interview MC REN  (October 2008) | Interview By: Chad Kiser & Jonathan Hay

Dubcnn finally caught up with The Villain himself, MC Ren, for an exclusive interview during the recent N.W.A VH1 special. We find out where he's been and what he's been doing over recent years and also discuss his planned new projects. Ren takes us back in time to the N.W.A. and Ruthless Records era as well as delving into religion and politics.

We are sure you'll agree it's high time MC Ren was back recording music and releasing it regularly and it appears he agrees and is ready to grasp the internet in both hands and deliver new material to his fans!

So join us for another peek back into time, as we go old school on you once again! As always, we encourage you drop your feedback and comments on the forums or by e-mailing feedback and comments to chad@dubcnn.com.


Interview was done by phone in October 2008

Questions Asked By:
Chad Kiser & Jonathan Hay
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                                                      The MC Ren Intervew
                                                          A Dubcnn Exclusive
                                                     By Chad Kiser aka Noncentz

Dubcnn: So Ren, where you been at lately?

Enjoying family life. Chilliní with family; staying away from all the bullsh-t.

Dubcnn: Where are you at right now?

Iím in California at a secret, undislcosed location! *laughs*

Dubcnn: Youíre getting ready to come out with another project soon, right?

Yeah thatís right! Iím working on an album called Renincarnated. Iíve got the first single up on the internet, Return of the Villain; the sh-tís slamminí too, so thatís what it is.

Dubcnn: Okay, tell us a little about the project. Who do you have producing on it & what features are on it?

Right now weíre in about halfway. Iím doing most of my own production on that sh-t. I donít want to feature nobody on my sh-t right now because too many records right now be just features on it. Motherf-ckers pay their money to hear you and they hear you spit like a 12 or 16, and thatís it on the whole album, so I donít want nobody on my sh-t.

Dubcnn: What kind of topics or concepts are you tackling on this project?

Just like everything, from political sh-t to wack fools in the game. I donít want to say too much sh-t, put my sh-t out there because someone might take my sh-t and run with it.

Dubcnn: I heard at one time there was a group forming wth you, RBX and Big Rocc called the Concrete Criminalz, is that still something thatís in the works?

No, what it is, Rocc is my homeboy and I did a couple tracks for theie project, with some beats and thatís it. I saw that sh-t on the computer one day and was like Iím in a group? Nah, I was never in the group, thatís them, not me. I just did a couple beats for them.

Dubcnn: So, when you say beats, you produce as well?

Yeah, Iím a production head, exactly.

Dubcnn: Are you doing the production on youíre new album?

Yep. I got this other cat Iíve been working with, heís doing some tracks wth me, too. His name is Apocolypse. Heís like a new cat, but he got fire! But the majority of the tracks, Iím doing all that sh-t.

Dubcnn: Did you do any of the production on any of the N.W.A. songs?

Nah, that was Dre. Couldnít nobody touch his sh-t when he was doing it like that.

Dubcnn: Now you were writing, and obviously at one point Cube was writing for the group and D.O.C. was writing. How did you decide whose verse was going to get put on and what was the spirit of competition like between you three?

When we was writing sh-t, Dre was doing the track; heíd give Cube a track, it wasnít like we were competing to write for it. If Cube got a track for Eís album, heíd do the song. Then heíd give me a certain track, Iíd write something for this song. It wasnít like heíd give me a song say write for it then tell somebody else to write for the same track, you see what Iím saying? Weíd each handed our individual tracks and weíd write this for these. Whatever he felt was good for that recordÖ..

Dubcnn: Now on the track Always Into Something you had a line that said Ďif Dre didnít do it then I canít f-ck with itĒ. Why havenít you and Dre hooked up more throughout the years since N.W.A.?

Man, everybodys doing their own sh-t. He has his own sh-t to do, I have my own sh-t to do. I donít want to be calling people, man, to do this and do that. Heís doing his thing with his artists. For a while I wasnít even doing sh-t; I wasnít even thinking about Dre calling. Not like that, but not calling him or whoever because I wasnít doing nothing. Even when I was doing my albums back when I was on Ruthless it was like Dre was busy doing his sh-t. Everyone was busy so I was like I can just do my sh-t with whoever.

Dubcnn: What was life like on Ruthless after Eazy-E passed and Tomika took over?

Well, sh-t, it wasnít the same! It wasnít going to be the same at that time. Even before he passed it wasnít the same,like how it used to be. They did cool with Bone and all that, but basically it wasnít the same.

Dubcnn: Do you feel that Tomika messed that situation up?

Well, I ainít gong to say she messed no situations up. It just ainít going to be the same. You know, like if someone is running a big company and they pass away, itís just not the same. It took years to build that sh-t, so after he passed and after he put all that hard work in it, it just start declining because it was too many problems building up in the company.

Dubcnn: So, how does that make you feel as somebody who helped build Ruthless Records, along with Eazy and N.W.A., that it isnít out there like what Puffy did with Bad Boy, what Suge did with Death Row, Master P and No Limit, Russell Simmons and Def Jam, etc.?

Nothing lasts forever. Def Jam isnít the Def Jam like it used to be back in the day. No limit, that isnít around. No record label is going to last forever; no country is going to last forever. Nothing lasts forever, but it is what it is. It was great when it had the run it had, it left its mark in hip-hop history and tht sh-t will never be erased.

Dubcnn: How does it feel to have a dude like Game come through 20 years later repping Compton so hard, knowing that you and N.W.A. and Eazy was a direct influence and he was a direct product of that era?

Man, it feels good! For one, it feels good because he repping Compton harder than when we came out and two, heís tight, heís not wack. Itíd be different if he was wack, but heís super tight and heís repping to the fullest. To know we had an influence on him, thatís the sh-t!

Dubcnn: Iíd like to see you and Game do a track together.

Maybe in the future, after I finish up my sh-t.

Dubcnn: Has he ever reached out to you to record?

No, but maybe one day. I ainít trippiní, but maybe one day.

Dubcnn: You originally had a verse on Dreís 2001 record, the Bang Bang song, what happened to that?

Man, I donít know. All I can tell you is that I did it and that sh-t was tight as hell, but my part was taken out so I donít know. Somebody had told me one time that the guy I had replaced on the song started complaining and crying about it when they found out, so they took me off. I donít know who the person was.

Dubcnn: What happened to that album Life Sentence that you were working on before you converted to Islam?

Yeah, I scrapped that. That is no more.

Dubcnn: Did you not put that out because of a confliction in beliefs at the time?

No, there was no conflict, I just didnít like the title no more, it was wack. I just changed my mind.

Dubcnn: I want to take you back to something you eluded to early about no country last forever, no record label last forever. I want to get your thoughts about what is going on today with the U.S., the Middle East and Iraq. What are your thoughts on that?

My thoughts are America needs to mind their own motherf-ckin business abroad. America is the bully of the world. They got f-ckiní military bases all around the world in other peopleís countries like the one in Guantanomo Bay. What other country got a military base in America? So itís like some world conquest sh-t. These motherf-ckers is just trying to imitate the ancient Greeks, ancient Romans and all that bulllsh-t; how they had all their sh-t all over the place. Thatís all theyíre doing and itís going to bite them in the ass. It already bit them in the ass, but itís going to continue to bite them in the ass if they keep doing that sh-t. The real foreign policy should be to get all the motherf-ckers out of all the military bases around the world! Theyíre in Japan, Germany, Cuba, Turkey; theyíre everywhere, but ainít nobody here.

Dubcnn: Itís the pride and ego of America. Itís crazy because theyíre still holding on to it Ė weíre dying over there

They got an illusion that weíre like America back in the day when they was just kicking everybodys ass at war, that sh-t over with. America used to be a super power that motherf-cker barely holding on right now, and then the economy and how it's, thatís the number one sign of youíre country dying; the sudden start of youíre economy getting f-cked up. Thatís the same sh-t that happened in Russia when all that sh-t f-cked up over there. They better look and learn.

Dubcnn: Do you think weíll see a full collapse?

It ainít no telling, especially if motherfuckiní McCain gets in office. There ainít no telling what youíre liable to see. Thatís the problem, like I was telling you, motherf-ckers be so comfortable being 30, 40, 50 years-old living in America thinking that sh-t we see on the news every day canít happen to us. Yeah, that sh-t can happen. This ainít even the worst! The worst is still to come, watch.

Dubcnn: What are your thoughts on Barack Obama?

Heís cool. Iíd rather have him in office than McCain. But even with Obama in office, heís going to have motherf-ckers telling him what to do. A lot of motherf-ckers think heís going to get in office and he can change things himself, but thereís still going to be advisors telling him what to do. But itís good for change because it would let black kids know that they could be president because itís been too long to not have no black president, or latino president. That sh-t could just signal to the world, damn they want a change, a black president. Because McCain coming into that motherf-cker, ainít no telling what heís going to do. McCain get in there he liable going to try to f-ck with North Korea; bomb Iran just so he can get his name known. Man heís been trying to be president since he could walk. Heíll try anything. Heís bullsh-t, dog.

Dubcnn: Heís part of all that Illuminati breed, man.

Heís part of all that sh-t. If that motherf-cker becomes president, watch out for what happens.

Dubcnn: When you started coming out with your solo projects following N.W.A., the content was so different than what N.W.A. was doing, with religious undertones and the political content.

I just started thinking about different sh-t at that time, studying other sh-t, reading about sh-t. I just wanted to go another way with my sh-t. It was kinda the same, but some of the sh-t was different. I like that sh-t though.

Dubcnn: Do you still follow the Muslim faith?

I donít want to get into it, but I follow a lot of it. The main religions are Christianity, Muslim, and Judaism. I donít want to label myself as I follow this or that; letís just say I follow God. I believe in God. Iím all religions wrapped in one. Everybodyís worshipping the same God, just by a different name.

Dubcnn: Itís crazy how, in America, people get so caught up on all the titles. When you think about John the Baptist, Paul, Jesus, these people didnít even speak english. That wasnít their names. Mary wasnít Jesusí momís name.

Itís the language. A lot of people think they spoke english back then, they donít even know that. Thatís how dumb a lot of people are, and theyíll argue up & down about sh-t they reading and not even know what language it came out of, or what the meanings of the language when itís translated.

Dubcnn: As far as your new album, do you have a release date schedule?

Man, Iím going to try to release this sh-t the beginning of the year, on the internet, f-ck record companies. iTunes, Rhapsody, all that, along with my website. Just straight through the internet.

Dubcnn: How many songs deep are you or did you just get started?#

I just got started. Iím like 4 deep. It doesnít take me long to do songs. It is what it is. This sh-t is going to be knocking. Trust me.

Dubcnn: Whatís your process? How do you just get in there and knock them out like that?

If I got the track, Iím just writing to it at home. I donít want to tell my secret because I donít want people to know my secret and how my sh-t be done. In the studio, I put the beat up and usually just go through one or two tanks and itís a wrap. Iíve been doing this so long I can just do that sh-t, boom boom boom and knock a song out real fast. Beginning of the year itís done. Because I was taking my time, it ainít like im rushing a lot of motherf-ckers be rushing, Iím just taking my time. If I feel like today going to do this song I will, but if Iím like f-ck it then I ainít doing sh-t today, Iím going to watch football or do this or that but itís going to be done by the first of the year.

Dubcnn: A lot of people know that Eazy-E passed away, but what a lot of people donít know is that youíre DJ, DJ Train also passed away in that house fire. Tell us a little bit about DJ Train and what your relationship was like with him.

Yeah, he did, in í94. He was like my best friend; he went to the same high school. We had a printing class and our teacher used to let us go in the back room and we paid him to shoot dice. Thatís how we got cool back there shooting dice. Then one day he found out I could rhyme and he told me he could DJ. I went over to his house and didnít even know he stayed right there on the street. I went over there and he was doing all kinds of sh-t, f-ckin it up on the turn tables! I remember taking him over to Ericís house, and said check him out. He did his sh-t! After that, thatís when Eazy got JJ Fad and he did some sh-t with them, they didnít have a DJ. Train was my DJ because I was going to be a solo artist, but E put Train with them and then they just start touring all over the world and I was like damn.

Dubcnn: Were you mad about that?

Nah, I wasnít mad because I knew my turn was going to come because when they did that, thatís when they brought me in N.W.A. So I knew we were going to put some sh-t out. Itís just our sh-t hadnít blown up, it was just local motherf-ckers.

Dubcnn: Before you guys hit nationally and took over the world, did N.W.A. have a big local following?

Yeah we were kinda big. They used to play our sh-t. The radio station out here at the time, they used to play a lot of records we did. Weíd take them up there, call up Greg Mack, theyíd play our sh-t like that. It was all over the place out here and we were big out in the bay area.

Dubcnn: What were you doing before N.W.A.?

I was in groups and all that. They had records that they were making I was just in my neighborhood. Believe it or not, I was about to go into the army. Me and my homeboy were about to go into the army and I remember we went and saw that movie Full Metal Jacket and we were like Ďhell no!í. Then easy took me and him some cottage out here and biz marke was doing a show and when I saw that sh-t there ainít no way Iím going into the army, f-ck that.

Dubcnn: So why didnít the N.W.A. reunion ever really happen?

Sh-t I donít know.

Dubcnn: When you go back and listen to the music, Efil4zaggin, the sh-t is that funny; a lot of the content. Was it wild back then with all the women, or did all that just happen in the studio?

Just some crazy sh-t was going on, thatís all I can say. All of us had our way in L.A. It was crazy.

Dubcnn: I remember seeing you on MTV with all the pool parties!

Yeah, Eric used to have some tight pool parties! It was off the hook!

Dubcnn: When all the backlash happened with the government at the height of it all, what was that like being in the circle with the whole world talking about you guys?

Sh-t it was good. We looked at it as more publicity for us when all that came. It did what it did. It gave us some publicity, we was happy.

Dubcnn: What about Jerry Heller? When was the last time you talked to him?

That had to be like 1992 or 1993.

Dubcnn: Itís been that long?


Dubcnn: What about Dre and Cube, or Yella, when was the last time you talked with either of them?

Last time I talked to Cube was 6-7 months ago. I havenít talk to Dre since the Up In Smoke Tour. I talked to Yella probably about 3 years ago.

Dubcnn: You say you havenít talked to Dre since the Up In Smoke Tour, so I guess we canít look for you on Detox then?

Nope, but my sh-t is going to be tight though. Iím like Don King, I gotta pump up my sh-t right now!



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