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interview KILLAH PRIEST  (June 2008) | Interview By: Jonathan Hay

   This interview doesn’t really need much of an introduction, as we here at Dubcnn get to go beneath the surface – and explore deep into the mind of Priesthood. This is the dialogue between Killah Priest and Jonathan Hay – now known as Conversations with Priest. You need to read this.

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Interview was done in May 2008

Questions Asked By: Jonathan Hay
Conversations with Priest
Killah Priest – The Dubcnn Priesthood Interview
By Jonathan Hay and Chad Kiser


: What are you working on right now?

Right now, I’m just finishing Behind The Stained Glass Part 2 and I’m also working on doing some television stuff, you know, getting into the voice-overs real heavy while I’m out here.

Dubcnn: What’s down the TV avenue for you?

I’m just taking some acting classes to get into acting, but I also want to get into directing. I wrote a couple of movies, but I just gotta put them to script. I want to do something different, it’s not going to be the average ghetto flick, you know, somebody gets shot and his boys try to be….I want to write something that’s going to have people thinking.

Dubcnn: There’s been different reports and whatnot about your religion per say. Can you clear that up for us -- What exactly is your religion?

It’s not just one particular religion for us. It’s about life, you know. I really don’t follow any one religion. It’s more of a spiritual thing. I think back to the grass roots when you deal with life, then you deal in the knowledge of the foundation of all things. So once you know, you’re aware and I think that’ll open up more doors to dealing with everything, on every intellectual level.

Dubcnn: Do you still follow the Israelites and go to the meetings and everything that is required with the Israelite community?

Not anymore, but that definitely was a spark of our intelligence; the knowledge of it is very true. There’s a certain sector of cats that’s bugged-out and I’m not on that, but that’s crazy right now. That’s going backwards and we’re trying to go forward. It’s not about running around cursing, or pride-tripping, or ego-tripping, it’s about really building. So I’m dealing with building, not destroying.

Dubcnn: Was your group, The Macabeez, inspired from the Apocrypha?

Killah Priest: Yeah, definitely! If you read the story of their fight and if you go back in ancient history there was a lot of black people in the Maccabees, so we took the same flight. If you go back into deep history, you’ll find that the ancient Hebrews were all black also, you know, they were brown, too! Their fight was so deep, so I took that same perspective, you know, because it seems like we’re trapped behind enemy lines and the government is not treating people right. It’s not just black people, it’s all people. We gotta go fight and struggle, but do it the righteous way though. Not with guns, but with spirit. And Apocrypha means to be taken away from, and many people don’t know that it was part of the Bible that was taken out.

Dubcnn: I was turned on to the Apocrypha when I was in Harlem, where I picked it up and I was blown away! It changed my life! There are so many lost books of the Bible [the original Canon] and that really opened the door for investigating and looking deeper into so many lost books that were pulled away...

That’s definitely a lost book! It’s definitely part of the Bible they took out, man. The Maccabees book and all that, that’s why it’s called the Maccabees Bible because the story is so deep. Not just stories, but there’s history in that, too! So the history of the people that was connected to God spiritually, and that’s basically what we need to get connected back with and keep the mind right.

Dubcnn: Do you follow the Qur’an or Bible more?

Killah Priest: I’ve read both of them. I’ve read the whole Scriptures a while back and I have to touch up on them, but it’s very enlightening. I would [suggest] that you would start with Proverbs because, you know, proverbs are just sayings that are true, like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. There’s so many ways to look at that. So you take your time and read one precept upon a precept. The Bible can get very metaphysical, then you go into astrological, the climates and the mind. You can use that one book and break down so much stuff. Proverbs talks about how you deal with one another, space and Genesis, you know what I mean? Any of these books can open your mind so you can see the deeper meaning of things, and not just look at the surface. Just like we’re living in the computer age and you can’t just read the newspaper anymore.

Dubcnn: That’s just the media… and a lot of the times, it’s not even real.

They all show the same scene. Showing the same scenes from the war with Russia...it’s all media, man.

Dubcnn: So what else is going on right now with you?

Killah Priest: Everything is about Behind The Stained Glass, man. I’m very excited about it. It’s the project coming right behind the Offering, in less than a year ready to go, man! It’s also my 10th anniversary, I started Heavy Mental in 1998, and it’s 2008 so Behind The Stained Glass is coming out around the same period.

Dubcnn: You are out on the West Coast now, right?

Yeah, I’m in California right now.

Dubcnn: What is the biggest difference to you between LA and NY?

New York is great in the summer, but Cali is something different for me, man. It’s always sunny! It’s always beautiful. Like Biggie said, ‘weather, women and weed!’

Dubcnn: So will RZA be on the album?

Killah Priest: On the second half, he’s definitely on that one. I think him and GZA are on that one.

Dubcnn: What were your thoughts on Wu-Tang’s 8 Diagrams album, because there was so much controversy with that release?

I think it was a great experiment. Honestly, I don’t think everybody was ready for that change in the group. But at the time it was coming out, there was a lot of problems that happened, so that kind of stagnated it and took a lot from it. But personally, I think that album was cool. It wasn’t the greatest album, I ain’t gonna lie. I think Method Man really went off on that album -- he really shined on that album. He proved that he was an emcee on that album.

Dubcnn: I agree with you 100%! I also work with Cilvaringz, and his album [I] is absolutely crazy!

Tell ‘Ringz to holla at me, man! That’s a good brother. I need to go overseas, real quick and do some tours.

Dubcnn: Are you going to be touring anytime soon?

I do a lot of dates overseas, and do all that crazy stuff, but Cilvaringz makes it happen!

Dubcnn: America’s so different now with hip-hop, and it seems like overseas they accept different types of hip-hop.

Yeah, they accept the real music. It’s like Marvin Gaye when he did “Mercy, Mercy Me” and all that stuff, man. I don’t know why we are caught up in all this radio stuff. Just because they play your song a million times doesn’t mean that you are a great artist. That’s what’s sad. They used to play you a million times because you were a great artist.

Dubcnn: That’s real. Honestly, I don’t even listen to the radio, so I couldn’t tell you what people consider good or popular right now. The majority of the stuff is garbage.

Yep, yep, that’s true! Watch out, there’s a comet coming called Behind The Stained Glass! Part 1 and Part 2, and maybe Part 3.

Dubcnn: How long do you plan on doing music?

As long as I have the love for it. As long as the fans keep supporting, but even if they don’t pick it up, I do it for a thrill for me because it’s my therapy. It’s the way I make my living. I don’t have a 9 to 5, so it’s not a lot, but it’s the way I make my living. I have a 24-hour day job…

Dubcnn: All your music is great and your longevity speaks for itself.

No doubt, that’s beautiful, man. Thank you, man! That just pushed me to keep on doing it, man!

Dubcnn: Who do you like in this upcoming election?

It’s tough to tell, man. We just want to know if the people can control what’s happening, instead of them controlling everything. There’s going to be a big change soon.

Dubcnn: Yeah, like does the vote really decide the election because a lot of people believe that the Illuminati movement is very real?

Yep! It’s as real as the sun is up there. It’s as real as those archaeologists digging up ancient Babylon.

Dubcnn: What would you recommend for people trying to find out more about the Illuminati and the Freemasons?

Go to YouTube and type it in! You’ll find out so much information on it! It’s all over the place!

Dubcnn: Finally, where can people find more info on you - - and stay involved with Killah Priest?

People can go to my MySpace or KillahPriest.com.

Dubcnn: Thanks Priest!




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