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It's already been 10 years since Jelly Roll had his first major placement on Snoop Dogg's "No Limit Top Dogg" album with the song "Party With a D.P.G.", so it's safe to say that the man has paid his dues with the work he's put in over the years. Even though he has produced and sang for other major names such as Dr. Dre, Busta Rhymes, Xzibit, Redman and The Game just to name a few, Jelly Roll is not a household name (yet) and he could still be labeled as a secret weapon in the Hip-Hop industry.

This year, the Oklahoma born, Cali living artist is about to change all that as he has finished his long overdue solo debut. Jelly was blessed with an incredible talent so it's only right that he's finally getting his own shine with this new album called "Mood Swings". As the title says, the project is filled with a large diversity of moods and different sounds like I haven't heard in a long time.

In conjunction with the album release, Jelly reached out to Dubcnn to talk about the new project. In this exclusive interview, he explains his meaning behind the title and gets into the concept of the album. Jelly also talks about his track record, compares himself to other producers and speaks about staying behind the scenes. Last but not least he gives us an update on his Gain Green label imprint.

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Of course we also have a little "Mood Swings" sneak preview for all the Dubcnn readers out there. This one here is my personal favorite cut off the album and I'm so happy to finally let this one go as it's hands down one of the tightest joints I've heard this year. It's called "Ridin" and if you're curious to hear what the album sounds like, here's your taste! Put the top down and ride with Bigg Baby one this one! It's sunday and I'm looking good!

Jelly Roll - Ridin

Dubcnn will sell the album here through our Digital Distribution Network later this month, more on that soon.... But we're far from done! To hold you over, we got another appetizer for our readers, as Jelly Roll teamed up with New York's DJ Big Kap (Funk Flex/The Tunnel) to release a free mixtape before the actual album. "Bigg Baby The Mixtape" is filled with 26 tracks and it contains a nice little introduction to get you familiar with just some of songs that Jelly produced during the years (songs from 1 through 6) followed by unreleased and new songs from the "Mood Swings" album as well as other future projects. There's also a bonus track by Stack Bundles (R.I.P.) called "My Life is Like a Movie" that Jelly Roll produced a few years ago for the Far Rockaway, Queens rapper.

Click the link to get your copy of the Jelly Roll & Big Kap "Bigg Baby Mixtape", of course brought to you by Dubcnn!

Jelly Roll & Big Kap - Bigg Baby The Mixtape


Questions Asked By : Lil Jay

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Dubcnn: Speak on this new album, "Mood Swings"? What do people need to know about it?

Jelly Roll: At the end of the day, the project "Mood Swings" comes from me going through everything that I have been going through these last 3 or 4 years. I haven't been in everybody's face like I should be. I met everyone and for the last 10 years everyone has used my beats and other artists have gotten on them, but I've been an artist myself since day one. I feel like I haven't been getting what I wanted out the game. It's not personal to anybody, it's just that I haven't been getting the real me ouf of it. It's starting from Xzibit, big up to my nigga Xzibit. That nigga text me from all over the world, and I tour with him too. And hitting that stage really helps me to feel that fire again.

So basically all I did was just starting to record more frequently because I've been recording ever since I started. I always do songs, all the time. Because I'm a situational cat, because if I do songs, believe me it's something that I'm going through. If it's a happy song about a breezy, believe me that breezy is right in front of me or that breezy makes me feel this way. So, "Mood Swings" comes from everywhere I be swinging, from singing to rapping. Because on a lot of my rapping joints I'm arrogant, that's just the other side of me. It's just a blessing that I have. God blessed me to do everything. I wanna express it, cause if I don't express it I lose, so I'm expressing so I can win. And everybody ain't giving me no hits, so I'ma get my own hits.

Dubcnn: You produced for some of the biggest names in Hip Hop and you've always stayed in the back. Are you now trying to put your name out there in spotlight? Is that your main reason for this project?

Jelly Roll: No, it's not my main reason for this project. My main reason for the project bro bro is me being able to get off my chest what I wanna say, so I can have fun. Because these niggas is boring me, so I can add some fire to the game.

Dubcnn: You don't really hear too many artists that produce, rap and sing. So that's definitely a plus for you I would say...

Jelly Roll: I hope so. I ain't even gonna say I hope so. I know it! At this point it's just about getting it out there so everybody can get into it and we're gonna take it from there.

Dubcnn: Compared to other big name producers, you're still kind of unknown, considering all the hits that you produced and all the major albums that you've been featured on. Why do you think that is?

Jelly Roll: The name Jelly Roll is not just completely known because I haven't gotten any hits at the end of the day. But everybody knows who I am, and it's crazy, but at the end of the day I haven't gotten my just due. But you gotta understand, everybody reads credits these days. For instance, I did a show with Xzibit and we did a mash-up with Papa Roach. That was a show in Vegas, and I ran into one of the brothers just the other day coming out of a store. He recognized me so it's a small world. We don't really know if I'm just overly large, it's just that my music is not out there like it should be. So that's what made me feel like I gotta rock my music. Once I rock my own music everybody will really understand it and they can get on to it. I gotta at least give it that shot. In that case, I thank god for Kanye West, cause that nigga is a beast and that nigga expresses himself. He knows nobody can fuck with him. At this point, I feel the same way.

Dubcnn: In our last interview which was 4 years ago, you said that an awkward thing to you is that everybody knew your name when you started, but the business was not the way it should have been. And if you're business is not correct, people don't know how to get in contact with you. How would you describe your situation 4 years later?

Jelly Roll: Well my situation 4 years later is a lot better for the simple fact I know a lot more people as well as I have other people in my corner now. So if I meet somebody I know where to channel them. So I'm always reachable.

Dubcnn: There was a DVD that came with Game's "LAX" album, and they had a short segment on producers and Game bigged you up as being one of the best producers of our time. Do you feel that you're at your peak now, or is there still much more potential?

Jelly Roll: No, there is a lot more in store for me. I appreciate Game for saying that, he's a good friend of mine. When he first got started I was one of the first producers that he stuck with, and that's a blessing because I had a lot of fun. So at the end of the day, I respect Game and his movement. I respect everybody's movement my nigga. But my train is coming cause it's all god's timing so can't nobody stop it. I'm a monster and I tell it now. I actually changed my name to Bigg Baby. So it's Jelly Roll a.k.a. Bigg Baby. And Bigg Baby is a beast!

Dubcnn: Speaking of Game, a big fan favorite was the track "Hard Liqour" which people first thought that you produced, while others got the hook mixed up with Kokane...

Jelly Roll: No, I didn't produce that! I only sang on it. They always did that to me! Jelly Roll did not produce "Hard Liquor"! Quote quote quote. I only wrote and sang the hook.

Dubcnn: Are you still using the same equipment from when you started a few years back? How did you evolve as far as your equipment goes?

Jelly Roll: No, I'm using Reason right now, I'm liking Reason right now. Thats the main thing I'm using right now. When I started I was on the MPC 3000. The Trinity. ASR 10. All kinds of shit!

Dubcnn: We dropped a couple exclusive joints from Xzibit a few months ago, all of them featuring you. Are you guys working on a project together?

Jelly Roll: Let me tell you something about Xzibit. He says this all the time, but I don't know the exact words that he uses. But me and Xzibit got this thing going on where we're trying to figure out our places in each other's lives and why god put us to work with each other the way we do. At the end of the day that nigga X tought me so much man. And I tour all around the world with him.

Dubcnn: Have you been looking to to develop up & coming artists with Gain Green?

Jelly Roll: Yes I do. Gain Green is the label, right now we're working on Big LA. The nigga is Mexican, but he's got swag out of this world. Gain Green is everything right now. Big ole gumbo pot. You know what it do with us, we're working on on a couple projects as well as Blaqthoven's project. We're staying moving and at the end of the day everybody is pulling their strings what they can pull so we can make it all work. That's the whole agenda, that's the whole focus. But we can't leave it all to one dude, especially when some of us might be in better circumstances than others. We're pulling together and everybody's doing their part. As for Gain Green, I'm always there. That shit is tattooed on me.

So you know, Gain Green is here forever. Just because y'all see me off doing of what I'm doing, I'm doing it because I'm trying to bring it back to the fam. So everybody better support! I'ma hunt you down.

Dubcnn: Blaqthoven is on Gain Green too, right?

Jelly Roll: Yeah, Blaqthoven is on Gain Green too, of course. That's my big brother. When we was kids growing up, we were the Drew Boys. But now we got Heat Chamberz, it's a production team. It consists of Blaqthoven, Jelly Roll and Jody. We're all brothers, triple threat!

Dubcnn: Any last comments?

Jelly Roll: I appreciate Dubcnn for always looking out for me. Y'all always looking out for me and put the hot shit up. 4 years now, just in case people don't know! So the time is now, I'm ready now, I'm focused. It's time to take off bro!


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