interview KOKANE (PART 2)  (May 2008) | Interview By: Yash

   Dubcnn hooked up with Kokane recently for the first time in two years to conduct an in-depth interview about his upcoming projects but ended up going back in time to the Ruthless era and Kokane shared some of his memorable stories with us about the past. The interview was over an hour long so we decided to drop the interview in 2 parts. This second part continues with Kokane talking about Ruthless Records, Eazy E and Death Row. We also discuss his current projects with Suga Free, Raine N Lane N Kokane as well as getting the latest on working with Dr. Dre.

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Interview was done in April 2008

Questions Asked By: Yash

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He was big man [Eazy E], yeah he was smart and especially coming from a social point of view, knowing he was a person from the ghetto that beat all he statistics and all the odds and really set the foundation for everybody. Because everybody is going after his blueprint.

Dubcnn: When Eazy passed away it must have been hard on you guys. Did you feel like he made a mistake by having his wife run the label instead of having one of you guys running it, who were familiar with the music industry politics and stuff?

I think at the same time he loved Tomica but at the same time he was pushed into it. He was pushed in it and in my opinion when Eazy died Ruthless died with him. Now I hear Tomica is doing her thing with the new Ruthless. I'm not no hater so go ahead and do it. Do what you got to do but everytime she comes out and does something she tends to forget about Above The Law and Kokane. I seen her at the Snoop Dogg Interscope party and I'm like this "God bless you". That is good because you know what you can't stop the truth from getting out. When Eazy died; I'll say it and everybody would agree with me. I'm not trying to stagnate her business or anything but Ruthless died with him [Eazy E].

Dubcnn: Let's go back in time during that period when you were on Dogghouse Records. That was when you hooked up and squashed the beef with Snoop. You were all over Snoop's solo album (The Last Meal). How did you link up with Snoop again?

Well what it was, I did this album with these guys from the LA area; from Lynwood area and they were called Street Institute and at that time we had contacts with Tray Deee and Half Dead. So Half Dead suggested to Snoop and went over there and said "Yall need to put that on the side". Because you know why? Because all the way back then man, me and Snoop was always cool. Ever since 1990 we was cool but you know shit happens. So Half Dead hooked it up and I went over there and we squashed the beef. Because I'm a fan of Snoop and Snoop is a fan of mine.

So we said let's put this on the side and Snoop said "I want to start this new thing with The Eastsidaz". He said "Koka you already know Tray Deee, I got this whole thing I'm trying to start called Dogghouse". So we went over there and I hit it a few times because I was supposed to do 2 songs but 2 songs went from 2 to 60 songs. So I'm thinking Snoop is going to use those 2 songs; the first thing we did was The Eastsidaz. The very first song I did over there was "Now We Lay Em Down" *starts singing the hook* The second song we did was "I was born coming up from the ghetto." We did that one and we felt like "damn this feels right".

So after we finished Tha Eastsidaz album we were always in the lab working. See that's the magic, we had chemistry and we knew it could be something bigger; I knew it, Snoop knew it and everybody knew it! So we started working and all along I was like "I want to be patient I want Snoop to sign me. I wanted him to sign me". But Snoop said "you know what I want to pump you up first." Because Snoop knows how to use his repertoire to get shit crackin period. I mean that's the Doggfather, he knows how to do his thing.

We did that Eastsidaz album and then we were working on the Doggys Angels and at the same time working on Bad Azz and I guess Snoop was like "I finna put my album together and call it The Last Meal, it's not pointing the finger at nobody but it's the last time that anybody is going to be eating off of me. Because I'm going to be eating off myself". Big ups to that, so I did 3 songs over there and I thought he was only going to use 1. Actually we did at least 15 and Snoop said "Man good is good, I'm using 9 songs"! And I was like daaamn! Because when he did that it recreated him and recreated me.

Dubcnn: I know there was like a leak of that album on the internet a month or a few weeks before it came out in the stores and you were on like one song or something. It was like an advance version of that album.

Exactly and I'm gone tell you something, brothers always fight you know what I mean? The thing that I understand is that Snoop wanted me to be involved in. But I wasn't, because at that time I didn't have my mind straight and had personal problems with my family. But you can hear all the damage control that Snoop did this and he did that but I'm gone tell you about the positive things. Man if there weren't no Snoop, I wouldn't be able to be propelled out there even more! Because when that album hit, that classic "Last Meal" album hit, it was something unexpected from the game point of view "like damn who is this n-gga?" Excuse my language, "Who is this dude?"

They thought it was George Clinton; they was instantly like "God Damn!" That's the essence that they wanted to hear from Snoop because you got to remember Dre came to put Parliament at the top of they pedestal, when he was doing their stuff. You see Dre in the video and you see the whole Parliament in it with Dre on top of it? So it was like saying to people Snoop is Bootsy Collins and Kokane is George Clinton. It was a sound like nothing else to be able to hear *Sings* "I got this henn in my cup.." and to hear *sings* "we stay on point like Stacey Adams.." Man it blew muthaf-ckas wigs back! So when that happened man we were going everywhere.

I'm telling you man, people were going "Wow!!" from Jay Z to Puffy to anyone of them was like "Ya'll are the heart of the west Coast sound between Dre, Snoop and Kokane and at the top was E-40 with the Eastsidaz". I'm talking about the ones who been in there doing it; of course Cube but he was making movies. I'm talking about when Eastsidaz blew up when the "Chronic 2001" album was out and "The Last Meal" was out man I couldn't do no wrong. You got to think about all those albums, that's when the west coast was really crackin'. Not to take anything away from Game and E-40 but when the west coast was crackin', it was when all those albums was out. So it was like chaos man it was like chaos in a good way.

Dubcnn: So what was the reason that you left?

The reason that we left is for personal reasons and sometimes personal reasons can mess up the affair of friendships. We were like brothers man, we were closer than a booger in a nose, jack! Some things you can't point the finger at all the time, so you just got to stay in a positive frame of mind and let success be your best story. You know you be bickering all day and this and that but that shit don't amount to nothing.

Dubcnn: Then later on you find out why that happened, for the better of it.

Yeah exactly and you put yourself in a frame of mind that you can only do so much, when you're about what somebody did. You say to yourself "I'm hella talented with a gift" so what I did, I put that all aside and said "you know what, I'm not attached to just one album. I've lasted through the years longer than most of these cats you know what I mean? I look at it like this, Yash, out of everybody in the game I must not have the popularity and pockets, but now that my mind is focused and spiritually bound... it's like if you look at the game, in 2 months I'll be in the Guinness Book of World Records for the rapper to ever be in the most features in this game.

1,800 songs, 726 features, 76 million records sold, jack! So I don't even trip off the highs and lows of the industry because it's about sustaining, it's about longevity, it's about matching it and always staying in the lab with these lab-rats. Because anything that's going to be effective, that you want to be prominent for your success, you have to stay active and I always stayed active. Man I stayed active, I've been in the game 20 years and stayed active from that point to this point and I never did play out.

Dubcnn: That's what I'm saying, like in the past 5 years you've managed to stay in the mainstream in some way. I was happy to see you on Young Buck's and Tony Yayo's albums; how did you hook up with G-Unit?

That came about through 40 Glocc and Spider Loc, because Young Buck was looking for me. They just so happened to have a line, so they plugged that in and then when I hooked up with Young Buck, Dre told Young buck, go head and play this song that you should have Kokane on. So when they came in there I heard it and I was just writing the song because I was mad at somebody earlier that day. I was like "Lil hating muthaf-ckaz man". Excuse my language but when I came to the studio it was like magic man, at the time I heard that beat I wrote a scribble down, some stuff in 15 minutes and then when the 20 mark came on, I was on it.

So I finished that whole "Haters" song in one hour. It was like magic, and Buck was like "look man your albums "No Pain, No Gain" helped us go through some emotional times." So it was an honour to be a part of that project and it was an honour to be a part of the Yayo project, Fifty and all of them. Because the baddest thing about it is when certain cats come in the game, they seem to forget who paved the way. How can I be making records and not give it up to the old school and no give it up to them? But those people that don't give it up are the same people that quickly as they go in, quickly as they come out.

You gotta pay homage homie and I don't want nobody feeling sorry for me but know this I was making these records when some of you millionaire cats was in your sh-tty diapers. But you know what success is the best story and the real will come out because what's done in the dark will come out in the light.

Dubcnn: Alot of people don't know how you work in the studio but me and Nima had the chance too see you live. Can you describe how you lace a track? Like when you hear a beat I notice how you sometimes you just go in there without writing anything on paper but you just knock it out like that.

Man the music, the way that I always was is that I always vibe. Everytime you heard the Snoop Dogg's and this I really wrote it down, it's an inspiration. If I can't go outside and I know it's windy you got to be able to be like that. The wind you got to feel it...feel it when it blows. You got to vibe with somebody and that's why things don't stay together because people's vibes fall apart. Then once they vibe fall apart no matter if they still sell records, it's still kind of goofy to their real hardcore fans. Whoever that may be that I'm talking about.

So everytime I come into a studio...they way I used to really get down was that I used be really on one! Real intoxicated and all that back in the day but I don't do that no more. The bottom-line is that I go in there and vibe, if I can't dig you and vibe with you it's not going to be right homie.

Dubcnn: You know out of all the people you've worked with in the past I really like the chemistry between you and Above The Law. Specially on that album "Time Will Reveal", which is a classic in my eyes. Why haven't we seen more collabos between you and the group?

You know people had to go off on their different roads, you know Hutch had a couple of things spinning back in the days so he's free from that. I had to go sit down for a little bit but I'm free from that. It's just like the album that you said; time will reveal! It's the same thing we had to go through time so now me and Above The Law is hooked back up. Above The Law just got their deal and I got my thing crackin you know to put this true G-Funk back on the map. Because that was one of the best chemistries I had in the game Above The Law.

Coming out with "Black Superman", "VSOP", "Funk Upon A Rhyme", we touched on an avenue and dimension that it was the blueprint for west coast sound period. One time I seen Outkast and The Dungeon Family man them dudes came up to me and they was like "man y'all and Above The Law that's all we was listening to". You can even hear the structure of Above The Law in their music. I'm not talking about the southern type style but the type of comfortable like the "southernplayalistik" style.

Dubcnn: A lot of those groups were inspired by the whole west coast sound.

Exactly, still to this day they're inspired. It's just that we got to go back into the heart of true good music. Now that was west coast sound when Dre and Hutch was one of the first ones to incorporate instruments in sounds. I'm talking about on the west because they've been doing it with Grand Master Flash of course but on the west they took the essence of Afrika Bambaataa and different things like that and incorporated into their structure.

Dubcnn: You know alot of people don't know you're a dad and have a big family. What's a normal day like for Jerry not Kokane the rapper? Can you tell us what you do when you get up on a normal day.

First thing I do and I want the world to hear this. First thing I do I say "dear lord thank you for getting me up and thank you for another day. Thank you for giving me advantages for that somewhere in Africa that I don't have to go through" Then I get up and I make sure when I shut my eyes all 8 of my kids...I got 4 boys and 4 girls and I've been married to my wife for 18 years...we say our prayers at night and we say our prayers when we get up."

I'm doing the dad thing I'm cooking, I'm talking to them because I did my thing and I'm blessed enough to have a second chance for my own individual success. The rain supreme of my own but I give it all to them, like my little daughter I'm working on a deal with her. Finishing up her album and working on a deal with Nickelodeon or Disney. We trying to weigh all the options and she's bout to be on that. Plus my 2 kids 17 year olds are about to go to Stanford. It's about giving everything to the youth, that's why the new music that I'm doing right now is really trying to grab on to the youth to not only make a change visually but to make a change socially and economically because the dam industry done lost their f-cking mind!

It's like they don't know what to talk about and that's what hinders us and what is shown. Bitches all the time shaking their ass this and this, that's not fucking reality homie. It's a recession in the country and people ain't got enough money to buy diamonds. It's more blacks in jail not only struggling spiritually but economically they're not even equip to do what the hell they do. It's certain blacks in jail and minorities in jail that only make up 2 % of all colleges and can't even fulfil their obligations for their goals because they are getting credit trouble. It's too much shit going on!

But the whole world is bamboozled and don't know what the fuck to talk about. It's like this what is a man to profit the world to loose it's very soul? If you're not in it then you don't know how to talk about it man and people are not in to the struggling part of it. It's like when you look at groups like Bob Marley and groups like Above The Law and Kokane when they talk about "Uncle Sams Curse" it was a statement.

It was a statement to say man, wow this is what's going on and everything will be alright uhh rain before rainbows. It's a social economic change, it's a modern day public enemy and that's what tag I'm on. That is my true hardcore fan instinct because I have 8 kids and I know what it's like to not be mentally right upstairs. Whether you're going through things that you put yourself through, whether being on drugs or being this; I have gone through the storm you know what I'm saying.
We went through the storm of things...and it's like now what we going to get back at society and what are rappers going to do to get back?

What rappers seem to be doing that's good is you show a rapper up there and I ain't saying no names...you show a rapper up there with all that dam bread and they see him. "Dam look what what you call is doing for a hospital or the kids in Uganda" when that ain't nothing but a fucking tax break. Their not doing it from the heart.

Dubcnn: They're doing it for publicity.

They're doing it for tax breaks and publicity. Because you're gotta give some certain money. When you make a certain amount of money you got to give it up. So it's no true essence it's no movement behind it. And anything that has a movement behind it is going to be remembered like Pac. He not only had a rhyme thing but social and economic statements came out of his mouth.

You look at Martin Luther King and all those people like that man it was a social movement. Right now the way the whole game is we need to speak not only on racial equality but we need to having effect of impact. We don't want results no more I don't want results no more in my life to adjust my kids I want to make an impact on my kids and the youth because they know a thousand songs before a scripture of the Koran or the Bible. What's wrong with that picture? Because to many people are looking at the frame instead of the picture period.

Dubcnn: Will you be addressing these kind of topics in the new album?

Yes sir with the dudes I'm with now I can finally go pheew. It's with John Silver and a dude by the name of Ivan Giser which his name is G-Dub up here and they got this Entertainment company called High Powered Entertainment in conjunction with G-Dub Records. We about to put out some more stuff but I can't disclose that, these guys said "We're tired Kokane of everytime we read about you they say something great but then it says unfortunately he couldn't secure a deal, unfortunately this"

It was never the problem in me and dope it was the problem of me being the sacrificial lambs with somebody else. Eazy died...okay Dogghouse records...MC Eiht filed for chapter 11....I always got into somebody else's quicksand and couldn't have my own individuality out there but now they said forget that. We finna get out there and show the world who rain supreme not only for the heart of the west coast sound and the voice of the west coast sound but we finna make an impact all over the world so what we did was this we put together an album that nobody in the game did or can try to do right now even by ear hustling in this interview but they can't.

We got an album coming out with High Powered Entertainment in conjunction with G-Dub Records it's called "Struggle Music Feels Good But It's Still Hood". Guess who we got on there Bootsie Collins, George Clinton, Kameo, Tina Marie, Slay and on the new side it got Above The Law; of course Kurupt, Daz and we getting at Snoop to get on something and Redman.

It's a wrap, we got a ten piece chicken wing which is a ten piece band called Toe Jam. We are called the new Parliament! It's over with and we gone bring that back to music. When you hear us on stage you swear you're hearing Curtis Mayfield, you swear you're hearing Rick James which is Sick James, you swear you hear George Clinton which is me Forge Clinton.

Dubcnn: Not to be like negative though, but the projects that I've heard from High Powered haven't been up to par, because I know Bone Thugs n Harmony their solo members Layzie and Bizzy signed deals with them and they put out albums that sounded like they just wanted to get some bread. You know what I mean? It wasn't quality so I hope...

Well check it out this is,  well I'll speak for my boy John Silver you know at the time they were just getting their bread and all they were doing was concentrating on selling 15-20 000 copies. What they would do is...because my boy G-Dub he's a boss in the game sitting multi millionaire, they wanted to just go and sell enough records to do what they do. It's his business to cash a person out "we own that album and put it out". Now when we came both into view with each other John Silver said "this is the best stuff I ever did, now I'm finally finna step it up."

In likeness to what you were saying they only put out records that did so much but when we came together the chemistry was amazing because I got endless connections. I'm Kokane and I'm big Kokane now! So when we hooked up it was magic, we got all the people we needed to play. We got, I'm talking about the best musicians I'm talking about the old school and we put this album together and it came out Oh My God!

We got a song called "Better Days To Come." I'ma send you some music too. I'm going to send you a song that I'm putting Snoop on it; talking about the old days with Eazy E and all that it's called "L Code." It's for the L Caminos that's how we used to ride out here with the Dayton's on it.

Now wait until the whole industry hear that and what we're doing right now, we have already finished the package but we're in a couple of bidding wars. I can't disclose that right now for business purposes but we're in a bidding war and we ain't coming with an album that...we just putting out there whoever want to buy in on this because it's going to be one of the biggest albums musically to ever hit the rap game on the west coast and in general.

Dubcnn: That's tight I just wanted you to clear that because when alot of people hear High Powered they might think it's some quickly put together music and I wanted them to know it's some quality stuff.

Yeah and it's like with anything; that's the difference between somebody being dope and somebody being dope and having money behind them. Man the dude I'm with right now G-Dub? They're sitting on miiiilliioooons to do what I need to do, I got millions behind me to do what I need to do.

I don't flash out no more because I'm humble, I done been through all the egos and all that. because God sometimes got too sit you down and humble you so you can get the bright picture and be like "look it's not about me, it's about the blessings that I thank god for and do what I need to do."

So God got me the right people and my dude is taking off too where Snoop was... what he was supposed to do at that time and I got breads man. That's important because you have to have bread, I don't care if you're a big artist because you will only sell 7000-10000 copies if people not aware you got bread behind you. So that's no problem finally I get to have my own individual success and it's going to be nice man. Wait until you hear this music because it's going to be good because it's talking about something. It's the whole history, it's a revelation, it's a VH1 special and it's a turnaround story.

All the trials and tribulations I've been through from doing film on television to being involved in wrong things; from drugs and different things like that you know welcome to the music industry type stuff. But now it's a turnaround because not only do I want to turn around but inspiration comes from people because they said "man we love you Kokane and what you did to survive and do what you do". So more hands on it's not only it's not only a great success story for me but for my fans.

Dubcnn: yeah they've been waiting a long time for a real solo that's solid and stuff.

Yeah and the coolest thing about it; it's like man I trip off the fact that I never did well on my because you get tired of hearing a certain sound and it starts getting . Like man "I'm tired of hearing that bullshit kick back". But by me not being in the public eye it build up so much mystic player.
That dam imagine that people were waiting for my album ever since "The Last Meal", "Chronic 2001" and The Eastsidaz albums. Of course the history works for itself but it always build up and damn it's like now you would be surprised internationally...man the whole world is waiting for this Kokane album.

Dubcnn: That's right, who's handling the production on the album?

John Silver and we got cats from all over the country playing real professional like on the album. But that dude right there, there is only one dude I've been able to click with and who's equal to Hutch it's John Silver. Oh my God it's about stepping it up man and the thing that sets us different from everybody else, oh no I wouldn't say sets us different it's the fact that man we're focused dude. The first thing we do when we have to do business when the family is in the house we get in a prayer circle and we pray you understand?

We pray first and everything we talk about our life struggles and everything of course we know how to have fun, you be able to hear a little bit of that jah talk bulls-it but overall when you hear the messages and the music you will be like "dam them dudes are straight out of the 70's homie."
It's a new look, no more coming on stage looking funky because I'm looking good on stage all white letting the eyes shine. Everybody's suited and booted.

Dubcnn: I heard you were working on an album with Suga Free is that on ice or?

hat's on ice right now, as far as my peoples if the business is right yeah we want to do it. Not taking nothing away from my comrade Suga Free but that's an album that's on ice but I ain't got no problems doing business if we want to do it but my whole structure is just not talk about pimpin' right now.

My whole structure is it's nothing wrong with that because you got a pimp in some type of fashion or form whether it's in the industry or it's in the streets I ain't no L seven seeing this either but the way I'm directing myself is to be a modern day Marvin Gaye or a Donny Hathaway. If we can do it we can but my whole thing is I'm focused on Kokane, Jerry Long. Much love to Suga Free because he's one of the dopest MC's underrated out here on the West.

Dubcnn: Okay, how is that Raine N Lane N Kokane album turning out?

That's beautiful, I really got to blow that out the water. Raine N Lane N Kokane that's an album I put together with my boy from Oceanside. We put that together so well and we got songs on there just like I was telling you about things that we need to talk about; like how to make a change and have an effect in our communities. That's what we wanted to put in that album like the song "Leave It All Behind" *starts singin the chorus*

Dubcnn: Yeah the "Leave It All Behind" we had it on Dubcnn! I loved that song.

Yeah man and those type of songs it just have so much love and a good response about it because these people that's out there; what you say really has an effect on communities and this generation. You never know who's listening that needs that extra inspiration, that's that energy that sometimes if people who are in jail or sometimes people who are homeless all they got is their music! So I was really pleased to be apart of that Raine N Lane N Kokane project. Big ups to that brother Raine he's a good solid brother.

Dubcnn: Yeah definitely. You told me on the low that you've been working with 2 legends recently could you like tell the fans about that?

Well like I said I got Bootsie Collins and I've been working with Larry Blackman. The great Larry Blackman I've been working with him and Bootsie Collins and them. It's like man you can't get no better dogg and the only person I have to work with next is now Michael Jackson! *Laughs*

Dubcnn: But you also said something about working with Dre and Snoop again. Has that happened?

Well what it is, we rekindled everything and as far as Dre is concerned he's getting ready to explode but me and him is finna start working and me and Snoop is working now. So it's a beautiful thang man, it's like when you see me and Dre or me and Snoop together not only from our point of view but from the fans point of view they're like "Man that's what the f-ck I'm talking about".

Dubcnn: That's why when I saw that picture with you and Dre I was like "Dam". So have you been in the studio with him or y'all just talking right now?

Well I'm going back and forth just trying to iron out the Huh and crannies in this project that I'm doing but we talk on the phone and Snoop is well. We're going to get together, you know everybody basically got their own personal things so they got to be a attentive to what they got to do for their own agendas. But yeah it's back on man, it's back ooon! It's a blessing man you know to at the same time I can never take nothing away as much as I give Hutch his props I got to give Dre his props. Because it's cause of Dre that Above The Law and Kokane is here. I always talk about Eazy because it's his vision overall but Dre is the reason why too!

Dubcnn: Has he played you anything from his new album Detox over the phone or something?

No not yet because we just recently hooked up. I've been out of the loop because I don't live in California no more because change is good. But other than that I went down there to mix it up with him and it's just good man. Dre was like "man you're looking good" and I'm like "n-gga you looking buff" *laughs* I was like "hurry up and get some pussy but don't leave me out" *laughs*

But other than that he was like "You look focused" and I am man it's just been...man Yash this game is so depressing but you know what the best thing that I have? The best thing that I have is my wife Alicia Long and my 8 beautiful children.

Dubcnn: Definitely man.

That's what helped me out because some people wouldn't survive and would have handled it a different ways in jail and in different things. I was blessed enough to have a gift from God and have a family because if you don't do anything outside this messed up ass industry it's going to destroy you. And your family what it does or whatever you have that you can call family it grounds your wire and if you don't ground your wire you're going to get shocked. Life will shock your ass. I'm humble you know what I mean, focused, free and clear. My mind is clear and I can breathe!

I finally got some people behind me (High Powered Entertainment) where I can look at their situation and the stature of their business and regiment how they've been doing just to put out records to sell so many and use their situation too utilise me to blew up them. Then they can look at my situation with all of everything with all the unfortunate stuff like "he didn't take off like that on his own".

Now it's no excuse and it's going to be a fresh breathe of air for people to hear this album. I got to say this is going to be called Jerry B Long formerly known as Kokane and them tags are going to be on the next 2 albums just so we can educate and introduce Jerry Long. Like Quik to David Blake...But everybody are going to know that's Kokane but on them records it's going to say Jerry B Long and in little letters; formerly known as Kokane so we can educate retail and different things of that nature.

It's going to be beautiful and Dre told me that, he said "when you put that name Kokane on the backburner you finna blooow uup on your own!" So that's what's happening but everybody from the street perspective they already know man that it's time to step it up man. So I'm introducing the whole world to Jerry B Long!

Dubcnn: Do you have a plan for like a first single? a video or something?

Not yet but this first single that I'm doing it's called "Runaway With Me" it's a commercially but still hood song. I think you should get a kick out of that but the explosive song that I'm finna do is the one I'm putting Snoop on and that's called "L Code". You know L Cominos, 6.4's and things, it's a West Coast anthem and it's hooot too! I'm talking about Dre, Above The Law and it's just a West Coast song which all the Ryders can ride to it. Because you have to take care of home first but this album that I got, it's for everybody. I don't cater to nobody but my ownself but I got some stuff that's South and down on blues style. Not taking anything away from Soulja Boy or anything but it's not that type of South vibe. It's that old South vibe.

Dubcnn: Like Scarface and Outkast?

Yeah exactly, and then you're going to be able to hear some stuff from getting wreck with it you know New York style. Because alot of people don't know I'm a West Coast giant over here and one of the ones that helped put this piece of puzzle together but I was born South Bronx kid!

Dubcnn: Dam I didn't know that.

Yeah I was born in South Bronx so it was already there in me.

Dubcnn: Do you have a tentative release date for it?

Well right now this is for the ones who got the radar on. Right now if you want to come to the table, we got a project done and we're in a couple of bidding wars and we already spent a gang of money on my stuff so that's what we're doing. We're going out there shopping our deal and finna get millions of dollars with exception of John and High Powered doing their thing on their side and then I'm doing it on my side with the exception that we got all these people.

So on the tentatively no we don't have a release date but what I'm going to do is slide you music so you can give it to the public. Right now we got close too a 150 songs and if anybody wants to come and get hooks from the legendary Kokane; already on file we got like 103 beats and hooks already done.

Dubcnn: Do you have a place where they can holler at you like a myspace page?

Yeah you can reach me at my MySpace! So if you need some hooks holler at me, like Yash will tell you man I give love that bomb love so call me at that. It's a trip I'll be laughing my butt off, you got like 4 Kokane websites trying to be me homie! In retrospect to what I'm saying that tells me man people really want to hear this. But the ones that you go too is my MySpace so forget all them other carbon copies. When you see me and Dr Dre on the front you be like it's official like a referee with a whistle you dig?!

Dubcnn: Is there anything else you want the fans too know before we end this interview?

Most importantly to sum it up; it's a little message that I always give to anybody that I talk to on Myspace. This is for the ones to have common ground whether you're spiritual or not.

You put God first you know because sometimes we're too busy asking questions when God got all the answers. Be like the wind we can't see but feel on our skin when it blows, apply to yourself and ask the lord for the whole world not to just profit your pockets but you want to do things to profit your soul.

So you are what you eat; you stay positive and positive things will follow. You can't expect to serve two masters and think you're going to get blessed no matter what remember for all the youth out there that's trying to get out there and make it big. Remember have a little faith of a mustard seed and everything will turn out the way you want!

Dubcnn: Good looking out homie.




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