan and Katt Williams. We also go into detail about Cube’s new single “Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It,” and his highly-anticipated new album “Raw Footage.” We discuss the possibility of a new “Friday” film, Cube’s production role on WC’s “Guilty By Affiliation” record, and the status of Dr. Dre’s “Detox” as well.

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Interview was done in January 2008

Questions Asked By: Eddie

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Dubcnn: We’re here with Ice Cube. How are you doing?

What’s happenin’?

Dubcnn: We’re going to talk about the new movie “First Sunday.” Tell us a little bit about the film…

You know, me and Tracy Morgan [are] crazy enough to rob a church! But it’s a movie that’s kind of in the “Barbershop” vein because it deals with a social commentary too. [It explores] what the church owes to the community, and what the community owes to the church. It brings up all those topics, but we have a whole lot of fun in-between.

Dubcnn: So it’s more of a comedy-drama film?

Yeah, “dramedy”!

Dubcnn: Do you think that the plotline of robbing a church will cause controversy when the movie is released?

For people who take themselves too seriously, and for people who take this movie too seriously, yeah, they might have a problem with that! But we’re calling it “a comedy for a reason.” I think it has to have a little edge on it to bring in people who are disenchanted with the church. You want them to come see this movie because [there’s] a message in there for them too. [There’s] a lot of guys out there like LeeJohn and Durell, and they’re sceptical of the church. This will play to that crowd too and get them to understand why they’ve got to respect the church.

Dubcnn: There are a lot of hilarious people in this movie like Tracy Morgan and Katt Williams. Were there ever any times when you guys played pranks on each other during the shoot?

Nah nah…we shot it in a church, so everybody was on their best behavior! Plus we’ve got so many pros, people pretty much left all the laughs for the screen. We just got in there and kind of did our thing. It wasn’t crazy like a “Friday” set!

Dubcnn: You’re known for doing movies with an ensemble cast. Do you think that’s the key to having a good comedy?

Yeah! I think you’ve got to try to get the best people for all of these different roles. We’ve been fortunate to get a lot of great comedians [and] actors. I’ve never had a movie where the chemistry was funky, and I guess I’m lucky because of that.

Dubcnn: What do you hope that everyone who sees “First Sunday” will get out of it at the end of the day?

Have a good time, laugh, have fun! I hope it meets and goes beyond people's expectations. I just hope they enjoy it as much as they think they’re going to enjoy it.

Dubcnn: You just dropped the video for your new single “
Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It.” I’m sure everyone’s going to be talking about it. Tell us about the message you were aiming for with this record and video…

Last year, everything was blamed on gangsta rap, from Don Imus, to the Virginia Tech shooting, to Michael Vick. It seemed like everybody was blaming gangsta rap, and that’s just like blaming the mirror because you’re ugly! You can’t kill the messenger. A lot of people use gangsta rap in a comic book kind of form, [but] a lot of people use it as USA Today. You’ve got to be down with rap to even dissect the styles. So you’ve got people that are outside of rap attacking what they don’t understand. They’re trying to make it an easy scapegoat for all of the problems in the world. This song was basically saying that’s absurd! What, [are] you going to blame global warming on gangsta rap, and Iraq on gangsta rap? Are you going to blame JFK being shot on gangsta rap? How far do we go?

Dubcnn: Why do you think the media portrays hip-hop as a negative thing in general?

Well it’s easy to! It’s the voice from the youth, and nobody wants to hear the youth speak. When you’re little they tell you, “Be quiet!” When it’s time for something to be discussed, they send the little ones out [of] the room. Nobody wants to hear what the youth has to say, and [hip-hop] is an avenue for the youth to be heard, and to speak to other youth. [Youth can be] influenced by each other and not influenced by what society tells [them] that [they] should be [through hip-hop.] It’s a threat to the status quo. It’s a threat to the establishment that people have their own way of thinking.

Dubcnn: Your new album “Raw Footage” will undoubtedly cover more of those topics. What is the concept behind this album?

Yeah, I think that the title speaks for itself. I’m not gonna pull back any punches. I’m not doing this record for any commercial success at all. It’s basically done for the intelligent, mature, hardcore hip-hop fan, and that’s it. It’s for Ice Cube fans, it’s for people who like street knowledge, who like politics in their music, and that’s what I’m gonna give them.

Dubcnn: That sounds very exciting. When can we expect it to drop?

This summer. We haven’t pinpointed the date, but in a perfect world…we released “Laugh Now, Cry Later” on June 6th of ’06, so hopefully we get another June release.

Dubcnn: What else is going on with Lench Mob Records? Do you have anyone else signed besides yourself and WC?

We’re working on Dub’s next record. We’ve got a couple of young cats [and] when it’s time for the world to see them, we’ll bring them out! We’re developing a couple cats.

Dubcnn: Tell us a little bit about working on WC’s record “Guilty By Affiliation.” You did a lot of the producing on that…

It’s funny; people will be surprised [that] I’ve never worked on a full-length WC record. Him and Crazy Toones always did their own records. This was a chance for me to say, “Let me produce you man! Let me just add on to what you already have to make the whole thing a little more consistent.” He was down for it! He was the easiest artist I’ve ever worked with. He’s always [been] one of the greatest MCs ever.

Dubcnn: Are you almost done recording “Raw Footage”?

We’ve got about 70% of it done. We’re just putting the icing on the cake, starting to promote it and get it ready. “Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It” is just the first glitch of what’s coming.

Dubcnn: Are you going to produce most of “Raw Footage” yourself?

Yeah. I always get producers to do the music, but as far as everything on top of that, usually it’s my production.

Dubcnn: Is there going to be a fourth “Friday” film?

I think that’s really on Chris Tucker. I don’t want to do another one without him. If he wants to do it, then I’ll consider it. I think that’s what the fans want. So we’ll see.

Dubcnn: We’re going to do a throwback question too. What did the tracks that you guys recorded for the N.W.A. reunion album, around the time of “Chin Check,” sound like?

We didn’t really get through a lot of them…we didn’t really get to any of them as a matter of fact! It was kind of like we [just] had beats. But at the time that we decided to do that record, Dre ran into Eminem and that ball started rolling, [as well as] 50 Cent. I think that Dre was kind of overwhelmed with the success of those two artists, and he really didn’t have time to do a record that people [would] expect. So it’s better not to do it then to do it half-assed. When he calls, I’ll be there.

Dubcnn: Have you talked together about “Detox”?

No, but I’m expecting a call from Dre. I’ll be on it!

Full Interview In Video For Download : Here (Video: WMV)

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